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Member Race Results
37th Army Ten Miler Race  
11/27/21 Location: Washington, DC (Virtual)
Dan Furtado (M/78) Distance: 10 Miles Time: 02:02:30 Place: Age-grade: 56.03...
Andrea Holden Road Race  
11/27/21 Location: Dennis, MA
Steve Cryer (M/69) Distance: 5K Time: 23:14 Place: 45 Age-grade: 75.04...
Old Town Turkey Trot  
11/25/21 Location: Eureka, CA
Chris Jones (M/49) Distance: 5K Time: 20:44 Place: 41/563 Age-grade: 70.58...
28th ANNual Run to Feed the Hungry  
11/25/21 Location: Sacramento,CA
JR Mintz (M/55) Distance: 10K Time: 43:02 Place: 103rd Age-grade: 74.32...
Thanksgiving day 5k  
11/25/21 Location: Durham Nc
Stacy S (F/40) Distance: 5K Time: 34:33 Place: 352 Age-grade: 44.28...
29th Annual Dreamcatcher Classic  
11/25/21 Location: Weymouth, MA
Steve Cryer (M/69) Distance: 5 Miles Time: 38:10.0 Place: 82 Age-grade: 75.50...
LUM Turkey Trot 5K  
11/25/21 Location: West Lafayette
Kurt Gogolin (M/61) Distance: 5K Time: 18:28 Place: 3 Age-grade: 87.64...
Ruby C. Hunt Turkey Trot  
11/25/21 Location: Boiling Springs, NC
Richard Hefner (M/69) Distance: 5K Time: 26:16 Place: 103/567 Age-grade: 66.37...
Silicon Valley Turkey Trot  
11/25/21 Location: Campbell, CA (Virtual)
Dan Furtado (M/78) Distance: 5K Time: 37:07 Place: Age-grade: 54.11...
Gobbler's Jog  
11/25/21 Location: Fishers, IN
Steve Gilbert (M/76) Distance: 5K Time: 30:29.9 Place: Age-grade: 63.22...
PAUSATF XC MASTERS Men Championship  
11/21/21 Location: Golden Gate Park-San Francisco,CA
JR Mintz (M/55) Distance: 8K Time: 34:56 Place: 104th Age-grade: 72.28...
47TH ANN City of Turlock Turkey trot 2 Miler  
11/20/21 Location: Donnely Park-Turlock,CA
JR Mintz (M/55) Distance: 2.25 Miles Time: 14:28 Place: 14th Age-grade: 74.20...
Night of Lights 5k  
11/19/21 Location: Raleigh NC
Stacy S (F/40) Distance: 5K Time: 40:38 Place: 592 Age-grade: 37.65...
Morgan Hill Veterans Run  
11/14/21 Location: Morgan Hill, CA
Dan Furtado (M/78) Distance: 10K Time: 01:09:51 Place: 33 Age-grade: 59.82...
Clarksburg country run  
11/14/21 Location: CLARKSBURG, ca
Dave Carl (M/55) Distance: 5K Time: 24:38 Place: 34/323 Age-grade: 62.38...
Tunnel Hill 100  
11/13/21 Location: Vienna, IL
Chris Jones (M/49) Distance: 100 Miles Time: 17:11:53 Place: 13/215 Age-grade: 71.22...
Stevens Creek Striders Reservoir Run  
11/13/21 Location: Cupertino,CA
JR Mintz (M/55) Distance: 1/2 Marathon Time: 02:16:35 Place: 5th Age-grade: 51.20...
Veterans Day Run  
11/11/21 Location: Porterville,CA
JR Mintz (M/55) Distance: 10K Time: 43:14 Place: 7th Age-grade: 73.98...
Runner Ranking
UjENA Fit Club Runner Rankings
Top Four Men & Women (Runner Ranking). The top 100 receive a special UjENA Fit Club medal. Click Here for details.
Dan Aspromonte
(65, Male) Scotts Valley, California
New to Ujena FIT Club. ...
Races (26) Race Points: 23,649 Performance: 14,149 Qtr Total Points: 37,798...
JR Mintz
(55, Male) Hercules, California
Vallejo-American Canyon,CA Jog ...
Races (35) Race Points: 10,783 Performance: 21,608 Qtr Total Points: 32,391...
Joel Rizzo
(55, Male) San Francisco
Race 3X a week, member of Marathon Maniacs and Red White & Blue. ...
Races (41) Race Points: 10,161 Performance: 18,864 Qtr Total Points: 29,025...
Greg Mandler
(58, Male) Elk Grove, California
swim, bike, run, lift, stretch, massage. you can't out-exercise a bad diet. no food tastes better than being lean. ...
Races (39) Race Points: 7,492 Performance: 19,045 Qtr Total Points: 26,537...
Maricris Rizzo
(47, Female) CA
Love long distance running to clear my thoughts and pray. Routine: Run on weekends. ...
Races (40) Race Points: 11,875 Performance: 24,620 Qtr Total Points: 36,495...
Kat Powell
(70, Female) San Jose, California
Frolicked in the green hills at Lake Del Valle near Livermore for 18+ miles. Lots of uneven footing as I negotiated the single track trails where cattle had...
Races (13) Race Points: 3,077 Performance: 9,282 Qtr Total Points: 12,359...
kelly emo
(57, Female) Campbell, CA
two trail 5ks back to back.. gonna feel it tomorrow ! ...
Races (12) Race Points: 2,458 Performance: 8,514 Qtr Total Points: 10,972...
Barbara Latta
(80, Female) Raleigh, NC
I am a streak runner which means that I run every day. I have raced all distances from the 100 meter dast to the marathon. My best run...
Races (7) Race Points: 1,320 Performance: 4,252 Qtr Total Points: 5,572...
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Zurich San Sebastian Marathon
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ADNOC Abu Dhabi Marathon
Results 11/26/2021
Manchester Road Race
Results 11/25/2021

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Upcoming Member Races
California International Marathon (CIM)  
Distance: Marathon
Location: Sacramento, CA
Chris Jones (M/49) ...
Rose 5k  
Distance: 5K
Location: Sonoma, CA
Chris Jones (M/49) ...
Napa to Sonoma Wine Country Half Marathon  
Distance: 1/2 Marathon
Location: Sonoma, CA
Chris Jones (M/49) ...
Palo Alto Double 15k (10k+5k)  
Location: Palo Alto, California
Bob Anderson (M/73) ...
Oakland Running Festival Marathon  
Distance: Marathon
Location: Oakland, CA
Chris Jones (M/50) ...
Boston Marathon  
Distance: Marathon
Location: Boston, CA
Chris Jones (M/50) ...
Miwok 100k  
Distance: 100K
Location: Stinson Beach, CA
Chris Jones (M/50) ...
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