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kelly emo UjENA FIT Club Profile
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Member Namekelly emo
LocationCampbell, CA
Years Running25 
Max Distancemarathon 
Fastest Mile5:41 
Current Mile7:15 
Types of RunningRoad Runner
Internet Profile Linkhttp://www.facebook.com/#!/kelly.emo
Fitness StatementI love to run, do multi-sport events and generally try to stay fit while working full time and traveling a lot for business. My goals are usually to run 30-40 miles a week with one or two cross training sessions swimming and on the bike. I prefer to train with a group but my schedules doesn't always allow. 
Quote“Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go -- T.S. Eliot” 
Running AchievementsMy favorite accomplishments are 1) qualifying and competing in the Boston Marathon four times and 2) qualifying for team USA in the sprint triathlon in 2009 and competing in the Sprint World Championships in Gold Coast Australia where i placed 25th out of 44 in the 45/49 age group. 

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Double Road Race Results

NameEventRaceBib#TimePlacePointsPrize MoneyFull Results
Kelly EmoSan Jose 8/24/13UjENA 5K106123:49400.00results
KELLY EMOChristmas 12/17/16Double 8K26639:589100.00results
KELLY EMOPleasanton 12/19/15SPRINT611:219100.00results
KELLY EMOPacific Grove 5/8/16Double 8K226840:0314100.00results
KELLY EMOPleasanton 12/21/14Double 8K105337:1322100.00results
KELLY EMOSan Jose 2/21/15Double 15K6701:16:1079170.00results
KELLY EMOPacific Grove 5/10/15Double 15K5301:12:44542216.66results
KELLY EMOPalo Alto 8K Double 7/19/15Double 8K10147:0969100.00results
KELLY EMOSan Jose 8/22/155K114923:5323100.00results
KELLY EMOSan Juan Bautista 9/19/15Double 8K222537:069100.00results
Kelly EmoPacific Grove 5/11/14Double Road Race167501:16:48791716.66results
Kelly EmoSan Jose 8/23/14UjENA Double 5K104323:221500.00results


UjENA FIT Club Posts

Monday, June 10th, 2019
Post Image

Two weeks into my pulled hamstring doldrums... What's your favorite "I'm injured and can't run" workout? Tonight I did 40 mins on elliptical trainer and some weights but looking for that endorphin rush that only comes with running... suggestions welcome :)

run So sorry to hear this Kelly. One thing I would do right away is buy some arthritis patches. I think they are about 1.50 each. When I had hamstring issues, I wore these patches day and night for a few days. I was able to run without pain in just a few weeks.
Bob Anderson 6/11/19 4:23 pm
run Thanks Bob, great advice, was able to conservatively jog the across the Bay... hopefully getting stronger for next race - wharf2wharf
kelly emo 7/15/19 8:53 am
Tuesday, December 11th, 2018
Post Image

Went for my Tuesday night four mile run and thought about how honored I am to be in the mix with two of the most amazing women runners in the rankings. Hats off to the amazing Barbara Robbin and Scarlett Gilbert... true inspirations! I will miss the awards Friday (commitment with my college daughter) but will acknowledge their achievements here--Congrats, age has no limits!

run make that Sharlett Gilbert... darn autocorrect
kelly emo 12/11/18 8:09 pm
run make that Sharlett Gilbert... darn autocorrect
kelly emo 12/11/18 8:09 pm
run Sharlett and Barbara had an amazing year but so did you finishing third for the year. BIG congrats to you three and Kat just behind.
Bob Anderson 12/15/18 6:12 pm
Friday, October 13th, 2017
Post Image

Coastal Trail Runs this weekend are cancelled due to poor air quality, a good choice on the race director's part. It's still bad in the North Bay and fairly rough in rest of Bay area, take it easy everyone, I'm going to workout indoors this weekend. Good thoughts and prayers going out to all impacted by the fires.

Sunday, February 19th, 2017
Post Image

Easy 3 miles.. I think I'm jinxed with Palo Alto double-- two years ago pulled a hamstring and this year caught a rough cold and i'm flying tonight to Tel Aviv, so I decided to sleep in... someday I'll master that race

run We missed you Kelly. Have a good trip. See you May 14th in Pacific Grove, I hope!
Bob Anderson 2/20/17 10:04 am
run me too, safely in Tel Aviv now and feeling better, love Pac Grove!
kelly emo 2/20/17 3:36 pm
run me too, safely in Tel Aviv now and feeling better, love Pac Grove!
kelly emo 2/20/17 3:36 pm
Tuesday, December 20th, 2016
Post Image

For a very short time, I was with the 1:10 pace group at the double 8k, but what a great day for a double run in San Juan Bautista. thank you Bob for a great holiday event! Now it's all easy(LSD style) distance till next race on New Year's eve morning, just putting down some gentle recovery miles (3 last night, 5 today) while checking out Christmas lights this week!

run Always nice seeing you Kelly. You ran well in San Juan. Congrats. Merry Christmas to you and your family.
Bob Anderson 12/22/16 11:11 am
Sunday, September 18th, 2016
Post Image

two trail 5ks back to back.. gonna feel it tomorrow !

Sunday, May 22nd, 2016
Post Image

slow and easy.. ahh trail running, after yesterday's 1000 ft climb in a 5k at WildCat, the quads are singing. gotta love the trail runs!

Sunday, April 17th, 2016
Post Image

5k trail run with 1 mile warmup and 2 mile cool down.. knees sure are liking the trail runs--dirt is good :)

Sunday, April 10th, 2016
Post Image

didn't make it to any races this weekend but logged some decent miles in the rain for training

Sunday, February 7th, 2016
Post Image

nice recovery med distance run on the Los Gatos Creek Trail to burn some calories before Super bowl and got to say high to Bob as we passed on the trail today!

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runnerShould have run the double run, did a charity run in Campbell instead on Saturday because the cause was important- but they forgot to put anyone at the turnaround and we all ran significantly further than 5k-- Organization matters!
kelly emo 9/26/16 8:44 am
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runnerLearned something last week--always double-check that you are indeed entered when you sign up for a race at an Expo. Signed up for Santa Rosa Half at Oakland half expo. Made plans, trained, then came to find out four days before I was never entered. They had lost my entry form. And now the entry fee is way past my threshold. Well,, made the most of it by trashing my quads in the Coast Diablo Mountain 10 miler instead. fun climbing 2900 feet up a gorgeous peak. no harm, no foul but glad I checked before heading to Santa Rosa!
kelly emo 8/29/16 9:25 am
runnerI know how you feel. A few years back I trained hard for the Kaiser Half Marathon in SF. I thought I could enter the morning of the race. I could not. First time ever I ran it without a number. Felt guilty but I was already in the city. Like I said, this was a few years back. It sounds like you made the best of things, Kelly. Are you running San Juan Sept 24?
Bob Anderson 8/29/16 2:18 pm
runnernot going to make San Juan due to a volleyball tourney... can catch a 5k for Ovarian Cancer in Campbell at 9 then have to head to daughter Lauren's HS... will plan to do Pleasanton however!
kelly emo 9/3/16 5:57 pm
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runnerGood luck everyone at the Sac 10 miler. Got some insights this weekend, you can run a fast road race the day before a steep trail 10k but not the other way around :) After Grizzly Peak 10k yesterday, (gorgeous run in Berkeley hills but so steep) today's all about a very easy, slow recovery run -- good thing I didn't pre-pay for any races today!
kelly emo 4/3/16 2:00 pm
runnerThat's precisely why I did NOT run AR50 this year...50 miles with a killer mountain to climb to get to Auburn finish line is a bit too much 1 day before SacTown 10 miler!!!!! Take care Kelly!!!
Kat Powell 4/5/16 6:11 pm
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runnerLooking forward to trying to keep my daughter Lauren in sight for the double sprint tomorrow. with my late season injuries my pace resembles more the tortoise right now so it will be fun to see how far ahead she can get with those speedy 13 year old legs!
kelly emo 12/18/15 12:22 pm
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runnerFirst, thank you Bob for a very fun double 8k event in Palo Alto, hope it stays a regular on the schedule and that next year, I can participate healthy... note to self, when the Achilles barks, listen... luckily I didn't end up with a full blow tear, but rather a hamstring pull that will take less recovery time... Swimming anyone??
kelly emo 7/20/15 10:48 am
runnerIt was great seeing you yesterday. I was wondering what happened and I am glad you backed off the second leg. AT issues are worse than hamstrings! Take it easy and I hope to see you in San Jose Aug 22.
Bob Anderson 7/20/15 4:24 pm
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runnerFound a new type of "double"--yesterday TBF racing had their annual TBF Tri for fun at 8:30am at Rancho Seco lake, but this year they added a "super sprint triathlon" starting at 8:00am which was only a 200 meter swim, 4 mile bike, 1 mile run. Three of us decided to try to do them both, it was crazy fun.. finished the super sprint in 25:19 and had about 10 minutes to get into a wetsuit and back down to the water for my 8:42 am wave to go for the Sprint tri (800 meter swim, 16mile bike, 3 mile run) fun experiment--Double Tri! -- definitely needed the wetsuit for the second swim however, to catch your breath :)
kelly emo 5/31/15 12:35 pm
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UjENA Fit Club Rankings UjENA Fit Club Ranking on 03/15/2015:
Races (13) Race Points: 2,642 Performance: 8,513 Year Total Points: 11,155
runnergreat to see you too, beautiful day for a local 5k or a long run on the creek trail!
Bob Anderson 3/15/15 7:20 pm - Reply
runnerGood seeing you today in Los Gatos! What a nice day!!!
Bob Anderson 3/15/15 7:03 pm
runnerThank you Bob and Ujena team for a very fun year and great finishing race at Pleasanton. I think I've found my favorite Double distance--the 8k is amazing!
kelly emo 12/21/14 6:45 pm
reply to comment
runnerHi Ujena gang, Turns out I'm going to have to miss the San Juan Bautista double for a very good reason.. my daughter and her cross country coach have asked me to the weekend run coordinator and run with the kids...and my daughter's happy to have me there, can't miss this for the next 4-5 Saturdays! Catch you all at Pleasanton
kelly emo 9/14/14 6:00 pm
runnerWow, that sounds exciting. We will miss you in San Juan but will see you in Pleasanton.
Bob Anderson 9/15/14 8:35 am
reply to comment
runnerLove the double road race.. I think you have a new huge fan.. looking forward to San Juan Bautista (have to miss SJ as I'm in Tahoe that weekend)!! Thank you Bob and the double team for putting on an A event!!
kelly emo 5/12/14 8:44 am
runnerNice seeing you in PG Kelly...you are going to love San Juan Bautista...need to bring your daughters to race the Kids Cup...San Juan Bautista is where I got my 10K all-time PR...it was very magical being in that rural setting.
Kat Powell 5/12/14 9:52 pm
runnerIt was great seeing you in PG. Glad you like the Double and we will be seeing you in San Juan Sept 20th if not before...
Bob Anderson 5/13/14 5:12 pm
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runnerIt is official Kelly. You are our Ujena Fit Club first quarter leader. Congrats! You ran 19 races and you placed first in your age-group eight times the first three months of 2014. Way to go! You are an inspiration!!!!
Bob Anderson 4/29/14 5:24 pm
runnerCongrats Kelly!!! Way to rock it!!!!
Kat Powell 4/29/14 6:08 pm
runnerThanks Bob, It's been a blast.. I'm very much looking forward to representing team fit club at the Pac Grove double next weekend!
kelly emo 5/4/14 7:52 pm
reply to comment
runnerran into some female health issues that derailed me a bit this weekend.. had to skip the Silicon Valley Sprint Tri in half moon bay due to anemia fatigue and problems with Reynauds syndrome just making it too painful to jump into the 55 degree ocean.. but running is always there for me.. did a nice 8 miler Sunday in the warm sun and another 2.5 today and thought about Boston, that's why we love to run!
kelly emo 4/21/14 8:33 pm
runnerThat is so right...running is always there for US! and sometimes it is NOT bad to take it easy a bit.
Bob Anderson 4/21/14 10:54 pm
runnerSorry about your Tri experience but glad you can still run...also thought about Boston...hope to see you in Pacific Grove.
Kat Powell 4/25/14 1:34 pm
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UjENA Fit Club Rankings UjENA Fit Club Ranking on 04/14/2014:
Races (2) Race Points: 343 Performance: 7,723 Qtr Total Points: 8,066
runnerCongrats Kelly on First Quarter 1st place...keep running well!!
Kat Powell 4/14/14 8:59 pm - Reply
runnerRan a age-graded world record 5k yesterday ... to bad it was only 2.15 miles ... lead runner cut the course and we all followed like lemmings ... Don't believe the times in the Valley Christian Race2educate :-)
kelly emo 4/6/14 4:45 pm
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runnerFinally found results for my Great race of Agoura Hills double on Saturday. Hilly half paved/half trail 10k started at 7:30 am then a nice paved 5k at 9:00 am, a perfect test run for the Pac grove double-- learned something however, nutrition really matters for a double.. I didn't eat enough and got shaky on the 5k and was outs sprinted for 3rd in age group, ended up 4th by 2 seconds...
kelly emo 3/25/14 12:15 pm
runnerI was wondering about those results. Wow, this gives you already 19 races for the year. You are holding on to first place in the rankings. Congrats!
Bob Anderson 3/25/14 3:27 pm
runneryup, Julie and I have a great little competition going.. she's at 17 now and we often do the same races and support each other. but i'm going to slow down a bit this summer for triathlon season as I have a couple of key races I need to taper and focus on in June/July, so I'll need to cut back on "races as workouts" during that key time :-)
kelly emo 3/25/14 6:39 pm
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runneranother fun double weekend-- Zoom Quarry lakes 5k and Go Green Los Gatos 5k. Hit 23:16 on Saturday.. need to go under 23:00 before triathlon season, getting closer... going to keep working on turnover and drills
kelly emo 3/17/14 1:39 pm
runnerYou can do it Kelly...be sure to do one speed workout a week. I even like finding a down hill course and running that hard. Helps with leg turn over.
Bob Anderson 3/17/14 6:04 pm
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UjENA Fit Club Rankings UjENA Fit Club Ranking on 03/04/2014:
Races (12) Race Points: 2,320 Performance: 5,260 Qtr Total Points: 7,580
runnerThanks Bob, racing a bunch this winter to stay motivated during the wet season and to get ready for PG!
Bob Anderson 3/4/14 7:55 pm - Reply
runnerCongrats Kelly...you are our women's leader. 12 races already. Congrats!!!!
Bob Anderson 3/4/14 6:39 pm
runnerWhoo hoo, just found I made the top 100.. had the most races of all women (63 in 2013) but need to work on speed as not too many performance points.. gotta train harder too :-)
kelly emo 1/31/14 1:17 pm
runnerYou run a lot of races. Congrats on making the top 100 for 2013. I am glad you love races as much as I do.
Bob Anderson 2/1/14 9:34 am
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