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Kat Powell UjENA FIT Club Profile
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Member NameKat Powell
LocationSan Jose, California
Years Running20 
Max Distance35+ 
Fastest Mile7:28 
Current Mile9:00 
Types of RunningRoad Runner
Internet Profile Linkhttp://www.facebook.com/598588939
Fitness StatementCurrently aspiring to qualify for and run the Western States 100M Endurance Run! Have a deep passion for running on dirt trails out in Nature in God's Universe! 
Quote“Never, ever quit!!!! ” 
Running AchievementsHave run over 40 marathons and 50 Ultras in my 20 years of running...

10K PR set at Marin Memorial Day Race( 51:42) and broke 80% age grade for first time.
PAUSATF Ultra Grand Prix Champion for 5 consecutive years from 2011 through 2015
Qualified for Boston at the Modesto Marathon in March, with my fastest marathon time at age 64 of 4:27:59!
Ran my fastest 50K race in April at the Ruth Anderson Ultra at Lake Merced in San Francisco with a time of 5:46...also broke the W60-69 course record, which was set in 2009.

Finished my first 100 mile run in 2013 at the San Francisco Golden Gate Headlands...over 20,000 feet climbing
Also PRed at the Humboldt Half Marathon and the 10K in San Juan Batista Double in 2013
2016: Finished Boston 2 Big Sur Challenge 

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Double Racing

Double Road Race Results

NameEventRaceBib#TimePlacePointsPrize MoneyFull Results
Kat PowellPleasanton 12/23/12Double Road Race5821:27:594221950.00results
Kat PowellSan Juan Bautista 9/28/13Double Road Race107201:18:19411930.00results
KAT POWELLChristmas 12/14/19Double 15K3601:31:572100.00results
KAT POWELLSF Bay 3/8/20Double 15K2401:32:451900.00results
KAT POWELLSan Juan Bautista 12/15/18SPRINT14917:39500.00results
KAT POWELLSan Juan Bautista 12/15/18Double 15K2901:35:34273920.00results
KAT POWELLPalo Alto 3/10/19Double 8K9949:1752100.00results
KAT POWELLGolden Gate 8/4/19Double 8K11646:075100.00results
KAT POWELLBrisbane 9/29/19Double 15K3401:29:392700.00results
KAT POWELLSan Juan Bautista 12/16/17Double 15K4001:32:0138260.00results
KAT POWELLSan Juan Bautista 12/16/17SPRINT10015:405100.00results
KAT POWELLPalo Alto 3/11/18Double 8K295549:3343100.00results
KAT POWELLGolden Gate 8/5/18Double 8K13645:5462100.00results
KAT POWELLChristmas 12/17/16Double 15K15901:25:2145250.00results
KAT POWELLPalo Alto 2/19/17Double 8K6447:5261100.00results
KAT POWELLGolden Gate 8/6/17Double 8K20945:5358100.00results
KAT POWELLPacific Grove 9/24/17Double 15K6001:27:5042280.00results
KAT POWELLPleasanton 12/20/15Double 15K51401:26:10143170.00results
KAT POWELLSan Jose 2/20/16Double 15K72601:21:4172260.00results
KAT POWELLPalo Alto 3/13/16Double 8K287644:1226100.00results
KAT POWELLPacific Grove 5/8/16SPRINT3014:009100.00results
KAT POWELLPacific Grove 5/8/16Double 15K143901:28:2279180.00results
KAT POWELLLands End 6/19/16Double 8K237749:1741100.00results
KAT POWELLOyster Point 8/7/16Double 8K9943:2441100.00results
KAT POWELLSan Jose 8/20/16SPRINT4913:5810100.00results
KAT POWELLSan Jose 8/20/1621K73402:15:2835210.00results
KAT POWELLSan Juan Bautista 9/24/16Double 15K23401:26:0930350.00results
KAT POWELLSan Juan Bautista 9/24/16SPRINT6014:259100.00results
KAT POWELLPleasanton 12/21/14Double 15K35301:20:561631858.33results
KAT POWELLSan Jose 2/21/15Double 15K21801:21:501072066.66results
KAT POWELLPacific Grove 5/10/15Double 15K13501:23:051062020.00results
KAT POWELLPalo Alto 8K Double 7/19/15Double 8K24243:3653100.00results
KAT POWELLGolden Gate 8K Double Adventure Run 8/2/15Double 8K39743:1957100.00results
KAT POWELLSan Jose 8/22/15Double 15K12801:24:2991180.00results
KAT POWELLSan Juan Bautista 9/19/15Double 15K29001:22:0840240.00results
Kat PowellPleasanton 12/22/13Double Road Race51401:20:112011716.66results
Kat PowellSan Jose 2/22/14Double Road Race19601:23:24951956.66results
Kat PowellPacific Grove 5/11/14Double Road Race182201:23:391251956.66results
Kat PowellSan Jose 8/23/14Double Road Race25901:22:071221940.00results
Kat PowellSan Juan Bautista 9/20/14Double Road Race45701:18:40452956.66results


UjENA FIT Club Posts

Wednesday, September 20th, 2017
Post Image

Finished the 60-day Yoga Challenge at Bikram Yoga San Jose. That was 90 minutes of hot yoga every day for 60 days!

Each class started with a breathing exercise, then proceeded into 26 postures, and ended with a breathing exercise. In between the floor postures, we did a 20-sec rest followed by a sit-up.

It took discipline to attend class every day, especially on the bad days when I had no energy or desire.

Monday, August 21st, 2017
Post Image

Double Bikram Yoga class today. Needed 2 classes in a day to make up for missing class on July 23 due to running SF Marathon. Will finish 60 Day Challenge at end of this month.

Monday, July 24th, 2017
Post Image

Just finished my 90 min yoga class at Bikram Yoga San Jose. Have been taking a 90 min class daily since July 1. This is their Summer 60 Day Challenge, where you take one yoga class a day for 60 days.

These are brutally tough classes in a hot(105-108F, 50% humidity) room, where we start with a breathing exercise, do 26 postures , and finish with a different breathing exercise. So I call this Yoga 26.2. It feels like running a marathon and takes the same amount of mental tenacity.

Missed my class Sunday, because of running SF Marathon and going to Marin park for group picnic, so will need to do a Double Yoga session in 1 day soon to make up for this.

Have been working very hard to improve my balance and flexibility and strengthen my spine.

run I really should do something like this. Sounds like it is really working for you. See you August 6th at our Golden Gate Double 8K. Good job at the SF Marathon!
Bob Anderson 7/25/17 11:34 am
Thursday, December 22nd, 2016
Post Image

Christmas Double: First time I ran second leg(5K) faster than first leg(10K) and I have done more than 10 doubles! The very cold weather may have been a factor, but I have run Pleasanton in cold and always slow down in 5K.
This is very unusual for me to run negative splits. However, I did start late in 10K and took it easy for first 3 to 4 miles, then picked up my pace around mile 4 and finished strong. So I had more in the tank for the 5K this time, but my 10K was slow for me.

run I try to always run the second leg faster but sometimes I just run out of juice the last mile. Glad you were able to pull off the negative split. That works! Congrats!
Bob Anderson 12/23/16 8:11 am
Monday, November 7th, 2016
Post Image

Have good memories of running NYC Marathon back in 2004! One of my favorite Marathons for sure!!! The NY crowd are so energizing!!!!

Monday, October 17th, 2016
Post Image

Another Double Racing weekend for me...
2 Half Marathons
2 Different California Venues
2 Days
Did Quicksilver Trail Challenge Half on Saturday morning, then drove up to Humboldt Redwoods, ate spaghetti dinner in Weott Saturday evening, quick turn around at Fortuna Super 8 to get some ZZZZs, then raced PA Half Marathon in rainstorm Sunday morning and drove back to San Jose after changing into dry clothes at rest stop. Enjoyed listening to the LA Dodgers shutting out Chicago on my drive back home.
All in one weekend...WOW!!!

run You are one amazing woman Kat Powell!
Bob Anderson 10/18/16 8:58 am
Saturday, March 19th, 2016
Post Image

Frolicked in the green hills at Lake Del Valle near Livermore for 18+ miles. Lots of uneven footing as I negotiated the single track trails where cattle had been tromping in the mud in the last serious rainstorm.

Thursday, February 11th, 2016
Post Image

Had a quality training run at Huddart Park in Woodside...running from Buck's to the park, then up to Toyon Camp and back to Buck's to celebrate February birthdays. It was an easy pace among the Redwoods on a beautiful sunny California day.

Wednesday, July 29th, 2015
Post Image

Ran a loop up to top of St Josephs Hill and back in Los Gatos using several hilly, rocky trails...great views of Lexington Reservoir, surrounding forest and other local peaks from the top....this has been my regular workout this summer on Tuesday mornings at 6:30AM...then I meet friends for coffee afterwords at local Coffee Roasting hangout.

Saturday, March 21st, 2015
Post Image

Easy out-n-back jog on Los Gatos Trail from Sports Basement in Pruneyard to Forbes Mill in Los Gatos .

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UjENA Fit Club Rankings UjENA Fit Club Ranking on 08/12/2019:
Races (39) Race Points: 10,032 Performance: 27,403 Qtr Total Points: 37,435
runnerYou have a solid lead for Runner of the Year. Well done!
Bob Anderson 8/12/19 7:46 pm - Reply
runnerHeadlands Endurance Run 75 miler, 15,000 feet elevation gain. It was like a Double, where I completed 100K for first leg, took a 1 hour plus half time break, then did half marathon for 2nd leg. Only difference is that my break time was added into the finish time, which makes me look like a real snail!!!!
Kat Powell 9/13/16 6:17 pm
reply to comment
runnerGetting psyched for the National 50K Trail Championship race coming up this Saturday at the Golden Gate Headlands. Race starts in Santos Meadows at Muir Woods. Course runs to Rodeo Beach, through Tennessee Valley, climbs up to Cardiac Hill, then down to Stinson Beach, back up to Cardiac Hill, and finally finishes with a nice, challenging downhill back to Santos Meadow . With 7,300 feet climbing, it's a tough grind, but I hope to finish under 8 hours.
Kat Powell 8/22/16 5:15 pm
reply to comment
runnerDisappointed that I took wrong fork in 6K, following the 1:58 pacer who left me in the dust. Went too far out, doing extra mileage. Did not arrive early enough to warm up for 10 miler and had to start with fast group. Guess I was not ready for this race, so used it as a workout. This was a great learning experience for me. Thanks Bob for challenging me...I have a lot of work to do. My training has been sub par due to sciatic pain and other issues, but I truly feel blessed to be running at my age!
Kat Powell 8/20/16 4:49 pm
reply to comment
runnerFinished Boston 2 Big Sur Double Marathon with a combined time of 9:22:09 and at a 10:43 pace. My Boston time was 4:38:32 and Big Sur time was 4:43:37. So after a 6 day halftime, where I did tons of walking daily plus a 4.5 mile run on Weds nite in Boston; I slowed down only by about 5 minutes for a much more challenging course.
Kat Powell 4/26/16 6:42 pm
runnerWay to go Kat. That is a tough Double. See you May 8th in Pacific Grove! Our Double will be easy compared to the two Marathons you did in 7 days.
Bob Anderson 4/28/16 10:27 am
reply to comment
runnerHere in Sacramento relaxing before my 10 mile race tomorrow AM.
Kat Powell 4/2/16 8:15 pm
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Kat Powell 3/7/16 5:42 pm
reply to comment
runnerHad 'Serious Fun' at the Headlands Endurance Run this last Saturday and Sunday in the Golden Gate HeadlandsI. Completed 3 25-mile loops for 75 miles and the Women's Course record... I am the only woman to have ever completed the 75 miler!!!
Kat Powell 9/16/15 6:28 pm
reply to comment
runnerHad an awesome day Saturday running the Tamalpa Headlands 50K USATF National Trail Championship race, in spite of forgetting to bring my trail shoes. Had to run in the Vibram Fivefinger shoes I was wearing...it was actually raining!!! when the race started at 7:30AM, so that made the already difficult course even more challenging. We had to climb 7300 feet over roots, rocks, stairs and muddy, slippery conditions. Actually had a close call as I slipped off the muddy trail into the bushes on a cliff, sliding down head first...but miraculously stopped myself at a fallen tree branch and was helped to my feet by a hiker and a runner who was following me. In spite of this adversity, ran my fastest time on this course at 8:11:28 and snagged 1st place in the USATF Championship for Female 60-64.
Kat Powell 9/2/15 6:49 pm
reply to comment
runner Canyon Creek Park sounds like a blast going uphill on dirt...that's my kind of workout! I'll see ya all there!!!!
Kat Powell 7/9/15 5:27 pm
reply to comment
runnerI an very happy to say that I ran my personal best 10K in Marin on Monday...not only did I get a PR, but I also broke into the 80% age grade for the very first time in my running career... Indeed, this was a Peak Performance! But I need to thank my competition, Bob Lord of WVJS, for pulling me to this Peak performance!
Kat Powell 5/27/15 7:26 pm
runnerCongrats Kat. Breaking into 80% age-graded is moving to the next level. Way to go!
Bob Anderson 5/28/15 8:08 am
reply to comment
runnerI feel bummed that Sunday's Ohlone 50K trail race has been canceled by EBRPD authorities due to Thursday's thunderstorm that dumped about 1/2 inch of rain and made the access roads impassable to emergency vehicles. Oh well, I can now spend Sunday in my garden transplanting the 9 Heirloom tomato plants, and the kale and broccoli that I purchased today at the Farmer's Market in Saratoga.
Kat Powell 5/16/15 4:30 pm
reply to comment
runnerCongrats Kat. You are our Ujena Fit Club second quarter winner. You ran an impressive number of racing miles. You just keep on ticking. Way to go!
Bob Anderson 7/31/14 11:42 pm
runnerI really enjoy running...have a great passion for running long distance on trails in nature...especially in the mountains!!!!
Kat Powell 8/1/14 2:24 pm
reply to comment
runnerHad a very nice Friday night and Saturday morning at the Duncan Canyon AS as a volunteer for the prestigious Western States 100 mile endurance run...saw many stars in the night sky that I never see in San Jose and saw and aided many stars on their epic journey from Squaw Valley to Auburn!!!!
Kat Powell 6/29/14 11:14 pm
reply to comment
runnerThe San Francisco Summer Solstice 24-hour run was an incredible experience on Sat and Sun AM for me as an individual and for my Quicksilver Women's Ultra racing team...we did it!!! The Quicksilver ladies took first place and I obtained a HUGE 24-Hour PR with my 78.5 miles, that's 74 laps around the extremely windy, cold Crissy Field loop!!!! Very challenging to keep my eyes open throughout the night...I would veer off course and hit the wall and I even fell once while sleep walking...the fall woke me up bigtime!!!! Made it through the night on 15 minutes of sleep in my sleeping bag on the ground. Once the morning had broken, I was OK, since my body told me it was timto wake up!!!!
Kat Powell 6/26/14 12:48 pm
runnerWow...I am so impressed!!
Bob Anderson 6/27/14 8:31 pm
reply to comment
runnerI ran a true double on the track on Saturday at the College of San Mateo. The 10,000m race was the first event at 9:00AM. This was my first time ever running a 10K on the track...25 laps very mentally tough to do...started out too fast in the first mile(8:05 pace), so paid for it in the middle miles...body temp rose rapidly, so slowed down and struggled for 4 miles until I finally relaxed and leaned forward to surge in the last lap and pass one male runner. Both men and women ran together. Then I waited around for the 5000m race until 1:50PM. By that time, it was quite hot running in the blazing sun, and they ran the women first before the men. I struggled to get my legs moving but the 10K race and hot sun had already reeked havoc on my body, so my pace was much slower. I was very humbled running on the track with all those fast ladies and men including a 79 year-old lady!
Kat Powell 6/18/14 8:27 pm
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