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Double Racing Photos - "The Only Running Event with a Halftime" - Double Racing Calendar

Pacific Grove 9/24/17

Pacific Grove 9/24/17

Pacific Grove 9/24/17

Pacific Grove 9/24/17

Pacific Grove 9/24/17

Golden Gate 8/6/17

Golden Gate 8/6/17

Golden Gate 8/6/17
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Anna Christensen UjENA FIT Club Profile
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Member NameAnna Christensen
LocationPleasanton, CA
Years Running
Max Distance 
Fastest Mile 
Current Mile9:36 
Types of RunningRoad Runner
Internet Profile Linkhttp://
Fitness StatementNew to Ujena FIT Club. 

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Anna Christensen's Race Listing
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Upcoming Races

Date Event Name Location Distance    
6/30/18 Run for Snacks 5K  Alderson, WV  5K  Share with Friends Share on Facebook  
7/1/18 Freedom 5K  Fairfax, VA  5K  Share with Friends Share on Facebook  
7/3/18 Charlotte Firecracker 5K  Charlotte, NC  5K  Share with Friends Share on Facebook  
7/4/18 Easley Firecracker Frolic 5K  Easley, SC  5K  Share with Friends Share on Facebook  
7/7/18 The Sports Fanatic 5K  Kennesaw, GA  5K  Share with Friends Share on Facebook  
8/18/18 Freedom Cheyenne 5K  Cheyenne, WY  5K  Share with Friends Share on Facebook  
9/23/18 Ditch Run 5K  Corrales, NM  5K  Share with Friends Share on Facebook  

Recent Races

Date Event Name Location Distance Race Time Place
6/10/18 Striped Pig 5K  Missoula, MT  5K  33:05  42 
6/9/18 The Maniac 5K  Orofino, ID  5K  31:52  60 
6/3/18 North Shore Classic 5K  Highland Park, IL  5K  32:20  135 
6/2/18 Run Now, Wine Later 5K  Racine, WI  5K  28:54  21 
5/28/18 Pinckney Memorial Day 5K  Pinckney, MI  5K  32:18  108 
5/27/18 Field of Heroes 5K  Westerville, OH  5K  31:24  300 
5/26/18 Nun Run 5K  Huntington, IN  3.4 Miles  35:56  44 
5/20/18 Bay to Breakers  San Francisco, CA  12K  01:21:21  6642 
4/8/18 WalkMS:Seattle 5K  Seattle, WA  5K  31:51  138 
4/7/18 Dogwood Dash 5K  Milwaukie, OR  5K  32:06  72 

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Double Racing

Double Road Race Results

NameEventRaceBib#TimePlacePointsPrize MoneyFull Results
ANNA CHRISTENSENSan Juan Bautista 12/16/17Double 15K1101:40:1744170.00results
ANNA CHRISTENSENPleasanton 12/20/15Double 15K31601:32:37172100.00results
ANNA CHRISTENSENSan Jose 2/20/16SPRINT7513:476100.00results
ANNA CHRISTENSENSan Jose 2/20/16Double 15K42501:30:07103140.00results
ANNA CHRISTENSENPalo Alto 3/13/16Double 8K284150:3239100.00results
ANNA CHRISTENSENPacific Grove 5/8/16SPRINT2315:0310100.00results
ANNA CHRISTENSENPacific Grove 5/8/16Double 15K135001:39:16109120.00results
ANNA CHRISTENSENLands End 6/19/16Double 8K229059:4482100.00results
ANNA CHRISTENSENOyster Point 8/7/16Double 8K2647:5558100.00results
ANNA CHRISTENSENSan Jose 8/20/16SPRINT4514:4911100.00results
ANNA CHRISTENSENSan Juan Bautista 9/24/16Double 15K21201:31:5733240.00results
ANNA CHRISTENSENSan Juan Bautista 9/24/16SPRINT5714:5610100.00results
ANNA CHRISTENSENSan Jose 8/20/16Double 15K1001:32:4844240.00results
ANNA CHRISTENSENLos Cabos Mexico, 10/22/16Double 8K4050:3622100.00results
ANNA CHRISTENSENPleasanton 12/21/14Double 15K7701:33:07291100.00results
ANNA CHRISTENSENSan Jose 2/21/15Double 15K4401:32:52156140.00results
ANNA CHRISTENSENPacific Grove 5/10/15Double 15K3001:31:28129100.00results
ANNA CHRISTENSENSF 8K Double Adventure Run 6/21/15Double 8K3448:5053100.00results
ANNA CHRISTENSENPalo Alto 8K Double 7/19/15Double 8K6349:4076100.00results
ANNA CHRISTENSENGolden Gate 8K Double Adventure Run 8/2/15Double 8K32549:2790100.00results
ANNA CHRISTENSENSan Jose 8/22/15Double 15K3501:37:22138100.00results
ANNA CHRISTENSENSan Juan Bautista 9/19/15Double 15K28401:34:4155150.00results


UjENA FIT Club Posts

Saturday, January 10th, 2015
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Ran trails at Sycamore Park in Livermore

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UjENA FIT Club Fit Log Entries (2018) 2012

Wk #Log DateEntry TypeActualDay AvgWk TotWk PointsAcc Pnts
23 Wks 84 Days 3.7 Days/Wk Avg 302.2 mi 1.4 avg 10.0 avg  
 Fri 6/153.2-5mi Run or Walk4   5323
23Sun 6/102-3.1mi Run or Walk3.1 1.3 mi9.2 mi9318
 Sat 6/92-3.1mi Run or Walk3.1   6315
 Wed 6/62-3.1mi Run or Walk3   3312
 Tue 6/5   0309
 Mon 6/4   0309
22Sun 6/32-3.1mi Run or Walk3.1 1.3 mi9.3 mi6309
 Sat 6/22-3.1mi Run or Walk3.1   3306
 Fri 6/1   0303
 Thu 5/31   0303
21Mon 5/282-3.1mi Run or Walk3.1 0.4 mi3.1 mi6303
 Tue 5/222-3.1mi Run or Walk3   3300
20Sun 5/207.1-10mi Run7.44 1.8 mi12.4 mi16297
 Fri 5/182-3.1mi Run or Walk3   6287
 Thu 5/172-3.1mi Run or Walk2   3284
19Sun 5/132-3.1mi Run or Walk3 2.6 mi18.0 mi18281
 Sat 5/123.2-5mi Run or Walk5   15278
 Thu 5/103.2-5mi Run or Walk4   10273
 Tue 5/83.2-5mi Run or Walk4   5268
18Mon 5/72-3.1mi Run or Walk2 0.3 mi2.0 mi16263
 Sat 5/52-3.1mi Run or Walk3   13260
 Fri 5/41 Mile Run or Walk1   10257
 Thu 5/32-3.1mi Run or Walk3   9256
 Tue 5/12-3.1mi Run or Walk3   6253
 Mon 4/302-3.1mi Run or Walk1.5   3250
17Sun 4/292-3.1mi Run or Walk3 2.3 mi16.0 mi15247
 Fri 4/272-3.1mi Run or Walk3   12244
 Thu 4/262-3.1mi Run or Walk2   9241
 Wed 4/252-3.1mi Run or Walk3   6238
 Tue 4/242-3.1mi Run or Walk2   3235
16Mon 4/232-3.1mi Run or Walk3 0.4 mi3.0 mi15232
 Sat 4/212-3.1mi Run or Walk3   12229
 Fri 4/202-3.1mi Run or Walk2   9226
 Wed 4/182-3.1mi Run or Walk3   6223
 Tue 4/172-3.1mi Run or Walk3   3220
15Sun 4/153.2-5mi Run or Walk4 1.3 mi9.0 mi11217
 Fri 4/132-3.1mi Run or Walk3   6212
 Thu 4/122-3.1mi Run or Walk2   3209
14Sun 4/82-3.1mi Run or Walk3.1 1.7 mi12.2 mi12206
 Sat 4/72-3.1mi Run or Walk3.1   9203
 Thu 4/52-3.1mi Run or Walk3   6200
 Mon 4/22-3.1mi Run or Walk3   3197
13Sun 4/12-3.1mi Run or Walk3 2.1 mi14.5 mi12194
 Fri 3/302-3.1mi Run or Walk3   9191
 Wed 3/282-3.1mi Run or Walk3   6188
 Tue 3/272-3.1mi Run or Walk2.5   3185
12Mon 3/262-3.1mi Run or Walk3 0.4 mi3.0 mi9182
 Fri 3/232-3.1mi Run or Walk3   6179
 Thu 3/222-3.1mi Run or Walk2   3176
11Tue 3/201 Mile Run or Walk1 0.1 mi1.0 mi10173
 Sat 3/172-3.1mi Run or Walk3   9172
 Wed 3/142-3.1mi Run or Walk3   6169
 Tue 3/132-3.1mi Run or Walk2   3166
10Mon 3/122-3.1mi Run or Walk3 0.4 mi3.0 mi12163
 Thu 3/82-3.1mi Run or Walk2   9160
 Wed 3/72-3.1mi Run or Walk3   6157
 Tue 3/62-3.1mi Run or Walk2   3154
9Sun 3/412.1-14mi Run13.1 2.7 mi18.6 mi20151
 Thu 3/12-3.1mi Run or Walk2.5   6137
 Tue 2/272-3.1mi Run or Walk3   3134
8Sun 2/253.2-5mi Run or Walk5 2.4 mi17.0 mi5131
7Tue 2/2010.1-12mi Run12 1.7 mi12.0 mi27126
 Fri 2/1610.1-12mi Run11   15114
 Wed 2/142-3.1mi Run or Walk3   3102
6Sun 2/117.1-10mi Run10 4.1 mi28.6 mi2699
 Sat 2/102-3.1mi Run or Walk3   1689
 Thu 2/87.1-10mi Run9.6   1386
 Wed 2/72-3.1mi Run or Walk3   376
5Tue 2/62-3.1mi Run or Walk3 0.4 mi3.0 mi1673
 Fri 2/22-3.1mi Run or Walk3   1370
 Wed 1/317.1-10mi Run8   1067
4Sun 1/287.1-10mi Run8 2.9 mi20.5 mi1957
 Wed 1/245.1-7mi Run7   947
 Tue 1/232-3.1mi Run or Walk2.5   341
3Mon 1/222-3.1mi Run or Walk3 0.4 mi3.0 mi1838
 Sat 1/205.1-7mi Run7   1535
 Wed 1/175.1-7mi Run6   929
 Tue 1/162-3.1mi Run or Walk2.5   323
2Mon 1/152-3.1mi Run or Walk3 0.4 mi3.0 mi920
 Sat 1/135.1-7mi Run6   617
1Sun 1/73.2-5mi Run or Walk5 2.0 mi13.9 mi1111
 Sat 1/61 Mile Run or Walk1.6   66
 Thu 1/43.2-5mi Run or Walk3.3   55
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