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Boston Marathon Training Run
Posted Saturday, February 16th, 2013
Michael and I ran 23 Miles this Morning
(Side note: Michael and I finished the 2013 Boston Marathon.  I ran 3:32 and Michael ran 4 hours.  What happened... Read Diary
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I did it...last race was my fastest
Posted Saturday, December 29th, 2012
Finished The Moody Two this morning...race number 50!
I did it.  I have finished racing 350.8 miles and have averaged 6:59/mile for the year.  My last race this... Read Diary
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Ran first race of 2013 yesterday
Posted Sunday, January 27th, 2013
Good to be racing again
It was good to be racing again.  I had not run a race since I finished my 50 race challenge... Read Diary
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It's Not Over Until It is Over
Posted Wednesday, December 26th, 2012
The Double was even more than I thought it would be
I have been waiting to write this until I made a final decision about what I want to do.  I... Read Diary

A Long Run The Movie

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Boston Marathon Training Run
Michael and I ran 23 Miles this Morning
Saturday, February 16th, 2013
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(Side note: Michael and I finished the 2013 Boston Marathon.  I ran 3:32 and Michael ran 4 hours.  What happened after we finished was horrible but the experience of running the Boston Marathon was incredible.  Probably the most exciting running event I have ever run.)  My son Michael and I are running the Boston Marathon April 15, 2013.  I have not run a marathon since 1983 and I thought I was done with them.  The 1983 Honolulu Marathon was my 10th and my fastest.  I finished in 3:19 but it was so tough.  I started to blister at two miles and by the time I finished both feet looked and felt terrible.  I just did not think my body was cut out to do a marathon.  But maybe a lot of the problem was that I was not doing enough training.  I was publishing Runner's World and found it hard to get in more than twenty miles per mile.  Many weeks less than that.

We were back in Boston for the Falmouth Road Race last August.  We dropped by the B.A.A. offices and spent several wonderful hours with Jack Fleming.  It was so inspiring and we got lots of material for our movie "A Long Run."  We met up with Bill Rodgers at Falmouth and had a super sit down interview with him also for our movie.  But it would not be complete without me running Boston.  Thanks to the B.A.A. they made that happen.  And I am hoping to get under 3:30.  For my age group 65-69, that should get me in the top five.  But I did not get in a single run over 15 miles in all of 2012.  I have been wondering if I could handle the distance.

My son Michael and I decided a couple of weeks ago that we needed to run to the Ocean.  We have a 23 mile course that starts at the top of Alpine road (in the foot hills just about ten miles from my house) and runs to the Ocean.  It is not an easy course.  There is a lot of steep downline and there is Killer Hill.  We climb for 1.6 miles.  It is all runable but it is tough.  We slowed to over 12 minute/mile pace this morning.  The last time we ran this course we stopped at the 22 mile mark in 2009 but this morning we decided to finish at the Ocean.  I had not run this far since 1983.  We ate pasta and meatballs the night before.  Catherine would be our handler.  We were all set.

Post note: we started in the back and I passed like 15,000 runners.  I finished in 3:32:17.  Mike finished just over four hours and a few minutes clear of the bomb.  My hearts go out to the victims.  The situation was terrifying.  Yet Boston was such an amazing experience.  It would be number one in my book.  


We didn't do much of a warmup and we took it out easy.  We hit the two mile mark at 17:15.  There were some tough hills on mile two and we didn't push it.  But then things started feeling good.  The weather was perfect (like 49 degrees) and there was no wind.  We averaged 7:32 for the next five miles.  Killer hill was coming up, Michael had a rock in his shoe, and we backed off the pace.  But once we got to the top (mile 12) we picked up the pace again.  The next four miles were just at 8:15 minute pace.  I felt like I could have pushed harder but I kept thinking about hitting the wall at 20.

This is a beautiful course.  You have to pay attention since this is a favorite bike route too and some cars drive too fast.  However, there is no better way to spend a Saturday morning.  And to spend it with my son beside me and to have Catherine in the Jeep handling us, I just can't think of anything more special. 

I never hit the wall.  I am sure eating three packs of Glu, drinking two bottles of Gatorade and two bottles of water helped.  I also went out easy and I just wanted to finish without hitting the wall.  That happened.  Michael also didn't hit the wall but he did blister up and the downhill did a number on his quads but at the end he was just a few minutes back.  We love running side by side but we also have an agreement.  If one of us feel a little better than the other, then go for it.  I have finished behind Michael many times.

This was a welcome sign as we approached Pescadero.  Once here we were just two miles from the Ocean...our finish line.  I finished the 23 miles in 3 hours and 17 minutes.  I could have run another 3.2 miles today.  I could have run 3:45 today.  And this is not an easy course.  However, I am not ready for Boston yet.  I want to get under 3:30.  At least that is my goal.  Before this run I was not sure if that was possible at all.  Now I think it is.  Michael and I are going to run 25 miles on this same course (just start two miles back) in four weeks.  We are going to up our mileage in general and we both want to drop a few pounds. 

The Pacific Ocean.  It was 65 degrees when we got there.  We were ready for a hamburger.  Thanks Catherine for all the help.  You make it so much more fun.  And Michael...we did it.  We are going to be ready for Boston.  I am sure there were lots of runners out this weekend getting in a long run as they too are getting ready.  Boston is just eight weeks out.  photos by Catherine Cross Ujena Fit Club

Comments and Feedback
run Thanks Michael and Catherine for making this run so special. My longest run in thirty years.
Bob Anderson 2/16/13
run Great job, both of you. Hey Michael, Marathon Junkie and some others use anti-perspirant on their feet to prevent blisters--I haven't tried it but maybe you want to check into it.
Bruce Gilbert 2/16/13
Ran first race of 2013 yesterday
Good to be racing again
Sunday, January 27th, 2013
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It was good to be racing again.  I had not run a race since I finished my 50 race challenge on Dec 29.  I was really missing it.  Yesterday I ran the Mission Ten in San Juan Batista.  It is a tough course and I could tell I had not been getting in enough training.  I finished in 73:06 (7:18/mile pace) and was 66th overall (4th in the 60-69 division).  Last year I ran over two minutes faster.    Photo with Bobby McKee (he ran really well finishing in 66:31) and David Romero who finished in 71:06. 

I felt good before hitting the hills.  I ran the first mile in 6:09 and was at 20:12 at three miles.  Then I hit the hill and ran 8:30 for the next mile.  I keep saying I need to train more on the hills.  One of these days.  But today I did not have to worry about time.  I just ran because I love racing.  Because I love the people who I see at the races.  Just a fun time all around.

Less than a quarter mile to go...tough finish.  Our movie is coming along well.  We are going to be shooting a few more training runs, and interviews.  Plus we need to set up the opening shot which is going to be so cool.  We have nearly 100 hours of footage.  We will keep you up dated on everything.

It is so great to have the support of so many running friends.


Had to eat in the Mission Cafe just a 100 yards or so from the finish line afterwards.  This could be a great little town for a Double Road Race.  What do you think?  photos by Catherine Cross Ujena Fit Club


Comments and Feedback
run I did not run a race for four weeks...but. Now I am doing three races in three weeks. Mission ten, Kaiser half and 10k Love Run in. Monterey. Really love racing and being around runners...we are editing our movie!
Bob Anderson 1/30/13
I did it...last race was my fastest
Finished The Moody Two this morning...race number 50!
Saturday, December 29th, 2012
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I did it.  I have finished racing 350.8 miles and have averaged 6:59/mile for the year.  My last race this morning which was put together quickly by a good friend Rich Stiller was so much fun.  We ran on the same course we used to hold the Runner's World fun runs for over 25 years starting in 1972.  Brought back good memories.  There were nine runners in the field.  I finished fifth posting 12:12.  My fastest race/mile of the year.  I only needed to make up 22 seconds  so I am very happy.  I have averaged under 7 minutes/mile for the year.  That was my goal.

Thanks Rich for putting on The Moody Two and thanks Tom.  Thanks to Lyman and Amol for driving the lead and follow cars.  This race brought back a lot of good memories.  It is also fun running a race with just 9 runners.  Photos by Catherine Cross


Comments and Feedback
It's Not Over Until It is Over
The Double was even more than I thought it would be
Wednesday, December 26th, 2012
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I have been waiting to write this until I made a final decision about what I want to do.  I went into the Double being down a total of 33 seconds.  I also went into the Double knowing that I could consider it one race with two legs or two races.  What I did not know until yesterday is that I am 1.2 miles short of my 350 miles.  A friend of mine brought this to my attention.  I am going to put together a two mile race this Saturday.  I am going to call it The Moody Two.  It is part of a course I used to run all the time in the 70's when we put on our weekly fun runs at Foothill.  It will be a point to point race limited to 20 runners.   It is going to be a fast course and I think I can run under 13 minutes.  We will start at 9am.  If you want to join me, let me know right away.  We will issue race numbers.  There will be no entry fee.  Email me.  bob@alongrun.com

At the half way mark of the 10k leg of the Double.  I really enjoyed our Double and the feedback we have been getting has been super.  Of course, it would have been nice to have had better weather... The mood in our Recovery Zone inside the Gym at Hart Middle School was electric.  Loved every minute of it.  We will be doing more Doubles soon...dates to be announced on Super Bowl Sunday at the Kaiser Half Marathon.

Comments and Feedback
I am now 33 seconds down
Ran Ted Corbitt 15k Classic
Saturday, December 15th, 2012
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Ran 1:05:48 this morning in Central Park.  It was the Ted Corbitt 15k Classic (9.3 miles).  (Photo at the 5 mile mark.)  This was a New York Road Runners event.  Wow, they really know how to put on an event.  I was impressed.  I wished my boby felt the same way.  I just never could get moving.  Felt like my feet were in cement most of the way.  I am now 33 seconds off pace in total with just the Double to go.  I think I can make it up.  Been a good trip.  

NYRRC CEO Mary Wittenberg and me after the race.  She has has a tough month dealing with all the issues of canceling the New York City Marathon. 

Notice my new shoes.  These shoes from adidas weigh less than 7 oz.  I tried them out at the Bah Hambug 5k and they felt good.  I was not sure about wearing them for this distance but I took the chance.  Felt good and I am glad I did not.  Not sure if I would wear from above this distance however. 

Comments and Feedback
run You can do it Bob!
Barry Sackett 12/17/12
run 1 to go Bob;nice and steady;itsquite afeat you,ve aimed for;i,m cheering for youth at the Double! Bill
Bill Rodgers 12/18/12
Back on Pace...finally
I am now One Second in Total Ahead of Pace
Sunday, December 9th, 2012
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I wanted to be at least even when I step on the starting line next Saturday in Central Park (NY) and I did it.  I ran 42:50 today at the DSE Runner's Golden Gate Park 10k.  It was a tough course too.  I am now one second in total ahead of pace.  I have three races to go including the Ted Corbitt 15k Classic on Saturday.  I will need to run 1:05:07 for 9.3 miles or 7 min/mile to stay even.  I am hoping I can run 30 seconds to a minute faster than that. It would be nice to have a buffer before the Double in Pleasanton.

I have to admit, I was not totally ready for this race.  After picking up some sores on my feet from a training run in the rain last Sunday, I was not able to train well all week.  In fact, I ran twice and walked the rest of the time.  I should not have worn new shoes in the rain.  Things like this do happen.  It is just part of running.

Ujena Fit Club member Riya Suising really helped today.  Riya was about 20 seconds ahead of me at about the three mile mark.  I pushed that mile and caught him by 4 miles.  After passing the 5 mile mark in 33:40 I was dead.  Riya came by and said to try to hang on.  I did for about a half mile before Riya pulled ahead and beat me by 10 seconds.  I am sure I would not have been under 43 minutes today if Riya had not been there.  Thanks Riya for helping me reach my goal.

I am always checking my watch at the finish line...My splits today were rather odd.  And it is not because the distances were not right.  The mile markers and my Garmin were right on.  The hills are what made it a challenge today.  First mile, 6:46, second mile had a long hill 7:02, third mile was rolling 6:52, I loved mile four all downhill 6:14 (anyone who has run Bay To Breakers know this hill), fifth mile was rolling 6:47, and then the sixth mile...all uphill and even mud near the end 7:47.  Maybe that 6:14 was a little too fast?


This challenge is coming to an end.  It has been great working with Waitman, Michael and Catherine (who is taking the photos and doing all the paperwork).  Before long we are going to have our weekends free again.  This has been a real adventure and the time has just flown by.  It is sad to see this challenge coming to an end...but I am already looking forward to the next one.  I still have three races to go...I have to stay focused to reach my goal.


Comments and Feedback
run Bob, what an incredible journey and adventure this year--thanks for sharing it with us. Hopefully a lot of your weekends will get booked up next year, and MAYBE a marathon????
Bruce Gilbert 12/9/12
run Great job. If it were easy, it would not have bee a worthy goal. This prize will have your name on it soon.
Steve Gilbert 12/9/12
run Great race Bob after a week of light training.
Bill Dunn 12/9/12
run Super race Bob, NYC here he comes!
Barry Sackett 12/10/12
Did I make the right decision this morning?
I need to make up 40 seconds over the next four races.
Sunday, December 2nd, 2012
Post Image

Got up at 5:45am to get ready to run the DSE Ferry Building 4 Miler this morning.  It was pouring down rain on the way over.  Catherine and I decided to spend Saturday night in SF (after running the Bah Humbug 5k) so we didn't have to deal with the drive up Sunday morning.  The race started at 8am.  Catherine and I like any excuse to stay in SF.  We stay at this little boutique hotel and it is like having a place in the city.  Good fun...

In any case, the DSE race was to be number 46 of the year.   I was 29 seconds off pace to average under 7 minutes/mile for my challenge after running Saturday.  I wanted to pick up another 45 seconds or so today.  On October 27 I had run the Cabo Double (10k and 5k) but I decided in advance not to count the two races because I knew I would not run well because of the heat, humidity and being on my feet for three days taking photos of our Ujena models in Cabo Mexico.

I spoke with some of the runners I know and asked them for their advice including 78-year-old Barbara (white jacket).  It was not the rain and the standing water that had me concern.  It was the wind.  It was estimated by Neil (a running friend) that their were gusts over 40 mph.  Much worse conditions than Davis a couple of weeks ago. 

I would have run this race today if my challenge is also about time.   About 25 did run.  I like running in the rain.  But the best I could have done in these conditions would have been 7:15/mile.  Maybe even worse.  In any case I would have lost one minute or more today.  Once I run the race I would have to count it.  I decided not to run.  That was so hard for me to do.  Once I set out to do something I don't like changing the plans.  Did I make the right decision? Within the hour (too bad the race didn't start at 9am), the wind died down.  It was still raining however.  I had to do a training run.  Mike and I went back to the hotel and we ran my seven mile Giants course.  We were soaked when we got back and I was glad I decided not to race today.    I might have been more like 7:30/mile pace today...

So what am I going to do? I have a 10k in Golden Gate Park next Sunday and then I am running the Ted Corbitt 15k in Central Park (NY) the next Saturday.  Then my final two races of the year is the Double in Pleasanton Dec 23 (I count the two legs as two races for this challenge).  I have to run each one well.  I really should not double up next weekend.  On October 27 (photo) I ran the Cabo Double.  And as expected I did not run well.  However, I had two races on reserve if something might happen.  I ran 21:56 for the Ujena 5k and I am now going to count that race.  

On Saturday I ran 20:52 (photo) and picked up 50 seconds.  By counting the Ujena 5k I lost 11 seconds in that race.  So now after 46 races I am 40 seconds off pace.  I have four races to go.  I was hoping to be ahead at this point.  I have to run well in Golden Gate Park on Sunday.  I should be able to make up most of the 40 seconds I am behind.  I need to run 6:53/mile pace or better.  I should be able to do that.  Then we are off to New York Dec 12.  The 15k is Saturday Dec 15.  Can I run under 7 minute pace for 9.3 miles? There is going to be a lot of pressure on me going into these final races.  This is going to be close...but I am going to do everything I can to make it happen!   Thanks for your support!!!!


Comments and Feedback
run Pretty nifty thinking. Since I have run the Ferry Building run under the same conditions I would say you made the right decision.
Richard Stiller 12/2/12
run I believe you made the wise choice. Your pressure is self-imposed. Forcing yourself to run in bad conditions with a preconceived pace in mind is inviting trouble resulting from bad decisions along the way. Keep doing the right thing and you will prevail.
Steve Gilbert 12/2/12
run When you made the challenge at the beginning of the year, I doubt you even thought about running conditions such as today. Regardless, your challenge was NOT to run a specific 50 races this year, but rather, run 50 races with a net pace average of less than 7 minutes. You have made it very tough on yourself but I think you made the right decision. The pressure is on but I have sincere faith in your drive to accomplish your goal.
Roger Wright 12/2/12
run Bob, you definetely made the right decision. I went out just after 8 AM and immediately was soaked to the bone. Going over the Highway 237 bridge the rain was hitting my face hard from the side due to the wind. I decided that if it kept up I would turn around and come home. While making the decision a guy on a bicycle came by and shouted " hard core " and we high fived. With that I decided to keep going. There was alot of flooding in the streets and several times ran through water at least 4 inches deep. I managed to run 8 miles but I looked a sight when I got home. The only reason I did it was I needed it with the Double only 3 weeks ahead. I don't want to let our team down. I've been running along time and today's run ranks in the top 5 all time for conditions. It was not racing weather.
Bill Dunn 12/2/12
run Thanks guys...it was a tough decision not to run. If I had not raced on Saturday...I would have raced!
Bob Anderson 12/2/12
run Bob, you made the right decision, always tough to step away from the starting line, but a run would have taken you out of the challenge. We are all cheering for you, good luck next weekend.
Barry Sackett 12/3/12
Picked up 50 Seconds today
My new shoes helped
Saturday, December 1st, 2012
Post Image

One of many things I have enjoyed about this challenge is meeting so many new people along the way.  Today after the race I met Ivan Medina (photo above)  He is a new member of the Ujena Fit Club and he loves our site he told me.  He is running the CIM marathon in the morning and hopes to break 2:25.  His next race after that is the Double where he hopes to run under 32 minutes for 10k and under 16:00 for the 5k leg. 

One thing that really helped was that I got in a good warm up before the race.  Here running on the trail by the starting line.

I got a couple pairs of new adidas shoes this week including a light racing flat.  It is just 6oz. Wow, I liked the feel of these new shoes.

I didn't go out as fast as I normally do. I hit the first mile in 6:43.  I was feeling pretty good but my legs did not feel fresh.  However, my breathing was better than what it has been. 

I ran the second mile in 6:40 and then the third mile in 6:46.  I was feeling good but not strong.  Last year I ran 20:36 on this course.  I picked it up the last mile.  Today I finished in 20:52.  I was 18th overall and first 60 plus. 

I met a lot of runners today including these girls from ClubSport.  ClubSport is one of our Double Road Race sponsors.  They will be at the Pleasanton Double Dec 23.

We have been looking for a Santa Claus runner and sure enough we found him.  Santa and his family will be with us at the Pleasanton Double.

And just as we were leaving these two girls told me they are running the Double too!

It was a wet weekend in the San Francisco Bay Area.  We need the rain but it does make it tough for us runners.

And even tougher on the race directors.  Mark, from On Your Mark, is working with us on the Pleasanton Double.  He has lined up a super flat and fast course for us.  Thanks Mark...I need a fast course for my last races. 


Comments and Feedback
run Way to go Bob! You are doing the deal.
Barry Sackett 12/1/12
run Great job. You have the plan in hand.
Steve Gilbert 12/1/12
Just was not my day
Race 44 by Golden Gate Bridge
Sunday, November 25th, 2012
Post Image

I really thought I could run 20:30 5k or better today.  But it did not happen.  I had run under 21 minutes for the first 5k of the Thanksgiving Day 10k on Thursday.  I went out at about a 6:25/mile pace but then fill apart.  I hit the first mile in 6:44.  I actually thought I was over 6:50.  I miss read my watch.  Then I ran 7:02 for the next mile.  It was on gravel which doesn't work for me.  One might think that it would be easy for me to run sub seven pace on these shorter races.  Well today I thought I had fresh legs.  I had to push it as hard as I could to run 6:53/mile pace.  

I finished with 21:19.  Not what I wanted but I did pick up 27 seconds which I needed.   Three things that might explain why this was so hard.  I woke up at 3am and could not go back to sleep.  I had a slight sore throat.  I really don't race well on gravel.  Loved the course but we were on gravel for over a mile...mile two was totally on gravel.  I am not looking for excuses but trying to understand what went wrong today.  This is going to be close and I want to reach my goal.

I am now 1:21 in total behind pace.  I can make it up.  I have six races to go.

Race director Dave Rhody brought me up on stage to talk about our new event the Double Road Race coming up Dec 23 in Pleasanton.  That will be my last race of my challenge.  Thanks Dave for putting on such good events.  I have run many of them.

It was nice seeing so many people having so much fun...me too!  I hope these girls can make our Double.  They certainly bring a lot of spirit to an event.

A running friend Verity ran well today.  She was second female overall and first master.  She told me she has her team of three together for the Double.

Verity and Kevin were top master runners today.  Both will be running the Double.

Me with the top three runners today.  They ran well today!

There were 14 female runners 70 plus running today.  Barbara placed third.  She decided to enter a team for the Double.

So great to have the support of A Long Run director Micahel and crew.  Thanks Michael, Waitman, Catherine and Justin for all your support.  It helps so much.   Photos by Catherine Cross

Comments and Feedback
run Another 23 sec! You are still on your game plan. Run, recover, repeat.
Steve Gilbert 11/26/12
run Tough to run an all out 10k on Thursday and come back on Sunday.
Richard Stiller 11/26/12
Race 43 Second Best 10k of the Year
San Jose Turkey Trot
Thursday, November 22nd, 2012
Post Image

This is the best way to start off Thanksgiving morning.  My family has been doing this for the last six years and we just love it.  I ran the 10k and finished in 42:19 which is 6:49/mile pace.  Felt good.  What really helped was when a friend of mine JT Service (next to me on the right at finish) came up to me at four miles.  Just two miles to go he said.  I hung with him to the finish.

I am now just 1:47 in total off pace.  I have seven races to go.  My next race is the Run WIld For A Child 5k in SF on Sunday.  Catheirne and I are leaving for the city (SF) and we are going to spend the weekend.  Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.  I will post more later...

Comments and Feedback
run Great run Bob!
Barry Anderson 11/22/12
run Good to see you today Bob. Great race!! I think we represented the Ujena Fit Club quite well.
Bill Dunn 11/22/12
run Great Race Bob, you have a fan club in Okoboji, Iowa!
Barry Sackett 11/25/12
Race 42 - Davis Turkey Trot
It was rainy and windy
Saturday, November 17th, 2012
Post Image

This was a tough race but I was able to get back 31 seconds.  I was hoping to pick up more but with the weather as it was I am pleased.  I ran 42:59.  I was  21:02 at 5k.  Lost focus the second half.  The wind was really bad the last half mile.  Good course and good event.  Always tough when it rains.  My next race is 10k on Thanksgiving morning in San Jose.  We need this rain but....

Five minutes before the start...then it started raining again

At about the quarter mile mark.  I ran the first mile in 6:35.

I really don't mind running in weather like this but when you are going for time it does cost seconds.  I know I lost 30 seconds today. 

But I made up 31 seconds.  Now I am just 2:59 in total off pace.  My next race is Thanksgiving morning in San Jose.  I hope to get under 42:30 there.  Photos by Catherine Cross  (Michael and Waitman were there in the rain capturing some good video for the movie.  On Sunday the weather was great.)

Comments and Feedback
Ran my last half Marathon of Year
Just nine more races to go!
Sunday, November 11th, 2012
Post Image

Okay, I did want to run a little faster and I was on pace for eight miles (6:58 pace at that point)  but I slowed down and ran 7:17 to 7:21 miles for the last five miles.  I didn't fall apart, I didn't feel like I didn't have the energy, I just slowed down.  It is easy to loose focus.   This was my 12th and last half marathon of my challenge.   I ran 1:33:34 which is 7:07/mile pace.

At the Humboldt Half Marathon Pam Kennedy (pictured above with me) and I ran several early miles together.  It was one of those times when you don't say anything but we just connected as two runners pacing off of each other.  She blasted me the second half.  Today we didn't run together but "official" met at the finish line.  She ran 1:31:47 today.  Glad to have Pam in our Ujena Fit Club.  Great way to stay in touch...

Photo is at about the half mile mark.  Wished I would have stayed with Emily Wistar (503) She ran 1:29:23.  When I was younger it seemed easier to hang on to runners.  For some reason it does not seem easy these days.  But that is probably because I am not in that good of shape.  Resting does not get you in top shape in my book.  I know that many of your disgree with this comment but that's how I feel.  I do about three easy days per week and only one hard day...my race.

Both 72-year-old Hans Schmid and 60-year-old John Hirschberger will be featured in our movie.  Hans ran 1:35:35 and John 1:29:56 today.  Always fun to talk and compare notes after a race. 

Looking at my watch at the finish told me that I am now 3:29 in total behind pace.  BUT I can make this up I think.  I mostly have 5ks and 10ks left.  Before heading off to New York for the Ted Corbitt 15k classic Dec 15, I have two 5ks, three 10ks and a four miler.  For those six races I should be able to be under 7 minutes/mile pace at an average of 45 seconds per race.  That is 4:30 OR before going to New York I will be a minute ahead of pace.   5k at 7 minute pace is 21:42 and 10k is 43:24. 

I am not saying that in New York it is going to look like this picture on Dec 15 but it could.   The 15k course itselft according to the New York Road Runner's Club Chairman George Hirsch has some hills.  It might be tough to average 7:20/mile under these sort of conditions.  Which would be a negative three miles or before the double I could be two minutes down.  I need to have more of a buffer before going to New York.  The best I could do at our Double in Pleasanton Dec 23 (my last two races - it is one race with two legs but for my challenge I do count it has two races) would be something like 1:30 under pace in total.  Wow, this is going to be close...stay tuned.





Comments and Feedback
What did I do my third and final free Weekend?
My son and I did a training relay
Sunday, November 4th, 2012
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My 40th official race of the year (since I did a Double in Cabo that I am not counting) is the Clarksburg half marathon next Sunday.  So this was going to be an easy weekend.  However, I did think I would get in some extra miles this week.  I have felt I had lost some of my conditioning along the way.

My best friend from high school (Dave Zimmerman in the middle) was in town.  He came in Saturday morning and we spent the morning interviewing him for our movie.  He was there when I started Distance Running News.  In fact, he was the person I first told that I was starting a running magazine.  He had so many memories to share and in fact he got Michael jazzed up.  So jazzed up that Michael suggested the next morning that he and I do the 32 Mile Relay to the Ocean we once did about 10 years back. 

Our relay works like this.  One person drives the car while the other is running.  Then we tag off and so on.  We don't decided in advance what the legs will be.  One thing for sure, the course is very tough.  It starts at my house in Los Altos (which is about 200 feet elevation) and goes up Moody Road.  We climb to about 2000 feet, then we drop down to about 400 feet before climbing again to about 1500 feet.  Then it is mostly downhill to Loma Mar.  We hit the town of Pescadero and two miles later we are at the Ocean.  32.1 miles...


This was a tough workout but I think it is going to help me this Sunday.  My legs do feel pretty tight and tired right now but with all the downhill not as bad as they have in the past.  I got in 47 miles this week.  I am only doing 30 miles next week and 13.1 will be on Sunday.  

When we saw this sign, we had already done a lot of climbing.  We just had 22 miles (20 to Pescardero and another 2 to the Ocean) to go.


It took Michael and I 4 hours and 48 minutes to complete our relay.  It is a tough course.  That is 9 minutes/mile pace.

Michael checking his split.

We brought a lot of gear but we did not have enough Glu with us.  However, I am glad I brought along four shirts.  I wore them all...

It is a tough course but also very beautiful.

The Ocean is almost within sight.

We made it...32.1 miles.  This is only the second time we did this.  The first was over ten years ago.   Thanks Michael for suggesting this.   Thanks Dave for inspiring us to do this.  And thanks Catherine for all your support.

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Talking with Dave Zimmerman
We interviewed Dave on Saturday
Sunday, November 4th, 2012
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Dave Zimmerman and I were just 17-years-old when I told Dave on a bus headed to a high school cross country meet that I was going to start a magazine about running.  Dave worked with me for one year before we both went off to college.  I went to Kansas States and Dave to Missouri.  I got busy with the magazine and 40 years went by.  We sat down on Saturday and Dave talked about Distance Running News. (lead photo...Dave and I when we were 17...we look pretty young to be starting a running magazine don't you think?)

Dave and I are both 64 now.  Even through we had not seen each other for over forty years we still have that bond that brought us together in the first place.  We were both runners in high school.  Our cross country team coached by Coach McGuire was first at regionals and second at state.  The team that beat us at team we had beaten at regional.  Dave and I were second and third at state on our team.  In track Dave ran a 1:51 half mile.  My parents moved to England my senior year and Dave's family had me stay with them to finish high school.  I will never forget this.  If I had gone to England I am sure I would not have started my magazine...

It is only fitting to be in front of Redwoods when Catherine is setting him up for the intereview.  Dave majored in forestry in College and is still currently working in that field.

Director Michael setting up the shot.  Waitman was on the second camera.  Catherine took still images.

Dave and I have so many good memories when we were in high school.  Dave's running ability got him a full college scholarship.  And my love of running got me into the magazine business.

I just had to take Dave to my Burger place after the interview.

Dave and I hung out at a similar place in Overland Park.

We could have talked for days.  So many great stories for our film.

After lunch Catherine, Dave and I drove to Santa Cruz, then the beach and finally to the Moutain House for dinner.  What a great day.  Dave and I agreed that we are going to stay in closer contact.  Forty years was just too long... photos by Catherine Cross

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run Looks like you had a great weekend! You're almost there!! On a side note, I am thinking you should buy Burger Town ;)
Jodi Labossiere 11/8/12
Being More Focused Helps
Ran Race Number 40 this morning
Sunday, October 21st, 2012
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Catherine and I drove up Friday afternoon to Benbow which is about thirty minutes from the starting line of the Humbolt Redwoods Half Marathon.  It is about five hours north of Los Altos.  This gave us the time to relax and focus.  This course is beautiful and we drove it again on Saturday.

The entire course runs through Redwoods like these.  An interesting aspect of the course is that it seems we are running slightly downhill most of the route on an out and back course.  Of course, that is not the case but it feels that way.  There is one short hill at about 12 miles.  The weather was perfect...about 42 degrees at the start.  It warmed up to about 55 degrees at the finish.  The field was strong and I was ready to run race number 40.  My goal was to run 1:32.


I started off a little slower than normal.  I hit the first mile in 6:49 and it felt pretty comfortable.  Right before the three mile mark (20:29) I latched onto a woman runner.  We had never met before but ran together for a few miles.  She got a few yards on me at the turn around and I let her go.  I should have dug a little deeper but she was just a better runner.  I looked her up in the results and Pamela Kennedy (age 34) ran 1:30:14.  I was not ready to run that fast.  Thanks Pamela for letting me run with you for awhile.   At the turn I saw 72-year-old Hans Schmidt.  I was about a quarter mile ahead of him and he was looking strong.

In the end Hans was just nine seconds back.  He set a new 70 plus course record.  He ran 1:32:48.  My official chip time was 1:32:39 and I was second 60 plus.  This is 7:04 per mile.  This cost me 58 seconds but I can make it up on the 10k's and 5k's I have coming up.  BTW, I finally got the sore on the top of my right foot squared away the night before.  That had me worried...and it did cost me some good workouts!

Michael and Waitman were sick this weekend and could not make the trip.  However, Catherine got it all covered.

It was great to see Rich Benyo.  We talked after the race as his wife Rhonda ran the full marathon.  Photos by Catherine Cross

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run Awesome job, Bob--great report.
Bruce Gilbert 10/22/12
run Great race, Bob and thanks for the shout-out! I was struggling a little in the first few miles to hit my groove so thanks for pushing me. :) Hope to see you at the next one!
Pam Kennedy 10/24/12
13.1 Miles through the Redwoods
Dealing with some issues getting ready
Wednesday, October 17th, 2012
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I love running through the Redwoods.  The half marathon course we are running is the Ave of the Giants course I ran in May.  I ran 1:32:47 then and am hoping to run as well or better on Sunday.  Catherine and I are leaving Friday about noon. This way we can get up there and relax.  I want to go into this race with fresh legs. 

One situation that I need to get a handle on is a sore I have on the top of my right foot.  It just appeared after an easy walk/run last Monday.  I took off my shoe without feeling anything and there it was.  It doesn't look like much but it really hurts if I tie my shoe over the top of it.  I have changed the way I am lacing up my shoe and I also flip up the tongue so it does not touch it. 

This doesn't look like it would be that big of a deal but it is.  This was taken before the start of the 5k last Saturday.  It is still sore to the touch.  Weird.  Just another situation to deal with.  I hope that during the next three days it will just heal.

I have 11 races to go.  It has been tough but I am  going to reach my 7 minute/mile goal average pace.   I could loose some ground on Sunday but as long as I average 1:33 for this half and Clarksburg Nov 11, I should be okay.   But because it is going to be so close, I did have to take the Cabo Double off my official race calendar.  I will run that Double Oct 27 but not officially for my challenge.  It is just too hot there and I am going to be on my feet for three days taking photos leading up to the races.  I replaced these two races with the Campbell race I did last Saturday and a 4 mile race I am doing in San Francisco Dec 2.  One issue is that I am racing 5k on Dec 1.  I will  just have to deal with it.  I am running out of time...

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run Good luck on your race Bob.
Richard Stiller 10/20/12
run Bob, stay strong. You've got the experience/strategy and a great team to hit your goal tomorrow. Best of luck - Gary
Gary Funck 10/20/12
I wanted to get under 21 Minutes and I did
I enjoy these local races
Saturday, October 13th, 2012
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I was going to take this weekend but I needed to make up some time.  I decided not to count the Cabo Double (Oct 27) in my 50 races.  I love the Double but in Cabo it is hot and after being on my feet for three days taking photos of Ujena bikini models I was for sure going to run over 7 minutes/mile.  So I put on my schedule this race, the Campbell Oktoberfest 5k.  One issue I had leading up to the race, I developed a sore on the top of my foot and I could not tie my shoe regularly.  But right before the start I figured out a way to tie it.  (Lead photo Jose Pina Jr. and I talking about his race.)

Before the start I spoke with Brian (left) and Scott.  Brian and I have been racing together for years.  In fact, earlier in the year he ran the 5k on the track I did.  I had hoped to hang on to him in that race, but I just didn't have it that day.  Brian is 57 and is still running well.  Today he ran 20:02.  Scott just turned 60 and we both knew that we would blow away the 60 plus course record of 23 something.  He beat me today by 30 seconds or so.   He was first 60 plus and I was second.

It was great to see the Pina family.  We had not seen them since we got together for a training run and filming for "A Long Run."  I knew they had been running well.   Omer, age 11 was also running today.  Jose Sr. did not run because he has an important cross-country race Sunday morning. 

I was so proud of Jose Jr. (1472) today.  He was first overall.  He run his best time ever.  I think he ran 15:36.  He is only 15-years-old.  His brother Omer ran 21:37.  Most likely the Pina family will be running with us at the Double in Pleasanton.

I wanted to get under 21 minutes and I did.   I hit the first mile at 6:34.  I ran 20:50.  I am now just 40 seconds in total behind my 7 min/mile goal.  I have 11 races to go.  Next up is the half marathon next Sunday up in the Redwoods.  I hope to run 1:31 there.   Photos by Catherine Cross

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run Hey Bob today I went and got a Moji!! It is a little hand held massager ( stainless steel roller balks). A trainer I know here let me use his after the San Jose 1/2 I am hooked!!! Only around $30.00 my legs feel so much better!
Jodi Labossiere 10/14/12
Lost some more ground today
Race number 38 - San Jose Rock n Roll Half Marathon
Sunday, October 7th, 2012
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I really wanted to run 1:31 half today but I didn't.  We ended up getting to the race with only thirty minutes to spare.  There wasn't enough time to do a warm up.  We were rushed.  But I started off okay.  My legs were feeling fresh at this point.  I hit the first mile in 6:26 followed by 6:41 for the second mile.  I was feeling a little outside my comfort zone however.  I had just raced ten miles last Sunday and other than some slow running and walking during the week, I just didn't do any real training in between.  I felt like I was missing the training.  My third mile was 6:56.  But I was under 20 minutes for three miles and still hanging in there.  But I was not myself.  I had not gotten enough sleep the last two nights.  I was sleepy tired but I was holding my own.  My next mile was 7:07 and then 7:05 and 7:07.  Certainly not what I wanted but I was still under seven/mile pace when I hit the 10k mark.   But other runners were beginning to pass me...

Normally I would surge and get back in control.  Or I would hang on to someone for awhile.  But I just didn't have the energy to do it.  I was just plain tired.  This was not going to be my day.  I had seven miles to go and I was already thinking about 1:35 not 1:31.  That didn't help.  Mile seven was 7:21.  But it wasn't like I was falling apart.  It was weird.  I had a GU packet with me I started taking it slowly over the next mile.  My next mile was 7:20, but then I dropped back to 7:34 for the next mile.  I just was not myself today.  At this point I decided to try to pick it up.  I could not afford to run another bad race like San Diego.  Mile 10 was 7:22, then I brought it down to 7:17.  Just two miles to go.  I am now thinking I can get under 1:35 but mile 12 was not an a tough mile.  I ran 7:32.  Just one mile to go.  I knew I had to pick it up.  I dug down deep and ran 7:11 for mile 13.  I finished in 1:34:39 and placed second 60 plus. 

Jodi was up for the weekend.  She ran her best half ever.  She finished in 1:57:59.  We talked afterwords about the race.  "Wished we would have left 30 minutes earlier for the race.  There was way too much rushing around.  I know I needed to be more focused to race well," we were saying.

We filmed it a little different this time.  Waitman covered the start, the 4-mile mark and the finish.  Instead of filming, Mike ran the half finishing in 1:45:19.  Then he got one of the camera and did some interviews.  Catherine did mostly still images at the same spots. 

I am now in a pickle.  I am 1:31 in total behind for my challenge.  I have 12 races to go and 78 miles.  Two of the races I have planned are half marathons.  I also have two doubles scheduled which can also be counted as four races (two 10Ks and two 5ks).  One of the Doubles is in Cabo where it is going to be hot.  And where I will be on my feet for two days taking photos of Ujena bikini models.  The other Double is the Pleasanton race.  That for sure is going to be race number 49 and 50.  I am going to have to closely look at these remaining 12 races.  I know I can still make my goal but I am going to need to make some changes I think.  Stay tuned...and thanks for your support!  photos by Catherine Cross



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Race Number 38 in the Morning
San Jose Rock n Roll Half Marathon
Saturday, October 6th, 2012
Post Image

I really like the San Jose Rock n Roll half marathon.  I have run it every year since 2007.  My best time is 1:27:53 in 2009.  Last year I ran 1:31:22.  I would love to get under 1:31 this year.  I am feeling pretty good but my legs are not fresh yet.  I am sure all this racing is not helping.  Dr JoAnn made a motivational tape for me.  I listened to it last night and I will again tonight.  Just thinking you can do something is half the battle.  Thanks JoAnn. 

Ujena Fit Club member and Ujena model Jodi is in town.  She is running the half too.  After walking a mile with Mike, Jodi and I went to Foothill college.  We ran an easy mile and then she timed me for a mile.  I ran 6:32 evenly passed.  It didn't feel as easy as I was hoping but it wasn't that tough either.  However, my hamstring is not 100% for sure.  I went in and got a sport massage on Wednesday and that seemed to help a bit.

Our crew is going to be busy.  Catherine will be shooting stills at the start, the four mile mark and at the finish.  Plus she will be getting additional behind the scenes shots.  Waitman will be shooting video at the same spots.  And Michael will be running the whole half marathon with a Go Pro camera. 

Jodi came up on Friday.  She has run a half marathon before but that was over 12 years ago.  She started back in running at the Ujena Jam.  She has run five of our Doubles (10k + 5k) in Mexico and has been running regularly since January, 2011 when she started getting in shape for her first Double in Cancun March 5, 2011.  She hopes to break two hours in San Jose.

One thing I like to do is have a Hamburger for lunch the day before a half along with some fries.  Afterwords we went to see the new Clint Eastwood baseball movie.  Going to eat an early dinner which will be 8 oz of lean meat, mash potatoes and steamed Vegas.  

Mike and I call this our club house, otherwise known as Burger Town in Los Altos.  This is where Mike and I detailed out the plans for my challenge and our movie.  And they make the best burger in town.  My brother Barry agreed when he was out.  Lis, Justin and the grandkids are going to be at the race in the morning.  Justin will be running too!  Going to be fun!!!!

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run Hey Bob, I just saw the official times from the San Jose, and they have you down at 1:34:39 that is 4 seconds faster than you thought, and every second counts right now! :) My official time was 1:57:59 :) Cheers!
Jodi Labossiere 10/10/12
run I need every second I can get. Wow, Bobby McKee ran a good race. He told me everythng just clicked for him. He ran 1:26:54...Congrats again Jodi...
Bob Anderson 10/10/12
More Eugene Trip...
Did a lot the last three days of Sept
Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012
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There are lots a great places to run in Eugene.  Friday I ran along the river near the Pre Trail.  On Saturday morning at 8am I met up with The Hackers.  It is a group race director Ken put together.  Not sure where the name came from because they all seem to be very talented runners. 

Talking with Ken and Trisha Saturday morning.  Trisha recently joined the Ujena Fit Club and told me she would be running the Ten on Sunday.  Her goal was to break 70 and she offered to help me get under that mark too.  She quickly found out that I do like to surge from time to time.  "We are at 6:20 she yelled out."   Then we hit a short little hill at 2.5 miles she pulled ahead.  But I kept her in sight the rest of the way which helped.  Trisha finished 14 seconds ahead of me in 69:05.  At a couple of points I thought I could catch her but she just kept going...good job Trisha!


We were off on our 5k easy training run.  At some points we were running 6:45 pace and we had to slow it down.  There is so much energy in the air it is hard to not speed up.   However, most of us were running The Ten Miler the next day and I know I didn't want to over do it.  It might have been more than what I should have done but I still hit my goal the next day.  Plus I just really enjoyed getting to know the Hackers.

Trisha and I are all set to race the Ten in the morning and Ken is ready to make sure everything goes smooth for his race.

Trisha is a massage therapist.  Just before leaving I told her my back and hamstrings were tight.  She showed me a couple of good exercise.

Then we headed over to Hayward field.  On Friday we couldn't get on the track because the team was working out but we would able to get in on Saturday for a few minutes.

The track felt so fast.  This was the same track where Mo and Gallen qualified for the Olympics.  It was exciting to run a lap.

In front of the steeplechase pit.  Later we would meet Bridget Franek who made the Olympic team and made it to the finals in Olympics for the Women's Steeplechase.  She works at the Eugene Running Company.

After getting what we wanted, we headed over to the Eugene Running Company.  Joe Henderson's running group run from there several days a week.

The Eugene Running Company has lots of things on display.  When we were in Kauai, Gerry Lindgren had mentioned the early issue of Runner's World cover he was featured.  And there it was.  Very worn along with photos of Pre and his coach Bill Dellinger. 

How could we not go over to the Nike store near by.  Barry, Michael and I picked up a Pre shirt.  All that we had left to do was rent a bicycle for Mike so he could get footage of the Ten.  Then I picked up my number at the hotel and got off my feet.   After writing all of this, I now know why my legs were not totally fresh.  But there was not a thing I would have changed.  Loved it all and I ran 69:19 the next day.    Photos by Catherine Cross



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Press in Eugene
The Register-Guard ran a story on Monday Oct 1
Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012
Post Image

Bob Keefer from The Register-Guard and I sat down and talked before the race.   His article came out the next day.

Racing for a goal

The founder of Runner’s World adds Eugene to his project

by Bob Keefer

Half a century ago, when he was a high school cross country runner in Kansas, Bob Anderson couldn’t find out, even from his coach, how best to train for a marathon.

So the 14-year-old boy sat down and wrote letters to people around the country. In a short time, he had accumulated so much information he had an idea.

“I’m going to start a magazine,” he told a friend.

Within two years, Runner’s World magazine was born.

On Sunday morning at Alton Baker Park, Anderson lined up in running shorts and shoes, wearing bib No. 1 on his bright red shirt, at the start of the Oregon Track Club’s annual race called The 10-Miler. He was here in town — his first visit to Eugene in more than three decades — to promote his latest project.

Anderson is celebrating 50 years of running by running in 50 road races, going for a cumulative distance of more than 350 miles — and trying to do it all at better than a 7-minute-per-mile pace.

“For a 64-year-old guy that’s like a 28-year-old running 10 miles in 54:25,” he said Sunday morning as he prepped for the race.

Continued on their website

Last minutes thoughts from Barry before I started my warmup.

I started out easy for me.  I normally like to bank the first mile of any race.  I hit the first mile at 6:39.  Normally I would have liked to have been 6:25 or so.  Mixing it up...and my legs really did not feel fresh.   I finished in 69:19 which is 82.35% age-graded.  According to the age-graded tables this would be like a 28-year-old male finishing in 53:54.  Or a 28-year-old female running 60:20.  Photos by Catherine Cross   (The article appeared in the Register-Guard but not the actual edition pictured.)


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Hanging Out With Joe Henderson
We spent Friday Sept 28th with Joe in Eugene, Oregon
Monday, October 1st, 2012
Post Image

Our trip to Eugene Oregon was everything we thought it would be and more.  We arrived very late Thursday Sept 27th.  The next morning we met up with Joe Henderson at his house.  Joe was my editor of Runner's World magazine from 1970 to 1977.  Before that he started writing for me when I called the magazine Distance Running News.  After 1977 he was our West Coast Editor and we published articles in every issue.  Don't know why, but we had not hang out much for 35 years.  We spent most of Friday with Joe and had lunch with his wife Barbara.  They really work well together.

Joe and Barbara at their house.  We talked about so many things and like always Joe has so much to say.  We captured it all for our movie.

There is so much history between Joe and I.  There were only a few marathons when we first started working together.  The Boston Marathon had less than 1000 runners.  Things have changed....

Joe and I looking at Pre's Trail map after lunch.


After lunch we went over to the Pre trail.  Steve Prefontaine was a world class runner in the '70s.  There has been a least two major movies made about his life.  On May 30, 1975 he crashed his car and was killed.  He died way too young.  There were so much more he wanted to do.  But his legend lives on.  Joe currently has a calf problem but we walked some of the trail dedicated to Pre.

I got so inspired that I just had to run on Pre's trail.  Even through I would be racing on Sunday I just couldn't hold myself back.  I am sure I was running sub 6:45 pace.

Then we visited Pre's Rock where he crashed his car.  Chills ran up and down my spine just being there.  Even after 37 years runners come here and leave race numbers, shoes and other things.  As we were packing up everything to leave I saw a woman in her garden near by.  I asked her if she was living there the night of the crash.  She was living there and in fact her husband was the first on the scene.  She called 911.   She shared some information with us that we had not heard before...

Thanks Joe for spending most of Friday with us.  It was a total pleasure...

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Under 7 minutes/Mile Pace for Race No 37
The Ten Miler Eugene Oregon
Monday, October 1st, 2012
Post Image

Race director Ken Vendley and the Oregon Track Club  Masters put on a good race.  The Ten Miler held Sunday September 30 went off perfectly.  The course ran along the river and was mostly flat.  The weather was perfect and there was no wind.

There were 152 finishers.  I like the big races but I love these smaller races too.  Chris Yates (no 215) went out strong and finished first in 52:41.  Lots of runners told me that they ran good times on this course.  (If you are looking for a fast 10 mile race, put this one of your calendar.)

We had dinner with second place finisher and top Master runner Everett Whiteside on Friday night along with race director Ken Vendley.    Everett finished in 54:25.  We could tell he was ready to run well Sunday.

I tired to keep Trisha Kluge (a Ujena Fit Club member) in sight during the race.  We ran the first two miles together and at one point she pulled ahead 50 yards.  I closed the gap a little but she just keep pushing.  She finished in 69:05.  Thanks Trisha for helping to pull me along.

Just about 20 yards from the finish.  I placed 38th overall...first 60 plus.  I ran this race a little different than normally.  I liked to push it the first three miles but today I backed off a bit.  My legs were not totally fresh and I thought this was the right approach.  I hit the first mile in 6:39 and the second in 6:51.  At half way I was at 34:24.  I knew that I was going under 70 minutes which was my goal and maybe even 69.  But I slowed the last couple of miles.  My worse mile was 7:05.  I finished with 69:19.  I was happy with the time but I hope I can run this pace for the San Jose Half Marathon this Sunday. 

At the finish line was Joe Henderson, the Eugene Marathon director Richard Maher and Olympian Bridget Franek (steeplechase).  I really enjoyed talking with them.  It was great that they came out.

There are so many people in Eugene who love running and racing as much as I.  Always an honor when I am asked for an autograph.

Everything worked out so well in Eugene.  I am now 1:27 in total ahead of pace.  I have 13 races to go and I am really feeling that I can finish my 50 race challenge at under 7 minute/mile pace.  Thanks everyone for making our film crew feel so welcome.  photos by Catherine Cross

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Oyster Point 5 Miler
Just 14 races to go
Monday, September 24th, 2012
Post Image

I think it was Bill Rodgers who said that you just know in the first 20 yards if you are going to run a good race or not.  Yesterday was like that for me.  I just could not shift out of third gear.  But I pushed as hard as I could considering how I was feeling.  I had written down on a yellow pad that I wanted to run 34:10 (I had mentioned on Facebook that I wanted to get under 34) and I finished in 34:19.  Glad it was not a longer race.  That is not that far off from what I wanted but as close as this is going to be every second count.  It just was not a good feeling race.  Good sure why.

What was really cool about this race was the setting.  We ran on the Bay Trail through Oyster Cove Marina in South San Francisco. The bike path was a little narrow and I was glad there were only a 100 runners or so.  It was hard to pass some runners but not too bad.  Near the starting line there were a couple of old cars parked.  I hope the owner didn't mind that I used the his front bumper to stretch.

We are meeting lots of runners with interesting stories along the way.  76-year-old Geores Buttner has done some interesting running adventures.  When he turned 66 he ran 2200 miles solo.  He started in Chicago  and six months and six days later he finished in Santa Monica.  He would drive his van which was his home out six miles and leave his bike.  He would drive his van back to the starting point.  He would run six miles to his bike, then ride his bike back to his van.  He ran on route 66.  His view points on doing challenges sent chills up my spine.  Geores is a very inspiring guy...and will be profiled in our movie.

That's my brother Barry and Catherine talking about something.  Barry came out on Saturday and will be with us when we travel up to Eugene on Thursday. 

Just not looking very relaxed right from the beginning.  Ran 6:39 for the first mile and mile three and four were 7:02 and 7:05.  I was able to bring mile five down to 6:42 however.  Bring on Eugene... I would like to hit the five mile mark of the 10 at just about this time.

Mike and Barry got some good footage...

Waitman setting up a shot...

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Very Important Races Coming Up
I need to bank some time before Cabo
Tuesday, September 18th, 2012
Post Image

I did not race last weekend.  I spent Friday and Saturday with the grandkids and Catherine, Justin and Lis at Disneyland.  We walked a lot and were on our feet for 12 hours per day.  I ran Thursday night with Justin outside the park, seven miles.  I ran 3.5 miles with Justin Friday morning and the same with Lis Saturday morning.  By the time we drove home Sunday, I felt like I had ran a marathon over the weekend.  We had a great time and the new Cars ride is amazing but it did take a lot out of me.  Not sure why but it would be the same if we had gone to a trade show.

What's ahead are three very important races for my challenge.  On Sunday the DSE Runners is holding the Oyster Point 5 miler.  I have not run it before but I have been told it is flat.  I really need to pick up some time on this one.  I am just 5 seconds in total ahead of my 7 min/pace goal for all my races.  I need to pick up at least 45 seconds or more on Sunday.   My legs don't feel fresh right now but I hope they will by Sunday.

Next week on Thursday we are traveling to Eugene Oregon.  We are spending the day with my first editor of Runner's World Joe Henderson.  On Sunday I am running the 10 Miler there.  Race director Ken Vendley was in town a couple of weeks ago and he came by the house.  He told me that most likely the conditions in Eugene will be perfect for a good time.  And the course is fast.  I have to get under 70 minutes and I hope to be close if not under 69 minutes.  Another important race.  I need to go into the half marathon Oct 7 in San Jose with at least a minute and a half buffer.

I have run the RocknRoll San Jose Half Marathon the last five years.  In 2009 I ran 1:27:53.  Last year I ran 1:31:22.  I like the course and love the race.  At the beginning of the year I was thinking about running 1:29 there.  I still think I can if everything goes well for me.  But I would like to have the pressure off and have a little room if I end up running 1:33 or so.  I just have 15 races to go and it is going to be close.  Averaging under 7 minutes per mile for 355 miles over the course of a year (50 races) is not a piece of cake.  Bring them on...

After the San Jose Half, I have an off weekend.  But then the next Sunday is the Humbolt half marathon.  The following Saturday is the Double (10k + 5k) in Cabo.  It is going to be hot and I am going to be tired from taking over 25,000 swimwear images before Saturday.  I am going to loose some time there.  I just need a buffer before I get there...

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run I am really looking forward to our trip to Eugene next week. We are getting together with Joe Henderson on Friday and spending time with Ken on Saturday and then racing ten miles on Sunday. Going to be a good trip!
Bob Anderson 9/20/12
How Am I Doing This?
I have now completed 70% of my races
Tuesday, September 11th, 2012
Post Image

Tim, a member of the Ujena Fit Club posted this after I ran 20:58 5k Sept 9 for race 35.  (photo of my son-in-law Justin and I warming up for that 5k - End of Summer in San Jose)
"How are you posting such impressive times on relatively low mileage?, are you doing tempo runs, intervals, is your natural ability "off the charts", or is it a combination of these reasons?, or maybe something else?," asked Tim McMenomey.  It is a good question Tim and I am going to answer it the best I can.
Photo just after the start of the End of Summer 5k. 
This is not an easy challenge but who would have thought it would have been? I know I could be running better times if I had enough time to train normally.  I am missing my long run (15-18 miles) twice a month and interval work on the track.  But if I tired to work this into my workouts, I think I would get injured.  What I am doing seems to be working for this challenge.  I have made one serious mistake and that cost me at least five minutes but it could have been worse.  If I had walked in that half, I would have lost another eight minutes and I would have blown the whole year.  However, right now I am a total of five seconds ahead of pace.  After 244 miles of racing I am averaging just under 7 minutes/mile.
Photo: my final warm up before the start of the race.
I still have 15 races to go and I can start to see the finish line in Pleasanton December 23 at the Double.   I am not making it easy for myself.  My last two races is the Double Road Race where I am racing 10k at 8:20 and 5k at 10am.  It might come down to that last race.  I will  race over 350 miles and be under 7 minutes/mile average at the end.  But with the mistake I made in San Diego and included some tough races in the mix, it is going to be close.  At age 64, if I run 69:69 for 10 miles it is like a 28-year-old male running 54:25  for ten or a 28-year-old female  running 1:00:55 according to the age-graded tables.   When I ran 1:26:27 in Fontana for the half on a certified course (but it does drop 2,000 feet the fist five miles and then it is flat BUT no up hills, perfect weather, my kind of course) in June, that would be like a 28-year-old running 1:06:33 on that course.  Just saying...
Photo: talking with a running friend Michael King after the race Sunday.
Here is what I am doing:
1.  I make sure my legs are as fresh as possible for each race.  I try to get off my feet as much as possible the day before the race.  I drink a lot of water the day before and try to get eight hours of sleep for at least three nights before the race.
2. I focus on each race.  I don't think about what I have done or what I need to do.  I get myself ready to race the race in front of me.   The night before I eat early (12-13 hours before the start).  I try to eat 8 oz of lean meet, mash potatoes and steam veggies.  I drink one glass of red wine with lots of water.  I wake up early and hit the  bathroom.  If I go to the bathroom at least four times before the start, I know I am going to run well that day.  I eat half a banana and a glu pack.  I eat one more glu packet right before the start and will carry one for the half.  I will take one Aleve about 30 minutes before the start.  I wear the same jersey and I race in light weight adidas shoes.  I put on some icy Hot including on my feet.
3. I make sure I warm up before the start.  I like to run at least a mile but that doesn't always happen.  I for sure do some strides at race pace.  At the start, I do not line up in the middle of the pack nor on the front line either.  However, I am always in the front couple of rows.  I just don't think of myself as a 64-year-old guy wanting to just finish the race.  I want to race the race. 
4. I start off fast.  Not as fast as when I was in my 50's but faster than most 60 plus.  I call it banking miles.   (On Sunday I ran the first mile in 6:24.  I should have been able to hold that but my legs were heavy because I did not prepare myself totally for this race.  I ate too much the night before and too late.  I was on my feet too much but this is life.  I just wanted to run under 21 minutes and I did it.  That is what counts.  If I had not banked that first mile I would have finished in a slower time.)
5. In the race, I brake it down into parts.  I run from mile marker to mile marker.  Each one is like a finish line.  I let the marker pull me there.  Once there I focus on the next one.  At times I think that there is only ten minutes left and I can finish with a good time or a bad time.  But why not run the best time possible? The hurt is going to be the same but if I get a better time the hurt was more worth it.  I am outside my comfort zone a lot and I would be able to handle it better with a long run in training or interval work but that is not possible. 
Photo: keeping it fun.  With Gerry Lindgren in Kauai after a little training run.
6. I am having a blast.  The hurt I feel, at times in the races, is worth every second.  I can't wait to run my final 15 races.  I am meeting a lot of new people, training with a lot of people and traveling to some exciting places. 
7. For training I am running and walking at least 30 miles per week.  I have avg 34 miles for the year and about 5 miles of that is walking.  Most of my training is at about 9 minutes/mile pace.  I normally walk three miles the day after a half marathon.  I listen to my body and put on tape or sit on a heating pad if I feel something is not feeling right.  I get massages and see a chiro for a laser treatment if something really feels bad.  I know I would be running faster times is I were just doing 25 races all year but that is not the challenge.
8. Positive thinking has been a big part of this too.  I set goals and I go after them.   The tough thing about a course like the half marathon in Kauai is that I normally like to go out fast and be under 7 minute pace for the first half of the race.    There I averaged almost 8 minutes/mile for the first 6.5 and then ran under 7 minutes for the last half.  But I spoke to a lot of people about the course in advance and had a plan.  Lots of people were just talking about how beautiful the course was (and it is) but I was thinking about how I was going to run a good time.  
That's how I am doing it...

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Talking running with Lots of Runners
Kauai was the perfect backdrop
Tuesday, September 11th, 2012
Post Image

We had a full schedule when we were in Kauai (Aug 30 - Sept 3).  On Friday we spent the day with Gerry Lindgren.  We went out for a run.  Shot a lot of video footage and still images.  Then we sat down and talked for a couple of hours.  Gerry was and still is an inspiration for me.  That was Friday and just the beginning of all the things we would do for our film in Kauai.  Thanks so much to Jeff who invited us to his event...the fourth annual Kauai Marathon and Half was such a fun event.  He gave me number 50.

After speaking with JT Service at the fun run Saturday morning, we sat down and talked running.  (Photo with director Michael Anderson).  JT has run some outstanding times so far including a 1:07:40 half marathon.  He has a bit of an injury now but is planning on being ready to run our Double Road Race Dec 23 in Pleasanton.  What really sets JT apart is that he has gotten into race production.  His first year 408K race in San Jose earlier in the year sold out with 3000 runners.  The course is great and he plans to really grow it.  He had lots of good things to say.


We next sat down with Bart Yasso.  He is the current Chief Runner for Runner's World Magazine.  Bart has run many races over the years and back in 1998 he ran a 2:42 marathon.  These days he is running 1:56 half marathons but he has some leg issues.  We talked about a whole lot of things.  Bart was very candid about the roll Runner's World  is playing these days in helping to turn more people on to running.   Bart started working for Runner's World in 1988, three years after I had sold to Rodale Press.  We had only met once and it was brief before the San Francisco half marathon a couple of years ago.  He told us many things... all good stuff for our movie.  Thanks Bart for being so open and honest...

What was really cool, after I was giving the winning plate for being first in the 60-64 age group for the half marathon, Bart was right there to congratulate me.  Thanks Bart, that meant a lot.

Next up was 65-year-old Ron Pate from Honolulu.  He has been running as many years as me and he is still running well.  When he was younger he was running some really outstanding times.  Much better than me.  The next day he ran 1:34:41 for the Kauai half.   Now he did have the advantage because he set up the course and had run it all four years.  Ron has so much to say, knows many runners and is going to be a good addition to our film.   He and his wife are thinking about coming over for the Double December 23.

We had to talk with Dean Karnazes.  In 2006 he ran 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 days.  His last marathon, New York was his fastest when he ran 3:00:30.  He has a great story and it is interesting to hear what he thinks about my challenge.  Besides his 50/50/50 he has done other things like run 350 miles without stopping.  He did his 350 miles in 80 hours and 44 minutes.  I am spending one year to race 350 miles but I hope to finish in under 41 hours.  Most recently Dean ran across the US in 75 days.  That was in 2011.

Not all my running friends are world class athletes.  Shari and Chad are from Canada.  We met  when they ran the Ujena 5k in 2010.  The next year Shari ran the Double Road Race (aka Bob Anderson 15k Challenge) held in San Jose del Cabo.  They then joined the Ujena Fit Club and I got to know them.  They are fairly new to running but they love it.  They ran the half marathon the next day and finished just over two hours.  It was refreshing to hear how they are approaching running.  They will both be running the Double in San Jose del Cabo Oct 27 and are planning on doing our Double in Pleasanton.

It was a good trip.  The next day I ran the half marathon.  Now, wasn't that why we really came to Kauai?  I ran 1:37:30.  Then we took it easy and even had time to go to a hula that night.  On Monday morning before our flight, we drove up the coast and then drove up into the mountains.  It was beautiful there and we just had to capture some footage before heading back to the airport. 


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Back on Pace
End of Summer 5k Race Number 35
Sunday, September 9th, 2012
Post Image

I am back on pace.  I am right at 7min/mile pace after 244 miles of racing.  I have completed 35 races and I have 15 to go or 106 miles.  Today I ran the End of Summer 5k in San Jose and finished in 20:58 or 6:46/mile pace.  I have not raced this distance since July 4th and it felt a lot different.  Unlike a half marathon there is not time to makes changes in race strategy.  I was hoping to get under 21 minutes and I did it.

For some reason I lost focus during mile two and ran 7:01.  I picked it back up but the damage was done.  I was hoping secretly that I could run 20:30 but I just did not have it today.  I knew after 20 yards that it was just going to be a sub 21 minute day at best.

My son-in-law Justin ran today too.  He finished 4th overall in 19:15 and first 40 plus.  With some more training I think he will be running under 18 minutes soon.

I have known Michael King for over 20 years.  We have raced against each other in tons of races over the year.  I tried to stay with him today but I just didn't have it.  He beat me by about 30 seconds.  Michael is a member of the Ujena Fit Club.

The race directors are Emory (pictured) and Juana.  This is only their third year and they put on a good event.  I will be back and next time will probably run either the 10k or the half marathon.  I love the big races I have been running but I enjoy our local races too.

Our crew at the race Justin, Mike, me and Waitman.  Catherine taking the photos.  I am not running next weekend.  We are going to Disneyland with Justin and Lisa and the Grandkids.  The next weekend is a 5-miler in San Francisco, then we are off to Eugene Oregon for a 10 miler and then the next Sunday is the San Jose Half Marathon...

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Training Run and Filming with Gerry Lindgren
We met up with Gerry on Friday in Kauai
Friday, September 7th, 2012
Post Image

I had never met Gerry Lindgren until Friday August 31 in Kauai.  Gerry lives in Honolulu and we flew him over for the day.  We did a training run which we filmed and then we sat down the talked about everything.  I can still remember the day I was glued to the black and white TV set when he beat two seasoned Russian runners to win the 10,000 meters at the USA-USSR Track Meet in Los Angeles.  It was July 25, 1964. 

I had started running in 1962 and watching Gerry win that race was so inspiring.  Just watching him pull that off gave me more drive.  Gerry had to be part of our movie.  I asked him and he agreed to meet up with us.

It is so beautiful in Kauai and Gerry said it is just as beautiful on Oahu too.  I have been there several times and I would agree.

We talked about so many things including how he beat the Russians on the day in July in 1964.

He also gave me some advice on how he would run the hills on the first half of the Kauai Half Marathon.  His advice really helped.

We mixed it up and ran in several locations.

Gerry was telling me about his 350 mile weeks.  Yes, I said 350 miles.  That's a lot of miles...

Mike and Catherine got it all on film.  After the run and lunch we sat down and talked for another hour.

We thought this was funny but maybe you had to be there.  Thanks Gerry for spending most of the day with us.  Good luck with your running.  It sounds like you love running just as much as ever.  Photos by Catherine Cross Ujena Fit Club

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Race 34 Kauai Half Marathon
It was tough but beautiful
Sunday, September 2nd, 2012
Post Image

The Kauai Half Marathon has to be one of the world's most beautiful half and full marathons in the world.  But it is a tough course.  This is not a course to PR on but you will have a blast when you run it.  You have to put it on your bucket list.  I finished 52nd overall in the half with a time of 1:37:30.  Won a nice medal and one of the best awards so far...a plate for placing first 60-64.  I spoke with a lot of people about the course ahead of time, we drove it twice, ran some parts of it and I am glad I did.  I normally go out fast.  In fact at the San Diego Half just two weeks ago, I was under 45 minutes at the half way point.  I hit the half way point (6.5 miles) at about 51:30 on Sunday.  I was concerned but I was ready for the downhill section.


The Kauai Marathon and Half ws created by Jeff Sacchini four years ago.  He was one of three people who gave me advice about the course.  It climbs for nearly 900 feet the first seven miles and then finishes along side the ocean.  "Run the first half easy and then make it up the second half," Jeff told me on Saturday. Thanks Jeff for inviting me.  We had a blast and we got great footage for our movie.  Your staff is amazing and the support you get from the community is impressive for a new event.

On Friday we met up with 66-year-old Gerry Lindgren.  He came over from Honolulu for the day so we could do a run and talk.  He is being featured in our movie since he inspired me so much back in 1964 when he bet the Russians in the USA USSR track meet at 10,000m.  When he was in high school he broke 14 minutes for 5k.  More about Gerry in a later blog.  We drove parts of the course, and he gave me some good advice.  "Just focus on certain points as you run up the hill making each one a finish line.  Once there, focus on another point until you reach the top," Gerry said.

JT Service won the first Kauai Marathon.  Besides being a good runner (he does have an injury right now) he has gotten in to race production.  Last April he put together the 408K Race in San Jose and sold out at 3000 runners.  During our interview for the movie, JT also gave me some advice.  "Make sure you don't burn up too much the first half," he said.

Ron Pate lives in Honolulu and certified this course.  I was glad he was not in my division (60-64).  He is 65 and in the next division.  But he would be the one to beat 60 plus.  He thought he would be under 1:35 this year.  Last year he has run 1:32:15.  "It helps to know this course," he told me.  "Don't panic if you run over 9 minutes for mile 5 to 6.  I have only been under 9 minutes once in four years," Ron told me.

I followed everyone's advice and it helped so much.  I ran the first half in 51:25 and the second in 45:18 plus 47 seconds for the last .1 and that all equals 1:37:30.   I never run like this and I am sure I would do better next time around.  I was hoping to make up another two minutes the second half but it just didn't happen.  I finished first 60-64 and second 60 plus. 

Right after the finish.  My last two miles on Sunday were 6:52 and 6:49.  Just two weeks ago in San Diego my last two miles were 9:21 and 8:57.  Of course in San Diego there was a mile long hill.  I was concerned with these two half marathons.  I did not do as well as I wanted but it could of been worse.  I am now 43 seconds over my 7 minute/mile pace goal but I can still make it up. 

We spoke with the marathon winner Tyler McCandless after the race.  He set the course record last year posting an amazing time of 2:23:21.  The full marathon course is tougher than the half.  Tyler was toasted after the race.  The rain and wind just made things tougher this year for him.  But he still won in 2:23:52.  What an amazing athlete.  He lead from the start.  "The aloha spirit of the race is unrivaled," Tyler said.  There were a record 1829 participants in the two races.  Runners came from 45 states and 15 different countries.  Photo by Catherine Cross Ujena Fit Club




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An Hour with the Queen of Marathoning
Interview with Paula Radcliffe
Tuesday, August 28th, 2012
Post Image

I had never met Paula Radcliffe until tonight.  Paula is very down to earth.  We could have spoken for hours about running but as the sun set tears came to her eyes when I asked her about the Olympics.  Even through she has held the world marathon record for almost ten years, she has not won an Olympic medal. 

On April 13, 2003 Paula broke her own world record by almost two minutes when she posted 2:15:25 at the London Marathon.  No other woman in the world has run the marathon under two hours and eighteen minutes.  Paula has done it three times.  She also holds the current world record for the women's road 10k.  She ran 30:21 on Feb 23, 2003.

Paula came over to Palo Alto from England to have Dr. Amol Saxena fix her foot problem that took her out of the Olympics in London.

Paula wanted to know about my 50 race challenge and she offered some advice.  "That's a tough challenge and at age 64...," she said. 

I was so impressed and inspired by Paula.  She just loves the marathon and she can't wait to be able to race that distance again.  She shared so much with us.  What a great addition to our movie.  Thanks Paula.

She is going to be on crutches for six weeks.  She thinks that she will be running sub 2:20 marathons not too far down the road.  With her commitment to running, she will be back winning marathons before we know it.

Mike captured everything on film for "A Long Run."  On Thursday we are off to Kauai for the Half Marathon on Sunday.  On Friday I am running with Gerry Lindgren and then we are doing an interview with him.  Plus a lot of other really exciting things. Fun stuff...  I did see Dr. Hunt today for my back which seems to already be helping.  Sunday is race number 34 of the year.  With all this inspiration, I want to run well.  Photos by Catherine Cross


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run Good info on Paula, she is very inspiring. Be fast in Kauai, say hi to Dean K, he was here in KC running with us a couple of weeks ago.
Bruce Gilbert 8/29/12
run I was really hoping she would do well in the London Olympics and was sorry to see he hurt. She is a legend in London. Great pictures!
Roger Wright 8/29/12
Working on Issues
Need to run a good Half in Kauai
Friday, August 24th, 2012
Post Image

Have really been thinking of all the things that I need to improve before my next race...the Kauai Half Marathon Sept 3.  For one thing, I have to get my right hamstring back to normal.  I went to see massage therapist Angelica Salgado at the Shawsu Fitness Studio in Los Altos.  We started off doing some stretching, then an hour massage with stretching and we finished it off with some more stretching.  That was yesterday and I am feeling better today.

After looking at this photo it reminds me that I also need to get rid of that belly fat.  Those extra 3-5 pounds are costing me time.  Thanks Angelica for working with me.  And for sharing your thoughts about why that 30 minute massage I had the day before San Diego probably was not a good idea.   We will need to speak with you more about that on film...

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run BOB, now you are starting to understand why I have stretching every day with my posts.
Bill Dunn 8/24/12
run I need to do more stretching like what you are doing Bill.
Bob Anderson 8/24/12
Tough Race in San Deigo
My worse race of the Year
Sunday, August 19th, 2012
Post Image

The San Diego Half Marathon was tough for me.  I am just not running well when it is hot and humid.  Even through the marathon started at 7am it was already 73 degrees and the humidity about 77%.  By the time we finished it was about 80 degrees.  On top of this there is a mile long hill starting about 11.5 miles.  The course overall is beautiful and the organization was amazing.  Spoke with Neil Finn the race director who has been involved for all 35 years before the start and he is really on top of things.  I understand that this was the hottest day ever for this race.  Photo: finishing...I can't say I was sprinting in.  I didn't know him but number 251 just ahead of me was Alan White age 62. 

The day before Catherine and I drove the course and this is what you see looking towards the San Diego Bay and on the other side is the Pacific Ocean.  The race begins at the historic Cabrillo National Monument.  The sun had just come up when the race started the next morning.

There are some downhills the first five miles (along with some uphills the first two miles).  This is between three and four miles on the course.  I am not sure what really happen.  I just know my legs were feeling heavy starting about six miles, I lost focus, and then I hit the mile long hill at 11.5 miles.  Yet the winner, Tesfye Alemayehu runs 1:03:44.  Not as fast as what he did in Napa to Sonoma but still...

Here are my crazy splits: 6:52/7:10/6:48 (20:50 at 3 miles) There were about four solid hills and a couple of good downhills.  The next mile is mostly downhill and I ran 6:08.  Loved this mile.  I was feeling so good.  I was passing people and thinking that I was going to easily reach my goal.  Next mile was 7:07 and then we were in full sun with a little hill 7:27 (41:32 at six miles).  It was here my legs really started to feel heavy and I had lost focus.  My seven mile split was 7:38, then 7:45, 7:47 and 7:51.  My legs were dead and I was not racing any more.  My time at 10 miles was 72:33. This was still right at 7:15/mile pace.  My goal was still in sight.  During mile 11 and when I hit the one mill hill my legs started feeling like Jello.  I was even thinking about walking.  And it got worse.  Mile 11 split was 8:10.  Mile 12 was 9:21.  Once I got to the top I was able to pick it up just a bit but still my mile 13 split was 8:57.  And I finished in 1:40:34.  I almost walked across the finish line.  I spoke to the PR person for the race afterwards and she told me that this race should be the heart and sole of my challenge.  Why, because I didn't walk.  If I had, I could have lost at least another  another 10 minutes.  She is right.  When I crossed the finish line I could hardly stand...it was bad!


I changed my shirt, watched some of the runners come in, did some filming with Mike and Catherine, drank a bottle of Gatorade and ate some chips and I started feeling like a person again.  I think I have not been getting enough sleep.  This is going to change.

Mike got some good footage today for our movie.  Catherine got a lot of images.  But one thing we talked about is that I need to look carefully at my remaining races.  I have 17 races to go and I am only just over five minutes ahead of my 7 minute/mile goal pace now.  After 228.5 miles of racing I am averaging 6:59.   I am going to need to pick up the pieces and get focused.   I really want to reach my goal of finishing my 350 plus mile race challenge (50 races) at under 7 minutes/mile pace.   

I really appreciate all the people who are supporting me.  Ujena cover model Jodi and a good runner drove down from LA to have lunch with Catherine and I on Saturday.  I really want to make my challenge and all this support gives me more reason to do it.  I don't want to let you down. 

In closing I want to leave you with this image we took on Saturday.  This is at about 7.5 miles on the course.  This is how beautiful this course is.  Even through this is my worse race by time of the year I still want to stay focused that I did run a sub 7 minute 10k, a 7:15 10-miler but then I ran a 28:01 last 5k.  I did finished third for 60 plus (maybe second since I can't find any info on the winner of my age group) and 265th out of 8000 runners.  Update: I finished second in my age group.   Photos by Catherine Cross



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run Bob, it is crazy that we are still learning after so many races and so many years of racing. Maybe you spent too much of your savings running that 6:08 in the heat, I think that cost you later on. You can definitely hold your sub-7 pace at Indy Nov 3 where it will be cool and flat! You had to have your worst race at some point, just be glad it's done!
Bruce Gilbert 8/20/12
run I think everyone in sports has a bad day. You had a bad day. It happens.
Richard Stiller 8/20/12
run It is good you are getting all of the longer races out of the way. Bruce is right it will be much cooler moving forward. It was great to see you guys Saturday:)
Jodi Labossiere 8/20/12
run I think your doing great even with that time you beat my half time by 10 minutes :) Like everyone else said everyone has a bad day its going to happen exsepcially when you race every weekend. I have had a couple really bad runs this year and exspect to have a few more.
Steven Richardson 8/29/12
Bill Rodgers Is so Inspiring
We spent last Saturday morning with Bill in Falmouth
Thursday, August 16th, 2012
Post Image

There were four exciting highlights on our trip to Boston last weekend.  (Photo: running the interviewing Bill Rodgers on Saturday in Falmouth was so exciting.) First was my training run with Roger Wright on Thursday (August 9) in Boston.  We did a four mile training run along the Charles River.  Roger has an amazing story.  Before he found running he weighed 318 pounds.  He could not run more than ten yards.  Eleven months later he had dropped his weight down to 163 pounds and he ran the Boston Marathon.

Roger has run three Boston Marathons and several others.  He is now interested in not just finishing road races but he wants to improve on his time.  His story is very inspiring and we are glad to have him part of our movie. 

Friday morning we met up with Jack Fleming at the B.A.A. offices in Boston.  I have to say it was amazing to see everything on display.  Jack let me hold the Boston Marathon official cup.  It gave me chills.  Very few people have held this cup and I felt honored to have it in my hands.

Jack had me sign the official book near the front door.  The names among the pages brought back so many good memories I have of the oldest annual marathon in the world.  The first race, run in 1897, included only 15 male runners.  There is nothing like the Boston Marathon.

Our one hour interview with Jack was one of our best yet.  He has so much to say and he says it so well.  There are so many exciting stories surrounding the Boston Marathon and other events the B.A.A. sponsors.  Our segment on the B.A.A. and the Boston Marathon for our movie is going to be so good. 

In one of the many cases is Mutai bib from the 2011 race.  This is the race on April 18, 2011 that Geoffrey Mutai of Kenya ran the fastest marathon ever run.  He ran 2:03:02. 

Next Jack showed us the library.  They have a collection of Runner's World magazine dating back to 1971.  I first started writing to Jock Semple in 1967.  Jock was a key person in the B.A.A. at that time.  Jock was the race official that attempted to remove Kathrine Switzer from the race in 1967 when women were not allowed to run the Marathon.  The photographs taken of the incident made world headlines.  Actually  Katherine was not the first women to run the Boston Marathon.  The year before Bobbi Gibb ran the race without a number. 

Just being in the offices and speaking with Jack I got so inspired.  I have not run a marathon in 30 years.  I told Michael that my body does not like races over the half marathon.  But before we left I asked Jack what he thought about me running next year along with Mike.  He thought it was a great idea.  So, after I finish this 50 race challenge, Mike and I plan on being on the starting line in Boston next April.  My goal would be to run 3:20 or better which should be good enough for five top in my age group.

After visiting with Charlie at the Bill Rodgers Running Center we had lunch.  Mike, Catherine, me and Barry really enjoyed Boston.  The fish, lobster and Boston Clam Chowder is so good.  After lunch we headed to Falmouth.  It rained most of the way and it took over three hours to get there.  We called it a night.   We met Bill Rodgers the next morning for a training run.  As we were waiting, Craig Virgin came by and we had a good chat.  I had not seen Craig since he came out for National Running Week we sponsored 30 years ago in California.  Craig was an amazing world class runner.

Bill and I did a three mile training run (which we filmed) in the rain.  After that we sat down for an hour.  Bill has so much to share, so many great stories, and so much good information.  We are so excited to have Bill part of our movie.   The next day, we both ran the Falmouth Road Race.  Bill had won the race three times in the past. 

Michael and I have wanted to make a running film for years.  I am really enjoying working with Mike most every weekend.   His vision is happening.

This project is bringing so many people together.  My brother Barry lives in Manhattan Kansas and we just have not seen much of each other for 25 years.  But A Long Run has brought us together.  It is super to have Barry on our crew.  Photos by Catherine Cross




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Falmouth Road Race No 32
Lots of Humidity but what a fun event
Monday, August 13th, 2012
Post Image

What an amazing trip back east.  I have not posted before because we didn't get back yesterday until 2 am.  Our plane from Atlanta was delayed a couple of hours.  I am going to post several reports from the east coast but I want to start with the Falmouth Road Race.  This was race number 32 for the year.  The race starts at 10am in Woods Hole near the drawbridge on Water Street.  It is a point to point course and finishes at Falmouth Heights Beach.  Tommy Leonard started this race 40 years ago.  We ran articles in Runner's World right from the beginning.  I have always wanted to run th is race.  That is what I like about doing this 50 race Challenge.  I am running races I have always wanted to run but never did. 

Above Photo: Finishing in 49:18.  Placed second for 60 plus.  61-year-old Mark Uliasz finished ahead of me running 46:33.  I was one minute behind me at three miles and he blasted me the last four miles. 

Mike and I was at the starting line when we met Sharon Vos.  One of the top 55 plus runners in the country.  Her sisters Honor and Shelley live out my way but since Sharon lives on the east coast we had never met.  They are the fastest triples on the Planet.  The rain had just stopped and as I told Mike, "it does not rain on our parade."   And it didn't.  But the humidity hit 94%.  It was not that hot but...

I hit the first mile in 6:46 even with a couple of hills.  Sharon was just ahead and I tried to keep her in sight but I didn't.  She ran about a minute faster than me with 48:07.  The first three miles have a lot of rolling hills.  Not the type of course even without humidity that works for me.  However, it was so beautiful and then it leveled out until a couple of hills in the last mile.   And there are people all along the route the last three miles.  Some places they are four to eight rows deep. 

I wanted to run under 49 minutes and I got 49:18.  I know I lost at least one minute because of the humidity which it is not normal for Falmouth.  Super runner Joan Samuelson at age 55 ran 43:44.  What an amazing performance.  This is 97.13% age-graded.  Joan was the winner of the first Olympic Marathon for women in Los Angeles in 1984.  She was so focused at the start...

76-year-old William Riley won his division by almost nine minutes.  He ran 51:54.  He started running forty years ago and that is when he first started reading Runner's World.  Good story...

The overall winner was Stanley Biwott from Kenya.  He posted 31:59.  This is 4:34 per mile.  Just not sure how these guys can run so fast in this kind of humidity and with the hills.  However, he was 51 seconds off the course record.   So maybe when I am thinking I was a minute slower than what I thought I could do is not that far off...

The last time I saw Rod Dixon was thirty years ago in Palo Alto during National Running Week, an event I put together when I was publishing Runner's World.  Rod was such a great guy then and just as nice today.  He had won the bronze medal at the 1972 Olympic Games in the 1500m.  He is from New Zealand but now lives in Los Angeles.  The year after I saw him in Palo Alto he won the New York City Marathon in a time of  2:08:59.   He had run a New Zealand national record for the half marathon with 1:02:12 in 1981.  He is now 62-year-old and he ran 53:45 yesterday in Falmouth.   I beat three super star runners in my age-group yesterday...Rod, Bill Rodgers and Frank Shorter.  I think their 100 plus mile weeks in the past might have caught up to them...BUT it is great to see them still running. 

We set down with Bill Rodgers after doing a training run and spoke for more than an hour on Saturday.  Bill ran 54:06 the next day.  Bill and Rod loves running just as much as ever.  Frank and I had did not have a chance to speak but it appears he likes to at least jog.  He finished in 1:08:36 but at least he is still involved in running.  Frank was the official starter.  I wonder what you have to pay Frank to start a race these days? 

The gang along with Catherine Cross who took all the photos.  It was great working with my brother and Ujena Fit Club Coach Barry Anderson.  Mike ran the entire course with the Go Pro on his head.  He got some amazing footage.  He started off early and I met up with him (after he got footage of the runners ahead of me) just past the three mile mark.  He ran sub 7 minutes for a mile with me. 

This was one of my toughest races of the year.  I was still able to get under 7 minutes per mile but for sure the humidity cost me a minute or more.   I felt sluggish the whole way and if this had been a half marathon...it would not have been pretty.  I am 14:40 minutes ahead of pace after racing 215 miles.  I have 135 miles to go.  I am really concerned about the half marathon in Kauai coming up September 3rd.  There are hills the first seven miles and the humidity could be...Next race is this weekend in San Diego.  Half Marathon.  Some good downhills the first few miles but a tough hill in the last mile or so.  Photos by Catherine Cross





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run Falmouth is indeed a great race. The humidity was really dreadful this year. There have been other years with humidity as well, but I've never had this much rain beforehand as well. Was the wettest I've ever been, my feet as well!! Bob, I was also a minute slower than I wanted and that I ran 2 years ago. It's definitely the humidity!! It was indeed a pleasure meeting you in person and I'm glad I happen to glance over and recognize you!
Sharon Vos 8/15/12
run I am so glad we met too. It is amazing the effects on high humidity. I am thinking about running Boston in 2013 but there is no way I could have run 26.2 miles last Sunday. If you ever get out west, lets do a training run...all four of us!
Bob Anderson 8/15/12
Longest Training Run of the Year
Ran 15.5 miles with Mike this morning
Thursday, August 2nd, 2012
Post Image

Even through my hamstring has been bothering me, I wanted to get over 13 miles.  Since I don't have a race this weekend and because I have some though races coming up, I wanted to go long.  Mike came over and we started out running our 501 Rattlesnake Loop.  That would have been 11 miles.  But we decided to add another loop.  When we got to Foothill college we ahead up Moody run to the twisters.  In the end we ran 15.5 miles...501 Rattlesnake BIG loop.

Mike, my son and director of "A Long Run," and I just have not had a lot of opportunities to run together.  Most weekends I am racing and we are both so busy during the week, it has been tough to get together for a training run.  I love running with Mike and for sure I would not have gone more than 10 miles without him today.  Even with all the filming, Mike has been getting in at least 30 miles a week...the magic number!

We really could have used some more water along the route.  There was a water fountain at the six mile mark but that was it.  One of the issues in doing long training runs is getting water.  I do not like to carry water.  Luckily it was not too hot.

Catherine was there when we got back home two and a half hours later.  I was hoping my hamstring would hold up.

I ran with a Hot patch as I call it on my hamstring.  I wore it during the SF half marathon on Sunday too.  I am not sure if I could have gone 15 miles without it.  It seems to keep everything together.  I have that feeling that my hamstring could pull up at any time. 

Catherine picks these up for me at CVS pharmacy.  They are like one dollar a patch and I cut it in half.  It is like using one of the sport tapes and beyond.  This patch has Capsicum on it which heats up the area bringing more blood flow to the hamstring.  I have had many hamstring issues over the years and this seems to be working for me.  In addition, later in the day, I also got an hour and a half massage from Asaka.  My body is so tight and I am trying to loosen it up.  I had gone in on Tuesday too.

Next up: we leave for Boston next Thursday.  We are going to do some filming in Boston on Friday morning and then head to Falmouth which is about an hour and half away in Cape Cod.  On Saturday we are meeting up with Bill Rodgers and I am exciting to be doing a training run and interview with him.  Then on Sunday I will be running the Falmouth Road Race.   A 7.1 mile race August 12.   I have heard so much about this race.  They are celebrating 40 years.  Bill Rodgers has run this race many times and have won.



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San Francisco Half Marathon!
Race number 31 started in Golden Gate Park
Sunday, July 29th, 2012
Post Image

I was ready to break 1:32 this morning but I blew it with some slow early miles. (Lead Photo - at the start)  The first miles is mostly downhill and that was great.  I hit the mile at 6:30 and it felt pretty easy.  But my legs all of a sudden were feeling heavy.  My second mile was 7:10 and my third was the slowest of all.  I ran that one in 7:17.  There were a lot of marathoners on the course (they started at 5:30am) and I did have to slow a few times. 

After seeing 20:57 at the three mile mark and I knew I had to pick it up.  My next two miles were 7:03 and 6:48.   I really started feeling my hamstring tugging a bit at this point.  I am sure glad that Catherine massaged it the night before.

I am also glad I had put on a Hot patch before the start.  This kept it together and I am sure if I had not had on this patch, it could have gone south.  But it didn't.  I am going in for a massage on Tuesday to get it totally straighten out.

On this course they close down one road and then direct runners to another and then back and forth.  This way cars can get through.  I was about 20 seconds behind the guy I thought was in my age group but then I lost track of him when we had one of these breaks at about the 7.5 mile mark.  I didn't see him again until about a half mile to go.  It was too late to catch him.  He did tell me he was going for 1:32 and he ran 1:31:59.  I should have been there. 

My sixth mile split was 7:02 and then another 7:02.  I then hit 6:49 and feeling strong.  But I did not see the guy I was shooting for.  I think we hit some more hills and I slowed a bit to 7:08, 7:04 and then 7:11.  I looked at my watch and I knew that I needed to do something.  I ran 6:58 and 6:54 my last two miles.  And my last .1 was at 6:28/mile pace.  My final time 1:32:23.  I was 172nd overall and I was 20th age-graded overall. 

This was the fourth straight year I have run this half.  I beat last year's time by over one minute.  This was my second fastest time so far.  It is a good course but challenging.  It is tougher than Napa to Sonoma.  After 31 races I have raced 208 miles.  My average is 6:56/mile and I am 14:16 ahead of pace.   Photos by Catherine Cross

Mike along with his crew Waitman and Catherine are getting tons of good footage for the movie. 


Comments and Feedback
run Great job Bob at the SF Half. Only 19 to go!
Justin Wall 7/30/12
run Bob, way to hang tough in this one. Great age graded result too. By the way, how do you choose which half to run at SF?
Bruce Gilbert 7/30/12
run Like wise Bob...great run. Some how that number 19 seems to sound more manageable.
Barry Anderson 7/30/12
run Bruce, I run the second half in SF because it is not as hard as the first half...and 19 more does sound more manageable...only 142 more miles of races to go by Dec 31...at under 7 minute pace/avg..that's all
Bob Anderson 7/30/12
Training Run with Bill Dunn
Getting ready for San Francisco 2nd Half Marathon
Wednesday, July 25th, 2012
Post Image

I really needed this training run.  This is my third training run with Bill Dunn this year and I hope we will be able to do more.    He is on vacation this week and we were able to get together this morning and run my 7.7 mile Lake course.  We start at my house in Los Altos and run up to Rancho San Antonio.  We go through the back gate and into the park, then up to the lake.  There are some tough hills the first three miles.  Bill toasted me on the hills.  I need to run more hills to be ready for the Kauai Half Marathon Sept 3.   Overall we ran about 8 minutes/mile.

My legs are still tired from the race on Sunday.  One thing I for sure have noticed is that it takes two or three days to recover from a race.  My right hamstring is bothering me a bit and I put a hot patch on it.  I am going to need to drink a lot of water today.  I am running race number 31 on Sunday.  The San Francisco 2nd Half Marathon.  I am hoping to run under 1:32...or even 1:31 if everything goes right.

Bill has run some amazing times over the years.  He is turning 65 in a week.  He is running a 5k in San Francisco the first weekend in August and hopes to get under 20 minutes.  I like training with Bill and I hope to do more of it.

Bill is a proud member of the Ujena Fit Club.  He was telling me how much he likes our site.   Photos by Waitman Gobble Ujena Fit Club

Comments and Feedback
run So even though Bill "knew" you had a big race Sunday, he still pushed the pace? We're going to have to talk to his agent.
Richard Stiller 7/25/12
Update - Wharf to Wharf Six Miles
Ran 40:22 for race number 30
Sunday, July 22nd, 2012
Post Image

Ran the Wharf to Wharf six mile race today.  It starts at the Wharf in Santa Cruz and goes to the Wharf in Capitola California.  I ran 40:22 which would be equal to a 41:53 10k.  This would be my best 10k since November 2009.  Maybe this racing nearly every weekend is working.  There were over 15,000 runners and walkers today.  It is a fun race and it is the type of course I like. 

Just got this photo from Sean Curry right at the finish line.  Thanks Sean...

I had not seen Monica since February.  She had been injured but that is behind her now.  She ran 37:44 today.  We are still planning on getting together for a hill workout for the film.

The top Ujena Fit Club member performance of the day was turned in by Giliat.  He ran 28:11 and finished sixth overall.  We are going to get together for a training run and then sit down for an interview.  Gil is going to be featured in our film.

There were some fine times run today.  Shadrack Kosgei was the overall winner in 27:20.  Risper Gesabwa was the female winner with 30:58.  16-year-old Vanessa Fraser was the local female winner.  She ran 35:15.  Mitch Moriarty was the local male winner.  20-year-old Mitch ran 30:19.

I finished 309th place overall in 40:22.  My splits were 6:23/6:39/7:02/6:46/6:54/6:37.  I lost focus in the middle of the race.  I should have been under 40 minutes. 

Michael and Catherine getting it all covered...

The day before it was 80 degrees in Capitalo.  This is from the pier looking back toward the hotel where we stayed.  The finish line is in front of the hotel.  On Sunday it was about 60 degrees...perfect running weather.

The race starts about 200 yards down the road from the the Giant Dipper.  It is a narrow start and if you want to ran a good first mile you need to be up front.  I was about five rows back and did not loose any time.


This is the kind of scenery we see along the route.  But when I am racing I don't really notice much of it.

I loved running this race.  But it is now Tuesday morning and they still don't have the results right.  I know this race does not do age-group awards and they seem to mainly care about the elites and then everyone else.  They don't need more runners.  It sells out and the course could not handle more runners.   However, they should get the results right.  I think results in the past have been correct but they used a new timing company.

Here is a photo of two "finishers" that came in about a minute before me.  Bob Warfield (7890) was second in my division.  They have his time as 39:28.  He is 69-years-old.  I am glad he participated but most likely he started more than an hour before me.  I have sent this photo to the timing company and to the race director.  69-year-old Virginia Delaney (4976) ran 30:29 as well.   The winner of my division Lonnie Applegate ran 34:56.  He is sixty years old.  We do not have a photo of him nor does he show up on our video.  The only Lonnie Applegate we can find on the internet is a 59-year-old guy living in Sacramento.  In his last race he did a 5k in 59:17.  What an amazing improvement.  Or it is another Lonnie who ran an amazing first race.   It would be nice to know what really happened.

Here is what I got from the timing company Monday July 23 at 2:25pm:  "We will look at the times that you identified.  We had runners jumping up and punching our antennas and that caused us to have some damaged equipment.  Not to worry though, we had 8 systems at the finish line for redundancy and we had 6 high-definition video cameras.  It would be virtually impossible for someone to get past the finish without us being able to identify them.  Check back in a few hours on the results site and let me know if your time hasn’t been corrected."

I am sure they will get the results right at some point.  This is a race I would recommend.  It is a beautiful course.  It is a fast course.  My Garmin did say it was six miles.  I can accept no age-group awards.  Not sure why they give out thousands of dollars to the elites and not even a ribbon for age-group winners but that is the way they do things.  It is also great that they raise a lot of money for youth sports.  That is so cool.  BUT they need to get the results right.  I race to get an offcial time.  And I want to know who in my age-group was ahead of me.  Enough said...

1pm Tuesday update: they have corrected the results and it looks like there were nearly 300 walkers who started early or jumped in.  I did not place 309th overall.  My corrected place is 266 which seems right to me... Thanks Scott and Kurt for taking care of this.



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run Why is Bob always around the pretty girls?
Richard Stiller 7/23/12
run Bob, you may have taken a short mental break during mile 3, but that conserved brain energy needed for a strong finish--great job!!
Bruce Gilbert 7/23/12
Getting ready for race number 30
Interview with Christine Kennedy today
Thursday, July 19th, 2012
Post Image

Been running and walking easy all week.  Have gotten in 23 miles so far.  Ran 11 miles on Tuesday.  My back is a little tight but not bad.  Everything is holding up well.  Going to run Wharf to Wharf this weekend in Santa Cruz.  This six mile race is celebrating 40 years.  I am hoping to get under 41 minutes.  I am 13:19 under averaging 7 minute/mile pace for 189 miles and it would be good to be over 14 minutes with 20 races to go.  Have some tough races coming up and I need a cushion.  Falmouth August 12 could be hot says Christine Kennedy.  And the race director for the Kauai Half Marathon Sept 3 called earlier in the week and told me the first seven miles of his race is uphill.  He says it might cost me four to five minutes.  Can't let that happen...


We interviewed Christine Kennedy tonight at her running shoe store (Athletic Performance) in Los Gatos for the movie.  She is an amazing runner.  At 57-year-old she ran 1:25:10 at the Napa to Sonoma half marathon at Sunday.  From what I can find on the internet, this might be the fastest time ever run by a 57-year-old woman in the world.  Yes, in the world EVER.  Earlier in the year she ran just over three hours in Boston in the heat.  I like the way she thinks, she does not step to the starting line thinking that she is competing against other 50-year-olds.  She is thinking about being the top master...40 plus.  She works out on the track twice per week.  I have known Christine for several years and we are excited about featuring her in "A Long Run."  Her goal for the Chicago Marathon Oct 7...2:52. 

Right before the start of the Napa to Sonoma Half. 

Christine at the finish of this year's Boston Marathon.  She ran 3:00:42 in the heat.  From what we can find on the internet, this is the best time for 57 plus in the world ever.  Rae Baymiller ran 2:52:14 at age 55 October 1988 in Chicago.  This is the time Christine want to beat. (With Chris is Terry McCluskey who ran just over 60 minutes for 10 miles at age 63 this year.  He ran 3:30 in Boston...he did not handle the heat well.

Earlier in the day I got a package from Kansas City.  I had already received a medal for finishing the Rock the Parkway half marathon.  Then I got a bigger medal for finishing first in my 60-64 age group.  And today I got a trophy for being the first 60 plus runner.  I guess I am a "Senior Grand Master."  Thanks KC Running.  You guys are all class.

As I get ready for my next 21 races for the year, I am wanting to continue to do the things I think is making this all work.  One simple thing I am doing.  I eat half a banana every morning and then the other half before lunch.  I used to not eat anything for breakfast.  Seems to be working...

TJ Nelson from the Napa to Sonoma race group sent along some more photos from the Napa to Sonoma Half July 15.  I ran 1:32:12 and was first 60 plus and 4th 50 plus.  It is a beautiful course!  Thanks TJ...


Comments and Feedback
Not sure how I pulled this one off
Race Number 29 - 1:32:12 half marathon
Sunday, July 15th, 2012
Post Image

This race was really a concern because of the situations I have had the last two weeks.  I love the race and this was the third year in a row that I have run it.   There are some hills in the first few miles including a tough quarter mile hill right after the start.  For many, these hills really are not that big of a deal but for me it does slow me down.  I like to go out fast and today I hit the first mile at 7:04 which is at least 25 seconds slower than normal.  But more importantly, on Wednesday I could not even run a quarter of a mile and even through by Thursday I did do six miles at 8:41 pace I was beginning to think that 1:35 would be the best I could do.

The night before Michael wanted to capture some footage about the situations I had been having getting ready for this half.  We both decided that the only way I was going to be able to run well was to use the Pre method...run my guts out.  That was the plan.  I would be happy with 1:35 but my goal was to get under 1:33.  However, I was really concerned.  I like going into a race knowing I am ready.  I just was not ready...

But when the gun went off my legs felt good.  I was ready to race.  I went out hard but then got passed by 50 people on the quarter mile hill right after the start. 

I met Kathie Mcquire at a race last October.  We have seen each other several times at races and in fact she is being featured in our film.  She was about 120 yards ahead of me at some points but by the 7.5 mile mark (photo) I was just 60 yards behind.  She told me at the starting line that she was hoping to run 1:30.  I kept her in sight for 11.5 miles before I caught her.

Here are my splits: 7:04, 6:39, 6:50, 7:00, 6:49, 7:04, 7:07, 6:59, 7:24 (not sure what happened here), 7:02, 7:09, 7:05, 7:07.  Photo at the 7.5 mile mark with Katie just ahead.  My legs felt strong the whole distance. I was 69:58 at 10 miles.  I did my last three miles faster than normal.  Maybe the two weeks of "rest" helped?  My official chip time was 1:32:12.

It was great to see Catherine at the 7.5 mile mark and Michael (shooting video) at the 10 mile mark.  Then to also see Mary Etta Boitano Blanchard at the 8.5 mile mark.  All of this along with having Katie right ahead of me and Christine and Verity out front helped me today.  Plus I did have my perfect pre race dinner the night before.

At the finish with Katie just behind. 

I told Katie that I focused on her butt the whole way.  I could see her ahead of me for 11.5 miles.  Seriously, I knew she was trying to run 1:30 and by keeping her in my sights it really helped.  She has been injured and this was her first race in six months.  She ran well and won her age division.

The day before race director Matt went over the course with me.  I had run this the last two years but it was nice to get a good review.  I also feel that Matt's and crew warm welcome helped me get focused. 

I have been first in my age-group 19 of the 29 races I have run so far this year.  I hope to add more.

After the race we interviewed Mary Etta for our film.  She started running at age 4.5 and held many world records.  She ran the Bay to Breakers before women were even allowed to run that distance. Can you believe when I started Distance Running News (1966) women were not allowed to run more than a half mile.  She has a great story and at age 49 she loves running just as much as ever.  She has always been out at the 8.5 mile mark on this course to yell out words of encouragement to me the last three years.  Thanks Mary, you are such an inspiration!!!

Mary had a lot to say and we captured it all on film.

I won a bottle of wine, got a nice medal and a box of chocolate.  This is a fun event and I will be back.

Tesfaye Alemayehu was the overall winner.  He ran 1:02:37 which is a course records.  Amazing time...an amazing runner!  Very nice too!

57-year-old Christine Kennedy turned in one of the best performances of the day.  She ran 1:25:10 which is 95.85% age-graded.  She is being featured in our film and will be sharing her training secrets with us.

One quick shot with Verity and Lisa (who works closely with Matt on the race) and we were out of there.  On the way home stopped by a hamburger joint and wow that tasted so good...



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Getting this under Control
Was able to run 10k this Morning
Thursday, July 12th, 2012
Post Image

My back is so much better today.  The deep tissue and trigger point massage, the laser and adjustments by a chiropractor and icing the last two days has worked.  I also have been taking some extra magnesium.  Yesterday (Wednesday) I could only run a quarter mile like the day before.  I have only been able to walk.  BUT today I was able to run 6.5 miles at 8:41/mile pace.  During the run my back was about 95%.  It is now about 90% but that isn't bad.  I do feel out of shape however.  This is why I needed this run.  Going to be really tough to average around 7 minutes for the half Sunday.

Thanks to my massage therapist Asha, my chiropractor Dr Hunt and the icying advice from my running friend Peanut Harms.  At this point it is all working and I now finally looking forward to race number 29 this weekend Napa to Sonoma Half Marathon.  The thought of trying to get through 13.1 miles with a back issue was not good.  This is not a fast course at least for me.


In 2010 I ran 1:34:17 and last year I ran 1:35:40.  Right now I am 13:49 ahead of pace for my 50 race challenge.  To stay even I would need to run 1:31:42 which is 7 minute pace.  I am hoping to get under 1:34 and not give back more than two minutes.  The next three races (32.2 miles) are critical.  The second half of the San Francisco Marathon is not fast either.  Wharf to Wharf also has some hills.  So if I can average 7:08 for all three races I will loose 4:18 minutes but I will still be under by 9:30 minutes of my 7 minute/mile goal.

At the 2010 Napa to Sonoma race I meet Terry McCluskey.  He finished about a mile ahead of me.  He is one of the top 60 plus runners in the country.  He has run a 1:25:02 half this year at age 63 and much more impressive he ran 1:00:10 at the Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run.  He is not planning on being in Sonoma this year.  At least I have a chance of winning my age-group. 

Comments and Feedback
run Wow, Terry is just crazy fast! Bob, you know you are not REALLY out of shape. Glad the treatments helped and your back is better for this weekend. I don't think you are going to give back nearly that much time.
Bruce Gilbert 7/12/12
run Good to hear the back is better. Nice t-shirt!
Barry Anderson 7/12/12
run Bob, sometimes after an injury, the downtime gives your body a chance to come back even stronger. Good luck in Napa. Here is a quote from a web page describing the course: <<From there, the course follows a winding path southward along Duhig to Ramal Road, taking runners up the affectionately named "Butt Burner Hill" and then downhill into the Carneros wine country area ...>>.
Gary Funck 7/12/12
run Thanks for the words of encouragement...it really means a lot to me. That first hill on Sunday is a Butt Burner for sure...
Bob Anderson 7/12/12
Working on the Back
A good improvement today
Tuesday, July 10th, 2012
Post Image

I just have to get this back thing behind me.  Yesterday I just walked three miles and by the end of the day my back was not better.  I just don't have the time to waste.  So, I started off the day by having a deep tissue and trigger point massage by Asha at the Shawsu Workout Studio in Los Altos.  It is only about a mile from my house.

Asha has been doing massage therapy for 22 years.  I had just met her right after I took that fall a week ago Saturday.  She worked on me for one and an half hours.  She is good.

Since Catherine can not run right now because of a foot issue, she works out here three times per week.  Catherine introduced me to Asha who works out of this studio.

The charts on the wall of the massage room reminded me on how complex the human body really is.

Can you tell that I have been laying face down for nearly an hour? I felt so much better after this massage.

Then tonight Dr Hunt worked me in for a session with him.  He used his laser treatment for the first 30 minutes.  Then he did some adjustments on me.  I like his style and I felt some more improvements right away.

If I was not doing my 50 race challenge, I most likely would not have seen either Dr Hunt or Asha today.  And like many times in the past, something like this can get worse.  Over the last couple of years I have not been able to race at all for 4-6 weeks because I don't jump on the problem.  I am thinking I have gotten a handle on this.  I am not totally out of the  woods yet, but I know I am heading in the right direction.  Thanks Asha and Dr Hunt for working me in today.


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Training with the Pina family
I really need to include more warmup and exercises in my routine
Monday, July 9th, 2012
Post Image

This morning I ran with the Pina family (we also filmed this for our movie "A Long Run").  They normally run around the Rose Garden, a park in San Jose near their place.  Like they do always, we started out with a one lap easy run.  Then we did some warm up exercises to get all the muscles going.

Photo: some of the warm up exercises include walking high kicks, lounges with waist twists, toe rotations, knee rotations and then last is the running butt kicks with hands behind our backs (shown)

Then we ran four laps on the grass around the park (about two miles) at about a 7:30 minute/mile pace.  They normally run ten laps under 6:00/mile pace.  Five one direction and five the other.  

Photo: I normally don't run on grass but I can really see the advantage after doing it this morning.  I felt like I was flying when we ran about a half mile on the road at the end of the workout.

Then we did some exercises including their most important bear crawl.  This exercise is good for your arms, legs and stomach muscles.  They are all racing in the morning so we didn't do their usual set of exercises that normally take 45 minutes to one hour. 

Photo: The bear crawl exercise is a regular part of the Pina family training routine.

We are getting a lot of good content for our movie "A Long Run."  We will be doing a lot of mini stories like what we are doing on the Pina family.

That's a wrap.  I finished off the morning by drinking about 8 oz of Beet juice they made for me.  After I got home I ran another six miles.  I have had some back issues the last couple of days (from the fall a week ago) and I needed some extra miles to reach my 30 miles/week goal.  Once I do another six miles tomorrow, this will be my 197th straight week of at least 30 minutes.  It can be walking if running doesn't work... photo by Catherine Cross Ujena Fit Club


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My Back is Not Good
...and I have a half marathon on Sunday
Monday, July 9th, 2012
Post Image

Last Thursday morning I felt a weird pain in my lower back (left side) but I didn't want to think much of it.  I had just run a 5k race in Morgan Hill the day before (20:24) and I thought it would be a passing thing.  I think this situation is related to the fall I took a week ago Saturday.   Thursday night I did a workout and I was able to get through it. I just pushing through it reaching my 30 miles for the week.  Now today it is worse than ever.  I only walked three miles today.  I could not run.  I have been putting heat on it. 

 I am concerned because I have a lot of races coming up including the Napa Half Marathon this weekend.  I am going in for a massage first thing in the morning.

This will be my third straight year running the Napa to Sonoma Half Marathon.  It is a good course and some way or another I will be ready to race on Sunday.

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Running with the Grandkids at Foothill
My back has been bothering me the last two days
Sunday, July 8th, 2012
Post Image

It is always fun to take the grandkids to Foothill.  They just love to run.  Today Owen (age 5), Carly (age 7) and me spent about an hour at the track.  Jaxson went to a baseball game and was not with us this time.  Owen wanted to run a mile and Carly took some photos.  On July 4th Owen ran 10:55 for the mile.  His stomach was bothering him.  He wanted to show me he could run faster.  He did.  He ran a 8:59 mile easily.  I don't want to push him but I think he could get under 8 minutes but only if he wants too.  Carly just felt like two laps...and that was totally cool.  Owen also took some of these photos.  My back has been bothering me a bit the last two days.  I think I twisted something when I fell last Saturday.  I have been putting a hot patch on it too.

Carly took this shot while I was running another mile.

I had wanted to run with JT Service later in the day but my back was bothering me too much.  We agreed that we will set up a run at a later time.

Owen always has a smile on his face.

Owen took this photo of Carly while I was running.

Carly took this photo of me...

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run Great photos!!!!
Lisa Anderson-Wall 7/7/12
The Amazing Pina Family
Did an Interivew and Training Session
Thursday, July 5th, 2012
Post Image

I first officially met the Pina family at the Trailblazer 10k/5k race in Mountain View, California last September.  I had seen Jose Pina senior at some of the races over the last few years but we had not spoken.  I was waiting to pick up my award for the 10k and I noticed the Pina family.  Jose Pina won the 10k in 34:14 and Jose junior at age 14 had won the 5k in 17:07.  His 10-year-old brother Omar didn't run but you could tell that he wanted too.  This was truly a running family...the next time I saw them was at the All-Comers meet in Los Gatos last spring.  We told them that we wanted to feature their family in our movie "A Long Run."

Then we saw them in Morgan Hill at the July 4th race.  Jose Jr placed second over-all in the 5k running 15:49 and his 11-year-old brother Omar won the kids mile in a time of 6:55.  We wanted to find how more about this family and why are running so well.  We set up an interview and training run with them for the next day...July 5th at their house in San Jose. 

Trophies, plaques, medals and ribbons line most of one wall of their place.  Jose was the first master at the San Jose Half Marathon in 2011.  He ran 1:14:57.  In 2009 he ran 1:13:58.  Jose started running in 2003 while living in Mexico before moving to America.  Within a year he ran a 31:38 10k.  He nor his sons have ever been injured.  We wanted to know what they do...

For one thing, they have a very special diet which includes a morning "Pina Shake" which tastes great.  A bowl of cereal loaded with goodies about mid-morning and then lunch a couple of hours later.

They eat a very healthy diet and from what I tired it also taste good.  One thing they made up but was not finished before we went running was their beet tea.  I will try that Saturday when we get together again.

Then we went over to the Rose Garden, just a few blocks from their place, for our workout.  It was already getting dark, so we only did a little of what they normally do.  Everything they do is quality.  They start with a 5-10 minute warm up, they they run laps on the grass around the Rose Garden.  We only did one half mile loop.  They told me that they ran easy today.  We were running at 6:30/mile pace.  They normally run a minute faster per mile when they do their 10 laps.

The kids have many talents besides running.  They are very involved with their church and they like music. 

Jose running strong at the San Jose Half Marathon.  To get ready he would run 22 miles on Saturday at about 6:05/mile pace and then run the same course on Sunday in the same time.  As I mentioned in our interview, I wanted to know what was in that morning shake.

We talked for about two hours.  They shared a lot of great insights and we captured it all on film for our movie.  We are meeting up again tomorrow morning.  The light will be better to capture their unique training routine.   

11-year-old Omar Pina was the first to finish the 12 and under mile in Morgan Hill July 4th.  He ran 6:55.

Jose Jr. was right were he wanted to be at the half way point July 4th.  He went on to finish 2nd overall in 15:49, a PR.  Photos by Catherine Cross Ujena Fit Club




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run Very interesting--will watch for the rest of the report.
Bruce Gilbert 7/7/12
Third Best 5k of the Year
Fun Time at Morgan Hill July 4th Race
Wednesday, July 4th, 2012
Post Image

We have been doing the Morgan Hill July 4th race since 2007.  This is one of our Family Running Trips we do.  The grandkids run the kids one mile first and then Lisa, Justin, Michael and me do the 5k.  Catherine, Crystal and Waitman took photos and did filming for our movie.

Photo: Michael has been so busy filming that he hasn't been able to run many of the races.  In fact, this is only his second of the year.  He ran Carlsbad.  Today he ran 21:42.  He will be under 21 soon.  Justin ran 19:44. 

I warmed up by running the mile with my granddaughter Carly.  (She is seven years old and ran 9:55.  Jaxson age 9 ran 7:55.)  Michael and I were on the front row and went out fast.  The first half mile was for sure under six/minutes per mile pace.  Justin passed me and I tried to hang on.  Ujena Fit Club member Michael King was right there too.  I passed the mile at 6:17 and Justin was two seconds ahead and Mike was two seconds behind.


Up ahead was 15-year-old Jose Pina Jr. (In green)...his first mile split was 5:03.  He finished second overall in 15:49.  We are featuring the Pina family in our movie.  They have a great story.  We are meeting at their house tomorrow for an interview and then doing a training run with them.  Jose's 11-year-old brother Omer won the kids mile running 6:55.  Their dad Jose Sr. is a top master runner.  More about them later...

I tired to hang on to Justin but he pulled away.  There was some wind on the second loop and I just didn't have it today.  I ran a 6:55 second mile.  Justin pulled out 25 seconds on me.  I then tired to stay with Michael King but he too pulled away.  I was able to pull out a 6:40 last mile which helped a bit.  Close behind me was Honor Fetherston.  She finished in 20:47 which was the best age-graded performance of the day.

Honor and I talked after the finish.  My 30th race of the year will be the Wharf to Wharf in Santa Cruz...this is one of Honor's favorite races and she too will be running.  It will be my first time running the race which is widely acclaimed as "The best little roadrace in California."

 I tired to hang on to Michael King (yellow shirt) but it just was not going to happen today.  He ran a good race.  He finished 24 seconds ahead of me.  I finished in 20:24 which is my third best time of the year.  Only two seconds off of my time in Carlsbad.   I was concerned after the fall just four days ago.  My left wrist and right hip are not back to 100% yet.  But I didn't loose any time because of that.   I am pleased.  

Right after the finish.  I don't think my time would have been faster if I had not gone out so fast.  I am now 13:49 minutes ahead of pace overall after 176 miles of racing.  My next race is the Napa to Sonoma half marathon July 15th.

The gang minus Crystal after the races.  Next up...the parade.

Crystal and Michael hanging out at the parade.

After running a 7:55 mile my grandson Jaxson ran the 5k with Lisa.  This is the first time he has run that distance without stopping.  Good going Jaxson...that's four miles for the day.

This is how the 4th of July needs to be celebrated.  First run as a family and then watch the parade as a family.  Photos by Catherine Cross Ujena Fit Club


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run Way to go Anderson/Wall family. Sounds like a fun event.
Barry Anderson 7/5/12
run Bob, good job with the sore hip! I managed a 20:22 at Lenexa Freedom Run in the heat but with a fairly nice breeze. Our age group had a 19:56 and 19:58, then I was third, but we also beat everyone 50 and over! This is a tough age group. I hope you are thinking about Indy for November 3--that's my hometown and my brother lives there and would love to meet you.
Bruce Gilbert 7/5/12
run Good job on the 20:22...sounds like we would have been battling it out to the finish...still looking at the Indy Nov 3 but I have a half the week later in San Jose...
Bob Anderson 7/6/12
run You can run easy 7s on the flat course in Indy and be ready to smoke the San Jose Half!
Bruce Gilbert 7/7/12
Half Done with my 50 Race Challenge
27 Races completed and I am ahead of pace
Sunday, July 1st, 2012
Post Image

My 50 race 2012 Challenge (A Long Run) is half over.  Overall it has been a very good six months.  I have completed 27 races so far and I am averaging 6:56/mile for my first 173 miles.  I have 177 miles to go.  Several of my up coming races are  half marathons.  I love this distance and I am planning on being real close to 7 minutes/mile or under on each of them.

It is ironic that 13 days before the start of my journey I fell and really messed up my knee and opened up a hole in my head that took over 60 stitches to close.  Jennifer the plastic surgeon on call at El Camino did an amazing job of sewing me up that December 18 afternoon.  In fact the scar right above my eyebrow is hardly noticeable now.  However, it took over a month for me to be able to bend my left knee completely. 

My first race January 1st was one of the hardest of the year.  I could not take a fall stride.  I hit the mile at 7:49 in the DSE 5k race in San Francisco and that was all I could do.  Somehow I was able to pick up the pace and finished in 22:19.  I was able to gut it out the last two miles.   But my goal for this challenge is to average under 7 minutes per mile.  To do this I need to run 5k's under 21 minutes, which I have been doing mostly.

Six months to the day (yesterday) I fell again.  But this time it was different.  I broke the fall and I rolled.  In December I hit my knee and then my head without breaking the fall.  Still not sure what happened that Sunday morning last December.  I was not running as fast yesterday and I almost didn't go down.  But I did, however nothing like before.  My right hip and left wrist is what hit first.  I should be 95% by Wednesday which is my next race.  But I was not ready to race this morning.  I can run easy and I am sure I could have somehow ran as good as what I did January 1st but I am not going to reach my goal running 5k's over 22 minutes. 

What is ironic is that I started off this challenge with a fall and doing a DSE 5k afterwords (but I did have several days to recover) and six months later I fall again and then canceled running a DSE 5k.  This is not a big thing, but I did have to cancel a race because of it.     

I want to thank everyone who has helped me these first six months.  You guys make this all worthwhile. 


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run Good attitude Bob, and I like the Rock The Parkway shirt!
Bruce Gilbert 7/5/12
Fell this morning
I am concerned about my Hip
Saturday, June 30th, 2012
Post Image

4pm Update: My hip is not good and now my wrist is really bothering me too.  I have to cancel the race in the morning...I have done 27 in the first six months so I did have a little buffer.  Just did not want to dig into that yet...but racing sub 6:45 pace just is not in the cards....however I do hope I will be able to do a slow training run in the morning...

I can not believe how things can happen so quickly.  This morning Mike and I were running two miles over to the Los Altos Ride and Stride Fitness Festible.  Catherine was in the car taking some photos along the way since today is the half way point of our challenge.  All of a sudden I trip over my feet and start to fall.  Unlike my fall of December 18, this time everything was in slow motion.  We were only running about 9:30/mile pace and I almost stayed on my feet.  But I didn't. 

After Michael helped me up, Catherine drove over to the Fitness Fair in Los Altos.  We followed on foot, running and walking the mile and a half there.  My hip had already tighen up and it was not feeling good at all.  I guess I hit there first.  The blunt of the problem is my hip.  As you can see from the photo of my knee after we cleaned it up, that is not bad at all.  At the Fitness Fair Asha-Rose was there from Shawsu Workout. 

Asha-Rose has been a massage therapist for over 20 years.  She worked on me for about twenty minutes.  Mike and I then walked home after having lunch at Burger Town.  Burger Town is where Mike and I finalized our plans for this challenge last December.  They have the best burgers around.  We like the guys and we always treat ourselves after a long run.  After I got home I took two Tylenols.  I am not sure about tomorrow's 5k race.   My hip is not good.  It is not terrible but it would be hard to race at any pace right now.  But I don't like making plans and not following through.  I am ahead of schedule but I have some tough races coming up and I want to go into them with a buffer.

Comments and Feedback
run Bad break...no pun intended.
Richard Stiller 6/30/12
run This was a very strang fall...it just should not have happened!
Bob Anderson 6/30/12
run Bob, I hope that you can make the best of the situation, and come back strong next week.
Gary Funck 6/30/12
run Bob...How is the body feeling this morning? I hope you are ok.
Lisa Anderson-Wall 7/2/12
run I fell a little beat up...but nothing like before. I was able to run six miles easy yesterday...it is my wrist that hurts the most...
Bob Anderson 7/2/12
run A friend of mine uses arnica, for sprains, etc. Here's an NYT blurb on it: http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/09/17/the-alternative-medicine-cabinet-arnica/ disclaimer: I've never tried it, and recommend that you research the possible side-effects/warnings if you plan on trying it.
Gary Funck 7/2/12
A message from the Lucile Packard Foundation
Thanks for taking the time to send me an email Jose!!!
Thursday, June 28th, 2012
Post Image

I introduced myself quickly at last Saturday’s Packard Summer Scamper 5k/10k and just wanted to follow up with a note of thanks for competing in our event.  It meant a lot to me personally, and I know many others as well, to see an individual who has done so much for the sport participate in our budding community fun run.  I thought you might appreciate the attached photo that one of our photographers captured.  Thanks again for your support – and good luck with your 50-race goal! 

Jose Gordon, Senior Director Lucile Packard Foundation for Children's Health

Thanks Jose.  I really enjoyed running your race and I plan on returning next year.   I am glad to hear that you have raised over $160,000 for the Lucile Packard Children's Hospital.  You guys have done so much for so many kids.  I hope I can do more.   I know you must be very busy and I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate it for you to take the time to write me.  This means a lot to me.  Thanks for sending along the photo. 

Bob Anderson


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My Hamstring is not Right!
Went in for Cold Laser Therapy
Wednesday, June 27th, 2012
Post Image

I normally do not see someone until something "really" happens.  My right hamstring has been feeling funny the last couple of days.  It might be a reaction to the 55 miles I ran last week.  Or just all the racing in general.  In any case, I wanted to get on top of it right away.  I went in to see Dr. Colle Hunt in San Jose last night.  He squeezed me in at 7pm. 

He uses Laser.  Cold Laser Therapy also known as Low Level Laser Therapy has been around for over thirty years.  Cold Laser Theraphy is widely used to treat muscle, tendon, and ligament situations in a non invasive modality.  Dr. Colle Hunt has used this treatment on many runners over the years.   Super master runner Christine Kennedy recommended Colle earlier in the year.  I went to see him about an ankle issue and I was able to race that same Sunday.

On the table.  I also have been putting on a patch that heats up over the last two days, drinking lots of water and taking magesium.

These are the protective goggles Dr Hunt gives me before we begin.  It is Laser.  My hamstring is still not feeling perfect but it has only been 15 hours since the treatment.  I am going out for an easy run and I hope I can put this behind me.  This hamstring has acted up before and I just can not let it go past that point where it is a real issue.  Thanks Colle... By the way, here is a link to his webstie: Dr. Colle Hunt


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run I am most impressed because you got to wear sunglasses inside.
Richard Stiller 6/28/12
run Hamstring update: my hamstring was feeling okay this morning and I ran 10k...my hamstring felt 100%...then early afternoon I ran 4.1 miles with Mike...my hamstring felt fine during the run...BUT over the last two hours it feels like it is tighten again...I think I need to drink some more water and eat!!
Bob Anderson 6/28/12
The course was certified before the changes!
Better to be safe than sorry
Monday, June 25th, 2012
Post Image

Update: June 28 - (This is now on their website.  This explains it all.  I am totally cool about this.  It was a six mile race.) 

"Please note that our courses were not USATF-certified, in order to avoid widespread construction on the Stanford campus. We chose to steer clear of the dust and heavy machinery to make for a better (and safer) running experience. This decision was made close to race day and we apologize for any confusion it may have caused."

Original Post -

It is not easy to put on road races.  We have put on several and there are so many things that can happen.  For one thing we are running on roads that are made for cars.  It is nice that runners are allowed to run or walk on most roads.  But roads have to be kept up for cars.  I guess in the case of the Packard 10k held last Saturday at Stanford, there was some construction that changed the course at the last minute.  A friend of mine Tom Knight re-measured the course and found it to be six miles.  This is what my Garmin recorded too.  At the last minute the course had to be changed because of some construction projects.  It was a very well run race and I plan on doing it again.

I was excited to get under 42 minutes for 10k and I really wanted it to be true.  But I just can not overlook the fact that this course was 2/10th of a mile short.  Many of my other races have come up long.  In fact, many by 1/10th including a certified half marathon known course.  Being long is one thing.  You don't adjust it.  It is just a little long.  But a 10k 2/10th short is just too much to overlook.  I am officially adjusting the length for my challenge.   However, the course was given a USAFT Certified number (#CA09026TK).  Do runners need to start wondering about the real length of a certified course? I hope not. 

In any case, I enjoyed running this race.   I officially finished 48th overall.  My time was 41:22 and I was the first finisher 50 plus.  I will be back next year.


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Almost stepped on a Rattlesnake
Over 50 miles for the week
Sunday, June 24th, 2012
Post Image

Mike and I ran 11 miles this morning.  At about the six mile point Mike yells out "Rattlesnake."  We were running about 7:30/mile pace at the time and I could not stop.  I hurdled over the top and Mike came to a dead stop.  The Rattlesnake was between us.  Mike decided to go out to the road and meet me on the other side.  This Rattlesnake was about six foot long.

But we got it together and ran the last five miles.  (We staged this shot after we got back.) I got in 55 miles for the week.  Most miles in a week all year.  It has been hard to train with all my races.

Comments and Feedback
run Did the snake take the second photo?
Richard Stiller 6/24/12
run Actually, when we got back we had Catherine take a photo as we remembered what happened. A little over the top?
Bob Anderson 6/25/12
run I like it.
Richard Stiller 6/25/12
Race 27 this morning
I really needed this
Saturday, June 23rd, 2012
Post Image

After not running well in Puerto Vallarta last Saturday I was being to wonder about my half marathon in Fontana.  Was it just one of those days that everything works? I had gotten in some extra miles this week (like 38 before the start of the 10k this morning) and I ate later than normal last night.  But this morning I ran my best 10k race since Nov 2009.  I placed 50th overall, first 50 plus and finished in 41:22.  I really needed this.

I battled with the third place female over the last two miles.

I had a chance to met and speak with the overall winner after the race. 

Met Ujena Fit Club member Gary Funck after the race.  He ran the 5k.

Another good day of filming.  Waitman, me and Michael.  Photos by Catherine Cross

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Getting Back on Track
It is tough to stay focused
Friday, June 22nd, 2012
Post Image

I am just one week short of six months in doing my 50 Race One-Year Challenge.  There are a lot of things that makes my challenge unique and certainly one of them is the fact that it is a one year event.  I am not sure if I know of other one-year events?  You can run across the US in less than two months.  However, unlike those guys I have rest days.  I had a bad race in Puerto Vallarta and I am hoping to get back on track in the morning.

Photo: After the Ujena 10k last Saturday.  It was hot and humid.  I made sure to drink most of a bottle of Gatorade before starting the 5k 45 minutes later.  The Bob Anderson 15k Challenge is an interesting event.

Obviously we all have lots of things going in our lifes.  The trick is to fit the 50 races into my routine.  I am the CEO of the Ujena swimwear company.  I started Ujena back in 1984 and have been running our family owned company since then.  After selling Runner's World the same year, I threw myself into selling women's fashion swimwear.  We have made a good mark for ourselves.  We have sold over one million swimsuits to customers around the world.  One of my responsibilities is taking images of our product in real life situations.  About 90% of the images we use for our Ujena.com website are my images.  I take a lot of images.  The light was perfect in PV and I took over 35,000 images there.

Photo: I am going over the rules of the final shoot-out with our photographers and models at the recent Ujena Jam in Puerto Vallarta.  This is a totally unique judged event.  Models and photographers have 20 minutes to get catalog-style images and then another 20 minutes to get editorial-style images.  Their style of shooting and posing is judged.  And all the images are turned in for judging.

We do three Ujena Jams per year.  The Jams are held in locations we would travel to for photo shoots.  We go to Cancun, Puerto Vallarta and Cabo.  They are 7-5 day trips and almost all of our images and videos we use to sell Ujena are taken at these three events.

The days are long and even through I do get in a run each morning, it is hard to get focused to race.  We have always been doing a 5k as part of our week activities.  Now we do the 15k Challenge.  I am only saying all of this not because I don't enjoy my job but it does add to the challenge of staying under seven minutes per mile.  I just know I am going to loose ground on these races and will have to make it up on my other races.

When you are not focused you are just not going to race as well as when you are focused.  I was focused on racing in Fontana June 2nd and averaged 6:36/mile for the half marthon.  I was not focused (I also had gained five pounds and was not getting enough sleep) June 16 in Puerto Vallarta plus it was hot and humid.  It was a flat course and I averaged 7:18/mile for 10k.  I was able to bring it down to 6:57/mile for the 5k 45 minutes later, however.  There is not a lot of room in my challenge to run bad races for me to reach my goal.  



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It was tough racing in PV
Races 25 and 26 are complete...half way
Sunday, June 17th, 2012
Post Image

The air is thick in Puerto Vallarta.  I knew I would loose some time in PV.  Plus the 15k Challenge by itself is not an easy race.  We ran the 10k at 7:30am and the 5k at 9:00am.  In the 10k I really felt heavy.  I ran 45:16 which is 7:18 per mile.  I really thought I could get under 44.  But I was able to come back and run 21:34 for the 5k which was 6:57/mile pace.  Overall I lost about two minutes toward my sub 7min/mile pace average.  Good thing I banked some minutes in Fontana.

Photo: first Ujena model in the 15k was Jodi, Monica and baby, Carlos and myself.  photo by Steve Manente Ujena Fit Club

Carlos Fernando set the World Record in the 15k Challenge running 49:15 (33:40 and 15:34) and Monica Solorzano set a new female 15k Challenge record running 55:02 (36:45 and 18:17).  Great performances plus many top age-group records too. 

 The Ujena team won the team event.  Our top runner was David Perez Merida finishing in 54:31 (36:03 and 18:27).

Photo: our oldest finisher in the Ujena 5k was 97-year-old Miguel Lopez (341) finishing with some of  our Ujena models.  I gave him the $50 I won for being our first photographer finisher to Miguel so he can get some new shoes.

Photos by Steve Manente Ujena Fit Club

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First weekend off
I had raced every weekend this year
Saturday, June 9th, 2012
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This is the first weekend of 2012 that I am not running a race by design.  I knew my legs would not be fully recovered from the Fontana Half Marathon the Saturday before.  Also, I leave first thing in the morning for Puerto Vallarta (for our Ujena Jam event) and it just didn't make sense.  What better way to spend some time today with the grandkids and watch Jaxson win his championship baseball game this morning.  He was the catcher.  Photo above is the grandkids and my daughter Lisa.  Catherine took this photo

One of many tough things about my challenge is working in all the things I want to do.  Like watch the kids play sports.  Earlier in the day Owen played soccer but we just could not get there.  We watched Owen and Carly play earlier in the season on a Saturday when my race was a local one on Sunday.

Jaxson scored the winning run.  He loves baseball and it is exciting to watch him play.

The Fontana Half marathon was race number 24 of the year and my best race so far.  I really pushed it and my legs are still recovering a week later.  However, I was able to run my Carly Bay 11 mile course this morning averaging 8:55/mile.  I ran two miles under 8 minutes/mile.  It is a good thing I am not racing this weekend because I just would not have been ready.   My next race is actually two in one.  The BA 15k Challenge in Puerto Vallarta has the 10k at 7:30am and the 5k at 9:00am.  These will be race number 25 and 26.   Half way there in my journey. 

Photo is from last year's race in Puerto Vallarta.  It will be hot and humid there.  This is the winner finishing the 10k part of the dual race event.  Hector did run 34:04 and 15:34 for the 5k which was just six seconds off the world best.   I ran 44:37 and 21:19.  This year I am hoping to get under 44 and 21 minutes.  It is the heat and the fact that I am on my feet all week taking photos of Ujena models in our bikinis.  I do love location fashion photography too.  The good news is I have a solid 13 minute buffer and if I loose a couple of minutes in PV, I will be able to make it up.


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Fontana Half Marathon
Best race of the Year
Saturday, June 2nd, 2012
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Everything worked today.  On Friday I had a fifteen minute back massage, got a lot of rest (even through we had to catch a plane at 6am), drank a lot of water, ate early (8 oz of steak, mash potatoes, and one mile stride at about 8 pm (first mile on the race course).  Did about a half mile warm up, got a good place at the starting line and I took in a lot of deep breathes before the start.  Ate a Glu, put one in my shorts, put on my Icy Hot, drank a little Gatoraide, some water and I was ready.

Photo: just a few yards away from the finish line.  I ended up running the best age-graded performance of any race ever!  87.95%...

This is my kind of course.  The first three miles is downhill, the next three is rolling downhill, and the last seven is straight and slightly downhill with a couple of bumps.  It is a fast course but you can easily blow it.  My legs were so sore at 10 miles I was actually thinking about walking.  But I kept going.  I finished 35th overall (first print out said 32) out of 1025 finshers.  I was third 50 plus and first 60.  My chip time was 1:26:27.  I ran 1:26:26 on the same course three years ago.   Here are my mile splits: 5:57, 6:06, 6:13 (18:16 three miles - 18:54 5k),  6:30, 6:24, 6:33 (39:01 10k), 6:34, 6:38, 6:33 (59:28 15k), 6:55 (64:23 10 mile), 6:52, 7:10, 7:02.

Right after the finish Catherine gave me two bottles of Gatorade and two bags of Fritos.  I added a banana, a couple of bottles of water and I was already feeling better.  Since then I have been eating a lot and taking in a lot of water.  This is very important after a hard race. 

After the race Diana Pacheco (a new Ujena Fit club member who I met here in 2009) and I shared times.  She ran 1:35:22...her 2nd fastest half marathon time.   It was nice to see Diana again.

This was the 57th Annual Fontana Half Marathon.  It was a perfect day for running.  About 65 degrees at the start and about 69 at the finish.  Plenty of water stops and the times were right on and out quickly.  Cash awards to the first finishers and the top three in each age-group got a special medal.  The t-shirt was really nice and the goodie bag was filled with plenty of food items.   photos by Catherine Cross


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Race number 23 in Marin
10k Memorial Day Race
Monday, May 28th, 2012
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This morning was race number 23 in Kentfield, CA.  It is called the Marin Memorial Day 10k.  I have run this race many times and I like the course.  This photo is just after the four mile mark. 

I normally am only a few rows back at the start but not this morning.  After doing a good warmup I lost track of time and before I knew it I had to squeeze into the pack.  It took me seven seconds to cross the starting line.  It was chip timed but it meant I had to weave in and out of people for the first mile.  I normally would have run the first mile under 6:30 but this morning I hit it in 6:39.

Hans (37) got a much better start and I could see him at least 100 yards ahead at the mile.  Hans ran a great race finishing under 41 minutes.  I am sure that was the best age-graded performance of the day.  Way to go Hans.

Mike is the president of the Tamalpa Runners who put on the race.  I had not met him until today.  We spoke before the start.  He told me that he was not in the same shape as last year when he missed breaking 40 minutes by less than a second.  Mike is now 61.  For the first four miles I kept hearing people call out his name.  He was right behind me.  At just over four miles we were running together.  He made a good move about a half mile later and held it to the finish.  I think he was about five seconds in front of me.  Great guy!

This race finishes on the track.  The college of Marin just got a new 1.2 million dollar track.  It was great.  I ran my best 10k of the year and better than my goal (42:30).  I finished in 42:16.  I think I was 7th in my dvision.  I can do better but for racing I do need to loose five pounds as I keep saying...

It is always great to see everyone at the races.  I wished there was more time to chat.  Here I am after the race with Hans, JoAnn and Bill.

I have now completed 23 races.  I have raced 144.75 miles and my average pace is 6:57/mile.   I am ahead by 8:11 minutes.  I still have to plan 10 more races.  I have 40 scheduled for 279.7 miles.  This means I need another 70.3 miles to reach my goal of 7 miles per race.  I am on target... photos by Catherine Cross    Mike and Waitman got tons of good video footage!

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run Another great race Bob.
Tony Brickel 5/28/12
Training Run with Hans Schmid
We meet up with Hans on Sunday
Sunday, May 27th, 2012
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Our film crew (Michael, Catherine and Waitman) met up with Hans on Sunday before the Marin Memorial Day Races.  We were staying at the Panama Hotel in San Rafael and before we started our training run we walked up to Bocce Ball center just a block from the hotel to do the sit down interview. 

Hans started running when he was 63.  He is now 72 and running very well.  The next day he ran 40:45 for the 10K

Hans has an amazing story.   He travels around the world running races.  His range is the road mile up to 50 miles.  He has also ran several stage races (4-8 day events where you are running almost a marathon each day). 

After our one hour interview he tired his hand at Bocce Ball.  Then we hit the road and ran a couple of miles.  We did not want to do too much since we were racing the next day.

I beat Hans at the Bay to Breakers by 30 seconds but he toasted me at the Marin Memorial 10k on Monday.  I enjoyed our training run together and we got a lot of good footage for our movie.

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Golden Gate Bridge was 75 on Sunday
Mike and I run in Tiburon
Sunday, May 27th, 2012
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On Sunday afternoon we drove over to Tiburon which is across the bay from the Golden Gate Bridge.  Mike and I did a training run from the Yatch Club, through the city and along the bay to the end.  It was beautiful.  People were already setting up to view the 75th Anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge that night.

People were already setting up to watch the fireworks near the Golden Gate Bridge.

Waitman and Catherine did the filming capturing good footage for our movie.  Mike has been getting in some solid 40 mile weeks.  It has been tough for him to get in the mileage since he is behind the camera most of the time.  Photos by Catherine Cross

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Press in Manhattan Kansas
"Thanks Burk for the article. Means a lot to me."
Friday, May 25th, 2012
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My brother sent along a copy of the article that the Manhattan Mercury newspaper ran.  Brought back good memories of our trip back to Kansas.  We were only in Manhattan, Kansas less than 24 hours but we did a lot.  Including a nice training run, visit and interview with my Barry, tour of Ag-Press who printed the first copies of Distance Running News, and a nice dinner with Barry and his wife Vicki.

Next up is race number 24 on Monday...10k in Marin and then a week from Saturday is the half marathon in Fontana.  Then on June 10th I leave for the Ujena Jam.  Will be running the Bob Anderson Challenge 10k + 5k June 16.  The weekend I leave for Puerto Vallarata (June 9-10) will be the first weekend of the year that I have not raced. 

This has been a tough week.  My son-in-law mother's funeral is in the moring.  JoEtta was a wonderful person and we will miss her.  Mike and I are doing a memorial run tomorrow afternoon in her honor.

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run Are you counting the 15k Challenge as two races toward your 50? If not you should be.
Barry Anderson 5/25/12
run Never mind...just looked at your schedule and answered my own question. Good luck on Monday.
Barry Anderson 5/25/12
Race No 22 Bay To Breakers
I had a tough time on the Hayes St Hills
Sunday, May 20th, 2012
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I had not run the Bay to Breakers in over 20 years.  Then I just jogged it with the kids.  Today I raced it.  I went out easy but still hit the first mile in 6:27.  I was feeling just fine.   But I knew the Hayes Street hills were coming up just after the 2 mile mark.  I think at least 100 runners passed me on those hills as I posted a 8:12 mile.  I knew I could make up some but this was a lot.  And then there was some up hill left to run as Rich mentioned to me.  My next mile was like 7:13.  I now had a minute and a half to make up.  My goa1 was to get under 52 minutes.  I finished in 52:05 which is 6:59/mile.

Glad I got a sub seeded number.  Otherwise I would not have run what I did today. 

First to finish in my 60-69 age group was Joe Schieffer (1400).  We have battled it out several times this year (like at least four times).  I did beat Joe at the Oakland Half.  But today he toasted me big time running 50:10.  I was ahead of him for the first two miles. 

I finished third in my division (60-69).  Second place was someone I don't know named John La Claire from Austin, Texas.  He did not get a time at the top of the Hayes Hills.  I am assuming he ran the whole way?

Talking with Hans at the finish line.  He was about 30 seconds behind me.  Hans is 72-years-old and won that division.

With the winner, Sammy Kitwara from Kenya in the VIP area after the race.  His winning time was 34:40.

Had a chance to speak with Meb after the race too.  He placd 6th with 36:15.  He is getting focused for the London Olympics.

Dan Brown, from the San Jose Mercury News and friends at the finish line.

First to finish was Mamitu Daska from Ethiopia.  The elite women get a five minute lead start.  There is a $25,000 bonus for crossing the finish line first.  She also won $7,000 for being first female and another $5,000 for being the first up Hayes Street Hills.   Her time was 39:03 which was just 37 seconds ahead of Sammy.

With Mamitu Daska in the VIP area.  It was hard to communicate since she does not speak English, however.

Team Linkedin won the Centipede division (13 runners) in a time of 36:44. 

Peanut Harms came up with the idea for the Centipede competition over 30 years ago.  Peanut worked for me at Runner's World in our promotions department back in the 70's.

Our crew heading home.  We got some really good footage today.  Photos by Catherine Cross Ujena Fit Club


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San Jose Mercury News Article
Runner's World founder doesn't let age slow him down
Friday, May 18th, 2012
Post Image

by Dan Brown 

It's 8:17 a.m., less than an hour before the starting gun, and Bob Anderson has made the rookie mistake of leaving himself too little time to warm up.

The founder of Runner's World ought to know better, having dedicated his life to unearthing strategies for just these occasions. Anderson's seminal magazine provided tips on what shoes to wear, what to eat and how to train -- but, alas, never a word about how to juggle a documentary film crew.

This article was featured on the front page of the May 12 Saturday edition of the San Jose Mercury News.  Right next to the article about Facebook going public...

Such are the hurdles awaiting this Los Altos resident on his audacious journey: Anderson is celebrating his 50th year in running by racing 50 times. He will consider his goal met only if he does them at a young runner's speed, averaging under 7 minutes per mile.

Sunday marks Race No. 22, the Bay to Breakers in San Francisco.

But on this morning, in the increasingly agitated lead-up to Race No. 12, in Palo Alto, Anderson is grumbling that a problem with the film crew has cut into his preparation.

There will be no time for a favorite trick, slathering his bare feet in Icy Hot.

Sitting in his family room speaking with Dan Brown after their run.  Photos by Gary Reyes/Staff

"I know that sounds weird," Anderson said. "But I want that burning sensation. It gives me that flying feeling."

Hidden gems like that are what Anderson, now 64, set out to discover as a high school cross-country runner in Kansas, when he sent letters to athletes and coaches around the country pleading for advice on how to train for a marathon.

The immediate flood of responses fueled the birth of Runner's

World magazine, which would soon move its headquarters to Los Altos, then Mountain View, and serve as the companion reading for the running boom of the 1970s.

Now, with Runner's World long sold, Anderson wanted a new way to spread the sport's gospel. Thus, the 50-races-for-50-years quest that will cover 350 miles and includes 10 half-marathons.

In the running formula known as age-grading, Anderson's mile pace is the equivalent of a 30-year-old running at 5:24.

"I wanted to do something special, something that would be very positive for running," Anderson said. "But I also wanted to do something that would not be easy."

Here is the link for the whole article: San Jose Mercury News


Comments and Feedback
run I have not seen the paper but I guess it was on the front page...been getting a lot of emails about it...thanks everyone for your support...means so much to me!
Bob Anderson 5/20/12
run Plus now I have been dragged into the limelight too because I am mentioned and quoted. It was all I could do to fight my way into my house past the press and autograph seekers. ;-)
Richard Stiller 5/22/12
My next race is Bay To Breakers in SF
I have never raced the B2B but I am on Sunday
Tuesday, May 15th, 2012
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The Bay to Breakers became a very wild race.  One year close to 100,000 runners (official and unofficial) finished the 12k (7.46 miles) race.  It was a big party.   Running naked, in costume or just being drunk and crazy became the norm.  The last time I ran it which was more than 18 years ago, it took me over 10 minutes just to cross the starting line.  I then started running a local run in San Carlos which is normally held on the same day.  The Home Town race gets about 300 runners and is a fun event.  However, this year I am racing the B2B.

I applied to be in the sub seeded section, which means I should be up front somewhere.  At least able to run.  Because I have to always be concerned about getting under or close to 7 minutes per mile.  I am a little concerned about the hills.  If I had a couple of girls like above near by I am sure it would help...

Above is the elevation map.  The Hayes Street hills are going to be tough.  I have to follow the advice I have been getting.  But then I am going to love the last two miles.   I am hoping to get under 51 minutes which would be 6:50/mile pace.  That would be good and you never know.  I could easier run the last two miles in under 6:30 pace.  How much am I going to lose on the Hayes Street Hills?


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run This is one of the first road races that I remember ever reading about. Quite a tradition. Run well.
Barry Anderson 5/17/12
run Last ran it in 1981. 5:24 pace but had to go hard to get in the top 100. Then it was 7.63.
Richard Stiller 5/18/12
run Last ran it in 1983. 5:24 pace/ 40:17. 73rd place overall. Upset I didn't break 40 minutes. Ended up being my lifetime P.R.
Bill Dunn 5/18/12
run Strange that Bill and I ran the same pace. If I had run it in 1983 instead of 1981, we both would have been unhappy about not breaking 40 minutes.
Richard Stiller 5/19/12
run Up early and getting ready to race the B2B...got my sub seeded number...hope I don't loose a minute on the Hayes Street hills...but I know I will love the last few miles through Golden Gate Park...want to run 6:55 or better pace...thanks Rich, Bill and Barry for your thoughts...My on site support crew Michael and Waitman will be here to meet Catherine and I in 40 minutes...
Bob Anderson 5/20/12
Race 21 DSE Mother's Day 5k SF
"I like these low-key type races once in awhile"
Sunday, May 13th, 2012
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I do like to run a lot of different type of races.  I do love the big races but I also like these little races of less than 200 runners.  The DSE holds a race almost every weekend in San Francisco.  They have been doing since for over 30 years.  Their entry fee is $5.00 for non-members and $3 for members.  Everyone gets a ribbon at the end and they give out awards to the top five male and female overall. 

We take it for granted but on this course you can see Alcrtaz Island, the Golden Gate Bridge, Crissy Field, the Marina and the yatch harbor.   If you didn't live in the Bay area, these are all sites you would put down on your list of things to see while visiting San Francisco.  This morning we ran by and hardly took notice but isn't that the way it is? 

It seems like a lot of things have been slowing me down.  Maybe it is because I have raced every weekend of the year? Or maybe it is because I am 64-years-old?  Or maybe because I am carrying five extra pounds (belly fat)?  In any case the things that are costing me time are: wind, gravel, hills. heat and humidity.  (What have I left out?) Today there was a 10 mile per hour wind and there was about two miles of gravel.  (I think they changed the course since Rich ran it or maybe gravel doesn't bother him?)  I am not complaining but just stating facts.  And Dr. JoAnn I am thinking positive the whole way and I think I am achieving what I am doing because of it.  Thanks for your help JoAnn.

We started off at 9 sharp.  The first quarter mile was on gravel but the wind was at our back.  Even through this was a low key race I still did not warm up enough.  I maybe ran a half mile in total.  Not enough for me.  It is tough since we are making a movie.  There was a lot of things we needed to do and that cut into my warmup.

One person from my support team and film crew was missing today.  I was going to race on Saturday but decided at the last minute to run this race instead.  Catherine had already made plans with a dear friend and could not join us.  We missed her but Michael and Waitman picked up the pieces.  We couldn't stick around afterwards however because Mike had to get back to be with his mom for Mother's Day.

Mike went out to the Marina to grab some footage and Waitman stayed back to do the start and finish.  It was overcast but for video it will look good.  Wished we had more time to do some more interviews with other runners but we just didn't.  However, Mike got what he wanted.

You can see how the wind and gravel effected my time.  My first wile was 6:27 which included a quarter mile of gravel and wind the last 220.  My second mile into the wind and 3/4 on gravel was 7:03.  My third mile was 6:47 1/2 into the wind and all on gravel.   And my last .1 was 36 seconds which is under 6 minute/pace.  The good news is that I did not feel like I did at the Zippy or the Great Race a couple of weeks ago.  At those two races, my arms were dead and my breathing labored and I really could not wait for them to end.  I never felt like that today.    

I can't say that I am pleased with my 20:53 time.  But this speed work is going to help my half marthon times.  I like racing 5k but I love the half more.  My body and mind likes 9 to 15 miles.  I should be ruunning these 5k's faster when you compare them to my half marathon times.  However, I keep reminding myself, my major event is a one year long.  It is racing 350 miles (no more than 50 races) and I want to average under 7 minutes per mile.  After today I have raced 131 miles and my average pace is at 6:57.  We are 134 days into the year.  I am going to do this.

Talking with Mike after the race.  Looking at some of the sights.  And what this photo shows is some of the five pounds like I need to loose.  It would make racing so much easier.  I was at the starting line this morning at 145 pounds (5'7").  140 is what I want to be and the weight I raced at when I was in my 50's.  But I love to eat and drink a little red wine.  I am not eating or drinking more than when I was in my 50's but my metablism has slowed down.  Just not burning enough at rest...

We have a good base team.  Waitman today shoot voth video and still photos since Catherine was not able to make it.  This is a team effort and it would be so much harder and much less fun without my team.  Thanks guys and thanks Catherine for helping me complete my challenge.  My support team goes much deeper than this too.  Rich Stiller who has been helping me from the start is the one who suggested I run this 5k.  Verity, Honor, Shelley, Bill, JoAnn, Jodi, Christine, Lisa, Justin, Barry, Amol, Neil and so many others have been cheering me on.  This challenge would have so much less meaning without the support I am getting.  And I thank all of you!   Photos by Waitman Gobble Ujena Fit Club


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run If you live in San Francisco or when you are visting SF, you can always count on the DSE to have a race for you. I have done four so far out of 50...thanks DSE Runners!!!
Bob Anderson 5/13/12
run I love gravel ;) Raced this section for years over many DSE courses. My father's last post at the end of WWII was the Presidio and for all I know he put the gravel there in 1945. Lol
Richard Stiller 5/13/12
run Bob, you are keeping the right attitude and keeping things in perspective for the LONG HAUL. Maybe your body will at least compromise with you and you can knock off 2 or 3 pounds. If you keep going this fast, the unnecessary weight will get discouraged and will eventually go away. Good luck in the big one this Sunday, save a little back for the last half.
Bruce Gilbert 5/16/12
Change of Plans for this Weekend
Race 21 is going to be Sunday in SF
Thursday, May 10th, 2012
Post Image

It is never too late to make a good decision.  I was planning on running the 5k in Portola Valley, CA this Saturday.  My running buddy Rich Stiller emailed me a couple of days ago and told me that the course is not fast.  We decided to drive the course and then have lunch to talk. 

I have already raced 128 miles (222 miles to go) and I am just 5:57 ahead of pace (7 minutes/mile).  On top of this I still have seven half marathons ahead of me.  I need to  average at least 21:00 or better in all my remaining 5k's and two of them are in Mexico...second race of the 15k Challenge and hot weather.  Photo - running in Mexico is Hot and my best time for 5k is 21:19. It is tough just to get under 22 minutes after running 10k just 45 minutes earlier.

It would be good to get close to 20 minutes or under this weekend.  Bill Dunn who did run 19:53 at Zippy is not sure he can run under 20 on the Portola Valley course.  So Rich and I drove the course and it is mostly downhill going out and uphill coming back.  It is NOT a fast course for sure.

The race starts right next to this deli.  After having lunch and talking about the numbers I have decided to run the faster course.  Thanks to everyone who was behind this decision.

I really like the DSE races anyway.  I have already run several of them this year.  The Dolphin South End Runners is the oldest and largest running club in San Francisco.  They hold races nearly every weekend of the year.  Good luck to all the runners in Portola Valley.  I really want to average under 7 minutes and if I can pick up 30 seconds this weekend in SF, I might really need this in a few months...Thanks Rich for suggesting this!

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run Race number 21 of the year will be this Sunday in San Francisco...
Bob Anderson 5/10/12
run Best of luck Bob. Weather conditions look excellent.
Richard Stiller 5/10/12
Race 20 Ave of Giants Half
It doesn't get any more beautiful than this
Sunday, May 6th, 2012
Post Image

Ran my 20th race of the year this morning...the Ave of the Giants Half marthon.  I placed 22nd overall out of about 1100 runners and was first 60 plus. 

Coming down after the half way turn around point. 

Most everybody parks down by the river.  The race starts off an exit off the freeway.  Right in the middle of the Redwoods.  This always reminds me of Woodstock.

Getting warmed up.  Just about 5 minutes before the start.

The race director brings us to the starting line.

And we are off...I ran my first mile in 6:47 and it felt easy.  No 1617 was first woman at the end and third overall.

First 50 plus in the half.  I was just behind Greg at the three mile mark and then he pulled away.  Good interview with him for the movie.

I finished in 1:32:47.  I just need to get in a few longer runs (like 15 milers) before my next half which is Fontana the first part of June.

Right after finishing.  Photos by Catherine Cross Ujena Fit Club

We talked with a lot of runners at the finish.

It was a special day because it was also Michael's 37th birthday.  We got tons of good footage this weekend...

Really enjoy having Waitman on our crew at most of the races...



Comments and Feedback
run Great job again, Bob! You are staying right where you need to be for overall pace goal, and no injuries.
Bruce Gilbert 5/7/12
run Nice race Bob. Keep it up, you are doing great!
Lisa Anderson-Wall 5/7/12
run You are an inspiration to all who know you. Congrats!
Christine Kennedy 5/7/12
run Thanks Bruce, Lis and Christine...I have a plan to get under 1:30 for my next half marathon...of course it is Fontana with a lot of down hill and first five miles...
Bob Anderson 5/8/12
Running with Katie before Ave
Katie and I running in the Redwoods
Saturday, May 5th, 2012
Post Image

I met Katie at the Run Wild for the Child Race last November.  She was running in costume and almost beat me in the 10k  race.  Then at the Kaiser half marathon she beat me almost breaking 1:30.

This is part of the full marathon course of the Ave of the Giants.

Katie with her running buddy Lesley and me.

After the easy training run we did an interview for the movie.

A Long Run is featuring a lot of runners... photos by Catherine Cross


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Training Run with Mike
Running in Ferndale before Ave of Giants Half
Friday, May 4th, 2012
Post Image

Michael, Catherine, Waitman and I drove up Friday to Ferndale, CA. for race number 20th which will be held on Sunday...Ave of the Giants Half Marathon.  Mike and I did a training run in and around the historial town of Ferndale Friday afternoon.  We got some really good footage for the movie.

Catherine drove, Waitman was in the back with the 7D camera and Mike and I ran.  It was a little cool and windy.

Getting the cameras all set.

Outside of Ferndale is miles and miles of farms and farm lands.  It is a wonderful place to run.

Trying to keep up with the car...I think we were rolling at 7:19/mile pace here.

The crew Michael, Waitman and Catherine.

Passing more farms...

We finished off the run with the beach in the back.


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Race 20 on Sunday
"I am ready to race 13.1 miles in the Redwoods"
Thursday, May 3rd, 2012
Post Image

It has been a good week.  Have gotten in a few miles but not too many.  My legs are feeling fresh.  I want to make sure I don't do too much on Saturday.  The Ave of the Giants Half Marathon course (second half of the marathon) looks to be fairly fast.  Last year I was injuried but I ran it anyway.  Seems like there is more down hill than up.  The Redwoods are amazing...we run right down the avenue.

We had to get all new video gear since it was all stolen and we are now set (thanks to our insurance company).  Michael, Waitman, Catherine and I are leaving in the morning. 

 We stay in a little town about 30 minutes north of the starting line.  Ferndale, Ca is a cool little place offering good food, nice friendly people and a good place to relax before a race.

Most races start in a town and goes into the country.  The start of this race is an exit off the Freeway.  It works. 

I was never at Woodstock but where this race starts and finish reminds me of that.

I just love this race.  It is a long drive (like six hours from Los Altos) but I keep coming back.  This will be my third one.  A running friend Bill Scobey still holds the course record for the marathon.  We are going to get a lot of good footage for "A Long Run."  My plan is to run under 1:32.

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Training Run with Amol Saxena
Getting ready for Ave of the Giants Half Sunday
Tuesday, May 1st, 2012
Post Image

The year is flying by.  Hard to believe it is already May 1st.  Got together with Amol for a training run near where he lives...Gunn High School in Palo Alto, CA.  I am getting ready for race number 20.  This Sunday I am running the Ave of the Giants Half Marathon up in the Redwoods.  We are staying in Ferndale.

Amol had just gotten back from the National Duathlons Championships (bike and running event) and he placed in the top 18 qualifying him to attend the World Championships in France.

Amol has been running nearly 40 years...he started when he was 10.  He has told me that running saved his life. 

This paved trail is only about four miles from my house but I had not run it before last Sunday with Mike.   When we filmed the Tompkins twins a couple months back I didn't run this part of their course.  A lot of beautiful running...

I had already run three miles with Mike in the morning but it was nice to get in a few more miles with Amol.  I have known Amol since he was 17.  He worked for Runner's World before he went to college, studied medicine and became a well respected foot doctor.

Mike got some good running footage for "A Long Run."  Photos by Michael Anderson

Amol and his wife Karen put on an 8k race each year called the Juana Run that starts near Gunn High School. 

Just watched some of the video footage Michael got...it is good.  We are getting tons of good footage...and Amol's story is amazing!


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Race 19 The Great Race 4 Miler
Point to Point race from Saratoga to Los Gatos CA
Sunday, April 29th, 2012
Post Image

It was a perfect morning for racing.  Ran 27:10 which was a 6:47/mile pace.  Didn't feel as good as I was hoping but better than last week.

Warming up before the start.  I have run this race more than 10 times.  I have run under 24 minutes in the past.  But that was back a lot of years.

Honor and Shelley run this race a lot too.  Honor has beaten me the last two years including this year.  She ran 26:42 which is over 90% age-graded.  I am sure it was the best performance of the day!

We met Jason (1259) in Carlsbad.  He ran 25:33 today.  He was hoping to do better.  His friend behind him (white shirt 504), Zacharias Martinez ran 23:04.  He is just 11 years old.

It was good to see Bill Dunaway there.  He worked for me at Runner's World and I had not seen him in over 25 years.

These kids are fast.  Jason's father (Alex) is the coach. 

Mike, me and Waitman.  Catherine taking the photo.  We all leave next Friday for Ave of the Giants Half Marathon up in the redwoods.  I need a longer race.  These short ones are just not doing it for me.  Photos by Catherine Cross

Photo by Waitman Ujena Fit Club



Comments and Feedback
run Almost a mile further than last week on a tougher course. You ran pretty well.
Richard Stiller 4/29/12
run Great time!! Way to go Bob!!
Jodi Labossiere 4/29/12
run Great Job!!!
Steven Richardson 4/30/12
run Way to go Bob! I had 26:14 on a much easier Trolley Run course--75th
Bruce Gilbert 5/1/12
I was way off my goal for the Zippy 5k
"I wanted to run a lot faster but it just didn't happen"
Sunday, April 22nd, 2012
Post Image

I have a lot of reasons why I didn't run close to what I wanted to at the Zippy 5k in Golden Gate Park this morning, but the bottom line is that I ran 21:09.  I probably went out too fast.  One positive note is that my third mile was 6:30. 

The sixty plus field has at least 12 guys under 22 minutes.  Ron (above) was one of them...

On the other hand my running buddy Bill Dunn and the guy I thought I would be battling ran what he had hoped for, 19:53.  I should have been there.

On a positive note, our gang (Rich, Waitman, Bill, Catherine, JoAnn, Wesley and I) had a nice breakfast afterwards. 

Thanks Rich and Bill for your support.  This was race 18 of 50 and after 110 miles races my average pace is 6:57.  Next week is the Great Race and then Ave of the Giants Half Marathon.  I will be ready... photos by Catherine Cross Ujena Fit Club


Comments and Feedback
run You're still under a 7:00/ mile overall and well into the 350 miles! :)
Jodi Labossiere 4/23/12
run Thanks Jodi...I ran 6:49/mile pace. But I wanted to run at least one minute faster...that's all...
Bob Anderson 4/25/12
Most of our Video Gear was Stolen
Out of my Jeap on my driveway
Friday, April 20th, 2012
Post Image

I can not believe what happened last night.  We had all of our video equipment, our laptop and other things in two bags in the back of my Jeep parked on my driveway outside my house stolen.   Sometime between 10:00pm and 11:45pm Thursday someone opened up the back of my Jeep and took the two bags that had all this equipment.

They also took Michael (our director) wallet that had some credit cards.  At 12:20am they charged $4 for gas to make sure the card worked.  At 12:45 they charged $20 at In and Out Burgers and then 30 minutes later they charge $123 at a gas station.  At one of these locations they had a video camera running.  The police are going to check it out.

What kind of scum does things like this? They took over $12,000 worth of equipment.  But the show goes on.  Rich Stiller and I scheduled a three mile run and then lunch today.  The whole purpose was to talk about the Zippy 5k on Sunday.  80% of what we talked about was this situation.  However, Rich gave me some good advice.  He has run this course many times over the years.   I will be ready to run on Sunday.  I want to get under 20 minutes for 5k.  We have rented equipment and have made arrangements for things to continue.  We did not loose any footage we have shot and everything can be replaced.

The Zippy 5k will be my 18th race of the year.  I am hoping to get under 20 minutes but there is one hill at about the mile mark.  Christine Kennedy has told me how to tackle it and I am going to use her advice.  Dr JoAnn emiled me a audio file to help me focus.  Bill Dunn and I are going to be going for it.  This is a championship race and the competition is going to be tough.   I will be set to race Sunday in Golden Gate Park.  I want to run 19:59 or better...

I left my leather Jacket in our rental car in Kansas.  We called and they sent it to us.  The photo is a typical looking barn with a house near by in Kansas.  Of course, things happen in Kansas but not very often.  This is only the third time in 42 years that I have had something stolen from me in California.  However, I don't think this would have happened in Kansas!

Comments and Feedback
run I can't believe that! Right out of the driveway? Hopefully they catch them! It hasn't seemed to slow down the training! I think you'll break the 20 minute 5k!
Jodi Labossiere 4/21/12
run I am ready to race in the morning...and nothing is stopping us in making our film. We have rented equipment and we are not letting this get in the way. No footage was lost. Thanks Jodi and Bill...
Bob Anderson 4/21/12
run Really sorry to read this Bob. Sadly the equipment will sell for pennies on the dollar and more than likely the culprits have already spent their proceeds in a few days. Ironically the ramifications on your end will be felt for a long time but fortunately the footage is still intact. I don't even want to think about it if the footage was also lost!
Roger Wright 4/22/12
run It looks like our business insurance is going to cover most of the lost. It does pay to have insurance...
Bob Anderson 4/26/12
In High School I started Distance Running News - 1966
I started running 50 years ago in Overland Park Kansas
Monday, April 16th, 2012
Post Image

I started running in Feb of 1962.  On our first day of our trip to Overland Park, Kansas we visited my high school.  Catherine and Michael looking around in the gym.  I started Distance Running News in 1966 here while attending Shawnee Mission West High School with $100.  On a bus on the way to a cross country meet in October, 1965 I told Dave Zimmerman that I was going to start a magazine.  At first he thought I was joking.  How could a 17-year-old kid start a magazine?

One of the current teachers (Jay Hollyman) at Shawnee Mission West took out a lifetime subsciption to Runner's World in 1982.  He wanted to see the issue I published in 1966.  (I changed the name from Distance Running News to Runner's World in 1970.)

The current principle (Dr. Charles McLean) welcomed me and crew to the school.  Shawnee Mission West is celebrating 50 years too!

Speaking with Coach O at the track meet being held at West on Friday.

I met up with Bruce Gilbert who was also running the Rock the Parkway half marathon the next day.  He is 62 and would be my competition in our age-group.

I was asked to start the 1600m boys race.  I was honored.

Saying a few words before the start.  The athletic Director Don looking on.  When I ran at this location in 1964-1966, this was a cinder track and there was a creek that ran down the middle.  It is now a beautiful all weather track.

My brother's son Morgan Anderson joined our crew and worked with us at the Rock the Parkway Half marathon the next day.  Photos by Catherine Cross

I met up with some classmates at the 50th Anniversity gathering on Sunday.

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Rock the Parkway Half Marathon
Race 17th in Overland Park Kansas
Monday, April 16th, 2012
Post Image

The Rock the Parkway half marathon is only three years old and they do a good job.  I finished 101 overall in 1:33:29.  It was first 60 plus but I had hoped to have run better.   There was some wind coming back and the humidity was 90% but most of all my legs were dead at one mile.  Just on my feet too much the day before.

My official time was 1:33:29.  

I was glad this one was over.  But the course was great and the weather! It was suppose to be raining and severe weather.  That did not happen.

Troy, the race director and creator of this event, and I at the finish line.

Lots of nice people...  I battled with Wendy (in red) for several miles.  She ended beating me by 15 seconds or so.

Bruce and I finished firsted one-two for sixty plus.  He was just a couple of minutes behind me.

Carey Bisbee joined us at the finish line. 

26-year-old Paul Hefferon was the overall winner.  He ran 1:11:46.  He won by nearly two minutes.

Lots of great people...

Mark ran the 5k and almost broke 20 minutes.  He had brought some old Runner's World magazines for me to sign.  They were in mint condition.

Photos by Catherine Cross Ujena Fit Club

Breakfast with the gang afterwards...fun times!





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Our Trip to Manhattan Kansas
Four Mile training Run Sunday Morning
Monday, April 16th, 2012
Post Image

It was tough but I really enoyed our training run in Manhattan Sunday morning April 15.  Frank Dayton (in blue) put this together along with my brother Barry.  My legs were not fresh after racing 13 on Saturday but it felt good to get in a few miles.  We talked the whole way.  Great group of guys.  And thanks Terry (who did not come run with us) for the homemade energy bars.  They are great!

We met outside the Holiday Inn near the Kansas State Campus.  My brother Barry and his wife is on the far left.

This is the shirt Frank has heard about for over 30 years.  It says: Distance Running News, the World's Distance Running Headquarters, Manhattan, Kansas.  I printed up 24 of these in 1968 while leaving in Manhattan and attending Kansas State.  I think there is only one left today! 

The day before we stopped by the house I lived in while publishing and developing Distance Running News.  I rented the basement apartment for $45 per month. 

I learned how to do lay-out while working at Ag Press for Dean Coughenhour.  This was in 1968-1969.  He printed all the issues of Distance Running News before I moved to California.  He was a key person that helped me in the beginning.  He gave me good prices for printing the 10,000 copies but more importantly he gave me a key to his building so I could came back after super and work until 4am laying out the magazine.  He is now 82-years-old and Dean showed us Ag Press now.  My brother Barry on left did some art work for me in those early years.

My brother Barry and wife Vicky took me, Catherine and Michael out to dinner Saturday night.  Harry's is the best place to eat in town.  Loved the prime rib...

My brother Barry and I at Harry's.  On Sunday we ran a mile togather.  Barry's back is bothering him right now but he will be back.  Photos by Catherine Cross




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Press in Kansas City
Good Article in Kansas City Star
Friday, April 13th, 2012
Post Image

This article came out in the Kansas City Star the day before the Rock The Parkway Half Marathon.  Thanks Pete Grathoff.  He did say I was calling from Southern California.  Actually, it is Northern California.  Otherwise, the facts are right on. 

Here is the link to the article: Kansas City Star Bob Anderson

It was cool to see the start of the article on the home page of the Sports Section.

At the starting line the next morning.  The overall winner (Paul) is in the white jersey on the left.  It was a nice day to race.  This is a ginature event of the KC Running Company.  Beautiful course...there are a few hills...plenty of aid stations...best race medal ever...a fun event.  I finished 101st overall and first 60 plus with 1:33:29.  Race director Troy Fitzgerald, event director Brad Ziegler and PR director Dina did a super job. There is also a 5k.  7,500 runners in total.  It sells out early...

Here the link to the official site: Rock the Parkway April 13, 2013

Comments and Feedback
Getting ready for Kansas
Rock the Parkway Half Marathon on Saturday
Wednesday, April 11th, 2012
Post Image

Photos and stories from Kansas will be posted Monday.  Been a great trip.  Running with my brother and some other people in a few minutes.  The bad weather missed Manhattan too.  It is not raining on our parade...Really liked the Rock The Parkway half marathon.  Troy and Dina who put on the run are great...I wanted to run better but I will take the 1:33:29 and first 60 plus....

 We are leaving tomorrow for Kansas.  Flying to Kansas City and staying in Overland Park where I went to high school (Shawnee Mission West).  Going to do some filming at the school and then at 4pm meeting up with Bruce Gilbert at the track.  He too has been running for 50 years.  He will be running the half marathon in the morning too.  There is a track meet going on and they are going to have me start the 1600m.  That will be fun.

It seems like my ankle issue is behind me and I am ready to race Saturday morning.  It might be raining which would make it interesting.  It looks like a good course and with the right conditions I want to run 1:31 or better.  That should be good enough for first place in my age-group.  Bruce Gilbert (mentioned above) should be second.  But you never know...

After the race we are heading for Manhattan Kansas.  This is where I established Distance Running News.  I am very excited to see my brother Barry and his wife Vicky....can't wait.

I just spoke with Dean Coughenour in Manhattan Kansas.  He is not a runner and probably over 80 years-old now.  Without Dean there may not have been a Distance Running News.  He printed all the copies of DRN once I moved to Manhattan in the summer of 1966.  The last issue he printed was the January 1970 issue with Runner's World on the cover (that is when I changed the name from Distance Running News).  He printed 10,000 copies of that issue.  I put the copies in my 10 foot U Haul truck and headed west for Moutain View, California.  Besides giving me a great price for printing, more importantly he gave me a key to his printing office.  I learned magazine layout working for him.  After going to school (Kansas State) I worked part time at Ag Press in the afternoon.   I then would grab dinner and come back about 8pm and work until 5am putting together Distance Running News.  Dean trusted a 19-year-old kid with a key to his business.  We are going to be speaking with Dean on Saturday afternoon about the early days.

Then we are going to have dinner with my brother and Vicky.  The next morning a group of local runners are meeting at the Holiday Inn off the Campus for a short run.  Not sure how I am going to be feeling...

After talking with the local newspaper, we are heading back to Overland Park.  My high school is celebrating 50 years too.  They invited me to their celebration.  Then we head home.  Catherine, Michael and I have a full plate.

As I was getting ready for this trip I found this shot of Michael when he was little.  The guy holding him is Herb Elliott.  Yes, the Herb Elliott from Australia.  We had Herb over for National Running Week in the 70's.   Mike has been around running his whole life.  It is so great working with him on this project.

Found this shot as I was going through things for Kansas.  Doing a training run with Arthur Lydiard in about 1977.  He was one of the world's top coaches and his solid advice will live forever. I wish I was that thin again... 


Comments and Feedback
run Enjoy the run and fellowship, Bob! Too many years ago, our Iowa (Graceland U.-Bruce Jenner alma mater) came down to Lawrence to a multiple-college meet at Allen Field House track. That day I got to meet Jim Ryun, who ran a 3:58 mile, fastest of the year at that point. I
jim barker 4/13/12
Training Run with Bill and JoAnn
I needed this 10 Mile Run
Sunday, April 8th, 2012
Post Image

I am glad that the Run For the Good 5k was on a Saturday because I was able to get in a good training run Sunday.

Bill Dunn, Dr JoAnn and me met Easter Sunday morning for a run on the San Francisco Bay Trail in Sunnyvale, Calif.

I have lived here since 1970 and I had never ran this section of the trail.  I ran 10 miles and Bill did 11.  JoAnn ran 7 miles.  She is recovering from a bicycle accident.  It was such a great way to get the day going.

I really need a lot of support for be to complete my Challenge.  It is so nice to have Bill and JoAnn there offering a lot of advice.  I need this 10 mile training run today.

Bill has been running here for 30 years.  I can see why.  We saw a lot of birds along the way...

The course winds thru the baylands...

Bill and I are the same age.  We have battled it out many times.  He has posted over 600 races (the most of anyone) on Ujena Fit Club.  We are both runing the Zippy 5k in two weeks.  We both want to get under 20 minutes.  It is going to be a good race.  Thanks Bill and JoAnn for doing this training run with me.  I needed it!!! 


Thanks Bill for being part of our Ujena FIt Club...

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Almost broke 20 minutes
My ankle did not bother me at all
Saturday, April 7th, 2012
Post Image

I ran 20:02 today.  I wanted to get under 20 and this is pretty darn close.  Afterwards, I was able to say a few things to the crowd.  What a great race.  Fast course and tons of nice people.   The weather was perfect and the course was flat and fast.   I ran even splits.   My ankle issue seems to have vanished at least for now.  Thanks so much to Dr. Hunt, the megnesium and the heat I was putting on it. 

Tim and his wife and crew put on a good race in Fairfield, Calif called Run For The Good 5k.

I told Verity earlier that I wanted to get under 20.  After she finished in under 19 she cheered me on at the finish.

45-year-old Verity at the two mile mark.  She was about a minute ahead of me here.

It was thumbs up at the two mile mark.  I was hanging on to the two guys ahead of me.

Thanks Verity for being there at the finish, that means a lot to me.  And congrats on your third place female finish overall.  You are on a roll...

Talked with a lot of nice people today.  Peter ran both the 5k and the 10k.     Photos by Catherine Cross

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My Ankle Update
Just as long as it does not get worse
Friday, April 6th, 2012
Post Image

Out of the blue after walking around at the Expo the day last Saturday before the Carlsbad 5000 my ankle started bothering me.  In fact, it felt like I could not run on it.  It ached.  The pain would be there one minute and then go away.  During the race, I did not feel it at all which was good.  I can handle the pain, but I just don't want it to go south.  I told a running friend about it and she told me I should go see Dr Hunt in San Jose.

I had never had a Laser treatment before.  Dr Hunt introduced me to it.  He also did some adjustments.  It helped for sure but my body has not completely "fixed" the problem yet. 

Besides wrapping the ankle, I am also taking extra Magnesium.  In the past, this has helped situations like this.  I am also thinking positive and will continue to do so.  I just don't want this to develope into something that is going to cause me to not race  well.

I am working with a great support crew.  We are leaving today at 4pm for Fairfield, CA.  It will be about a two hour drive with traffic.  Thanks Catherine, Michael and Waitman.  And thanks to my other crew including Rich Stiller and so many others.  It takes a lot to pull this off.  Just the logistics alone takes a lot of time.  We are not just running 50 races we are putting it all on film too! And I don't want to let them down by not being able to run up to my potential.

The race tomorrow is the Run For Good 5k.  It is a fast course.  Looking forward to meet the race director Tim and his crew.  We found this race by chance on the internet and really liked what we saw.  The best time on the certified course is 14:48.  Last year Midori Sperandeo set the women's master best time of 17:28.  Besides being a fast course they give out cash prizes, best buy gift cards, wine and two lucky winners will get a Motorola MOTOACTV.  They added a 10k this year.  We have included their race in our Best Road Races section.

I was just looking at this drawing on line and realizing again how complex is the ankle.  This is one of those things that I think I am going to wake up one morning and there will not be any pain.  That's my hope!  

As we are getting ready to leave for race number 16...the word is...thumbs up!!!!

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My interview with Dr JoAnn for her website
We covered a lot...this is the unedited phone interview
Thursday, April 5th, 2012
Post Image

I spoke with Dr JoAnn Dahlkoetter the other day (April 3) by phone for her website Dr JoAnn    Here is a copy of that interview.

Dr JoAnn has already been very helpful.   Her special motivational CD puts your head in the right place.  I have always used positive thinking in making things happen.   I was excited to be interviewed by her for her website.  

We are almost ready to release the interview she did with us for the Ujena Fit Club.  JoAnn joined Bill, Rich and I for a training run near Foothill College recently.

Comments and Feedback
run thanks Dr JoAnn for doing this interview with me.
Bob Anderson 4/6/12
Good interview with Amol today
"There was so much happening centered around Runner's World in the 70's..."
Wednesday, April 4th, 2012
Post Image

I have known Amol Saxena for nearly 40 years.  He was just a kid back then and in fact he worked for me at Runner's World while he was in high school.  We interviewed him today for our film. 

Amol is a top-notch Sports Medicine doctor working with world class athletes.  His office is in Palo Alto, California.


Our interview went well.  Amol has a lot of good ideas, stories and opinions to share.  Hard to believe that Amol is turning 50 this year.  He has been running for 40 years.

Amol told us about the many Boston Marathons he has run and how exciting it is to be there in Boston.  Michael captured it all on film.

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Fastest Triplets on the Planet
Nice run and interview with Honor and Shelley today
Wednesday, April 4th, 2012
Post Image

It was so nice to get together with Honor and Shelley at Shoreline Park in Moutain View, CA after work today.

I have known Honor for years and more recently her sister Shelley.  Their sister Sharon lives on the east coast.  They are the fastest Triplets on the planet.  As master runners, all three ran the Boston Marathon and their total time was under nine hours.

Shoreline Park is only about two miles from the Ujena offices.  It is a beautiful place to run.  It does get windy out there like today but mostly in the afternoons.

After our four mile run we sat down and talked running.  At 57 they are running well.  Most of the time, they are one, two in their age-group. 

It was a nice day for filming.  Michael got some outstanding footage of us running.  Then we sat down and Honor and Shelley shared a lot of good information and stories. 

Shelley, Bob and Honor are all three planning on running the Great Race in April.

It was a good training run.  Photos by Michael Anderson "A Long Run"

Comments and Feedback
run Shoreline Park sure looks like a nice place to run!
Shari Mernett 4/7/12
Carlsbad5000 This morning
I really like this race - 19 years in a row
Sunday, April 1st, 2012
Post Image

When I got up this morning at 5am I looked at the window of our hotel which was located at about the one mile mark on the course, the wind was blowing at least 15 miles per hour.  I just don't run well when it is windy.  But I felt good and was ready to run.   This was race number 15 and my goal was to get under 20:25.  I was thinking under 20 earlier but that was before I got sick and lost almost a week of training...

I hit the first mile at 6:18 and was feeling strong.  Just after the two mile mark I passed Bill Sumner (in blue with sun glasses).  Bill beat me last year when he placed second in our division.  We are the same age and have been racing togather in Carlsbad for 19 years.

I pushed the pace...just before the three mile mark when we round the corner and head home.

My high school coach with me at the end of the race.  I finished with 20:22 and placed fourth in my division.  Bill Sumner finished about 10 seconds back in fifth spot this year.

Jodi wanted to get under 25 mintues and finished stroing with 24:09.

Verity Breen, who is being featured in our film finished 11th overall in the Master's women race with a time of 18:12.

57-year-old Christine Kennedy blew away the field in her division by running 18:38.  She was 16th overall.  She too is being featured in "A Long Run"

Mike and crew got a lot of footage for our film.  Mike also ran in the 30-39 men's race finishing under 25 minutes.  Photos by Catherine Cross and Bob Anderson for "A Long Run"


Comments and Feedback
Good day of filming in Carlsbad
Getting ready for race number 15 in the morning
Saturday, March 31st, 2012
Post Image

We are in Carlsbad, CA for the Carlsbad 5000.  This will be my 19th straight Carlsbad.  We had a full day of shooting.  My race is at 7am in the morning.  Joining us (pictured above) is Jodi and her dog Ollie.  Jodi is our fastest Ujena model and hopes to run under 25 minutes.

At the Expo we meant up with 11-year-old Jason Gomez and his father-coach Alex.  Jason won the mile for 11 year olds and only missed the record by two seconds.  He ran 5:06.  His goal, he wants to be the youngest runner ever to break the four minute mile. 

We had a great interview with my high school coach and in fact he timed me running a quarter mile.  Hard to believe Coach McGuire turned 80 in January.

My coach timed me on a quarter today.  I like to open up my lungs the day before a race at race pace.  This is the first time my coach has timed me on the track since May 1966.  I ran 89 seconds.  Lots of good stories for the film...

Catherine and Michael getting it all on film.

Next up was Jodi...we ran in the flower fields. 

We had a good day of filming.  I am ready to race in the morning.  My ankle is bothering me a bit but I hope it will be okay in the morning.  Photos by Catherine Cross for "A Long Run"

Comments and Feedback
run Beat my 25 minute goal!! 24:09! Great race! I loved the course! It is races like this that get you hyped to run more! Thank you Bob
Jodi Labossiere 4/1/12
run You wanted to get under 25 and you did it. Great time!!! I think the wind the second mile cost us all 10 seconds...It was fun hanging out with you and Ollie...
Bob Anderson 4/1/12
run Congrads to everyone!! Not too many kids Jason's age have such an inspiring goal!
Shari Mernett 4/7/12
More Photos from Oakland Half
Ken Collins sent these along
Tuesday, March 27th, 2012
Post Image

These are some photos that Ken Collins took at the Oakland Half Marathon last Sunday.  Thanks Ken...enjoyed breakfast after the race.

Warming up before the half near Lake Merritt...

Doing some stretching...I don't do a lot before or after a race.  Maybe I should?

I am ready to race...I was looking to run 1:31 and I finished in 1:31:53.  I was ahead of pace at 10 miles but did not run a good last 5k.

Near the 5-mile mark.  I was running about 6:43 pace here.

At 5 miles I was 33:37.  If I could hold hit I could get under 1:30...

My lack of training miles over six caught up to me.  I didn't really fall apart, I just slowed down and I couldn't do anything about it.

Before getting in the car to get back to the Waterfront Hotel, I did a little stretching.  I was pleased with my 1:31:53.  I finished first 60 plus and 94th overall.  We lucked out on the weather.  It was suppose to rain and it didn't.  So far, it has not rained on our parade.  Photos by Ken Collins for "A Long Run"

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Race Number 14 Oakland Half Marathon
Turned out to be a perfect day for racing
Sunday, March 25th, 2012
Post Image

It was a little chilly when I was warming up for the Oakland Half but by the time the gun went off at 9:15am I was ready to take off my new hat and start racing.  3456 people finished the half.  Ivan Median was the overall winner in 1:13:44 and Rachel Niehuus was the first female in with 1:18:16.

I hit the first mile in 6:41 but my legs seemed really heavy.  I think I did not eat right the night before.  I had too much bread and right before bed I ate a candy bar.  My legs seemed heavy the whole way today.

This was the first time I have raced in Oakland ever.  I have run some races near Oakland before but never in the city.  This was the third year for the Running Festival.  The biggest event is the half marathon but they also do the full marathon, relays, 5k and kids races.

I finished 94th overall with 1:31:53.  I hit the 10 mile mark at 68:57 but my lack of training over 10 miles hurt me the last three miles.  I didn't really full apart but I just did not have enough gas.  However, running around Lake Merret really was a great way to finish off a half.

Talking with 57-year-old Michael Collery from San Carlos in the shoot.  He ran 1:32:02 today.   We had met at the home town San Carlos races over the years.

The Oakland Cheerleaders were hands to encourage the runners.

Catherine is a real troopy, cast and all.  She broke her arm last weekend in Forestville.

Ken Collins joined our crew for this shoot.

Mike and Waitman pulled it off again.  Race number 14th with a lot of good footage in the can.  Photos by Catherine Cross "A Long Run"

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It is wet out there
Oakland Half Marathon in the morning
Saturday, March 24th, 2012
Post Image

We need the rain.  But it will add to the challenge if it is raining in the morning.  There is a 60% chance of rain in Oakland (CA) tomorrow.  Actually I like running in the rain.  However, I am still not 100% over the flu-cold thing I caught last week.  This could send me back over the edge...

The half marathon starts at 9:15 tomorrow.  It looks like a good course but I am not sure why the overall winning times have not been all that grand.  The winning time last year was 1:10:46.

The winning time in the 60-64 year old division last year was 1:41:47.  The first year (2010) my friend Ron Kiyono ran (he was 62 at the time) and he finished first in this division with 1:31:24.  I have not had to chance to talk to Ron about the course.

In any case, this is a huge race for me.  Due to situations, I have had to run shorter races a couple of times and I lost some mileage.  I have been sick for over a week and still not 100%.  I have not been able to train as much as I like.   And I need to run around 7 minutes per mile to keep up my average. 

My goal is to get under 1:31.  However, considering everything I would be pleased with 1:33.  But that is not going to help my under 7 minute/mile average I need.   I am going into this race with a four minute buffer but I don't want to give back half of it or more in one race.

It could be a tough day for my support crew too.  Plus, Catherine fractured her right arm while in Forestville last Sunday.  Going to make it hard to do much.  BUT the show goes on.  We will pull it off...and then some!



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Published in "Run Blog Run" Mar 22
"This is a special interview for me," stated Larry Eder
Friday, March 23rd, 2012
Post Image

As printed in Run Blog Run, " Bob Anderson is the founder of Runner's World. He ran it from its start in 1966 until he sold it to Rodale Press in 1985. Bob is a lifetime runner, and also a life time entrepreneur.
As with any entrepreneur, there are good things and there are not so good things. Bob had new ideas each and every day. Those were the good things. Some of the ideas worked, and some did not. Those were the bad or tough things.
Many great writers, editors and media savvy people came through the doors of Runners World. Amazing people like John Brant, Danny Ferrara, Dan Gruber, Tim Gruber, John Schenone, Jewel Chu, Vern Walther, Catherine Cassidy, all come to mind. Amby Burfoot, Bob Wischnia, Marty Post, Joe Henderson, Joan Ullyot and George Sheehan were also some of the great people who came through the doors of Runners World.
Before I worked at RW, I purchased running shoes through Bob's store, Starting Line Sports....
Bob Anderson's journey is fascinating. Going from a high school track athlete to a publisher before his high school graduation. Bob is still as competitive as they come, but he seems quite happy, with his business Ujena, his family, his grand kids, his running and his 50 race challenge. 
In giving up the magazine he birthed, Bob was able to get back into running. Makes sense somehow..."

Here is the link:
(Larry is the group publisher of Shooting Star Media and the president of Running Network.  Thanks Larry for publishing this interview.)

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Training Run Mar 20 Redwood Shores
Met Art a running buddy at Oracle
Tuesday, March 20th, 2012
Post Image

I really needed to get in some miles today.  I started off the day by running 6.2 miles up at Rancho.  I ran easy.  It was so nice running first thing up there in the hills.  Then I met, Art, a running buddy I have known for over 20 years this afternoon. 

Mike getting the bicycle ready for the run. 

Art works at Oracle and runs here a lot during lunch.  We ran 3.5 miles today.

Art and I have run a lot of races together.  Our PR's on many events are almost the same.  However, Art has run a lot better times than me at distances of one mile or under. 

Art just turned 60 March 11.  He doesn't act or look 60 to me. 

Heading back...it was a good run.  I love these training runs. 

After the run, we had a chance to speak with Art and get it on film for "A Long Run"

The backdrop for our interview.  Photos by Michael Anderson director "A Long Run"

Comments and Feedback
run Thanks Art, I enjoyed our training run. Always nice to share stories. Best of luck on Friday!!!
Bob Anderson 3/20/12
run I lived in Redwood Shores for almost seven years. Great place to run but the wind can be a factor. I often felt I needed a sail.
Richard Stiller 3/21/12
San Jose Mercury News up coming article
Got together with Dan Brown this morning
Monday, March 19th, 2012
Post Image

I first met Dan Brown, a writer for the San Jose Mercury News, new years day when we both were running the DSE 5k race in the Marina.  My first race of the year.  He later contacted me and said he wanted to do an article about this challenge and our film "A Long Run."   Dan and I next met up at the Juana run last weekend.  We ran the first mile together...hitting it at 6:30.

We got together this morning for an interview and photos.  Joining Dan was Gary Reyes, a photographer for the newspaper. 

After getting some images at the house, Dan and I hit the road.  We ran my Hilltop three mile course.  We talked the whole way as Dan recorded every word.  We then talked more back at the house.  The article will most likely be featured before I run race number 19 - the Great Race April 29th.  Thanks Dan and Gary.  Photo by Michael Anderson "A Long Run"

Dan and I at the Juana 8k Run.  Photo by Catherine Cross Ujena Fit Club


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Race Number 13 5k in Fort Bragg
Pulled a Rabbit Out of the Hat on This One
Sunday, March 18th, 2012
Post Image

This was going to be a tough race.  I had been sick all week and was only able to run and walk two miles on Friday.  Other than this I was reduced to walking all week.  I had the flu.   But we ventured to Fort Bragg anyway.  Once there we met some lovely people including the race director Joyce.

Joyce, her crew and Capital Race Management put on a very good race.  Their warm welcome raised my spirits and I was determined to get under 7 minutes per mile no matter what.  I was going to run the 10k but decided to only go 5k because of missing five days of training.

The Forg Bragg 5k and 10k started at the same time.  It was 38 degrees but felt even colder to me.  Joyce had given me number 1.

I ran as hard as I could today.  I went out at 6:30 for the first mile but my breathing was not right.  I slowed to 6:58 and then to 7:08.  I finished with 21:11.  64-year-old Anthony passed me in the last quarter mile and beat me by 13 seconds.  He was looking for a race but I just didn't have it.  Great job Anthony. 

Anthony (in green) only started running four years ago.  He was overweight and had a lot of health issues.  He started running but did not like it.  Then he got hooked and running is now part of his life.  He made a powerful move today and I didn't have a chance to stay with him.  Well done Anthony and good luck to you.

Tons of good footage for "A Long Run."

Patrick, who placed second in the 10k today, told us about his Western States 100 experience.  "It is all mental," he told Bob.

84 years old and have been running for 44 years.  That's cool.

The group lead by Joyce that makes this race happens.  Photos by Catherine Cross Ujena Fit Club

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Dropped by to see Rich Benyo
Talking with previous Runner's World editor
Sunday, March 18th, 2012
Post Image

On the way back home from Fort Bragg CA, we stopped by Forestville and spoke with Rich Benyo.  I hired Rich to be the editor of Runner's World from 1977 to 1984 when Joe Henderson, my first RW editor, had moved more into book publishing and before selling to Rodale Press. 

Rich had so many great stories to share about the early days of Runner's World. 

Rich still writes his first darft and most letters on this Royal manual typewriter. 

Mike captured it all on film for "A Long Run."  We will be speaking with Joe Henderson sometime this year for the film.

Only about a half mile from Rich's house is one of the best running trails in the country in my opinion.  I have done several 11 mile or less runs here.  The four-foot wide paved path winds through the wine country.  This day Rich and I did a three mile walk and talk.

It is like this for miles...

Rich giving his take on Bob's 350 mile Challenge.  "And you say you don't do ultras," Rich said to Bob.

Rich and Bob could have talked for days about running.  Rich's story about his Badwater adventure a few years back was most interesting... photos by Michael Anderson "A Long Run" director

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Leaving for Fort Bragg, CA
Still not 100% but good enough to race 5k
Friday, March 16th, 2012
Post Image

I am much better than I was but I am not a 100% yet.  But I have 24 hours before the race.  I have decided to race 5k instead of 10k however.  I needed the distance but with a half marathon coming up next Sunday in Oakland, I don't want to push too much.  I have only logged in 6.5 miles of walking for the week.  This is the least amount of miles in years.  But it would not have been smart to run "junk" miles this week. 

I am hoping to run something like 21:30... 


Comments and Feedback
run I did a little better than what I thought I could do. I finished 13th and ran 21:11. I went out at 6:30 but could not hold it. I am not back home yet but will post details and photos Sunday. the good news is that I was able to finish number 13.
Bob Anderson 3/17/12
Not feeling Well
Race Number 13 is Saturday in Fort Bragg, CA
Monday, March 12th, 2012
Post Image

I woke up yesterday morning with a sore throat.  The grandkids were sick on Friday.  Some sort of flu.  Today my body just aches all over.  I certainly don't feel like racing under 7 minute pace right now.

I don't usually like to take medicine but I need to knock this out right away.  I was going to run with Christine Kennedy in the morning up at Rancho San Antonio but I am going to have to cancel this.  I think I am just going to walk one mile with Mike later.  What would I gain from running today?.  This is why I include walking in "my streak." 

Our film crew (Michael, Catherine and Waitman) are going to spend Friday night in Fort Bragg.  It is about a 5 hour drive from Los Altos and it just does not make any sense to do it any other way.  We will shoot around town Friday before dark. 

I checked and the forecast is saying rain.  The tempature is going to be about 40 degrees at the start.  Cold considering how I am feeling right now.  However, otherwise I like this temp.  Just the rain and possible wind could slow me down.  But I am following Dr JoAnn's advice.  I am only thinking positive thoughts...but it is hard when you are not feeling well!!!

Comments and Feedback
run One word....NYQUIL
Richard Stiller 3/12/12
Race Number 12 Juana 8k
Fun racing in Palo Alto
Saturday, March 10th, 2012
Post Image

The Juana 8k race this morning went well.  I had a lot of things working for me.  I ran 33:16 and placed first 60 plus.  This helped my average pace for the year.  I am now at 6:56/mile.   Dan Brown, who I met at the first race of the season, from the San Jose Mercury News ran with me for the first mile.  That helped me run 6:25. (Dan and I pictured below)

During the race I kept thinking about what Dr. JoAnn told me yesterday in our interview.  She told me to imagine that the runner in front of me has a magnet.  Let it pull me to them.  Also, at the finish line.  I was almost toasted by 54-year-old Meredith at the finish but I held her off.  It is always nice to have the encouragement of Rich Stiller.

Rich filming as I am catching up with Matt who we interviews a few weeks back after donig a nice 5-mile training run with him and his twin brother Mark.  Matt finished third today.

I had just interviewed Verity Breen for the Ujena Fit Club.  Here we are before the start.  She placed first women overall.

Matt finished third overall.  He ran what he was hoping to do.

Catherine and I ate late last night (like 9:15pm) and I had half a banana this morning.  I finished as strong as ever.  I also like my splits too: 6:25, 6:45, 6:45, 6:45 and 6:30 the last .97 which equals a 6:43 mile.   So does this mean I should start eating later?

Talking with Bill Clark (below)  after the race.  We have known each other for a long time.  He set the American Record for two hours on the track at Foothill College many years ago.  Runner's World sponsored the race.

Ellen Clark has done so much for running.  In the backgrown Mike is filming Bill and I.

Wih Matt Tompkins and family.  Their son race in the kids races.

With Bill Clark, Karen and Amol.  We will be interviewing Bill and Amol for the movie.

Always great to be working on this project with my son Michael, Catherine and Waitman.  Next race is the whale Run in Fort Bragg. CA next Saturday.   Thanks everyone for making this race so enjoyable.  Photos by Catherine Cross

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Talking With Dr. JoAnn
We asked JoAnn to comment on an email we got..."back off on effort and do the races as a lark..."
Friday, March 9th, 2012
Post Image

We are interviewing a lot of interested people for our film.  This morning we spoke with Dr JoAnn Dahlkoetter.  She is a Stanford University Medical Center trained licensed psychologist.  She won the San Francisco Marathon in the early 80's and placed 2nd in the World Championship Hawaii Ironman Triathlon a couple of years later.

JoAnn is the author of "Your Performing Edge."  She has been coaching Olympic athletes for the last four Olympics.  She put together a special Visualization Exercises CD for me.  I have not listened to it yet but I am tonight.  Her insights are going to be very helpful.  In her book I read that, "Research has shown that those who make their goals public in some way perform significantly better..."  I am a firm believer of this.  Dr. JoAnn is going to be so helpful...

JoAnn does think that my challenge of racing 350 miles at under 7 minutes per mile with no more than 50 races during 2012 is a tough goal.  We talked about a lot of things and she wants to help me reach my goal.

Michael captured the interview with four different camera angles.  "Bob got an email from a well known coach and previous 4:06 miler that certainly was not encouraging," stated director Michael.  "These are some of the points in the email....'I think you are still at major risk for hurting yourself...nobody cares how you'll perform in the next ten months except yourself...back off on effort and do the races as a lark, rather than a grind."  We asked JoAnn to comment on this email...

Comments and Feedback
run That is an interesting e-mail you received... I wonder if he is just jealous because you thought of the idea before him?
Shari Mernett 3/11/12
run Shari, I know the guy who sent the email. He is not jealous. Not in his nature. Just genuinely concerned.
Richard Stiller 3/11/12
Training Run March 7 in Los Altos Hills
Good Training Run at Rancho San Antonio
Wednesday, March 7th, 2012
Post Image

One thing I am loving about making this movie is that I am doing a lot of training runs with some amazing people.  This morning training run started at 8am at a favorite training location near my house...Rancho San Antonio up in Los Altos Hills, California.  

Rich, Chantelle Wilder, Christine Kennedy, and me before doing 4.8 miles through the hills.  Christine has had an amazing year.  She is one of the top 50 plus runners in the country.  In 2011 she won the Jessie Owens Award as the number one overall master runner in the US.  Rich ran to the farm and back with us. He didn't mention his calf which is good...

Joining us was 26-year-old Chantelle Wilder.  She is the co-founder of the Runners Feed.  She is currently running 80 miles a week.  In 2010 she placed 5th at the Canadian Half Marathon Championships.  In 2011 she ran a 1:16 half in New York.  She offered to pace me in one of my upcoming races. That would be great!

Mike got some good footage of us running through the hills.  He was on the bicycle right in front of us.   Christine talked about her store Athletic Performance in Los Gatos, shoes in general, her running and her take on my challenge.  We could have easily have run much further than 4.8 miles.  On Tuesday we are going to meet up (without the film crew) and get in 8-10 miles.

Christine and Chantelle shared some good advice on running up hills.  I handle the downhills well but I need to run uphills better.  Their advice is going to help.  Rich doing some filming on the top of this hill with the GoPro.

Rancho San Antonio is such a beautiful place to run.

We pass by this farm at about the one mile mark.

The trials here are just amazing and there are so many of them.  I have been running here since the early 80's.

Mike shot mostly with the GoPro this morning.  It is amazing what this little camera can do.

Mike wrapping it up with Waitman who rounded out the crew this morning.  My next race (number 12) is the Juana 8k Run on Saturday.  Photos by Waitman and me

Comments and Feedback
run I would be interested in hearing Christine and Chantelle's advice on running up hills... Are you going to post an interview with them?
Shari Mernett 3/11/12
run We will be posting an interview with Christine and Dr JoAnn soon. And Chantelle has a lot to share too!
Bob Anderson 3/11/12
run Perfect!! I am looking forward to reading it!
Shari Mernett 3/11/12
Race Number 10 and 11 in Cancun
It was hot, humid and windy in Cancun but it was FUN!
Sunday, March 4th, 2012
Post Image

I run so much better when it it cooler...but that's nothing new.  It was also windy in Cancun on Saturday.  I was there for our Ujena Jam event (a model and photographer search) and we do the Bob Anderson 15k Challenge as part of our event.  Ujena's models and photographers are required to run/walk the 5k.  For the 15k we run 10k at 7:30am and then 5k at 9:00am.  Times are added together for scoring. 


Start of the 10k.  The winner is number 1096 (Benard), I am number 1071, Jodi is 1060 and Crystal is 1063.  Photos by Steve Manente Ujena Fit Club

It was great training with Jodi, one of our Ujena models who I have known for over 20 years, all week.  The first few days were really tough but it did get easier. 


Jodi and I warming up with David from Mexico City.  This is David's fifth Ujena race and he has ran in all three cities where we hold our races - Cancun, Puerto Vallarata and Cabo.

After finishing the 10k in 44:50.  We got a logt of media attention.  Everyone lost at least a minute because of the wind. 

This couple (John and Brandi) was in Cancun on their honeymoon.  They wore their running bibs when they got married after running a four mile race.   They are from New York.  They both ran the 15k Challenge.  I caught John at about the five mile mark. 

It was nice to have Televisa at our event.

Crystal, from Baltimore, is one of our top Ujena swimwear model.  She had not run a race nor included running in her workout routine until she ran the Ujena 5k five years ago.  Now she loves it and runs at least four times per week.    She is finishing the 10k here.  30 minutes later she ran and walked the 5k with her husband Kevin.

Some of our Ujena swimwear models on hand to give out the cash prizes.  We awarded $1700 cash to our winners in different age groups.  All of these models also ran the Ujena 5k...it is required.  I ran 21:57 for the 5k and finished first 60 plus...4th overall in the Bob Anderson 15k Challenge.  All photos by Steve Manente Ujena Fit Club

Adding to the challenge in Cancun was that I had taken over 27,000 images of our models wearing Ujena swimwear the five days before the races.  I have taken well over one million images of Ujena swimwear on over 500 models since 1984.  Photography is something else I love.  About 70% of the images you see on our Ujena.com website are taken by me.  I am the current CEO and founder of Ujena.  It is a family business and we mostly sell over the internet.  Keeps us busy.  Photo by Steve Manente at Ujena Jam photo tour number four.


Comments and Feedback
Training Run March 1 in Cancun
Getting Ready for Bob Anderson 15k Challenge on Saturday
Thursday, March 1st, 2012
Post Image

I have been in Cancun since last Sunday for our event we sponsor called the Ujena Jam.   We have been doing this event for the last 28 years.  It is a model and photographer search for Ujena.  Since the beginning we have required all our of participates to run or walk the Ujena 5k.

One year ago we added the Bob Anderson 15k Challenge and the Ujena 10k.  Runners for the 15k run the 10k at 7:30am and then the 5k at 9am.  Times are added together for scoring.   We are expecting over 200 runners on Saturday.

One of our Ujena models I have known for over 20 years is Jodi.  For the last four Jams (we also hold one in June in Puerto Vallata and in October in Cabo) Jodi and I run every morning.  She is hoping to run 47 minutes in the 10k and 23 minutes for the 5k.   One of our winning photographers Addison (who also runs now because of the Jams) is getting footage for our film.


Cancun is a great location but it is hot and humid.  Our first mornings out we really felt the heat.  It has gotten better but it is still going to be hot on Saturday.  Have to make sure to drink a lot of water and we are going to drink a bottle of Gatorade between the two races.


The 15k is a tough event.  It would be easier to run 15k without the break between.  Your body think that it is done with racing for a day but then you are out again.   We get a lot of locale runners in our races.  We will have over 200 this year.  Ujena Fit Club awards $1700 cash to our winners in 27 different categories.  These will be race number 10 and 11 for me.   Photos by Steve Manente for Ujena Fit Club

Comments and Feedback
run I love your funky shoes, Bob. ;) Good luck to you and Jodi on Saturday!
Todd Jennings 3/2/12
run Go get em Bob! :)
Arthur Mitchum 3/2/12
run I have to second Todd on the funky shoes!! Interesting to learn that this is 28 years for the Jam!
Shari Mernett 3/2/12
Race Number 9 5k on Track
Never got into the Race
Saturday, February 25th, 2012
Post Image

Bryan and I had the perfect plan to break 20 minutes.  In the end I ran 20:57 and Bryan 20:06.  We ran the first lap in 90 seconds and I just did not get into the race.  Just too many things going on...

It is always great seeing so many people I know at the All Comers Meet.  Brian, Rich, me and Alex talking track.

Rich and I cheering on the runners in the 1500m...about an hour later was the 5000.

This was a tough race...it was one of those races that I kept hoping it would end soon.  I have not raced on the track in a few years and that was a lot of the problem but I do enjoy it!  Just not too much today!

14-year-old Jose Pina (in red) placed second in the mile with 4:43 a personal best.  His father Jose is a very good master runner.  We are going to be featuring their family in the film.

Before the 5k we met up with Christine Kennedy (one of the top 50 plus female runners in the country) at her Athletic Performance store in Los Gatos.  She is selling a pair of shoes to one of our new runners Julia.  Christine is going to be part of our film.   Can't wait to to a training run with her after I get back from Cancun.

Mike setting up the shots


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Getting ready to race on the track
Ran a few laps with Mike today
Friday, February 24th, 2012
Post Image

The grandkids, Mike and I went to Foothill this afternoon.  I could not believe how hard it was to run one lap in 91 seconds and I want to average 96 for 12 on Saturday?

Had a nice dinner, a little wine and I am going to make it happen!  Photos by Carly Wall (age 7)

My grandsons Jaxson and Owen throwing around the football.

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Training Run Feb 22 in San Jose
I really enjoy training with my son-in-law Justin
Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012
Post Image

On Saturday I am going to be racing 5k on the track.  This will be my 9th race of the year and my only track race of the 50.  They I wanted to get in six miles at a good pace with Justin.

We ran on the Coyote Creek Trail.  We normally do ten miles here but today we kept it to six.  What really makes this trail special is that it has a marker every half mile PLUS it is just so beautiful and peaceful. 

Michael put the GoPro Hero 2 on the back of the bicycle and got some of the best running footage every. 

This camera is amazing.  It shoots 1080 HD.  Plus the sound is good too.  We have four of these Go-Pro cameras.

Mike was happy with what he got today.


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Training Runs Feb 20 in Los Altos
I really enjoyed My Training Runs today!
Monday, February 20th, 2012
Post Image

I would have normally ran easy the day after a race but today I did two workouts.  At 8am Bill Dunn, Rich Stiller and JoAnn Dahiloetter came over to the house.  We decided to go up to Foothill college and run the old 5-mile fun run course.  Rich and Bill had met there over 30 years before and JoAnn sometime later.  Michael and Waitman filmed us for "A Long Run."

Moody Road in Los Altos Hills, CA is a beautiful place to run.  We wanted to stay flat and actually we had forgotten that there are some hills along the way.  We had all run here many times before and I guess the hills were not not noticed as much in our younger days.

I had not spoken with JoAnn much in the past even through we had seen each other a lot at races over the years.  She gave me a copy of her book "Your Performing Edge" and I am looking forward to reading it.   She was the winner of the 1980 San Francisco marathon and second in the 1982 World Championship Hawaii Ironman Triathlon. 

Bill Dunn and I have known each other for nearly 40 years.  We have battled it out many times on the road and most of the time he came out on top.  But I did beat him a few times.  Oddly enough we had not taken the time to do many training run together until this morning.  It was a real pleasure.  He has a great story and is being featured in our movie.

Going into this run, Rich was concerned that his calf would hold up.  The good news is that it did.  I think he is on the road to recovery.  Thank god! Injuries are the worse!!!!  Photo by Waitman for Ujena Fit Club

I had not officially met Matt and Mark Tompkins until yesterday at the Chinese New Year 10k.  I had seen Matt many times at the races over the last 20 years but other than smiling at each other we had not met.  Mark lives on the East coast and I am not sure I even knew Matt had a twin brother.  Before the start of the race yesterday, I motioned to them I would like to talk to them about our film.  They finished second and third and we made a plan.  They will be featured in "A Long Run" since they have a great story...

This was my second run of the day and all three of us pushed ourselves in the 10k yesterday but Matt had his team out running 60 minutes (he is the track coach at Gunn High School) and could Mark and I not tag along.

We had a really enjoyable 5.5 mile run through Los Altos Hills near Gunn High School.  Photos by Michael Anderson Ujena Fit Club

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Race Number 8 in San Francisco
San Francisco China Town
Sunday, February 19th, 2012
Post Image

This is the way to see China Town.  I thought I had run this race many years ago but I realized this morning that I had not.  There is an unique atmosphere surrounding the Chinese New Year 10k and 5k run/walk.  The course was long and they didn't post results (at least I did not see it) but I will be back next year. 

I spoke with Bob Darling before the start.  He laid out the course and even through there were four hills, it could have been much tougher.  Since I am not a good hill runner (at least right now), I did loose about 45 seconds.  BTW, Bob was a good runner in the past but was not running because of a knee situation.

Speaking with Mark and Matt before the start.  There are not too many twins as fast as they are.  They finished second and third after leading most of the way.  They are being featured in our film.

Mark and Matt pushing up one of the tough hills leading the pack.  They have 40 yards on the runner in orange who won at this point...just after three miles.

Verity was first woman overall.  She is from Australia and will be sharing some good advice in our film.

I did a stupid thing.  Somehow my Garmin powered off right before the start and I played with it trying to run a good first mile.  I finally got it straighten out about two minutes later.  I need to figure this out before the next race.

Mike really liked this location and got some really good footage.

Speaking with Miss California Chinatown.  She ran the 5k and explaining what the Year of the Dragon means.

It was a good day...

Photos by Catherine Cross Ujena Fit Club and A Long Run

More photos at: Chinese New Year Run 2012


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Race Number 7 family running trip
It was a family affair in Pacific Grove
Sunday, February 12th, 2012
Post Image

I do like this race.  Rich and Mike setting up the video camera before the start.  I have run this year at least 15 times over the years.  The course is not fast but it is beautiful.  We have made this one of four family running trips we do each year.  This was the fourth year we have done the Together With Love races held in Pacific Grove (near Monterey) around the weekend before Valentine Day. 

The wrap-up after the race with the family.  Justin, Lisa, Owen and Carly down front.

Bob finishing the 10k in 42:22.  His goal was under 42 minutes.  The Garmin says the course is a little long... Photos by Catheirne Cross Ujena Fit Club

Bob Anderson's grandson (Owen Wall in Red) is only five and finished in the top ten for the kids 1k races.  Take a look at that stride.

One of the characters in the film is Justin Wall.  He was a professional athlete and injuried his knee.  But being part of the Bob Anderson's family, how could he not take up running.  He ran the 5k today and finished 7th overall.

Since 9...11 Johnny carries the American Flag when he runs. 

What am I doing? Right before the start of the race. 



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An Afternoon Shoot with Rich
Foothill College Track was our backdrop
Thursday, February 9th, 2012
Post Image

It was hard to believe that it was 70 degrees this afternoon.  We decided to meet up with Rich and take advantage of the weather.  We filmed on the track at Foothill College.  Rich and I first meet here at the fun runs I was putting on each weekend back in 1973.

Rich was a running bum until he was 35.  Then he met his wife, found a job, retired, and still runs because he loves it.

Comments and Feedback
Words of advice from Rich Stiller
"This is a tough goal you have set for yourself"
Wednesday, February 8th, 2012
Post Image


The more I think about the challenge you have set for yourself the more I think you're going to have to think out of the box on keeping yourself together for this year.

I know you hate this stuff. I mean running was always "just fun"...right?

But in our sixties things don't quite work that way. Your sub seven pace goal is roughly equivalent to averaging a 5:20 pace at age 30. Tough goal.
I think your problem or weak point is showing up in your hamstrings but it may be related to other areas effected by running.

You are facing a similar challenge to what Coghlan faced when he broke four minutes for the mile at age 41. He had a weekly visits to a massage therapist and chiropractor to keep himself together so he could do the training. I am not saying you have to do this weekly but I think you need to incorporate that into your program. Maybe every other week massage and the chiro as often as needed. I go once a month but if need be, go more often. My weak point is my back. Just like you if I up the intensity of running, I start to have issues.

I think your hamstrings may not be the problem. It may be above or below it and that can be massaged or adjusted. My hamstring bothered me and I had my back adjusted.

My hips were out and were pulling on my left hammie. One adjustment and the problem went away.

Aside from this, I am pulling for you to make it of course. But you may want to think about what you need to do to get through this rough patch.

Notice I never said, don't stick with your goal. I would never say that and I know you are going to complete your goal.

Note: Rich, a self-confessed running bum up until age 35 and a friend of Bob since 1973 is one of the four main characters that will be featured in "A Long Run."


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Race Number 6 Half Marathon
Great Day to Race 13.1 miles in San Francisco
Sunday, February 5th, 2012
Post Image

I was concerned about my hamstrings but they did not bother me at all in the Kaiser Half Marathon in San Francisco this morning.  It was a nice day to race.  It was about 50 degrees at the start and warmed up to about 60 degrees by the finish.  There was a little breeze out on the great highway but it was not really a facture.

I met Katie at the Run Wild For A Child race back in November.  She was running in costume and she was tough to beat in that 10k.  Today she caught me at about 10 miles and I chased her for a couple of miles before she pulled away.  Thanks Kaite.  You have an interesting story and we are excited to be featuring you in our movie.

The 60 plus division is one of the toughest in the US and we are all three Ujena Fit Club members.  Bobby and John are also going to be featured in our film.  John ran 1:26, Bobby ran 1:28 and I ran 1:30:52.  John just turned 60 a few weeks back and still... 

Bobby notices Catherine at about the seven mile mark.  I was ahead of him at five miles and he just pulled away.  He is a tough runner.  He does some crazy things like in January he rans the Goofy race in Florida...half marathon on Saturday and the full marathon on Sunday.  We need to find out what makes this guy tick...we will for the movie.

Ujena's webmaster and friend Waitman joins the crew.  He will be working with us in capturing unique footage during the year. 

John (in black) ran 1:26:21 which is one of the top 60 plus times in the country.  And he had been sick a lot of the past two weeks.  John has some interesting training ideas that works.  He will be sharing them with us in our film.

This is near the 13 mile mark.  I had not run over 10 miles in my fall December 18.  And I had only been over six miles twice and they were both 10 mile races.  I didn't fall apart but I hit the 10 mile mark in 68:20.  It is tough to get in the longer training runs with all these races.  Plus I have had some hamstring situations.  I am ready to go under 1:30 and then under 1:29 and then...

Honor, Shelley and their sister (she lives on the east coast) are most likely the fastest triplets in the world.  They have been running their whole lives.  They finished one, two in the 55-59 division today.  They will be featured in our film.   We are going to find out what makes them so different...so fast!   Good to have them as friends...

At my fifty races I am seeing a lot of runners I have known for years.  I am also meeting runners I have not known.  Case in point is Carol.  She is 71-years-old, a writer and she loves running and racing.  She is a member of the DSE running group.  We will be featuring her in our movie.  I wished we could feature everyone I know or will meet along the way.  But that would be a six hour movie and not 90 minutes.  We hope to feature about 12 runners.  If you want to be part of our film, tell us your story and come to one of my races.

Honor picking up the plaque for the fastest 50 plus female.  Her 1:34:07 is one of the fastest 55 plus times in the country.  How does she do it.  She is going to tell you in our movie.  She wants to get under 1:34 so bad!!!

Director Michael Anderson was pleased with the over three hours of footage shot.  "It is a good thing that terabyte drives are not expensive these days.  We have already filled up one drive and it is only Feb 5," says Michael. 

Photos by Catherine Cross Ujena Fit Club and "A Long Run" Co-Producer




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Going Over things with Rich
Things are falling together
Friday, February 3rd, 2012
Post Image

I have known Rich Stiller for 39 years.  He is a runner and a friend.  Rich will be one of four main characters featured in "A Long Run."  He has so many good stories to share and is going to bring a lot to our film.  I am glad to have him on board.  Right now is has a bit of a calf issue so we walked over to this little lunch spot and walked back. 

But Rich and I did testing our legs in a short stride.  Photos by Catherine Cross Ujena Fit Club


My next race is coming up on Sunday, the Kaiser Half Marathon.  My hamstrings have been feeling a little odd but I am still thinking I can run around 1:31.  Talking with Rich about these hamstrings.  We are going to be doing a lot of filming before and after the race.  I am looking forward to seeing a lot of my running buds.

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Recap My Challenge and Goals
More than just 50 Races
Saturday, January 28th, 2012
Post Image

from Bob Anderson

In 2012 I am going to run 50 races to celebrate 50 years of running and races.  Can't believe I started running in 1962 and ran my first race that May.  The races will be mostly between 5k and the half marathon.  All will be official races that are timed.  Most will be races on certified courses.  If any course is more than a half mile long or short (since I will be wearing a garmin), the distance will be adjusted. 

That is my challenge and I want to achieve it.  My goal is to run 350 or more racing miles and to average under seven miles per mile. 

I look forward in seeing many a you along the way.

After race #5 (January 28) this is where I stand (four weeks into the year):

Total distance raced is:  29.3 miles

Total time is:  3:23:48

Pace per mile is:  6:58


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Race Number 5 10 Miler
Will my hamstring hold on the tough Hill?
Saturday, January 28th, 2012
Post Image

It was a good day for racing in San Juan Bautista, California.  The town that was made famous by Alfred Hitchcock when he filmed his famous Bell Tower seen in Vertigo.  The race starts just 100 yards from the Bell Tower (Photo below).  Race number Five - Mission Ten and 5k.

I had not run that many times over ten miles since my fall.  I was not sure what was going to happen.  My hamstring were feeling a little weird and I knew this course has a tough hill.  I ask Dan Anderson (no relation but a runner I have known for many years) at the start how he was going to run.  He thought around 70 minutes.  He has beaten me by about a minute in my second race of the seaon in Stockton.  He ran under 69 minutes there.  I told him I don't run up hills good.  I had never beaten him before.  He will be 60 in April. 

The first three miles of this course is fast.  I hit the mile (the marker and the Garmin were right on) at 6:13 and the three mile at 19:28.   (This would have given me almost a sub 20 minute 5k.)  Then there was the hill.  My next mile was 8:04.  I was able to bring mile seven back down to 6:33.  That is when I was closing on Dan.  I caught him with two miles to go.

I finished in 1:10:09.  My goal was sub 70 and I am pleased with this...

We were racing it in the last mile.  The two of us needed to work harder together.  If so, we both would have been under 70.

The Bergholz is a running family.  Annie (514) won the 5k and their 8-year-old son (434) ran a 6:58 mile in the kids one mile race.  They are the type of story we are looking for...

Mike getting some good footage for the film.

Always nice talking to runners at the races. All photo by Catherine Cross Ujena Fit Club

We got some good footage before the start of the race at the hotel.

Mike and Crystal setting up a shot before the start of the 10 Miler.

The famous Bell Tower just 100 yards from the start and finish.

With second place finisher in the 60-69 division.  I pulled out ahead of Francisco in the first three miles but then we kept me in sight for the last seven.

The race announcer did a good job offering encouragement to the runners.  Thanks Phillip for mentioning my 50 race challenge.  I really like this race.  Wished there wasn't the hill but there is.  It has been there for 29 years and they are not moving it.   I would think runners could take off at least a minute because of it.

However, I was speaking with Monica who was the second woman overall and she told me the hills don't bother her at all.  She trains in the hills regularly on trails.  She ran 65 mintues.

The courtyard in front of the Mission and the Bell Tower.  All Photos by Catherine Cross Ujena Fit Club

 Some runners handle hills better than others.  I asked Monica (2nd place women finishing 65:47) about the hills and she didn't think they were bad at all.  She trains on the hills regularly.  I was with her at three miles...


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run Bob - I just came across this blog this morning. Very inspirational!!! I quite enjoyed reading your blog entries. And wow, what a nasty cut!! I was checking out your planned races. We will have to try and see if we can run in one of the races that you are entered in..... Kauai or the San Jose Half sounds intriguing.... Any chance you are doing a race in BC, Canada?
Shari Mernett 2/3/12
run Thanks Shari...this is going to be an exciting adventure...six of my races will be the Ujena races...hope you will be back with us in Cabo...I would like to do a race in BC...it would be good to include you in our film...
Bob Anderson 2/3/12
run We are 99% sure that we will be in Cabo again this year, and will of course run in the Ujena race!
Shari Mernett 2/4/12
Race Number 4 in San Francisco
The Big Issue today was my hamstring
Sunday, January 22nd, 2012
Post Image

The white tape around my hamstring really helped me get through this one.   I worked all week on my hamstring.  I really wanted to race 10 miles but this is just not going to happen.  I was afraid my hamstring would tighten up again.  I ran the 5k.  It held up and I fnished in 20:49.  My best 5k of the year.  Things are coming together.  What I did during the week all worked.  Will I be ready to race 10 miles next Saturday? Glad it was only 5k today.

After the race we had the chance to speak with a lot of other runners.  We got some great footage and we hope to include much of it in our film.  So many great stories.

This famly of four run together.  They have a good story.

Last week this runner came flying past me the last quarter mile and beat me by ten seconds.  I don't remember seeing her on New Years Day.  But today I beat Kate by twenty seconds or so.  We met and I told her about our film and my 50 races.  She wants to do 50 races also.  I also found out that she had only gotten a few hours of sleep the night before this race.  She has two small kids.  Good footage for the film...

Kate at the finish of the 5k...feeling that moment when  you know you ran hard...

John has just turned 60.  He ran the 10 mile today in a great time of 64:48 or something like this.  He was telling us that he gets up around 4:30am and runs 14 miles hard three days a week through the streets of San Francisco.  He had some good stories including being hassled by the police and protitutes early in the morning talking about that they know a better exercise.   - from Bob Anderson

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run I am glad I thought through this race and so far my hamstring is holding up. Now my right one is feeling a little odd but I am doing hip swings. Ceci Hopp St. Geme, a top master runner told me about them...
Bob Anderson 1/25/12
run 4 down, 46 to go!
Justin Wall 1/26/12
What Is the Story with my Hamstring?
This has been a tough week
Saturday, January 21st, 2012
Post Image

I could only walk Monday and Tuesday.  I got a sport massage on Monday.  I was able to run again by Friday and on Saturday I decided to do the final test.  Is the leg going to hold up? Should I run the race I had planned to do? The 10 miler.  I really like the Waterfront 10.  It is a good course.  I need the miles too. 

On Saturday Michael, Catherine and I drove to the city to the spend the night.  We wanted to get some footage as I tested my hamstring.  It was cold and windy.

Michael and Catherine checking out some footage.

Michael and I after getting some footage.  My leg is feeling pretty good.  But it would tighten up later.  Did I over do it today?



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Race Number 3 DSE 5k
Nice group at the DSE Ball Park 5k
Sunday, January 15th, 2012
Post Image

After race number three we got together with Rich and Sheldon, two SF Bay Area runners I have known for a long time.  They are the two that started making sure courses were the right length back in the 70's.  They led the pack.  It was so nice catching up on old times.  We had a lot of stories to share and we got it all on film.

Rich told me that he had a calf issue and he wasn't sure how it would hold up.   He had to pull out.  A lot of people over the years think that Rich and I could be brothers.  Thanks Rich for your support.  It means so much to me.

Sheldon stretching before the start of the 5k.  Nice car!

Getting to the starting line of race number three.  I was running about 6:25 pace with a half mile to go after picking it up and my hamstring tighten up.  In fact so bad that it took me over a minute to cover the last 1/10th of a mile.  I am so upset.  The last time I had a hamstring issue it hung on for like six weeks.  How can this be happening?  Maybe I did not drink enough water this week.  And I know I was not getting enough sleep.  Going in for the Sports Massage on Monday with Dave.

The race director George had lots to talk about.  Thanks for your support! Really enjoyed your race. 

After the race we stopped by Dr. Jennifer Weintraub office in Palo Alto to see how I was healing.  She did such a great job on sewing me back together. 



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Race Number 2 from Bob Anderson
I was feeling good today!
Sunday, January 8th, 2012
Post Image

Catherine and I travelled to Stockton on Saturday Jan 7.  We could drive to the Cal Ten race the morning of the race but I don't like jumping out of a car and start racing.  We stay at a hotel just a couple of miles from the start.  I am feeling so much better.  I can almost totally bend my knee now.  What I did during the week worked.  I ran 69:28 and placed 2nd 60 plus.  My plan was to get under 68 and I think this would have happen if...

Talking running with some runners from the River City Rebels.

Dan Anderson (no relation - 109) and I go back years.  He used to run the Corporate Cup Relays we held at Standard back in the 80's.  I mentioned my 50 race challenge...



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Race Number 1 from Bob Anderson
This was a very tough race for me!
Sunday, January 1st, 2012
Post Image

My head is feeling okay from a running stand point.  But it is my knee.  I can not bend it all the way.  This is when my body is telling me I can not or should not be running.  But my mind is going to get me through this.   On top of everything else we were up way too late last night.  Did not get to bed until 2am.  I did finish but the first mile was slow.  I would normallyl hit the mile around 6:40 but today it was like 7:49.

Told one of my running buddies, Neil, about what I am planning on doing and about the film.  He has always been encouraging.  Thanks for your support and I am sure we will see you at a lot of the up coming races.  Want to get you in the film for sure...

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Our Running Family from Bob Anderson
After My 64th Birthday Run
Wednesday, December 28th, 2011
Post Image

The official date of our first day of filming was December 28 in San Francisco.  Justin, Lisa, Michael and I ran six miles together before Justin and I went ahead.  My knee was really bothering me but it was my birthday.  First race in four days.  Am I going to be ready?

After the run our family went over to the California Academy of Science Museum.  I run a lot of races that start in this location.   Our three grandkids Carly, Jaxson and Owen will be running the Junior Carlsbad April 1st for the fourth straight year.  They each started with the Diaper Dash.  Justin is hoping to break 18 minutes for the 5k.  I want to get under 19:30.  Lisa and Michael are also planning on doing well.  Catherine and Crystal will be there for support and working on our film.

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One Week Later after falling
Stopped by the Plastic Surgeon Office
Sunday, December 25th, 2011
Post Image

It is amazing how fast the body can repair itself.  Of course, with the help of a plastic Surgeon.  Dr. Jennifer Weintraub did an amazing job and I thank her.  My scar will remind me always of how thankful I am to her.  From a running standpoint, it is my knee that is causing the most pain now.  I can not even fully bend my leg.  How am I going to run a race in a week...New Years Day in SF.

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How Could This Have Happen?
Two Weeks Before the Start
Sunday, December 18th, 2011
Post Image

How could this have happend? This was the worse fall I have ever taken.  I had been putting in 60 plus miles weekly for the last couple of weeks.  Then on Sunday I was out for a 15 miler giving me another 60 plus week.  I was feeling strong.  At about the 11 mile mark a friend of mine appeared (Alex)  and we started running together.  We picked up the pace (maybe 7:15/mile pace) and the next thing I knew I am lying on the ground bleeding.  Blood was everywhere.  Luckily a person I did not know came along within seconds.  She offered some tissues and said she would go get her car.  I was about two miles from the house.  They took me home and Catherine rushed me to the hospital. 

Thanks to Jennifer, a plastic surgeon who stitched me up.  It took 114 stitches to close it up.  My first race is in two weeks.  What am I going to do?

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run This looks horrible...but I looked a lot better just a week later...what a way to start off this venture!
Bob Anderson 1/27/12
run ouch!!!
Trisha Kluge 9/27/12
run That seems like a long time ago...have run 36 races since then...I healed up well and today you can hardly notice the damage...but it did hurt at the time Trisha...see you in Eugene this weekend!
Bob Anderson 9/27/12
Bob Anderson Making A Plan
The Goal Is To Run 50 Races in 2012
Saturday, December 3rd, 2011
Post Image

Mike and I drove to San Ramon to run the Hah Hambug 5k.  In route we talked about what I wanted to do to celebrate 50 years of running and racing.  It just seemed right to make a plan to run 50 races in 2012.  The challenge was officially born.  We also talked about doing a film.  Mike is a full time film editor and has been in the business for over 10 years.  He has done most everything in this business. 

We have been wanting to do a running film for years.  But Mike is so busy with other work he wasn't sure he could have enough time to cover such a feat since we are talking about a one year commitment.  We didn't finalize the movie at that point but we knew we would.

I mentioned the idea of running 50 races to some running friends Honor and Shelley, both top master runners.  The big concern would be injury.  The idea of doing 50 races mentally is not the issue.  It is the body.



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