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Tony Brickel UjENA FIT Club Profile
A Long Run The Movie
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Cronan Ranch 2011

On A run with Jade
Member NameTony Brickel
LocationPilot Hill
Years Running35 
Max Distance35+ 
Fastest Mile6min 
Current Mile8min 
Types of RunningTrail
Internet Profile Linkhttp://ithasnothingtodowithage.blogspot....
Fitness StatementI run 5 days a week from 5 to 20 miles. Try to go to the gym at least twice a week. Do a compative run a least once a month. 
Quote“Hills are my friend” 

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UjENA FIT Club Posts

Sunday, September 15th, 2013
Post Image

Haven't posted anything in a long time. But I am still out there running.

run I was wondering what happened to you. How is your running coming along? What races do you have planned?
Bob Anderson 9/16/13 4:37 pm
run Been increasing my distance. Right now have two 50k's planed one in Dec and the other in Feb.
Tony Brickel 9/17/13 11:06 am
Tuesday, June 26th, 2012
Post Image

Had nice ran with my friend Chris today. I like running with Chris he is fast and pushes me. We were running the last mile at 6:05 pace which is fast for me couldn't of done it without Chris running on my heals.

Sunday, June 24th, 2012
Post Image

Frank and I did 16.5 on the western States trail today to look for my keys I lost there month ago. Got back to the car and no key a bit embarrassing. We did fine the keys right where I thought they should be. Ya hoo!!

run Wow, that is awesome! And to think I usually can't even find my keys on my desk! lol
Roger Wright 6/25/12 7:57 pm
run Cool story and a good run too!
Catherine Cross 6/25/12 9:44 pm
run Are you guys running Western States?
Bob Anderson 6/26/12 6:57 am
run No not this year Frank ran it last when he was 62. I have paced quite a few people but never have ran it. I am a 10 time finisher of the Tevis. The run was last weekend on the 23nd. It was a perfect day for it. The winning time was 14:46 witch is a record by Timothy Olson. He average just under a 9:00 min mile pace and that's fast conceding you have 18000 feet of climbing. The first place women Ellie Greenwood broke the long standing women's record by 50 min.
Tony Brickel 6/26/12 10:55 am
Thursday, June 21st, 2012
Post Image

9 miles with frank today.

run Glad to see you and Frank are getting in some good runs...
Bob Anderson 6/22/12 8:46 am
Wednesday, June 20th, 2012
Post Image

Back at it after a week off traveling went to see my nice graduate from Oregon State. Ate way too much junk so not felling to great today. I am sure I will be back to normal by the end of the week.

Monday, June 11th, 2012
Post Image

A quick 5 this morning.

Saturday, June 9th, 2012
Post Image

After three days off got out today and had a great run with friends Frank, Randall, Diann, Carrie,my wife Debbie and dogs Porter and Jade. What a great day.

Monday, June 4th, 2012
Post Image

Took it pretty easy today legs still tired from Sat. So after the gym walked the 4.5 home.

run Take ot easy...
Bob Anderson 6/4/12 10:47 pm
Saturday, June 2nd, 2012
Post Image

Did the Auburn Trail run today. Did the 25K which was supposed to be 15 miles turned out to be 16. Had a great time was in second place most of the day until the last 2 miles. Two girls racing for first woman passed me thought about burying myself to keep up with them. Then had second thoughts decided it wasn't worth it. I was second man a few min behind the winner. Both of us would of been further back but the front runners missed a turn and did an extra 4 miles. Great day well put on run got a bit hot at the end.

run Gteat job TONY
Bob Anderson 6/2/12 4:32 pm
Thursday, May 31st, 2012
Post Image

Easy 4 with Frank this morning have a tough 25K Sat.

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runnerCongrats Tony...you have won $50 since you not only ran 54 miles for the week but you posted your workouts daily for the whole week in our FIT Log. Our check is being mailed. Lets do it again!
Bob Anderson 12/12/11 9:59 am
runnerGoing to try but will be harder this week seem to have alot going on. No excuses though!!
Tony Brickel 12/12/11 11:07 am
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runnerThe GPS watches are great. They give you all sorts of information, probably more than you need. My only problem is that I wear reading glasses and I don't run with them. I can not read the numbers. Are their any models out there with bigger numbers?
Bob Anderson 12/2/11 1:48 pm
runnerThe Numbers are small But I run with my Glasses on so it works for me. The One I have is a Timex bucause it was the only one that was water proof. I don't know if Garmins are easer to read.
Tony Brickel 12/2/11 5:59 pm
runnerI can't read anything without reading glasses including my cellphone, but I don't have any problems reading the information on my Garmin 210. I also had the 305 and could read that as well.
Roger Wright 12/2/11 9:29 pm
runnerI saw the Nike Sportswatch GPS and it looks to have a very big display. Might wannt to consider it. Here is a review: http://www.dcrainmaker.com/2011/04/nike-sportwatch-gps-in-depth-review.html
Roger Wright 12/3/11 7:37 pm
runnerOn the Garmin 910xt, if you go to Settings->Run Settings->Data Fields you can select 4 different "pages". On each page, you can select 3, 2, or 1 fields to display. If you select one field to display, it fills up the full watch display, which is quite visible. Combine this with increased contrast (Settings->Display->Contrast) and the visibility is good. I set the "auto scroll" (Settings->Run Settings->Auto Scroll) to "fast", and I have Auto Lap set to 1K. For races, I have "Lap Pace", "Elapsed Time", "Time of Day" (for race start), and "Max HR%" set. Some blogs that I've read said that "Pace" (real-time pace) is too inaccurate, and recommended "Lap pace" instead. They also recommended setting the auto-laps to be very small, like 0.1 mile, to help get a better current reading on pace. I went with 1K, because it made more sense to me, but YMMV.
Gary Funck 6/25/12 11:26 pm
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runnerReally like your profile image of you and Jade. Does he do long runs with you? I used to run with my dog...
Bob Anderson 11/16/11 10:53 am
runnerI've taken her up to 10 miles which means she did 20. I love running with my dog. They are such great company and their enthusiasm is catching.
Tony Brickel 11/16/11 11:22 am
runnerWow 20 miles...do you have to ever wait for Jade? I wonder who else is running with their dog? I have two cats now (have not had a dog for nearly 20 years) and that doesn't work...
Bob Anderson 11/17/11 8:34 am
runnerNo I never Have to wait for her she does wait for me though. She never leveas the trail. And never gets out of site.
Tony Brickel 11/18/11 2:39 pm
runnerJust got off the phone with Frank. I can't wait to read his book. We need to set up a run sometime as he suggested.
Bob Anderson 11/29/11 10:47 am
runnerThat would be fun. I posted a link on our blog to your site Take a look I hope it is ok. http://ithasnothingtodowithage.blogspot.com/
Tony Brickel 12/1/11 2:43 pm
runnerThanks for putting up the link. That is appreciated.
Bob Anderson 12/1/11 3:22 pm
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runnerHi All hear is a link to me and my friend Franks blog I think you will enjoy it. http://ithasnothingtodowithage.blogspot.com/
Tony Brickel 11/15/11 3:11 pm
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runnerWelcome Tony to our Ujena Fit Club. So, you love the hills? I love runnng down hills but I just don't do well on the up hills. Have you always liked hills?
Daniela Raldirez 11/11/11 1:01 pm
runnerHi Daniela It all came about from my endurance rideing. I wanted to be compitive so being 6"1 190 pounds. I needed to be able to get off my horse and run up the hills with him. I am not rideing any more but I still like to run. And I must say to be able pass people uphill ois a good filling. I am not too good downhill though. I tray to take it easy down hill to save my knees.
Tony Brickel 11/11/11 1:44 pm
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