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A Long Run The Movie
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Start of Wild Hearts 5k

Funny thing about this photo is the placing of the other two runners next to me. The guy in the green shirt placed 2nd, the one in the red shirt placed 1st and I placed 3rd. This is a podium shot if I have ever seen one.
Member NameSteven Richardson
LocationLawrenceburg, Ky
Years Running
Max Distancemarathon 
Fastest Mile4:45 <- High School 
Current Mile5:20 
Types of RunningRoad Runner
Internet Profile Linkhttp://connect.garmin.com/profile/o0knig...
Fitness StatementI'm Still alive!

So I had some respiratory issue which set me back along ways.
Then the second I get almost back to where I was I double sprained my ankle.

Now a year after my ankle injury my leg still burns completely out over a short distance if I push to hard. I can't race at all and all those goals I had will probably never be obtained. The bright side is I am still in good health and besides my leg issue I can still pass my APFT.

Message of the day:

No matter how bad a situation is just push through it. Obviously don't run if injured but when it heals get back out their and start over. Sometimes a fresh start is enjoyable. 
Quote“When your mental Capacity is greater than your physical capacity you will become stronger and last longer” 
Running Achievements400m 0:00:52 (1997) Age 18
800m 0:02:01 (1997) Age 18
1 Mile 0:04:45 (1997) Age 18
3K 10:55 (2013) Age 34
2 Mile 0:11:48 (2012) Age 34
5K 0:18:30 (1997) Age 18
8K 0:31:29 (2012) Age 34
5 Mile 0:33:10 (2013) Age 34
10K 0:39:52 (2012) Age 34
10 Mile 1:08:58 (2013) Age 34
Half 1:29:56(Oct 2012) Age 34
Full 03:15:32(May 2013) Age 34

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Monday, November 4th, 2013
Post Image

8 Mile 7:28 pace .15 miles walk

run felt pretty good the last mile was a little tiresome but it was all up hill so go figure. I am finialy starting to get back the endurance I had but I still have along ways to go to get back to where I was.

Thursday, October 24th, 2013
Post Image

Two miles on the treadmill just wanted to do a easy day prior to my race. walked a 1/4 mile

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013
Post Image

Eight mile run just under 8:00 pace felt pretty good

Thursday, October 17th, 2013
Post Image

Run felt pretty good today I tried to keep the pace slow and easy around 8:00 per mile for 7 Miles. The cool weather is defiently a plesent site.

Wednesday, October 9th, 2013
Post Image

5 Miles around 8:20 pace felt easy

Monday, October 7th, 2013
Post Image

7 Mile run half mile wak

First 3 miles took it slow and easy around a 8:45 pace ran the next 4 around 7:45 run felt ok

Tuesday, June 25th, 2013
Post Image

Intervals 1K (3:47) / walk 6:00 X 4

Was to hot today but think I am starting to get used to it. I should be good for this fall.

run It is just hard running when it is hot...be safe and drink lots of water!!!
Bob Anderson 6/25/13 6:34 pm
Sunday, June 23rd, 2013
Post Image

7 Mile Run 2 Mile walk

run That's nine miles...I think mixing some walking with running works. Use the walking to warm up and warm down. Do at least 75% running...
Bob Anderson 6/23/13 9:16 pm
Thursday, June 20th, 2013
Post Image

1 Mile Run (8:00)
30 sec (6:30-7:00 pace) / 30 sec (8:00 pace) x 10
1/2 M walk/jog
1:00 (6:30-7:00 pace) / 1:00 (8:00 pace) x 5
1/2 M walk/jog
1:30 (6:30-7:00 pace) / 1:30(8:00 pace) x 2
1 Mile walk for the cool down

This was on a XC Course with lots of hills. What really burnt me up today was I finished my workout and while doing my walk I was browsing through my activity. After i finished my walk and hit the stop on my watch the stupid thing restarted and both the walk and the fartlek activity where gone I really wanted to look at this and fine tune the workout it was the first time I had ran it and it dose need a little work. Oh well maybe nextweek I will get it captured.

run Good workout...
Bob Anderson 6/20/13 3:52 pm
Sunday, April 7th, 2013
Post Image

PT test this morning 2 Mile plus an extra half mile with another soldier

3 Miles easy this evening.

Did not really feel good this weekend but went ahead in took my pt test I did manage to max the run and push ups but liked just a few maxing the setups will get it next time. Still passed and raised my score almost 30 points from my last one. I will get a 300+ score before the year is out. Probably take another one this fall if I am not injured... Knock on wood!

run update got a respiratory issue never made it :S then sprung my angle the following year. Before I retire I will max this thing!
Steven Richardson 11/4/15 10:57 am
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runnerA fresh start!
Steven Richardson 10/8/15 9:59 am
reply to comment
runnerI am a year older and I already feel it although, most of what I feel is probably due to my winter treadmill training. Started my official out door training back up last Monday with a 7 Mile trail run and have been sore ever since. I am not to sore this week but am a little tight. The only fault I have with treadmills is the simple fact they can't produce the same effect as running hills. The upside to this is I am actually sore from a workout that normally would not make me sore which is a good indicated my body is confused and not used to it. That means a improvement is around the corner and pretty soon I will hopefully be able to jump into the 5 Minute range for more then 2 miles. I will probably start posting my workouts again starting next week. I kind of miss the details I get when I log my runs here.
Steven Richardson 6/12/13 9:45 am
runnerYou're 35 Steven. Not 65 ;-) Your treadmill problem is typical. You have to run outside during the winter. Not every day but even a few days a week helps. Good to hear from you again.
Richard Stiller 6/13/13 7:51 am
runnerI was just being sarcastic about the age deal :) Two things hurt me one was the treadmill two was the Marathon I ran which due to running on the treadmill 14 miles was my furthest run in preparation for it. Then of course the two 5k's the following weeks kind of delayed my recovery so I took two strait weeks off and my first run after that was a 7 mile trail run with lots of hills. Probably not the best start but believe my legs will get over it eventually.
Steven Richardson 6/13/13 1:31 pm
runnerSteven, I was being sarcastic too. But you'll be back. I run once a week on the dreadmill ( as Roger calls it ) and I am not sure it translates to outside unless you add in a 1% incline. Jenny Spangler won the 1996 Olympic Trial Marathon for women on almost all treadmill running but she lived in Alaska.
Richard Stiller 6/14/13 7:54 am
reply to comment
runnerDid Lincoln this weekend and after hearing that the 3:05 pacer was going to do negative splits I decided to try pacing off him. My original plan was to run the first half around 7:10 but figured the pacer would be close to what I wanted anyway. Boy was I wrong he starts of around 7:45 then 7:22 then for the rest of the half its anywhere from 6:45 to 7:00 pretty much was a perfect half but not a negative split. My goal was anywhere from 3:05 to 3:10 but after the first half I could barely hang on to a 3:15 :S. It was still a PB and was fun so that's all that matters. Oh! forgot to mention the pacer only ran half the Marathon the second we hit the 13.2 he was out!
Steven Richardson 5/6/13 2:37 pm
reply to comment
runnerWell got a tough half coming up ran it for the first time last year and bonked out on it. Finished it in 1:51:00 my goal is to break 1:30:00 this year if I can then it will be a 20 minute improvment. The course has over 30 hills and some of them are pretty steap. It will defiently be a challenge.
Steven Richardson 3/26/13 2:36 pm
runnerSteven, it looks like you improved by a full 17 minutes. Congrats.
Gary Funck 3/30/13 11:14 pm
runnerThank you. It was a really difficult race the hills where even steeper then I remembered. I can see why I bonked out on it last year a person needs a lot of leg strength to handle that course . I found a live drive through of the course. http://www.facebook.com/RunTheBluegrass/app_340327739363495
Steven Richardson 3/31/13 5:55 am
reply to comment
runnerGood job on the 5k today. 20:35 is good!!!!
Bob Anderson 4/8/12 9:17 pm
runnerThanks I am hoping to break 20 before fall :)
Steven Richardson 4/11/12 4:10 pm
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