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Shari Mernett UjENA FIT Club Profile
A Long Run The Movie
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In Cabo at the Ujena Fit Club races

I ran the Bob Anderson 15k Challenge (1052).
Member NameShari Mernett
Years Running
Max Distance1/2 marathon 
Fastest Mile8.5 
Current Mile10 
Types of RunningRoad Runner
Internet Profile Linkhttp://none
Fitness StatementI run 3-4 days a week, do strength training 3-4 days a week, and have a physically active job which I love. 
Quote“Because I can!” 
Running Achievements2 half marathons, a few 10 km races on the road and the trail, and the Bob Anderson 15 km Challenge in San Jose! 

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UjENA FIT Club Posts

Wednesday, March 13th, 2013
Post Image

strength training!! total body!

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013
Post Image

run this morning in the fresh snow!!! Always fun!!

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013
Post Image

5 km run this morning

Sunday, February 3rd, 2013
Post Image

Long run this morning of 12 km, slower then I had hoped....

Saturday, February 2nd, 2013
Post Image

8 km run this am, foggy...

Friday, February 1st, 2013
Post Image

8 km run this morning

Monday, January 7th, 2013
Post Image

new week, 5 km run. hoping to remember to log enteries this week!

Sunday, December 23rd, 2012
Post Image

lovely evening walk! back to running tomorrow morning!!

run Missed you guys at the Pleasanton Double...
Bob Anderson 12/27/12 11:27 pm
Friday, December 21st, 2012
Post Image

Took dogs for a long walk twice today, plus walked around the mall.

Thursday, December 20th, 2012
Post Image

Long walk with Chad and the dogs

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runnerAnyone here in the Ironman Kona? If so, good luck to you and have a good one!!!!
Shari Mernett 10/13/12 7:10 am
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runnerI have just signed Chad and I up for the Vancouver Energizer Night Run (10km) in October!
Shari Mernett 9/17/12 3:06 pm
runnerNight runs are cool...
Bob Anderson 9/18/12 6:05 pm
runnerentry fee comes with a bright yellow shirt and an energizer head lamp!! There is a 5km and a 10km. You should add it to your list of 50 races!
Shari Mernett 9/19/12 7:47 am
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runnerHas anyone tried the newton running shoes?
Shari Mernett 9/15/12 4:05 pm
runnerI have never tired them but I have heard they are not bad...
Bob Anderson 9/18/12 6:06 pm
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runnerForgot to log all my workouts this week! Thanks for the e-mail! Good thing I write down what I do in my diary!! Have a good week everyone!
Shari Mernett 7/30/12 5:46 am
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runnerHi everyone!! Looking for some advice... My achilles have been a bit tight/tender for a while now.... I am pretty sure it is due to my calves... Do you think I am not stretching them good enough? Or should I work on strengthing them? I would love some input!! Thanks!
Shari Mernett 7/4/12 10:13 pm
runnerStretching the calves at least a couple of times a day should help. Would also ice achilles area after every workout while gently stretching.
Barry Anderson 7/5/12 11:23 am
runnerThanks Barry!! Hopefully I will have some improvement in a couple of days.
Shari Mernett 7/6/12 9:21 pm
runnerHope so also. Have you changed running shoes lately? That can sometimes cause some minor soreness if there is a significant difference in the structure or if there was a lot of heel wear on the prevlous pair.
Barry Anderson 7/8/12 8:57 am
runnerGood point!! My shoes are getting on in the miles!!! I am due for a new pair!
Shari Mernett 7/9/12 7:34 pm
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runnerThanks Bob!!!
Shari Mernett 6/25/12 8:32 am
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runnerI forgot to post my workout yesterday in order to be entered into the weekly draw... Is it to late? I had a 10 km run...
Shari Mernett 6/25/12 4:45 am
runnerYou can make changes up to 10am on Monday. Just click on update...
Bob Anderson 6/25/12 8:14 am
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runnerWas more selections added to the Fit Log options? I don't recall the trail running for >1 hour being on there before...
Shari Mernett 6/16/12 9:58 pm
runnerWe did add some other options about a month or so back. Is there any other options we need?
Bob Anderson 6/17/12 7:57 am
runnerI can't think of any more options.... Looks like you have them all covered!!
Shari Mernett 6/17/12 7:06 pm
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runnerI have been out of the loop for a while... In the BSC who won the draw on May 17 for voting at least 20 of the 35 days.....
Shari Mernett 6/4/12 4:57 pm
runnerLots of contests going...there were six people who voted 20 or more days and our computer picked Chadwin Mernett...he wins $50 Ujena Dollars....congrats goes out to Chad...
Bob Anderson 6/4/12 5:42 pm
runneroh!! cool!!
Shari Mernett 6/4/12 9:16 pm
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runnerlooks like quite a few people worked out 7 days this week!! Way to go everyone!
Shari Mernett 4/29/12 9:25 pm
runnerIt is good to see it...will be picking the winner!
Bob Anderson 4/30/12 7:31 pm
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runnerOur Fit Club shirts arrived in the mail the other day!!! Thanks!!
Shari Mernett 4/19/12 6:34 am
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runnerWhat happened to all the photos posted in the BSC? There are now only 2 of mine, and also less of Chad's....
Shari Mernett 4/17/12 5:39 am
runnerMany of the images were too similar and not the quality that works for us. We hope others will upload their running and training images too. Right now you guys have six out of the top seven images...
Bob Anderson 4/17/12 10:30 am
runnerGood to know and I will keep that in mind for next time! Would be great if more people were to post pictures.
Shari Mernett 4/17/12 9:04 pm
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runnerI would like to follow some sort of structured sub-2 hour half marathon plan for the Kauai half in September. I am thinking of purchasing the Runner's World plan.... I would love some thoughts and input!
Shari Mernett 4/15/12 10:31 am
runnerAre you thinking about a program from Hal Higdon?
Bob Anderson 4/16/12 4:59 pm
runnerNot sure if that is one of his plans... Here it is: http://www.runnersworld.com/article/1,7120,s6-238-244-258-13700-0,00.html It is $24.99
Shari Mernett 4/17/12 5:38 am
runnerI will check it out...
Bob Anderson 4/17/12 10:30 am
runnerThanks Bob!
Shari Mernett 4/17/12 8:41 pm
runnerThanks Bob!
Shari Mernett 4/17/12 8:41 pm
runnerShari, there are plenty of plans on the web for free. I did a search for half marathon training programs and a number of them popped up. They are at all levels.
Richard Stiller 4/18/12 8:55 am
runnerMaybe I'll try a google search then!
Shari Mernett 4/18/12 6:25 pm
runnerhttp://www.halhigdon.com/training/51130/Half-Marathon-Training-Guide Here is an example from Hal's website.
Richard Stiller 4/19/12 4:50 pm
Shari Mernett 4/21/12 7:35 am
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runnerJust wondering.... How come there wasn't a week 34 winner?
Shari Mernett 4/9/12 7:00 pm
runnerSomehow that week's winner was not picked...thanks for reminding us...the winner is Jan Haley-Soule...Congrats!
Bob Anderson 4/9/12 11:27 pm
runnerWay to go Jan Haley-Soule!! I counting the '7's and kept getting 10, then was wondering if I had missed something! lol.
Shari Mernett 4/10/12 6:11 am
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runnerAnyone here familiar with barefoot running and the Born to Run book? Well, so sad to here that the ultramarathon runner Micah True, missing for four days, was found dead on Saturday in New Mexico
Shari Mernett 4/2/12 5:49 am
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