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Yuliana Mendez
Love running in the mornings, being able to run with the sunrise is priceless. Working out should not be a hobby but a a style of life and living. ... View Profile
Luis Bernardo
3 days per week ... View Profile
William Rodriguez
New to Ujena FIT Club. ... View Profile
bhavin bhanushali
New to Ujena FIT Club. ... View Profile

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Posted by Bob Anderson
Monday, October 16th, 2017
Post Image

Ran 12 miles over the weekend. Seems like I am getting most of my running in over the weekends now. Just doing about 8-10 miles during the week. Need to change this to get back in shape. Off to Cabo tomorrow. Running the Cabo Double 8K on Saturday.

Posted by Roger Wright
Saturday, October 14th, 2017
Post Image

2 miles around Amsterdam.

Posted by Todd Morimoto
Saturday, October 14th, 2017
Post Image

Long Run - Warm up 4 miles Tempo for 3 miles at 6:29 min/mile Cool down in hills out to Alma Bridge 10.5 miles (slow pace) Air better. Cool. Perfect running weather.

Posted by kelly emo
Friday, October 13th, 2017
Post Image

Coastal Trail Runs this weekend are cancelled due to poor air quality, a good choice on the race director's part. It's still bad in the North Bay and fairly rough in rest of Bay area, take it easy everyone, I'm going to workout indoors this weekend. Good thoughts and prayers going out to all impacted by the fires.

Posted by Todd Morimoto
Friday, October 13th, 2017
Post Image

Easy Air quality much better with less smoke. Easy aerobic run in dark and cold.



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Type Name Age Location Races Post* Log*
B Heide Unger 60 Gilroy, California 152 2 15
B Roger Wright 56 Boston 75 5 28
B Todd Morimoto 51 San Jose, California 29 18 28
B Nancy Hood 51 United States 17    
B Beverly Zalan 58 Monterey 4    
B bhavin bhanushali 34 madurai      
B Luis Bernardo 48 Seaside ca      
B William Rodriguez 40 San jose 1    
B Yuliana Mendez 28 Seaside, Californian 1    
B Melissa Peterson 34 Salinas, CA 2    
B Erica Corner 47 Monterey California      
B Andrew Armendariz 24 Los banos/Sunnyvale/San Jose      
B marie kanter 27 New Zealand      
B Marjie Mirabueno 31 Monterey      
B vanessa bogenholm 51 felina12 1    
B Scott Kimmel 51 Silicon Valley 1    
B Colleen Kimmel 50 Silicon Valley 1    
B Jaime S├ínchez 28 La Piedad      
5S Bob Anderson 69 Los Altos, CA 410 3  
B John Speck 48 San Francisco 1    
B tamilselvan karunanidhy 34 union city 1    
B Anthony Arce 26 Vallejo, CA 1    
B Jayme del Rosario 40 San Jose, CA 1    
B Emily Miller 57 San Francisco      
B Mindi Walton 38 Toledo Ohio 1    
B Iraci Ribeiro 41 Richmond CA      
B Mark Beering 43 Salinas 1    
B Prudhvi Krishna Kongara 37 San Jose 2    
B Christian Locsin 15 Rodeo 1    
B Bernadette Espadilla 41 San Francisco, Ca 1    
B Holly Yang 41 San Francisco 1    
B Mary Dearborn 55 San Ramon 8    
B Pavan Nanjundaiah 35 Fremont 1    
B Joseph Renati 17 Los Gatos, CA 1    
B Linda Perbro 28 San Fransisco      
B Shannon Luu 21 San Jose 3    
B Srini Reddy 40 Daly City 1    
B Swetha Amit 36 Stanford 1    
B uwizeye Martine 32 Kimironko 8    
B Dwayne Spencer 51 San Jose ,Ca 64    
B Lewin Jumba 24 nairobi kenya      
B Abby Ross 66 Miami, FL and Palo Alto, CA      
B Andy Crawford 35 Campbell, CA 12    
B mike bild 36 22101977      
B Joel kipkoriri Tanui 32 Eldoret      
B Joel kipkorir Tanui 32 Eldoret 2    
B Mary Jones 62 Roswell 1    
B silas too 23 portales      

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UD UjENA Network C Mtn View, CA Commitment $1,000
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