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2019 Ujena Fit Club Elite Racing Women's Rankings 
Men's Rankings

2018 Year-End Awards: Click here for information about receiving your UjENA Fit Club Elite Racing 2018 Annual Top 100 Ranking Medal 

2019 Annual UjENA Fit Club Elite Racing Awards - Post your races from December 15, 2018 to December 14, 2019. 

Members who post races on their Ujena Fit Club profiles are eligible to appear in the rankings.
1. Members receive 100 points for each race they post and include your finish time. 
2. Members receive 20 points for each mile raced. 
3. Only timed races with results posted on the internet count. 
4. If you do an event that includes other activities (like the Tri) only list the running distance and the time for that distance, however list your place for the overall event.

Click here to add a 2019 race

Our annual medal will be issued based on points earned during the whole year. 

Men's Rankings

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2019 Rankings

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kelly emo
two trail 5ks back to back.. gonna feel it tomorrow ! ... View Profile
Heide Unger
First mile mostly 9-15% incline. ... View Profile
Kat Powell
Frolicked in the green hills at Lake Del Valle near Livermore for 18+ miles. Lots of uneven footing as I negotiated the single track trails where cattle had... View Profile
Maricris Beauchamp
Love long distance running to clear my thoughts and pray. Routine: Run on weekends. ... View Profile
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    Men's Rankings

1kelly emoRaces (31)6,75920,97727,736
2Kat PowellRaces (27)7,36619,43126,797
3Heide UngerRaces (29)6,71217,49024,202
4Maricris BeauchampRaces (15)10,2809,29519,575
5Nancy HobbsRaces (14)2,47910,20312,682
6Stacy SRaces (12)2,5057,49710,002
7Sharon FitzsimmonsRaces (8)1,4705,2776,747
8RISPER GESABWARaces (5)1,3344,4775,811
9Gladys Wanjiru GithundiRaces (2)5861,4762,062
10Linda SerenoRaces (2)4851,4671,952
11Susan KuczynskiRaces (2)3981,4501,848
12Mona WongRaces (2)4851,2951,780
13Jenny HitchingsRaces (1)3007501,050
14Lidia SantosRaces (1)2867181,004
15Pascalin CheptooRaces (1)224745969
16TRACY BLOOMFELDTRaces (1)286680966
17vanessa bogenholmRaces (1)286669955
18Mackenzie CarlsonRaces (1)199739938
19Rom Rachel MahimerRaces (1)286640926
20Katelyn ChuRaces (1)199723922
21Sharlet GilbertRaces (1)199719918
22Annie ConneauRaces (1)162721883
23Gina TonegatoRaces (1)199682881
24Erika BuddeRaces (1)199655854
25Elizabeth RamirezRaces (1)199652851
26Glynis CrabbRaces (1)199651850
27JAN BENGIVENORaces (1)199645844
28Rhea JacoboRaces (1)199643842
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