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UjENA FIT Club kelly emo Best Performances (All Time)

Results for: All Time · Masters: 40-49 · 50-59 · Running Performance Summary

Top 10 reported finish times for selected distances. (Click here for Top 25). Post Your Race Results to be included.
UjENA FIT Club Member Race Results · kelly emo Profile · kelly emo Race Results · kelly emo Top 100 Age-Graded Race Times

PosNameDateYearRunner NameAgeTime
1Otter 5K RunJun 52005kelly emo4021:29
2Ojai's Classic Heart & Sole 10K, 5 K Walk/Run & 1 Mile Family Fun Run - Run - 5KMay 142005kelly emo4021:33
3sharks fitness faceoff 5kJun 302013kelly emo4821:43
4Carlsbad 5000Apr 32005kelly emo4021:59
5Run For LiteracyMay 12005kelly emo4022:14
6Luminate 5kSep 202014kelly emo4922:17
7Spring Forward 5k runApr 182015kelly emo5022:46
8City of campbell valentine 5k fun runFeb 92013kelly emo4822:49
9Zoom quarry lakes 5k summerJul 132013kelly emo4822:50
10Emerge 5kSep 272014kelly emo4922:51
PosNameDateYearRunner NameAgeTime
1San Jose 408k Race to the RowMar 102013kelly emo4837:38
2408k Race tothe RowMar 12015kelly emo5039:32
3408k Race to the RowMar 62016kelly emo5139:56
4san jose 408kMar 52017kelly emo5240:28
5San Jose 408kMar 42018kelly emo5340:40
6San Jose 408kMar 22014kelly emo4940:50
7San Jose 408kFeb 32019kelly emo5442:50
8Coastal Spooner's Cove Sat 8kDec 72019kelly emo5559:34
9Coastal Spooners Cove Sunday 8kDec 82019kelly emo5501:02:40
PosNameDateYearRunner NameAgeTime
1Hellyer Half Marathon/10K/5K 2012 - Run-10KMar 32012kelly emo4741:33
2Jungle Run Half Marathon/10K 2009 - Run/10KJul 192009kelly emo4446:27
3Hellyer 10kMar 32013kelly emo4847:54
4Sacramento superbowl sunday 10kFeb 32013kelly emo4848:04
5Bay Breeze 10kFeb 162013kelly emo4848:34
6let's go 510 10kOct 192013kelly emo4849:07
7Berkeley half marathon 10kNov 242013kelly emo4949:16
8Hp Up And Running 10K - Run - 10KApr 172005kelly emo4049:28
9Brazen Bay Breeze 10kFeb 132016kelly emo5149:37
10Sobrato Bulldog 10k runMay 172014kelly emo4949:43
PosNameDateYearRunner NameAgeTime
1Double 15k Pacific GroveMay 102015kelly emo5001:12:53.1
2Double Road Race San JoseFeb 212015kelly emo5001:16:10
3Double road race, Pacific GroveMay 112014kelly emo4901:16:48
10 Miles
PosNameDateYearRunner NameAgeTime
1Mermaid SF Serena 10 mileNov 132016kelly emo5101:24:04
2Zoom Ayala Cove RunApr 82017kelly emo5201:46:17
3Coastal Trail Run Diablo Mnt 10 milerAug 282016kelly emo5101:58:45
1/2 Marathon
PosNameDateYearRunner NameAgeTime
1Oakland Running Festival 2012 - Run-Half MarathonMar 252012kelly emo471:45:24
2Big Sur half marathonNov 182012kelly emo481:49:05
3Santa Cruz half marathonApr 72013kelly emo481:51:19
4Modesto half marathonMar 192017kelly emo5201:54:48
5Disney Avengers half marathonNov 162014kelly emo4901:55:52
6Livermore Half MarathonMar 32019kelly emo5401:56:23
7Oakland 1/2 marathon (w/ Town challenge)Mar 202016kelly emo5101:57:52
8Nike Womens 1/2 marathonOct 192014kelly emo4901:58:01
9oak town half marathonAug 122018kelly emo5301:58:51
10San Francisco 1/2 marathonJul 272014kelly emo4901:59:09
Double Road Race