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UjENA Fit Club Member Race Results 8/11/2013

Location: Indy, Ind
Race: Douible Road Race Indy
UjENA Fit Club Member Participants: 63
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Member Name Event Title Location Finish Time Place Division Division Place Date
Julius KoskeiDouble Road RaceIndy, Ind44:31.9131-3518/11/2013
Robert WambuaDouble Road RaceIndy, Ind44:57220-2418/11/2013
Matthew ProctorDouble Road RaceIndy, Ind47:43320-2428/11/2013
Liudmila StepanovaDouble Road RaceIndy, Ind52:38.64Female18/11/2013
Julie PattersonDouble Road RaceIndy, Ind55:035Female28/11/2013
Emily TortorelliDouble Road RaceIndy, ind58:06725-3028/11/2013
James HarrisDouble Road Race IndyIndy, Ind58:58845-4918/11/2013
Christine KennedyDouble Road RaceIndy, Ind1:00:019Age-graded1st8/11/2013
Lance PorterDouble Road RaceIndy, Ind1:01:44I1145-4928/11/2013
Alex NancarrowDouble Road RaceIndy, Ind1:04:241320-2438/11/2013
Andrew BryantDouble Road RaceIndy, Ind1:05:061431-3538/11/2013
Kelsey GurganusDouble Road RaceIndy, Ind1:06:311525-3038/11/2013
Cindy HarrisIndy DoubleIndy, Ind1:07:421740-4418/11/2013
Tim BeadlesIndy DoubleIndy, Ind1:07:551840-4418/11/2013
Scott SpinnerDouble Road RaceIndy, Ind1:08:482240-4428/11/2013
Bob AndersonDouble Road Race IndyIndy, Ind1:08:522360-6918/11/2013
Mike JaskoskiDouble Road RaceIndy, Ind1:12:072755-5918/11/2013
Kyle LefeberDouble Road RaceIndy, Ind01:12:1429/11620-24 M3/48/11/2013
Henry HowardDouble Road RaceIndy1:12:283140-4448/11/2013
Greg SchultzDouble Road RaceIndy, Ind1:13:1232 out of 16435-392nd8/11/2013
Gretchen BraceyDouble Road RaceIndy, Ind1:14:473630-3418/11/2013
Rob MylesDouble Road RaceIndy, Ind 1:14:50 3750-5428/11/2013
Garvin AdamsonDouble Road RaceIndy, Ind1:15:18/11/2013
Sarah KempsonDoublel Road RaceIndy, Ind1:15:503925-2958/11/2013
Christan RoyerIndy DoubleIndy, Ind1:16:364230-3428/11/2013
James MacFarlaneDouble Road RaceIndy, Ind1:16:514345-4958/11/2013
Kristine MaliaIndy Double Road RaceIndy, Ind1:16:544435-3928/11/2013
Gabrielle ReedDouble Road RaceIndy, Ind1:17:154520-2428/11/2013
Tim CongerDouble Road Race IndyIndianaplis, Ind1:17:414760-6428/11/2013
Steve CollierDouble Road RaceIndy, Ind1:18:575130-3458/11/2013
Sarah WrightDouble Road RaceIndy, Ind1:19:475830-3458/11/2013
Cari CamicDouble Road RaceIndy, Ind1:20:566540-4438/11/2013
Amy Jo WesslingDouble Road RaceIndy, Ind1:20:566640-4448/11/2013
Steve BarnesDouble Road RaceIndy, Ind1:22:067270 Plus18/11/2013
Eddie WiseDouble Road RaceIndy,Ind1:22:267425-2988/11/2013
MELISSA JOYCEDouble Road RaceIndy, Ind1:25:518745-4938/11/2013
Lori JustinDouble Road RaceIndy, Ind1:26:359135-3958/11/2013
Janet L. DavidsonDouble Road RaceIndy, Ind1:29:0310250-5418/11/2013
Tara StoneDouible Road Race IndyIndy, Ind1:29:2610835-39108/11/2013
Shantel LiddyDouble Road RaceIndy, Ina1:30:0111040-4488/11/2013
Leah GrayDouble Road RaceIndy, Ind1:30:4511440-4498/11/2013
Stephanie ShidlerDouble Road RaceIndy, Ind1:35:1412735-39138/11/2013
Karen RouttDouble Road RaceIndy, Ind1:37:2513240-44128/11/2013
Betty LonisDouble Road RaceIndy, Ind1:40:0713745-4958/11/2013
Maria MylesDouble Road RaceIndy, Ind1:43:4214450-5438/11/2013
Susan Morris SkeltonDouble Road RaceIndy, Ind1:44:0814545-4978/11/2013
Duane DyeDouble Road RaceIndy, Ind8/11/2013
Samantha CurtisDouble Road RaceIndy, Ind8/11/2013
Leonardo SouzaDouble Road RaceIndy, Ind8/11/2013
Madison RoederDouble Road RaceIndy, Ind8/11/2013
Wes MatthiasDouble Road RaceIndy, Ind8/11/2013
Carla HappelDouble Road RaceIndy, Ind8/11/2013

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