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Double Road Race Indy

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Bob Anderson
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Years Running51
Race NameDouble Road Race Indy
Race LocationIndy, Ind
Race Date8/11/13
Age Graded77.61% 
Finish Time1:08:52
Division Place1
Overall Place23

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UjENA Fit Club members in this race.


run "Wishing you the best, brother!!!!!"
Gerry Elemento 8/10/13 6:31 am
run "Thanks Brad...double number three of the year!"
Bob Anderson 8/10/13 5:47 am
run "Have a great run Bob, I wish you the best. "
Brad Chatfield 8/9/13 10:43 pm
run "enjoy the double!"
Waitman Gobble 8/9/13 2:31 pm

UjENA FIT Club Photo Gallery · 2014 Indy Kids Cup Mile and Awards

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double_road_race_indy1 f 21587

2014 Indy Double Awards and Kids Cup Mile

At each Double Road Race we hold the Bob Anderson's Kids Cup Mile.  Always a fun event for kids 13 and under.  Once all the races are completed we hold the awards.  The top five in each 5 year age group in the Double are awarded a double sided performance medal.  The top three in ten year age groups starting at 30 receive a cash prize.  The overall winner based on the based age-graded performance wins the Double Victory Cup.  Julius Koskei was our overall winner and our Double Victory Cup winner.  Photos by Catherine Cross from the Ujena Fit Club.

double_road_race_indy1 21587double_road_race_indy1 21574double_road_race_indy1 21568double_road_race_indy1 21569double_road_race_indy1 21570double_road_race_indy1 21571double_road_race_indy1 21572double_road_race_indy1 21573double_road_race_indy1 21575double_road_race_indy1 21576double_road_race_indy1 21577double_road_race_indy1 21578double_road_race_indy1 21579double_road_race_indy1 21580double_road_race_indy1 21581double_road_race_indy1 21582double_road_race_indy1 21583double_road_race_indy1 21584double_road_race_indy1 21585double_road_race_indy1 21586double_road_race_indy1 21588
double_road_race_indy1 21589double_road_race_indy1 21590double_road_race_indy1 21591double_road_race_indy1 21592double_road_race_indy1 21593double_road_race_indy1 21594double_road_race_indy1 21595double_road_race_indy1 21596double_road_race_indy1 21597double_road_race_indy1 21598double_road_race_indy1 21599double_road_race_indy1 21600double_road_race_indy1 21601double_road_race_indy1 21602double_road_race_indy1 21603double_road_race_indy1 21604double_road_race_indy1 21605double_road_race_indy1 21606double_road_race_indy1 21607double_road_race_indy1 21608double_road_race_indy1 21609
double_road_race_indy1 21610double_road_race_indy1 21611double_road_race_indy1 21612double_road_race_indy1 21613double_road_race_indy1 21614double_road_race_indy1 21615double_road_race_indy1 21616double_road_race_indy1 21617double_road_race_indy1 21618double_road_race_indy1 21619double_road_race_indy1 21620
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Double Road Race