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UjENA Fit Club Member Race Results 6/30/2013

Location: Overland Park, KS
Race: Bob Anderson's Double Road Race
UjENA Fit Club Member Participants: 120
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Member Name Event Title Location Finish Time Place Division Division Place Date
Tyler McCandlessDouble Road Race Overland ParkOverland Park, Kansas45:15125-2916/30/2013
Mathew ChesangDouble Road Race Overland ParkOverland Park, KS46:27230-3416/30/2013
Benson ChesangDouble Road Race Overland ParkOverland Park, KS47:45330-3426/30/2013
Josh BadenDouble Road Race Overland Park, Kansas49:37420-2416/30/2013
Colin MorrisseyDouble Road Race Overland Park Overland Park, Kansas50:49520-2426/30/2013
Alex HendeeDouble Road Race Overland ParkOverland Park, Kansas52:24720-2436/30/2013
Molly Pritz SteinOverland Park Double Road RaceOverland Park, Kansas53:138Female16/30/2013
Jeremy HammerDouble Road RaceOverland Park, Kansas53:46925-2926/30/2013
Tony RaboinDouble Road RaceOverland Park ks54:21940-4416/30/2013
Marc KeysDouble Overland ParkOverland Park, Kansas55:281250-5416/30/2013
Tom MayDouble Road RaceOverland Park, Kansas56:441345-4916/30/2013
Nick WillsDouble Road RaceOverland Park, Kansas57:011530-3446/30/2013
Shelley BrakeDouble Road RaceOverland Park, Kansas58:1919Female36/30/2013
Kathryn BrakeDouble Road RaceOverland Park, KS58:2920F20-2416/30/2013
Brian SmithDouble Road Race Overland ParkOverland Park, KS58:4322m30-3466/30/2013
Scott WillsonDouble Road RaceOverland Park, Kansas58:482345-4926/30/2013
Eladio Valdez IIIDouble Road RaceOverland Park, Kansas59:002445-4936/30/2013
james weatherlyDouble Road RaceOverland Park, Kansas59:452540-4426/30/2013
Don FitzgeraldDouble Road RaceOverland Park, Kansas59:502655-5916/30/2013
Christine KennedyDouble Road Race Overland ParkOverland Park, Kansas59:582755-5916/30/2013
Angie NygrenOverland Park Double Road RaceOverland Park, Kansas1:00:1228F25-2926/30/2013
Glenn StellhornDouble Road Race Overland ParkOverland Park, KS1:01:3035M40-4446/30/2013
Julie MahmoudDouble Road Race Overland ParkOverland Park, Kansas1:01:493740-4416/30/2013
Cindy Blakeley-CameronDouble Road Race Overland ParkOverland Park, Kansas1:02:03Women6th6/30/2013
John Van DuserThe Double Road RaceOverland Park, KS1:02:254045-4946/30/2013
Paul WagnerOverland Park DoubleOverland Park, Kansas1:02:3945M50-5426/30/2013
Jason BrowningDouble Road RaceOverland Park, KS1:03:174835-3926/30/2013
Kerry McDermottDouble Road Race Overland ParkOverland Park, Kansas1:03:184955-5936/30/2013
Nathan UhlDouble Road RaceOverland Park, KS1:04:2454M35-3956/30/2013
Paul BajichDouble Road RaceOverland Park, Kansas1:05:025645-4976/30/2013
Brad RhodenDouble Road RaceOverland Park, KS1:06:096160-6416/30/2013
Gregory HattanDouble Road RaceOverland Park, Kansas1:06:116260-6426/30/2013
Mark TarwaterDouble Road RaceOverland Park ks1:06:3464M40-4486/30/2013
Herschel DavisDouble Road RaceOverland Park, Kansas1:06:366655-5946/30/2013
Maurice MonteauDouble Road RaceOverland Park, Kansas1:07:0367 of 35940-449 of 346/30/2013
Benjamin PeaseDouble Road RaceOverland Park, Kansas1:07:116840-44106/30/2013
Regan DunnDouble Road RaceOverland Park, Kansas1:07:20691-1966/30/2013
Brian ColeOverland Park Double Road RaceOverland Park, Kansas1:07:5270M40-44116/30/2013
Dan KampenDouble Road RaceOverland Park, Kansas1:08:207350-5446/30/2013
Greg HallDouble Road Race Overland ParkOverland Park, Kansas1:08:237455-5956/30/2013
Missy NewDouble Road Race Overland ParkOverland Park, KS1:08:2976F35-3926/30/2013
Dana BlumDouble Road RaceOverland Park, Kansas1:08:518050-5416/30/2013
Roger SamuelDouble Road RaceOverland Park, KS1:08:528155-5966/30/2013
Vanessa JohnsonDouble Road RaceOverland Park, KS1:09:028225-2936/30/2013
Jordan ShrackOverland Park Double Road RaceOverland Park, Kansas1:09:2385F25-2946/30/2013
Natalie HolickDouble Road RaceOverland Park1:09:598740-4426/30/2013
David HackDouble Road RaceOverland Park, Kansas1:10:238960-6446/30/2013
Bob AndersonDouble Road Race Overland ParkOverland Park Kansas1:10:4392M65-6926/30/2013
Matt BarnhillDouble Road RaceOverland Park, Kansas1:11:009340-44156/30/2013
Lindsay KnoopDouble Road Race Overland ParkOverland Park, Kansas1:11:0794F25-2956/30/2013
Bill StogsdillDouble Road RaceOverland Park, Kansas1:12:2099M35-39106/30/2013
Mike FrizzellDouble Road Race Overland ParkOverland Park, KS1:12:36101M55-5976/30/2013
Jenny SelvidgeDouble Road RaceOverland Park, Kansas1:12:4310330-3416/30/2013
Melissa SprattDouble Road RaceOverland Park, KS1:12:47105F50-5426/30/2013
Jason DunnDouble Road RaceOverland Park, Kansas1:13:0110640-44196/30/2013
Gavin DunnDouble Road RaceOverland Park, Kansas1:13:2010919 & Under86/30/2013
Doug Double Race RaceOverland Park, Kansas1:13:2010845-491086/30/2013
Brad ChatfieldOverland Park Double Road RaceOverland Park, KS1:13:3211160 to 646th6/30/2013
Tara GranthamOverland Park Double Road RaceOoverland Park1:13:40113F45-4926/30/2013
Josie VanweyDouble Road RaceOverland Park, KS1:13:5711825-2976/30/2013
Katie TaylorDouble Road Race Overland ParkOverland Park, KS1:14:12119 of 3594 of 3346/30/2013
Marvin BescheinenDouble Overland ParkOverland Park, Kansas1:15:0112060-6476/30/2013
Jessica MeyersDouble road RaceOverland Park, KS1:16:2713030-3446/30/2013
Cynthia DunnDouble Road RaceOverland Park, Kansas1:16:5413835-3976/30/2013
Tracie SchmidtDouble Road RaceOverland Park KS1:17:3914835-39106/30/2013
Ronald MallakDouble Road RaceOverland Park, KS1:18:14151M60-6486/30/2013
Kathryn kerstingDoubleOverland Park, Kansas1:18:2515245-4946/30/2013
Rachel McCaslinDouble Road RaceOverland Park, Kansas1:18:3315325-29106/30/2013
Katie CroucherThe Double Overland Park, KS1:18:50155thFemale 20-244th6/30/2013
Slavica CalvertDouble Road RaceOverland Park, KS1:18:5615645-4956/30/2013
Jenna BoswellDouble Road RaceOverland Park, KS1:18:59.69157Female 25-29116/30/2013
Sonya Richardson-ThomasDouble Road RaceOverland Park, Kansas1:19:25163F45-4966/30/2013
Timothy WoodsDouble Road RaceOverland Park, Kansas1:19:2616555-5996/30/2013
LaRisa Chambers-LochnerOverland Park Double Road RaceOverland Park, Kansas1:20:27171F40-4476/30/2013
Marla RhodenDouble Road RaceOverland Park, Kansas1:20:57175F55-5936/30/2013
Monica Yellow BirdDouble Road RaceOverland Park, Kansas1:21:5218130-3486/30/2013
Laura GettysDouble Road RaceOverland Park, KS1:22:3918540-44106/30/2013
Jodie BeydlerDouble Road RaceOverland Park, Kansas1:23:0118635-39136/30/2013
Steve GilbertDouble Road Race Overland ParkOverland Park, Kansas1:24:4520165-6946/30/2013
Trish KarleskintDouble Road RaceOverland Park, Kansas1:25:1320445-4996/30/2013
Missie WolfeDouble Road RaceOverland Park, KS1:25:43208F30-34116/30/2013
Megan CaseOverland Park Double Road RaceOverland Park, Kansas1:26:0121040-44126/30/2013
Dennis CaseDouble Road Race Overland ParkOverland Park, KS1:26:0221140-44286/30/2013
Ellen YoungDouble Road RaceOverland Park, Kansas1:26:1621260-6416/30/2013
Terry MurphyDouble Road Race Overland ParkOverland Park, KS1:26:3221350-5436/30/2013
Jennifer SwanholmDouble Road RaceOverland Park, Kansas1:26:36214F55-5956/30/2013
Jessica JackDouble Road RaceOverland Park, Kansas1:27:2121825-29166/30/2013
Ann CarrithersDouble Road RaceOverland Park, Kansas1:28:5023045-49106/30/2013
Sarah ReedyDouble Road RaceOverland Park, KS1:29:0923425-29186/30/2013
Lucy HardyDouble Road Race Overland ParkOverland Park Kansas1:29:39239F19 & UNDER26/30/2013
Bill PerryDouble Overland ParkOverland Park, Kansas1:29:5424270-7416/30/2013
Jan WoodsideOverland Park Double Road RaceOverland Park, KS1:31:05249F60-6426/30/2013
Jessica CummingsBob Anderson's Double Road RaceOverland Park, KS 1:31:2425330-34166/30/2013
Paul DuncanDouble Road Race Overland ParkOverland Park, KS1:31:49254M60-64116/30/2013
Cindy MahutgaDouble Road RaceOverland Park, Kansas1:32:3626255-5966/30/2013
Aaron McGinnOverland Park Double Road RaceOverland Park, KS01:34:32273M20-2496/30/2013
Adriana TallmanDouble Road RaceOverland Park1:34:5627725-29236/30/2013
Sheri PfeilOverland Park DoubleOverland Park, KS1:37:26284F40-44246/30/2013
Sheri Smith CainDouble Road Race Overland ParkOverland Park, KS1:37:4128535-39236/30/2013
Kim DardenDouble Road RaceOverland Park, KS1:38:5329340-44266/30/2013
Bryan JohnsonDouble Road Race Overland ParkOverland Park, KS1:38:55294M40-44326/30/2013
Robert WohlerDouble Road RaceOverland Park, Kansas1:45:16315M70-7426/30/2013
James ClarkDouble Road RaceOverland Park, Kansas1:47:2232445-49226/30/2013
Alan PoisnerDouble Road RaceOverland Park, Kansas1:48:4532575 Plus16/30/2013
Stanley Peterson Jr.DoubleOverland Park, KS1:49:59328M70-7436/30/2013
keiren greenhouseDouble Road RaceOverland Park, Kansas1:51:0033255-5986/30/2013
Scotty JohnsonDouble Road RaceOverland Park, Kansas1:53:1334160-6436/30/2013
judy daltonDouble Road RaceOverland Park, KS1:57:45346F60-6456/30/2013
John PitzelDouble Road Race Overland ParkOverland Park, Kansas1:58:24347M50-54116/30/2013
Deborah FafardDouble Road RaceOverland Park, Kansas2:11:3935550-54106/30/2013
Carolyn LangenwalterDouble Road RaceOverland Park, Kansa2:23:0135675 Plus16/30/2013
Anna KossenDouble Road RaceOverland Park, Kansas2:33:2635830-34256/30/2013
Joffroi HolcombeDouble Road Race Overland ParkOverland Park, KS6/30/2013
Samantha SmithDouble Road Race Overland ParkOverland Park, KS6/30/2013
Katie HauserDouble Road RaceOverland Park, KS6/30/2013
Katy HarveyDouble Road RaceOverland Park, Kansas6/30/2013
Mike WedelDouble Road Race Overland ParkOverland Park, KS6/30/2013
Shannon HallDouble Road RaceOverland Park, Kansas6/30/2013
dana gonzalesdouble road race overland park6/30/2013

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