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Fontana Day Half Marathon (#24)

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Bob Anderson
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Years Running51
Race NameFontana Day Half Marathon (#24)
Race LocationFontana, California
Race Date6/2/12
Race Distance1/2 Marathon
Age Graded87.95% 
Finish Time1:26:27
Division60 Plus
Division Place1
Overall Place35
Web Site Linkhttp://www.fontana.org/index.aspx?nid=38...

Notes: I ran 1:26:26 when I was 60 and my last mile was over 7 minutes. I want to be better ready this year and get under 1:26 at age 64. There is a 2,125 foot drop but it is 13.1 miles and it would be considered as aided. But I would take the time. I didn't get under 1:26 but I was just 28 seconds short of it. I wrote that month's ago and closer to the race I was only talking about getting under 1:30 but in the back of the my mind...

I have already entered.

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run "I bet your 5k was getting close to sub 20 on this!"
Steven Richardson 6/4/12 7:20 am

UjENA FIT Club Photo Gallery · Fontana Half Marathon 2012

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fontana_day_half_marathon2 f 6845

Fontana Half Marathon

Bob Anderson running the day before.  It was a perfect day for racing through the canyon to city hall this morning.  Buses started leaving at 5am and over 1000 runners made the trip to the starting line.  The overall male winner was Jose Lopez (bib no 2177) in 1:11:58.  Second place went to 50 year-old Danny Arteaga.  He ran 1:16:10.  First female was Ginna Ladd in 1:21:41.  64-year-old Bob Anderson (in read 147) finished 35th overall and first 60 plus in 1:26:27.  This was his 24th race out of 50 of the year.  Photos by Catherine Cross

fontana_day_half_marathon2 6845fontana_day_half_marathon2 6846fontana_day_half_marathon2 6847fontana_day_half_marathon2 6848fontana_day_half_marathon2 6849fontana_day_half_marathon2 6850fontana_day_half_marathon2 6851fontana_day_half_marathon2 6852fontana_day_half_marathon2 6853fontana_day_half_marathon2 6855fontana_day_half_marathon2 6857fontana_day_half_marathon2 6858fontana_day_half_marathon2 6860fontana_day_half_marathon2 6861fontana_day_half_marathon2 6862fontana_day_half_marathon2 6863fontana_day_half_marathon2 6864fontana_day_half_marathon2 6865fontana_day_half_marathon2 6866fontana_day_half_marathon2 6867fontana_day_half_marathon2 6868
fontana_day_half_marathon2 6869fontana_day_half_marathon2 6870fontana_day_half_marathon2 6871fontana_day_half_marathon2 6872fontana_day_half_marathon2 6873fontana_day_half_marathon2 6874fontana_day_half_marathon2 6875fontana_day_half_marathon2 6876fontana_day_half_marathon2 6877fontana_day_half_marathon2 6878fontana_day_half_marathon2 6879fontana_day_half_marathon2 6880fontana_day_half_marathon2 6881fontana_day_half_marathon2 6882fontana_day_half_marathon2 6883fontana_day_half_marathon2 6884fontana_day_half_marathon2 6885fontana_day_half_marathon2 6886fontana_day_half_marathon2 6887fontana_day_half_marathon2 6888fontana_day_half_marathon2 6889
fontana_day_half_marathon2 6890fontana_day_half_marathon2 6891fontana_day_half_marathon2 6892fontana_day_half_marathon2 6893fontana_day_half_marathon2 6894fontana_day_half_marathon2 6895fontana_day_half_marathon2 6896fontana_day_half_marathon2 6897fontana_day_half_marathon2 6898fontana_day_half_marathon2 6899fontana_day_half_marathon2 6900fontana_day_half_marathon2 6901fontana_day_half_marathon2 6902fontana_day_half_marathon2 6903fontana_day_half_marathon2 6904fontana_day_half_marathon2 6905fontana_day_half_marathon2 6906fontana_day_half_marathon2 6907fontana_day_half_marathon2 6908fontana_day_half_marathon2 6909fontana_day_half_marathon2 6910
fontana_day_half_marathon2 6911fontana_day_half_marathon2 6912fontana_day_half_marathon2 6913fontana_day_half_marathon2 6914fontana_day_half_marathon2 6915fontana_day_half_marathon2 6916fontana_day_half_marathon2 6918fontana_day_half_marathon2 6919fontana_day_half_marathon2 6920fontana_day_half_marathon2 6921fontana_day_half_marathon2 6922fontana_day_half_marathon2 6924fontana_day_half_marathon2 6927fontana_day_half_marathon2 6926
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