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Chinese New Year Run 2012 (A Long Run - Race #8)

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Course: 5K and 10K races start at 8:00AM on Grant Avenue/Sacramento Street and finish on Kearny/California Street. The course has some short hills but is mostly flat.

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Bob Anderson
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Years Running51
Race NameChinese New Year Run 2012 (A Long Run - Race #8)
Race LocationSan Francisco, California
Race Date2/19/12
Race Distance10K
Age Graded79.06% 
Finish Time43:46
Division60 Plus
Division Place1
Overall Place34
Web Site Linkhttp://www.ymcasf.org/chinatown/who_we_a...

Notes: Have already entered. Have not run this race in years.

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UjENA FIT Club Photo Gallery · Training Run with Bill, Rich and JoAnn Feb 20

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chinese_new_year_run_20121 f 4491

Morning training run with friends in Los Altos Hills Feb 20

It was a nice training run the day after the Chinese New Year 10k race.  Bill Dunn, Rich Stiller and JoAnn Dahlkoetter came over to the house Feb 20 and we decided to run the 5-mile fun run course from Foothill College.  Bill, Rich and Bob first met at the Fun Runs over 30 years ago, JoAnn a few years later.  Mike and Waitman was getting footage for our film "A Long Run."  Photos by Waitman for Ujena Fit Club

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chinese_new_year_run_20121 4537
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