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UjENA FIT Club Bill Dunn Best Performances (All Time)

Results for: All Time · Masters: 40-49 · 50-59 · 60-69 · 70+ · Running Performance Summary

Top 10 reported finish times for selected distances. (Click here for Top 25). Post Your Race Results to be included.
UjENA FIT Club Member Race Results · Bill Dunn Profile · Bill Dunn Race Results · Bill Dunn Top 100 Age-Graded Race Times

PosNameDateYearRunner NameAgeTime
1Round the RunwayJun 101984Bill Dunn3615:40
2Mill Valley 5km RaceJul 121987Bill Dunn3915:43
3City of Sunnyvale Baylands RaceAug 231987Bill Dunn4015:51
4Sri Chinmoy RaceJul 151984Bill Dunn3615:55
5Bacardi Rum RunJun 151986Bill Dunn3815:58
6TAC National Masters Track MeetAug 161981Bill Dunn3415:59
7PA-TAC Champs. Track MeetMay 191984Bill Dunn3616:07
8Great Berkeley RaceDec 51982Bill Dunn3516:12
9Livermore Fitness Days RacesApr 81984Bill Dunn3616:15
10Evergreen College 5km RaceJan 161983Bill Dunn3516:16
PosNameDateYearRunner NameAgeTime
1Willy's 5 Mile Race (converted)Jan 221983Bill Dunn3526:10
2Willy's 5 Mile Race (converted)Jan 161982Bill Dunn3426:12
3Willy's 5 Mile Race (converted)Jan 111986Bill Dunn3826:13
4Mountain View 5 Mile Race(converted)Jul 151979Bill Dunn3126:18
5Rotary Classic 5 Mile Race (converted)Apr 281984Bill Dunn3626:25
6Willys 5 Mile Race(converted)Jan 261980Bill Dunn3226:42
7Russian River 8km Masters Champs.Jun 51988Bill Dunn4026:51
8Willy's 5 Mile Race (converted)Jan 241981Bill Dunn3326:54
9Fujitsu 8km RaceJun 151996Bill Dunn4827:18
10Intercity Bank 5 Mile Race (converted)May 131984Bill Dunn3627:21
PosNameDateYearRunner NameAgeTime
1Sri Chinmoy 10kJul 191981Bill Dunn3332:42
2Mercury News RaceMar 231986Bill Dunn3832:47
3Mercury News RaceMar 201983Bill Dunn3532:54
4Great Race XIOct 91983Bill Dunn3632:56
5Alameda Run For The Parks RaceAug 91987Bill Dunn4032:57
6Run for Save RaceSep 71986Bill Dunn3932:58
7Sunnyvale Baylands RaceApr 191980Bill Dunn3232:59
8City of Fremont RaceMar 61983Bill Dunn3533:01
9San Leandro Shoreline RaceJun 11986Bill Dunn3833:02
10Milpitas Firecracker RaceJul 41981Bill Dunn3333:03
PosNameDateYearRunner NameAgeTime
1San Juan Bautista Double Road RaceSep 282013Bill Dunn661:02:50
2Pleasanton Double Road RaceDec 222013Bill Dunn661:03:03
3Pleasanton Double Road RaceDec 232012Bill Dunn651:03:42
4San Jose Double Road RaceAug 242013Bill Dunn661:05:06
5Pleasanton Double Road RaceDec 212014Bill Dunn6701:06:57.7
6Double Road Race San JoseFeb 212015Bill Dunn6701:07:32
10 Miles
PosNameDateYearRunner NameAgeTime
1California 10Jan 91983Bill Dunn3553:34
2California 10Jan 101982Bill Dunn3453:50
3California 10Jan 191986Bill Dunn3854:17
4Sri Chinmoy 10 Mile RaceFeb 201983Bill Dunn3554:28
5Presidio 10 RaceAug 291982Bill Dunn3555:06
6Sri Chinmoy 10 Mile RaceFeb 81981Bill Dunn3355:17
7Trac 10 Mile RaceMay 241981Bill Dunn3355:41
8California 10Jan 81989Bill Dunn4156:07
9California 10Jan 41981Bill Dunn3356:09
10Schoebers Survival of the Fittest RaceFeb 101980Bill Dunn3256:10
1/2 Marathon
PosNameDateYearRunner NameAgeTime
1Oakland Half MarathonFeb 61983Bill Dunn3501:11:04
2Oakland Half MarathonDec 61981Bill Dunn341:11:13
3Juneau Half MarathonJul 311982Bill Dunn341:12:08
4Hayward Half MarathonOct 251981Bill Dunn341:12:10
5Stockton Half MarathonNov 41984Bill Dunn371:12:33
6Sacramento Half MarathonOct 31982Bill Dunn351:12:36
7San Francisco Half MarathonDec 91984Bill Dunn371:12:37
8Stockton Half MarathonNov 71982Bill Dunn351:12:46
9Hayward Half MarathonOct 241982Bill Dunn351:13:24
10Las Vegas Half MarathonDec 111982Bill Dunn351:13:25
PosNameDateYearRunner NameAgeTime
1Avenue of the Giants MarathonMay 31981Bill Dunn332:41:08
2San Francisco MarathonJul 211985Bill Dunn372:41:22
3Sri Chinmoy MarathonJun 51983Bill Dunn352:41:43
4San Francisco MarathonJul 241983Bill Dunn352:43:40
5Paul Masson MarathonJan 281979Bill Dunn312:51:55
6California International MarathonDec 61998Bill Dunn512:54:16
783rd Boston MarathonApr 161979Bill Dunn313:07:35
8Avenue of the Giants MarathonMay 41980Bill Dunn323:09:29
9Sri Chinmoy MarathonJun 11980Bill Dunn323:47:31
Double Road Race