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Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Series

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GO FOR IT! Race Listing
Race NameSan Jose Half Marathon
Total UjENA FIT Dollars$ 1,300.00
Race LocationSan Jose, California
Race Date10/2/11
Race Distance1/2 Marathon
Web Site Linkhttp://runrocknroll.competitor.com/san-jose

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EventWinner NameAgeTimePlaceFIT Dollars
First man 19-23 years old Rene Felix  21  1:14:44  39th O  $50.00
First man 28-31 years old John Van Metre 35 1:08:50  23rd O  $50.00
First man 36-39 years old Meb Keflezighi 42 1:02:17  1st Overall  $50.00
First man 40 plus years Jose Pina  41  1:14:57  41st O  $50.00
First man 45-48 years old Daniel Miller  48  1:15:03  42nd O  $50.00
First man 51-54 years old Shawn Gallagher  51  1:20:48  75th O  $50.00
First man 60 plus years Bobby McKee 68 1:29:29  219th O  $50.00
First woman 18-21 years old Anai Tolentino  19  1:44:54  169th F  $50.00
First woman 24-27 years old Clara Peterson  27  1:15:22  2nd F  $50.00
First woman 34-37 years old Sarah Rebick  36  1:21:39  15th F  $50.00
First woman 40 plus years Lisbet Sunshine  47  1:20:09  12th F  $50.00
First woman 46-49 years old Lisbet Sunshine  47  1:20:09  12th F  $50.00
First woman 56-59 years old Honor Fetherston 63 1:36:27  76th F  $50.00
First woman 65 plus years Jane Niemeier  67  2:01:25  855th F  $50.00
Finisher - 1st Female Deena Kastor  38  1:12:23  1st Overall  $50.00
Finisher - 1st Male Meb Keflezighi 42 1:02:17  1st Overall  $50.00
Finisher - 2nd Female Clara Peterson  27  1:15:23  2nd Overall  $50.00
Finisher - 2nd Male Giliat Ghebray 34 1:03:38  2nd Overall  $50.00
Finisher 32nd place overall* Ben Turman  41  1:11:46  32nd  $50.00
Finisher 87th place overall* Ralph Oliver  29  1:22:11  87th  $50.00
Finisher 296th place overall* Janelle Ralph  29  1:31:53  296th  $50.00
Finisher 476th place overall* Marisa Newberger  30  1:36:43  476th  $50.00
First UjENA FIT Club male Justin Wall 47 1:29:31  222nd O  $100.002p
First UjENA FIT Club female Lisa Anderson-Wall 45 1:51:22  327th F  $100.002p

Note: Members with 2+ icon. 2p These members were 2 Star Members (or higher) at the time of the race, so their winnings were doubled.

This is a fast course through the city of San Jose, California and part of the famous Rock 'n' Roll series.  Meb Keflezighi leads the field in the 2011 race at the 4.25 mile mark.  He went on to win in 1:02:17.   Photos by Catherine Cross.  More photos below...

The start of the San Jose Half Marathon...9831 finished the 2011 event held Oct 2.   More photos below.

 UjENA FIT Club founder Bob Anderson has run the San Jose Half Marathon every year since 2007.  His best time is 1:27:53 was set in the 2009 event.  Above Bob at the four mile mark in the 2011 event.  He finished in 1:31:22 and placed third 60 plus.  Photo by Catherine Cross

Notes: Check out the 2011 photos below. Photos by Catherine Cross and Waitman Gobble. The oveall place winners will not be posted until the results are final.

run "I am excited to see a lot of our winners signing up for our UjENA FIT Club including Meb. This is only the beginning of a program which is going to give back to runners who run well. Once we get more sponsors, we will be giving out more. "
Bob Anderson 10/11/11 1:50 pm (x) Delete
run "This is Meb Keflezighi race...winning again in 1:02:17. Congrats to you for another great race!!!"
Bob Anderson 10/6/11 6:10 pm (x) Delete
run "Good luck to everyone. Be sure to claim your prize if you are one of our 24 winners at left. If you are a two- star UjENA Fit Club member or higher then you double your winnings. To claim, just sign up ( it is free) and give us your mailing address and we will send you a check and a special certificate. Must hear from you by Nov 2, 2011. Congrats!"
Bob Anderson 10/2/11 5:52 am (x) Delete
run "Looks like it's going to be a great race."
Waitman Gobble 9/7/11 12:18 pm (x) Delete

UjENA FIT Club Photo Gallery · San Jose Half Marathon 2011

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san_jose_half_marathon3 f 807

San Jose Half Marathon 2011

It was a great day for a half marathon in San Jose Oct 2, 2011.  Photos by Waitman Gobble

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