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UjENA FIT Club Photo Gallery · 2022 Golden Gate Double 8k second leg

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double_road_race443 f 58090

2022 Golden Gate Double 8k second leg and 10k

Double racing is a race with two legs and times from each distance is added together for scoring.  The Golden Gate Doubled 8k was held August 7 in San Francisco.  The first leg (5k) was run at 8:20 and the second at 9:35.  This is the second leg.  Anthony and Evey are wearing the yellow jersey because they won the first leg (5k).  Also there are additional photos from our open 10k race as well.  Photos by Catherine Cross for My Best Runs

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run "These are photos from the second leg of the Golden Gate Double 8k. held August 7 in San Francisco. There are three galleries of photos from our Golden Gate races. Photos by Catherine Cross Congrats to all our participants. Our next event is Dec 17 in Palo Alto. Join us!"
Bob Anderson 8/11/22 6:16 pm (x) Delete


Double Road Race
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