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Best Road Races and the UjENA FIT Club features hundreds of photo galleries which we feel will entertain and inspire you.   

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KATA Time Trials May 8
174 photos. Posted Wednesday, May 8th, 2024
Training members of Kenyan Athletics Training Academy (KATA) in Thika Kenya (one hour outside of Nairobi) ran a 10k and 5k time trial. The... View Gallery
359 61292
2024 Marina Double
353 photos. Posted Sunday, March 24th, 2024
The weather was challenging March 23, 2024 in Brisbane, California but for the most part it was good for running.  Nearly 250 runners signed... View Gallery
360 62510
Marina 2024 Double 15k 10k/5k
173 photos. Posted Monday, March 25th, 2024
The weather forecasts were not good leading up to our event but it turned out to be almost perfect running weather.  Saturday March 23,... View Gallery
358 61141
Palo Alto 2023 5k
330 photos. Posted Monday, December 25th, 2023
The last race of the day Dec 16, 2023 was the Palo Alto 5k.  This was also the second leg of the Palo Alto... View Gallery

UjENA FIT Club Photo Gallery · 2023 Golden Gate Double 8k 10k/5k

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double_road_race443 f 59203

2023 Golden Gate Double 8k and 10k/5k

It was a perfect day for the 9th annual Golden Gate Double 8k and Golden Gate 10k/5k.  The Golden Gate Bridge was in full view the whole time.  Photos by Nick Simmons-Stern

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