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DSE Lake Merced Half Marathon

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Joel Rizzo
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Years Running18
Race NameDSE Lake Merced Half Marathon
Race LocationSan Francisco, CA
Race Date8/14/17
Race Distance1/2 Marathon
Age Graded57.91% 
Finish Time01:56:37
Division Place3
Overall Place73
Web Site Linkhttps://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1...

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run "The none standard distances have to been age-graded manually. How many 13.5 mile races are there, anyway. In this case that was done wrong. The age-graded score should be 54.4. This had to be a tough course but age-graded does not take that into consideration. You guys are running lots of races. Keep it up! And I thought 50 races was a lot in a year!"
Bob Anderson 8/17/17 5:03 pm
run "it's mostly due to the odd distance but I can say the course I did also had 2800 feet of Climb and was considerably tougher than the flat lake merced course."
JR Mintz 8/17/17 8:49 am
run "Can someone explain to me how on a realtively same course how one has a higher age grade than other even though their time is about 12 minutes slower l?"
Joel Rizzo 8/17/17 12:22 am


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