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Denver Double Road Race

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Bob Anderson
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Years Running51
Race NameDenver Double Road Race
Race LocationDenver, Colo
Race Date7/21/13
Age Graded73.19% 
Finish Time1:13:02
Division Place1
Overall Place58
Web Site Linkhttp://www.doubleroadracedenver.com

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run "That would be great to see you again in Manhattan at the Double there Nov 9th....hope you can put together a team too!"
Bob Anderson 7/23/13 11:18 pm
run "Thought about you and the other Double runners on my run Sunday in Hays. Wore my OP Double shirt to the gym tonight, and talked to a friend here in Hays that ran Denver with you Sunday. We plan to run Manhattan in November; might try to bring a team. "
Brad Chatfield 7/23/13 8:50 pm

UjENA FIT Club Photo Gallery · Denver Bob Anderson Kids Cup Mile 2013

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denver_double_road_race f 12516

Denver Bob Anderson Kids Cup Mile

The Double Road Race benefits youth running.  At each Double to encourage kids further we stage the Bob Anderson Kids Cup Mile.  This timed mile race is a fun and serious race.  All kids get a t-shirt and a finish medal.  There is a trophy for the overall  boy and girl winner.  We also have special awards for each age from 4 to 13.  Photos by Catherine Cross

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denver_double_road_race 12538denver_double_road_race 12539denver_double_road_race 12540denver_double_road_race 12541denver_double_road_race 12542denver_double_road_race 12543denver_double_road_race 12544denver_double_road_race 12545denver_double_road_race 12546denver_double_road_race 12547denver_double_road_race 12548denver_double_road_race 12549denver_double_road_race 12550denver_double_road_race 12551denver_double_road_race 12552denver_double_road_race 12553denver_double_road_race 12554denver_double_road_race 12555denver_double_road_race 12559denver_double_road_race 12560denver_double_road_race 12561
denver_double_road_race 12562denver_double_road_race 12563denver_double_road_race 12564denver_double_road_race 12565denver_double_road_race 12566denver_double_road_race 12567denver_double_road_race 12568denver_double_road_race 12569denver_double_road_race 12570denver_double_road_race 12571denver_double_road_race 12572
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Double Road Race