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Carlsbad 5000 (A Long Run - Race #15)

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Best 5k race...this will be 19 years in a row for me!

Member Nameprofile
Bob Anderson
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Years Running51
Race NameCarlsbad 5000 (A Long Run - Race #15)
Race LocationCarlsbad, California
Race Date4/1/12
Race Distance5K
Age Graded81.59% 
Finish Time20:22
Division Place4
Overall Place162

Notes: Always fun...my 19 straight year!

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UjENA FIT Club Photo Gallery · Carlsbad 5000 Men's Master Race

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carlsbad_50003 f 5445

Carlsbad 5000 2012 Master's Men

At 7am on April 1st the first race of the day, the Master's men took off.  It was windy during the second mile but otherwise it was a nice day for racing.   This was Bob Anderson's 15th race of the year.  Photos by Catherine Cross Ujena Fit Club

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carlsbad_50003 5466carlsbad_50003 5467carlsbad_50003 5468carlsbad_50003 5469carlsbad_50003 5470carlsbad_50003 5471carlsbad_50003 5472carlsbad_50003 5473carlsbad_50003 5474carlsbad_50003 5475carlsbad_50003 5476carlsbad_50003 5477carlsbad_50003 5478carlsbad_50003 5479carlsbad_50003 5480carlsbad_50003 5481carlsbad_50003 5482carlsbad_50003 5483carlsbad_50003 5484carlsbad_50003 5485carlsbad_50003 5486
carlsbad_50003 5487carlsbad_50003 5488carlsbad_50003 5489carlsbad_50003 5490carlsbad_50003 5491carlsbad_50003 5492carlsbad_50003 5493carlsbad_50003 5494carlsbad_50003 5495carlsbad_50003 5496carlsbad_50003 5497carlsbad_50003 5498carlsbad_50003 5499carlsbad_50003 5500carlsbad_50003 5501carlsbad_50003 5502carlsbad_50003 5503carlsbad_50003 5504carlsbad_50003 5505carlsbad_50003 5506carlsbad_50003 5507
carlsbad_50003 5508carlsbad_50003 5509carlsbad_50003 5510carlsbad_50003 5511carlsbad_50003 5512carlsbad_50003 5513carlsbad_50003 5514carlsbad_50003 5517carlsbad_50003 5518carlsbad_50003 5519
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