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Athens Double Road Race

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Bob Anderson
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Years Running51
Race NameAthens Double Road Race
Race LocationMarathon, Greece
Race Date12/1/13
Age Graded79.66% 
Finish Time1:07:06
Division60 Plus
Division Place1

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UjENA FIT Club Photo Gallery · Athens Double Road Race Dec 1, 2013

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athens_double_road_race f 16691

Athens Double Road Race Dec 1, 2013

The first ever Double Road Race held in Europe happend Dec 1st in Marathon, Greece just an hour from Athens.  Race director Tina Kefalas won the women's division in the fourth best ever for women.  Konstantinos Poulios won the men's division in 46:36.  Giorgos Karavidas posted 48:28 for the best 40 plus performance ever.

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Double Road Race