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Sonny Workman UjENA FIT Club Profile
A Long Run The Movie
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Kicking some Asphalt!

A local 5K road race... Brining it!
Member NameSonny Workman
LocationClyde, Ohio
Years Running32 
Max Distancemarathon 
Fastest Mile4:24 
Current Mile4:55 
Types of RunningRoad Runner
Internet Profile Linkhttp://www.sondeeinc.com
CommentsPlease view my site to view the world's first hand held Runners Calculator! www.sondeeinc.com 
Fitness StatementRun 5-6 days per week. Try to always take Friday's off. I have coached high school XC for 17+ years and simply love it! 
Quote“Nothing Good Comes Easy!” 
Running AchievementsPersonal Best Times: 1600m: 4:24 3200m: 9:32 5k: 14:51 10k: 32:16 10 miles: 52:17 13.1 miles: 1:09 26.2 miles: 2:37 

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UjENA FIT Club Posts

Saturday, February 4th, 2012
Post Image

2 minutes of quick, fast but controlled running @ quciker than 5K race pace, then 1 minute easy, slow jogging. Repeat the 2/1 sequence for a total of 10 times, approximately 5 miles.

Thursday, December 15th, 2011
Post Image

20 miles on the Bike... Insanity... No running today..

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011
Post Image

12xFlying 100's then Insanity Workout, WOW, Cardio Heaven...

run Sounds like a good workout...
Bob Anderson 12/14/11 11:08 pm
Monday, December 12th, 2011
Post Image

21 minute Tempo run, solid and strong and then right into a Insanity workout! Feeling Xcited and Xplosive about 2012!!

Sunday, December 11th, 2011
Post Image

Complete cardio blitz, Running abit later, maybe 4.4 miles. It's my 44th Birthday.

run Happy birthday Sonny...running 4.4 miles would only be fitting...
Bob Anderson 12/11/11 7:43 am
Tuesday, December 6th, 2011
Post Image

I usually do these on the track. Start with a 300m slow/easy jog, I try and do this in 2:30, yes, thats slow! Then once I hit the 300m mark, I tag a 100m HARD but CONTROLLED. I do 8 of these and every other week I add 1-2 reps until I reach the 22-24 mark in a workout. Benefits: Really works the fastwitch muscles and within a few weeks you'll increase your stride, which results in faster times- which is everyone's goal! Give them a try someday, I wouldn't recommend doing this workout but once a week, can really cause some havoc on the body, if done correctly you'll probably be sore in the hammie area. Good Luck club members!

run Sounds like a good workout Sonny. I am going to add this to our Secret training Ideas. I liked the other one too.
Bob Anderson 12/6/11 10:45 pm
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runnerWelcome Sonny to our UjENA FIT Club site. I just went to your website and your Runners Calculator looks really cool. Did you invent this? Tell us more. Also, when you get a chance be sure to post some of your races. You have run some amazing times. When you have a chance let us know any races you have run that should be part of our 100 Best Road Races. Good to have you with us.
Bob Anderson 12/4/11 7:08 pm
runnerBob, Yes I invented the Runners Calculator! I have been coaching high school XC and Track for 17 years now and figuring out splits became a long and time consuming chore for me and all coaches alike. I like to train myself and my teams by learning to dominate small segments of the goal race, working on getting to the actual goal. I have my teams and myself do alot of 200m, 300m, 400m, 600m, 800m, 1000m, 1200m and mile repeats for XC (5K). With teams sometimes over 15, figuring out everyone's goal paces for these splits was tough. I ran out of fingers and toes! I know there are some charts out there but nothing is available that can calculate on the fly like my Runners Calculator! The RC can also project/predict a runners finish time just by inputting a runners "in" race split. So, if you're @ the 1000m mark and your runner passes by in 2:55, in the 2 mile event, you input that 2:55 and press the 1000m button, then press the 2 mile button and then "equals".. Poof: you get a display of 9:23! That runner would finish in 9:23 if they kept that pace. Valuable information for the coach and runner! The calculator mode can calculate splits for the 400m sprinter to the 26.2 marathoner! Running Times Magazine just finished a review and gave it a great review, the review will be in the Feb/March issue (available Jan 17th) I am very honored to be in your UjENA FIT Club! Looks like an awesome group. Thank you for accepting me and please be sure to spread the word about my Runners Calculator! Thanks again Bob, Thanks also for Runners World! Sonny
Sonny Workman 12/4/11 7:23 pm
runnerOH! I forgot to mention the Athlete mode. This is where the coach/user can input goal distances/times/event for an individual and store that by name. This way NO MORE figuring out splits for your team or self. Once stored, you can have all your splits, starting @ 100m's up to your goal distance, at your fingertips within 3-5 seconds! Want to have "Summer" do 1000m repeats today on the track @ goal pace- Go to athlete mode, find Summer's name and instantly her goal paced splits appear! Now, thats what coaches and serious runners have been wanting for quite some time.
Sonny Workman 12/4/11 7:27 pm
runnerThis really sounds good. What does it sell for? So you can be at any point of the race and get an estimate of what your finish time will be. So if I hit the two mile mark of a half marathon in 13:08 I would be able to get an estimate of what my finish time would be if I kept that pace. Right? But of course the trick is to keep the pace! Does it also work as a timing device as well?
Bob Anderson 12/4/11 7:37 pm
runner89.95 is the MSRP. The Runners Calculator was invented to help coaches and runners know what to do "before" they leave their door. There are many gadgets ou there that measure distance, pace while running or after running like Garmins, Nike Sportbands, etc. But, there is nothing that gives the user the ability to know whats expected of them if they are to reach their desired goal. Runners Calculator: "You set the goals, we set the Pace!" This is something you don't carry with you, your coach/friend/spouse could do just as you suggest. You would @ mile 2 and run 13:08 and within 2-3 secs they would predict a finish time for your marathon of 2:52:03. The unit does have a stopwatch. 4 modes: Calculator, Projection, Athlete and Stopwatch.
Sonny Workman 12/5/11 2:39 am
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