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2011 Santa Barbara Half Marathon
Elite Member
Member NameIvan Medina
LocationHayward, CA , USA
Years Running
Max Distance1/2 marathon 
Fastest Mile4:30 
Current Mile4:16 
Types of RunningRoad Runner
Internet Profile Linkhttp://
Commentsno comments 
Fitness StatementRunning has become part of my life and I will try to run for many years to come. Every year I get stronger and faster and healthier than ever before. I thank god for the opportunity to run every day with my heart out and the ability to give my best in every run on the trails. 
Quote“"To run is to feel the pain and joy of happiness and I am willing to give it all until I become the best runner I can be"” 
Running AchievementsCalifornia Community College Conference Championship 2nd place overall (2007)
Las Positas College.
2009 East Bay Triple Crown Trail Championship 1st place winner
1200meters 3:18 self timed, Chabot College preseason time trial 2012
2mile: 9:33 self timed TRACK N FIELD 2011
5k- 15:33 self timed TRACK N FIELD 2012
5k road 15:33 Silicon Valley Turkey Trot 5k
10k 31:41 self timed TRACK N FIELD 2012
10miles: 51:57 chip time Sactown 10mi 2012
Half Marathon: 1:07:58 chip time SAN JOSE ROCK N ROLL 2011
Full Marathon: 2:26:23 FRESNO MARATHON 2011

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Ivan MedinaPleasanton 12/23/12Double Road Race5348:561020100.00results
Ivan MedinaSan Jose 8/24/13Double Road Race60648:3144333.33results
IVAN MEDINAPleasanton 12/21/14Double 8K120624:4321050.00results
IVAN MEDINASan Jose 2/21/15Double 15K17650:3143836.66results
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UjENA FIT Club Posts

Thursday, January 10th, 2013
Post Image

AM: 8.5miles at lake chabot (hilly Course)
PM: workout with JOSE PINA's Family at SJ CITY COLLEGE.
LOTS OF DRILLS (strength workouts)
1x400m @72sec
1x800m @ 2:22sec
1x400m @ 67sec
1x800m @ 2:27sec
1x400m @ 67sec
2x200m 32,32sec
AND MORE DRILLS THAT PUT ME TO SLEEP LOL. I didn't realize that JOSE PINA JR. was so talented and fast until I did workout with him. HE WAS DOING 67'S QUARTERS IN WINDY CONDITIONS+drills with ease.

run That family is the "drill" sergeant.....
Richard Stiller 1/12/13 7:40 am
run The Pina's workout routine is amazing...after doing some of it once I can understand better why the are such good runners. Glad you were able to join them Ivan...
Bob Anderson 1/13/13 2:33 pm
run yeah the strength and drill workouts will make anyone faster and stronger in less than a month but everything is a process and I'm still sore from the workout. I'm not used to it.
Ivan Medina 1/13/13 5:55 pm
Thursday, January 3rd, 2013
Post Image

AM: 1mile easy warm up
1x1600m in 5:49sec
1x200m 32sec 200m jog recovery
1x400m 67sec
1x1200m in 3:25sec
400m splits 65,70,70...
1mile cool down
PM: 8.5miles easy (very hilly course)
total mileage: 13

Monday, December 24th, 2012
Post Image

Trail Running AM:
8.50miles of easy running at lake chabot.
Track workout at Chabot college.
1.5mile warm up
1x800m 2:40sec
2x400m 67,68sec 200m jog recovery
1x600m 1:42sec
2laps cool down
I felt empty but tomorrow I should feel better.
Total Mileage 14.

run Ivan, you should come over the run The Moody Two on Saturday. Fast two mile course. Very small race, no entry fee, no awards but lots of fun!!!!
Bob Anderson 12/27/12 11:27 pm
run I already made plans for Saturday. There's a race at Lake Chabot and I will go see my friends race. I might do a 3mile tempo there. Thanks Bob and I know you will achieve your goal. Happy holidays.
Ivan Medina 12/28/12 5:36 pm
run How did to do in the race
Bob Anderson 12/30/12 9:37 pm
run my friend got 2nd place overall. I only run 9miles easy. Congrats Bob you achieved your goal and I hope to see you soon racing in 2013.
Ivan Medina 12/31/12 12:11 am
Wednesday, December 19th, 2012
Post Image

1pm Chabot College workout with Cheyne Inman
3mile warm up
4x800m 2:17,2:17,2:18,2:20sec 1 lap jog
1x1600m 4:56sec passing the 1200m in 3:45 last lap in 71sec
3mile cool down
The workout did not felt easy but I am hoping for a PR in the 10k at the Double Road Race.

Tuesday, December 11th, 2012
Post Image

Tuesday Workout at Lake Chabot and Chabot College.
AM: 2.5mile easy around the neighborhood.

1.5hrs later workout at Lake Chabot in Castro Valley Ca.
2.25mile warm up
4x0.75mi in the pavement @ 10,000meters goal pace
splits: 3:40,3:42,3:38,3:40 300m jog recovery.
1xmile in 4:57 1.25miles cool down.

2.5hrs REST PM: Another workout with Cheyne Inman at Chabot College
3mile warm up.
12x400m 71,71,70,71,71,70,70,70,70
69,69,68sec 50-60sec recovery.
2-3miles cool down

Almost the entire track was block by soccer equipment, soccer players and chairs. The workout felt easy and that was the plan. But the people did not understood that we were running there hard and that they needed to move. Sometimes I think that this people don't have any brains. At some point we were running through the bags and around people, very close to them and they didn't care. I kind of sense that Cheyne wanted to collide with them in a good way, so they can learn their lesson. We were not angry but in shock that they did not care or refuse to understand that they have to move. There was plenty of space for both of us.

Its all about respect and love for the sports and community something that they need to learn. This reminds me of a friend that used to get really angry to the point that his coach had to bring a speaker to get the people out the way. His name is Yong-Sung Leal a true legend of the sport and a runner that runs hard to point of exhaustion. Back in 2011 I was working out with him at Chabot College where he run amazing splits for the 10k and 5mile run. Every run was a tempo non stop and very hard pace. 10k under 30min, 5mile under 24min. Sometimes he was running the last two laps in 65,60sec. No problem.

run I feel the same way. A lot of people just don't pay any attention to what is going on around them. It doesn't take that much energy to stay out of the way. BUT you had a good workout anyway. You are going to be in good shape for the Double. Did you finalize your Double Team?
Bob Anderson 12/12/12 12:34 am
run I still have no response from my team. I think I can run for your team Bob.
Ivan Medina 12/12/12 2:42 pm
Sunday, December 2nd, 2012
Post Image

The Marathon in Sacramento was crazy. It was raining from start to finish and it was really windy. I got out of the bus and went to the Elite Tent and stay there until 10min before the start. I didn't warm up at all only a few short strides.
The first mile was really windy and I decided to stay with the leaders as we all pass the first mile in like 5:30pace the 2nd mile was faster and I slowed down but the rain and wind never stop. After 6miles the wind was terrible. My split were 5.9mile in 32:00, Half way 1:14:36, 20mile 1:53:31 and finish with a time of
2hr 29min 01sec.
I was very please with my time because the weather was a factor for a slow race. I manage to pass a lot of the top runners with faster times than me and my place was 16th overall not bad at all. I felt strong the second half of the marathon and I am back to racing well again.

Brian Davis drop out at 20miles and my friend Cheyne Inman with a PR of 1hr 8min 09sec at Humboldt half marathon in October and 1hr 08min 34 at Clarksburg Half marathon in November couldn't keep up the pace and finish with a time of 2hr 33min 24sec I passed him at mile 16 or 17.

I want to mention again that the weather was horrible and the major reason for many top runners to drop out and slow times. Anything under 2hr 37min was a great performance. And Daniel Tapia won the race that was a shock to many runners but he has progress over the years and he's a great runner now. I have known him since Community College and competed agains him as well.

run Wow, sounds like the weather was terrible. Your 2:29:01 in those conditions is excellent. Way to go Ivan. Glad we were able to meet on Saturday!
Bob Anderson 12/2/12 5:38 pm
run Your 2:29 was a gutsy race. Also pretty even paced as far as the half way split was in comparison to your second half. So outside of the first 5.9 you ran pretty even.
Richard Stiller 12/2/12 5:49 pm
run the important thing was that I was able to finish strong without slowing down dramatically. it was nice meeting you Bob, see you at the Double Road Race. I will train smarter from now on because Tapia inspired me with his win to be a better runner and good training is the key of success.
Ivan Medina 12/2/12 10:11 pm
run It was a shock that Daniel Tapia won the race??
Jose Morales 12/3/12 3:38 pm
Friday, November 30th, 2012
Post Image

Easy run at lake chabot. 5.5miles at 8min pace

3mile shake-out run around the neighborhood. 8min pace

run It was cool meeting you today. Good luck tomorrow...I am thinking you are going to get your PR...go for it.
Bob Anderson 12/1/12 11:41 am
run Finally...an easy day ;-)
Richard Stiller 12/1/12 11:58 am
run Good luck Ivan and everyone else running the CIM marathon this morning...
Bob Anderson 12/2/12 6:12 am
Thursday, November 29th, 2012
Post Image

Workout at Chabot College with Kyle Robinson the head coach at Chabot in Hayward, CA. and two runners from chabot team. its preseason for them.
I warm up 2.5miles easy and 4x400m @ 75,73,74,72sec 2min jog 4x300m 52,51,53,54sec 2min jog
4x200m 35,37,33,33sec 2laps cool down.

PM: 6mile shake-down run for the legs in Dublin CA. During this run I felt good and hopefully I can recover for the Marathon.

I will only run easy Friday and Saturday. I should be ready for a fast time but I am afraid I will hit the wall
again because getting out at 5:20pace could be a dead sentence. If I get out at 5:30 for the first 6miles I am sure I will be in a better position but I want to run a fast time and my ambition could be my downfall.
I know I am fit but I have no idea what I can run and I don't like that.

total Mileage: 12

run Take it easy, Ivan. You have a marathon on Sunday. You are tough. You should just go for it and hang on for as many miles as you can. When the going get tough, just think about making it to the next mile. Then the next one. Break it down. Keep focus on the finish line. Let it pull you to it. But don't run much Friday or Saturday. Drink tons of water on Saturday. Get a good night sleep and GO FOR IT!!! Be sure to eat a Glu before you start, one at about 10 miles and another at 18. The night before, eat some protein along with pasta. Just some thoughts!
Bob Anderson 11/30/12 12:46 am
run thanks for the motivation Bob. I am starting to get my confidence back and today I did an easy run and I felt pretty good.
Ivan Medina 11/30/12 11:24 pm
Wednesday, November 28th, 2012
Post Image

I end up running at Lake chabot with the rain. 8mile run with Josh Mcdonald and one hard 0.75mile in 3:27 and 3:23 for Josh.
PM: 4miles flat at 8min pace very easy run.
Today I got my new Brooks T7 Racer. I will race with this shoe Sunday.

Tuesday, November 27th, 2012
Post Image

Another day another hard run in the morning at Coyote Hills in Fremont Ca. with Josh Mcdonald. He said that he only runs sub 7min pace for all of his easy runs averaging 6:10pace per week up to 90miles a week.
We run 10miles at Coyote Hills and towards the end we push the pace to 5:50 and 5:28 last mile.
average pace 6:10 for 10miles.

PM: I went to Cal High in San Ramon to do a Marathon pace workout with Brian Davis. I got there early and did a 3mile warm up
The workout was a success.
1x1.5mile in 8:00 passing the mile in 5:16 150m jog
1x1600m 5:20sec 150m jog recovery
1x800m 2:38sec 150m jog recovery
1x400m 70sec
I did one interval with Brian at 6:18pace but he drop out with one lap to go because he felt a kink in his ankle, so we stop. Only 3laps
4laps cool down

Tomorrow I have plans to do a workout with Josh at San Leandro Marina. My last workout of the week or I will be dead tired. Thursday I will do 10miles, Friday 7 and 7, Suturday 3miles one run only. SUNDAY RACE DAY.

run Ivan, you are doing some amazing workouts. Don't think you need to do 14 miles on Friday, however. Just do half of that. Then why not do just one mile on Saturday fast to open up your lungs and then one mile easy. You want to be on the starting line Sunday fresh and ready to set a marathon PR.
Bob Anderson 11/27/12 10:46 pm
run your right Bob I will do that. I was talking to Brian Davis about the race and he said that any workout I do now it won't help at all. It will just hurt me for the Marathon. I appreciate your advice Bob, thanks.
Ivan Medina 11/27/12 11:13 pm
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runnerGood going yesterday at the San Jose Half. Close to a PR I think. One second faster would sound so much faster!
Bob Anderson 10/6/14 11:29 am
runneryeah thanks Bob. But I got hurt at Stanford XC invite Sept 27 I over stretched my hamstring. but after the San Jose race I truly feel heal up. so I'll go for a PR at Humboldt half Oct 19.
Ivan Medina 10/7/14 12:13 am
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