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Double Racing Photos - "The Only Running Event with a Halftime" - Double Racing Calendar

Pacific Grove 9/30/18

Pacific Grove 9/30/18

Pacific Grove 9/30/18

Pacific Grove 9/30/18

Pacific Grove 9/30/18

Pacific Grove 9/30/18

Pacific Grove 9/30/18

Christmas 12/17/16
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Heide Unger UjENA FIT Club Profile
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Member NameHeide Unger
LocationGilroy, California
Years Running
Max Distancemarathon 
Fastest Mile12.51 
Current Mile 
Types of RunningRoad Runner
Internet Profile Linkhttp://www.facebook.com/100000075695556
CommentsI don't run. I can't run. But I can and do walk. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of the world of being physically fit regardless of disability. 
Fitness StatementHaving had the ability to walk taken away makes each step now one of triumph and accomplishment. Life is short - so live every moment. 
Quote“Motion is the lotion! "I am going to run...Heide has planted the seed." "Push yourself because no one else is going to do it for you." Dead last is greater than did not finish, which trumps did not start! Unk ” 
Running AchievementsI did it! I did it, Honolulu Marathon!! 2017!! Anything is possible if you set your mind to it and are willing to work hard!
2016 RPD Red Rocks Award
Phenomenal Woman Award 10/14/16, Co. of Santa Clara
I finished a half!! 11/28/2015! Another Brazen 13.1 completed 4/30/2016! San Jose Rock n Roll 1/2, Oct 2, 2016! Three halfs in a year, beyond anything I'd imagined! 

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Heide Unger's Race Listing
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Upcoming Races

Date Event Name Location Distance    
12/15/18 San Juan Bautista Double  San Juan Bautista  Double 8K  Share with Friends Share on Facebook  
12/16/18 Santa Run  San Jose  5K  Share with Friends Share on Facebook  
12/16/18 Quarry Lakes  Fremont, Ca  10K  Share with Friends Share on Facebook  
12/22/18 Great America Loopathon  Santa Clara, Ca  1/2 Marathon  Share with Friends Share on Facebook  
12/30/18 Almost NY Eve  Fremont, Ca  10K  Share with Friends Share on Facebook  
1/1/19 New Years Day  Lake Chabot  5K  Share with Friends Share on Facebook  
1/5/19 Coastal New Years One Day  San Francisco  1/2 Marathon  Share with Friends Share on Facebook  
4/28/19 BSIM 12k  Carmel, Ca  12K  Share with Friends Share on Facebook  

Recent Races

Date Event Name Location Distance Race Time Place
12/9/18 Spooners Cove  Morro Bay  5.5 Miles  01:58:15  61 
11/24/18 Brazen Quarry Turkey  Fremont  10K  01:52:19  191 
11/22/18 Coastal Trails Turkey Trot  San Jose  10K  01:44:44  96 
11/17/18 Santa Cruz Turkey Trot  Santa Cruz  5K  47:46   
11/4/18 Heart Heroes  Quarry Lakes, Fremont, Ca  5K     
11/3/18 Lake Chabot  Castro Valley  5 Miles  01:36:17  34 
10/28/18 Zombie Runner Halloween  Hellyer Park, San Jose  10K  01:48:46  38 
10/7/18 SJ Rock n Roll  San Jose  6.45 Miles  01:54:38   
10/6/18 Pace for Peace  Livermore  5K  47:17  47 
9/30/18 Pacific Grove Double  Pacific Grove, Ca  Double 8K  01:24:25  31 

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Double Racing

Double Road Race Results

NameEventRaceBib#TimePlacePointsPrize MoneyFull Results
HEIDE UNGERPalo Alto 3/11/18Double 8K288801:15:3570100.00results
HEIDE UNGERPacific Grove 9/30/18Double 8K9001:24:2531100.00results
HEIDE UNGERPleasanton 12/20/15Double 8K246701:18:14123100.00results
HEIDE UNGERSan Jose 2/20/165K55555:0459100.00results
HEIDE UNGERPacific Grove 5/8/16Double 8K265701:21:1886100.00results
HEIDE UNGERSan Jose 8/20/165K54150:0752100.00results
HEIDE UNGERSan Juan Bautista 9/24/16Double 8K285401:22:2432100.00results
HEIDE UNGERSan Jose 2/21/155K104901:28:0774100.00results
HEIDE UNGERPacific Grove 5/10/15Double 8K59201:23:4687100.00results
HEIDE UNGERPalo Alto 8K Double 7/19/15Double 8K25501:29:05119100.00results
HEIDE UNGERSan Jose 8/22/155K108052:0891100.00results
HEIDE UNGERSan Juan Bautista 9/19/15Double 8K221901:25:1127100.00results


UjENA FIT Club Posts

Thursday, February 8th, 2018
Post Image

First mile mostly 9-15% incline.

Thursday, February 1st, 2018
Post Image

Midnight TAJI100 opener

Sunday, January 28th, 2018
Post Image

Sunnyvale, Alviso and Coyote trails.

Thursday, January 18th, 2018
Post Image

Treadmill and 45 min cross training

Tuesday, November 7th, 2017
Post Image

Last 3 miles no stopping.

Saturday, October 28th, 2017
Post Image

13.1 race, and 5.0 treadmill

Sunday, October 8th, 2017
Post Image

6.4 RnR 10k, 1.6 in pm

Sunday, October 1st, 2017
Post Image

End of week 9, Dr. Metzl's training plan.

Tuesday, August 29th, 2017
Post Image

Working on uphills. Week 4 of Dr. Metzl's training guide for marathon.

Saturday, August 12th, 2017
Post Image

Finished first week of Dr. Metzel's 19 week training for marathon. 18 weeks to go!

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runnerrunStarted out as an easy, slow paced walk, but felt good so I kicked it up a notch. I'm excited about my first Double 5K tomorrow. Heide Unger 2/20/15 3:35 pm
Heide Unger 2/20/15 3:36 pm
runnerGood luck tomorrow. See you there!
Bob Anderson 2/20/15 7:25 pm
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UjENA FIT Club Fit Log Entries (2018) 2012

Wk #Log DateEntry TypeActualDay AvgWk TotWk PointsAcc Pnts
47 Wks 178 Days 3.8 Days/Wk Avg 830.7 mi 2.1 avg 14.9 avg  
 Mon 11/26Tread Mill 1hr+3.5   6862
47Sun 11/251 Mile Run or Walk1.05 3.2 mi22.5 mi19856
 Sat 11/245.1-7mi Run6.3   18855
 Fri 11/23Tread Mill 30m-1hr3.1   12849
 Thu 11/225.1-7mi Run6.2   9846
 Wed 11/21Tread Mill 30m-1hr2.3   3840
46Tue 11/20Tread Mill 1hr+3.57 0.5 mi3.6 mi14837
 Sat 11/173.2-5mi Run or Walk3.2   8831
 Fri 11/16Tread Mill 30m-1hr3.5   3826
45Mon 11/125.1-7mi Run5.2 0.7 mi5.2 mi18823
 Sat 11/10Tread Mill 1hr+3.15   12817
 Thu 11/8Tread Mill 30m-1hr2.0   6811
 Mon 11/5Tread Mill 30m-1hr2.8   3808
44Sun 11/45.1-7mi Run6.0 3.0 mi20.9 mi24805
 Sat 11/33.2-5mi Run or Walk5.0   18799
 Fri 11/2Tread Mill 1hr+3.5   13794
 Tue 10/30Tread Mill 1hr+5.35   7788
 Mon 10/291 Mile Run or Walk1.0   1782
43Sun 10/285.1-7mi Run6.2 1.6 mi11.2 mi12781
 Fri 10/26Tread Mill 1hr+3.50   6775
42Wed 10/24Tread Mill 30m-1hr1.5 0.2 mi1.5 mi3769
41Fri 10/191 Mile Run or Walk1.0 0.1 mi1.0 mi7766
 Tue 10/9Tread Mill 1hr+7.25   6765
40Sun 10/75.1-7mi Run6.45 2.4 mi16.7 mi21759
 Sat 10/62-3.1mi Run or Walk3.1   15753
 Thu 10/4Tread Mill 1hr+4.0   12750
 Tue 10/2Tread Mill 1hr+3.1   6744
39Sun 9/303.2-5mi Run or Walk4.6 2.0 mi14.3 mi19738
 Sat 9/293.2-5mi Run or Walk3.5   14733
 Fri 9/28Tread Mill 1hr+3.1   9728
 Tue 9/25Tread Mill 30m-1hr3.1   3722
38Sun 9/233.2-5mi Run or Walk4.1 2.9 mi20.4 mi22719
 Sat 9/225.1-7mi Run7.0   17714
 Thu 9/20Tread Mill 30m-1hr2.75   11708
 Wed 9/19Tread Mill 30m-1hr2.0   8705
 Mon 9/173.2-5mi Run or Walk4.5   5702
37Sun 9/16Tread Mill 1hr+6.30 3.0 mi21.0 mi26697
 Sat 9/153.2-5mi Run or Walk3.5   20691
 Thu 9/132-3.1mi Run or Walk2.5   15686
 Wed 9/12Tread Mill 1hr+4.64   12683
 Tue 9/11Tread Mill 1hr+4.03   6677
36Sun 9/95.1-7mi Run6.9 1.7 mi11.9 mi12671
 Wed 9/5Tread Mill 1hr+5.02   6665
35Sun 9/25.1-7mi Run6.37 2.8 mi19.8 mi23659
 Sat 9/13.2-5mi Run or Walk5.0   17653
 Thu 8/30Tread Mill 1hr+4.66   12648
 Tue 8/28Tread Mill 1hr+3.78   6642
34Sun 8/263.2-5mi Run or Walk4.1 1.5 mi10.2 mi11636
 Thu 8/23Tread Mill 30m-1hr3.05   6631
 Tue 8/212-3.1mi Run or Walk3.0   3628
33Sun 8/195.1-7mi Run6.35 2.5 mi17.7 mi18625
 Sat 8/185.1-7mi Run6.35   12619
 Mon 8/13Tread Mill 1hr+5.0   6613
32Sun 8/123.2-5mi Run or Walk5.0 1.6 mi11.2 mi14607
 Wed 8/8Tread Mill 1hr+4.1   9602
 Tue 8/72-3.1mi Run or Walk2.13   3596
31Sun 8/53.2-5mi Run or Walk5.0 2.1 mi14.4 mi15593
 Sat 8/45.1-7mi Run6.3   10588
 Fri 8/31 Mile Run or Walk1.0   4582
 Tue 7/31Tread Mill 30m-1hr2.1   3581
30Sun 7/29Tread Mill 30m-1hr3.0 1.8 mi12.6 mi23578
 Sat 7/283.2-5mi Run or Walk3.3   20575
 Thu 7/26Tread Mill 30m-1hr3.0   15570
 Tue 7/24Tread Mill 1hr+3.25   12567
 Mon 7/235.1-7mi Run   6561
29Sun 7/225.1-7mi Run6.0 2.1 mi15.0 mi15555
 Thu 7/19Tread Mill 1hr+6.0   9549
 Tue 7/17Tread Mill 30m-1hr3.0   3543
28Sun 7/155.1-7mi Run5.2 3.4 mi24.1 mi17540
 Sat 7/142 Mile Run/Walk2.0   11534
 Thu 7/12Tread Mill 1hr+7.1   9532
 Wed 7/11Tread Mill 30m-1hr3.0   3526
27Tue 7/10Tread Mill 1hr+6.75 1.0 mi6.8 mi27523
 Sat 7/710.1-12mi Run10.15   21517
 Thu 7/5Tread Mill 1hr+3.05   9505
 Wed 7/42-3.1mi Run or Walk3.1   3499
26Sun 7/1Tread Mill 30m-1hr3.0 2.9 mi20.0 mi21496
 Sat 6/305.1-7mi Run6.2   18493
 Wed 6/27Tread Mill 1hr+6.5   12487
 Mon 6/25Tread Mill 1hr+4.25   6481
25Sun 6/245.1-7mi Run6.2 2.7 mi18.7 mi23475
 Sat 6/233.2-5mi Run or Walk3.5   17469
 Thu 6/21Tread Mill 1hr+4.0   12464
 Tue 6/19Tread Mill 1hr+5.0   6458
24Sun 6/172-3.1mi Run or Walk3.15 1.7 mi12.2 mi13452
 Sat 6/165.1-7mi Run5.5   10449
 Wed 6/13Tread Mill 30m-1hr2.5   4443
 Tue 6/121 Mile Run/Walk1.0   1440
23Sun 6/107.1-10mi Run7.75 3.6 mi25.1 mi28439
 Sat 6/95.1-7mi Run6.3   18429
 Thu 6/7Tread Mill 1hr+6.0   12423
 Tue 6/5Tread Mill 1hr+5.0   6417
22Sun 6/35.1-7mi Run6.2 1.5 mi10.8 mi13411
 Thu 5/31Tread Mill 1hr+3.55   7405
 Tue 5/291 Mile Run/Walk1.0   1399
21Sun 5/273.2-5mi Run or Walk5.0 3.1 mi22.0 mi16398
 Sat 5/261 Mile Run or Walk1.0   11393
 Fri 5/25Tread Mill 30m-1hr3.0   10392
 Thu 5/24Tread Mill 30m-1hr3.0   7389
 Wed 5/23Tread Mill 30m-1hr3.0   4386
 Tue 5/22Bicycling 30+ Mins7.0   1383
20Sun 5/2012.1-14mi Run13.1 3.3 mi23.4 mi29382
 Fri 5/18Tread Mill 30m-1hr1.25   15368
 Thu 5/17Tread Mill 30m-1hr3.0   12365
 Wed 5/162-3.1mi Run or Walk2.0   9362
 Mon 5/14Tread Mill 1hr+4.0   6359
19Sun 5/133.2-5mi Run or Walk5.0 1.4 mi9.6 mi10353
 Fri 5/11Tread Mill 30m-1hr2.35   5348
 Wed 5/91 Mile Run or Walk1.0   2345
 Tue 5/81 Mile Run/Walk1.25   1344
18Sun 5/63.2-5mi Run or Walk5.0 1.9 mi13.1 mi14343
 Thu 5/3Tread Mill 30m-1hr3.1   9338
 Tue 5/1Tread Mill 1hr+5.0   6335
17Sun 4/2910.1-12mi Run11.3 2.3 mi15.9 mi18329
 Thu 4/26Tread Mill 30m-1hr1.56   6317
 Wed 4/25Tread Mill 30m-1hr3.0   3314
16Sun 4/223.2-5mi Run or Walk3.75 2.3 mi16.2 mi23311
 Fri 4/20Tread Mill 1hr+4.3   18306
 Wed 4/18Tread Mill 1hr+5.0   12300
 Mon 4/16Tread Mill 1hr+3.1   6294
15Sun 4/1512.1-14mi Run13.5 2.7 mi18.6 mi20288
 Sat 4/142-3.1mi Run or Walk3.1   6274
 Tue 4/102-3.1mi Run or Walk2.0   3271
14Sun 4/8Tread Mill 30m-1hr3.0 0.9 mi6.0 mi6268
 Tue 4/3Tread Mill 30m-1hr3.0   3265
13Sun 4/1Tread Mill 30m-1hr3.0 2.3 mi16.1 mi18262
 Sat 3/312-3.1mi Run or Walk3.1   15259
 Fri 3/30Tread Mill 1hr+5.0   12256
 Wed 3/28Tread Mill 1hr+5.0   6250
12Sun 3/2512.1-14mi Run13.5 3.7 mi26.2 mi31244
 Sat 3/243.2-5mi Run or Walk4.0   17230
 Thu 3/22Tread Mill 1hr+5.5   12225
 Wed 3/21Tread Mill 1hr+3.2   6219
11Sun 3/185.1-7mi Run6.2 2.2 mi15.7 mi18213
 Sat 3/175.1-7mi Run6.2   12207
 Tue 3/13Tread Mill 1hr+3.25   6201
10Sun 3/113.2-5mi Run or Walk5.0 1.6 mi11.3 mi13195
 Thu 3/83.2-5mi Run or Walk4.33   8190
 Tue 3/62-3.1mi Run or Walk2.0   3185
9Sun 3/43.2-5mi Run or Walk5.0 1.8 mi12.9 mi11182
 Fri 3/2Tread Mill 1hr+6.75   6177
8Thu 3/11 Mile Run/Walk1.1 0.2 mi1.1 mi27171
 Sat 2/2412.1-14mi Run13.1   26170
 Thu 2/22Tread Mill 1hr+11.25   12156
 Tue 2/20Tread Mill 30m-1hr3.0   6150
 Mon 2/192-3.1mi Run or Walk6.3   3147
7Sun 2/18Tread Mill 30m-1hr3.25 1.4 mi9.8 mi13144
 Sat 2/173.2-5mi Run or Walk3.25   10141
 Wed 2/143.2-5mi Run or Walk3.3   5136
6Sun 2/112-3.1mi Run or Walk3.1 4.6 mi32.2 mi32131
 Sat 2/1012.1-14mi Run13.5   29128
 Thu 2/8Tread Mill 1hr+6.85   15114
 Wed 2/7Tread Mill 30m-1hr3.1   9108
 Tue 2/6Tread Mill 1hr+5.6   6105
5Sun 2/410.1-12mi Run11.5 4.2 mi29.6 mi2699
 Sat 2/32-3.1mi Run or Walk5.0   1487
 Fri 2/22-3.1mi Run or Walk2.35   1184
 Thu 2/12-3.1mi Run or Walk6.2   881
 Mon 1/293.2-5mi Run or Walk4.5   578
4Sun 1/285.1-7mi Run6.75 3.2 mi22.2 mi1973
 Sat 1/272-3.1mi Run or Walk4.1   1367
 Fri 1/26Tread Mill 1hr+8.0   1064
 Thu 1/252-3.1mi Run or Walk2.3   458
 Tue 1/231 Mile Run or Walk1.0   155
3Sun 1/213.2-5mi Run or Walk4.7 3.0 mi20.8 mi2254
 Sat 1/205.1-7mi Run6.2   1749
 Thu 1/18Tread Mill 1hr+6.65   1143
 Wed 1/173.2-5mi Run or Walk3.25   537
2Sun 1/142-3.1mi Run or Walk2.6 2.4 mi16.7 mi1032
 Thu 1/111 Mile Run or Walk1.1   729
 Wed 1/10Tread Mill 1hr+8.0   628
1Tue 1/93.2-5mi Run or Walk5.0 0.7 mi5.0 mi2222
 Sat 1/62-3.1mi Run or Walk3.0   1717
 Fri 1/5Tread Mill 1hr+5.0   1414
 Thu 1/4Light Weight Training 30+ Mins45   88
 Wed 1/3Tread Mill 1hr+3.57   77
 Tue 1/21 Mile Run/Walk1.1   11
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