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UjENA FIT Club Steve Cryer Best Performances (All Time)

Results for: All Time · Masters: 60-69 · 70+ · Running Performance Summary

Top 10 reported finish times for selected distances. (Click here for Top 25). Post Your Race Results to be included.
UjENA FIT Club Member Race Results · Steve Cryer Profile · Steve Cryer Race Results · Steve Cryer Top 100 Age-Graded Race Times

PosNameDateYearRunner NameAgeTime
1St. Patraick's Day 5KMar 152015Steve Cryer6219:40
2RiverFront RelayJun 132015Steve Cryer6319:47
36th Annual Scusset Beach 5kSep 232017Steve Cryer6519:55.9
4Phaby-Gray Resolution RunJan 12015Steve Cryer6220:06
52021 Labor Day 5kSep 62021Steve Cryer6920:26.4
6Girls On The Run Chasing Your Dream 5KNov 142015Steve Cryer6320:28.4
7Phaby-Gray Resolution RunJan 12014Steve Cryer6120:34
8Buzz Oates No Excuses 5KMay 312015Steve Cryer6320:40.1
9Sagamore Beach BobbarooAug 302014Steve Cryer6220:43
10Girls On The RunDec 52015Steve Cryer6320:44
PosNameDateYearRunner NameAgeTime
1San Jose 408K Race to the RowMar 62016Steve Cryer6335:21
2Pacific Association ChampionshipNov 222015Steve Cryer6337:07
PosNameDateYearRunner NameAgeTime
1Marin Memorial Day RacesMay 272013Steve Cryer6142:00
2Hit The Road JackJun 72015Steve Cryer6342:49
3Marin Memorial Day RacesMay 252015Steve Cryer6343:00
4Marin Turkey TrotNov 282013Steve Cryer6143:18.7
5Marin Turkey TrotNov 272014Steve Cryer6243:31.5
6Marin County Turkey TrotNov 262015Steve Cryer6343:46
7Resolve to Solve IBD Jan 92016Steve Cryer6343:56
8The Dam RunJan 172015Steve Cryer6244:16.0
9Awesome 80's Run 10k/5kSep 202015Steve Cryer6344:25
10Veterans Day 5K/10KNov 72015Steve Cryer6344:26
PosNameDateYearRunner NameAgeTime
1Double Double Pacific GroveMay 102015Steve Cryer6301:02:53
2Double Road Race San Juan BautistaSep 202014Steve Cryer6201:03:10.5
3Double Road Race PleasantonDec 222013Steve Cryer6101:03:35
4Double Road Race San JoseFeb 222014Steve Cryer6101:03:44
5Double Road Race Pacific GroveMay 112014Steve Cryer6201:04:09
6Double Road Race PleasantonDec 212014Steve Cryer6201:04:14.8
7Double Road Race San JoseFeb 212015Steve Cryer6201:04:52
8Double Double San JoseAug 232014Steve Cryer6201:05:26
9Double Road Race San Juan BautistaSep 192015Steve Cryer6301:06:19
10Double Double Overland ParkJun 282015Steve Cryer6301:06:50
10 Miles
PosNameDateYearRunner NameAgeTime
1Credit Union SACTOWN Run Apr 62014Steve Cryer6201:08:33
2Credit Union SACTOWN RunApr 72013Steve Cryer611:09:26
3Nor Cal John Frank MemorialMar 12014Steve Cryer6101:09:49
4Run Walnut CreekDec 132014Steve Cryer6201:10:51
5Credit Union SACTOWN RunApr 122015Steve Cryer6301:11:34
6Nor Cal John Frank MemorialMar 32013Steve Cryer601:12:15
7Ilsanjo ClassicMar 92014Steve Cryer6101:13:42
8Ilsanjo ClassicMar 82015Steve Cryer6201:17:40.0
9Lazy Lobster 10 MilerJun 172018Steve Cryer6601:36:10.0
1/2 Marathon
PosNameDateYearRunner NameAgeTime
1Humboldt Redwoods Half MarathonOct 202013Steve Cryer6101:31:38
2Modesto MarathonMar 232014Steve Cryer6201:32:02
3Modesto MarathonMar 242013Steve Cryer6101:32:35
4Clarksburg Country RunNov 102013Steve Cryer611:32:52
5Humboldt Redwoods Half MarathonOct 192014Steve Cryer6201:32:57
6Clarksburg Country RunNov 92014Steve Cryer6201:33:52
72014 Urban EscapeApr 132014Steve Cryer6201:34:06
8Kaiser Permanente San FranciscoFeb 22014Steve Cryer611:34:43
9Modesto MarathonMar 292015Steve Cryer6301:34:50
10Windsor Green Half MarathonMay 172015Steve Cryer6301:35:05
PosNameDateYearRunner NameAgeTime
1California International MarathonDec 72014Steve Cryer6203:34:29
2California International MarathonDec 82013Steve Cryer613:38:37
3California International MarathonDec 62015Steve Cryer6303:43:50
4Boston MarathonApr 202015Steve Cryer6303:43:57
5Avenue Of The GiantsMay 52013Steve Cryer613:51:23
6Santa Rosa MarathonAug 252013Steve Cryer614:02:36
72021 Providence MarathonMay 22021Steve Cryer6904:03:54
8Erie Marathon At Presque IsleSep 102017Steve Cryer6504:04:53
9Erie Marathon At Presque IsleSep 82019Steve Cryer6704:05:00
10Miami MarathonFeb 92020Steve Cryer6704:05:29
Double Road Race