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UjENA FIT Club Peter Mullin Best Performances (Masters 60-69)

Results for: All Time · Masters: 50-59 · 60-69 · 70+ · Running Performance Summary

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UjENA FIT Club Member Race Results · Peter Mullin Profile · Peter Mullin Race Results · Peter Mullin Top 100 Age-Graded Race Times

PosNameDateYearRunner NameAgeTime
120th Annual Syracuse Festival of Races 2012 5KSep 302012Peter Mullin6117:44
2Run with the SaintsNov 22013Peter Mullin6217:47
3USA Masters 5K ChampionshipsOct 62013Peter Mullin6217:48
4Texas Med 5KFeb 82014Peter Mullin6317:49
5Just Run for a Just Cause 2012Sep 122012Peter Mullin6117:56
6Be the One Match 2012Sep 152012Peter Mullin6117:57
7ChocoLoco 5KJan 252014Peter Mullin6317:58
8XX World Masters Athletics ChampionshipsOct 192013Peter Mullin6217:59
9Impact a Hero 5KJun 22012Peter Mullin6118:06
10Heroes and Hope 5KMay 242014Peter Mullin6318:07
11Outriggers 5KAug 42013Peter Mullin6218:08
12Dad's Day 5KJun 142014Peter Mullin6318:10
13Keller WIlliams Premier Summer 5KMay 312014Peter Mullin6318:11
14Trafigura Run for the HouseDec 72013Peter Mullin6318:12
15USATF Masters 5K National ChampionshipOct 22016Peter Mullin6518:14
16Run Wild 5KJul 42014Peter Mullin6318:15
17HMSA 5K Nov 242013Peter Mullin6218:20
18Wellness 5K December 2012Dec 302012Peter Mullin6218:21.9
19Jingle Bell RunDec 212011Peter Mullin6118:22
20Dad's Day 5KJun 152013Peter Mullin6218:23
21College Rush 5KDec 122015Peter Mullin6518:24
22Houston RUn for RecoverySep 292013Peter Mullin6218:25
23Astros Race for the Pennant 5K 2012May 262012Peter Mullin6118:27
24Texas Med Center 5K 2012Feb 112012Peter Mullin6118:28
25Texas Med 5KFeb 72015Peter Mullin6418:29
PosNameDateYearRunner NameAgeTime
1USA Masters 8K ChampionshipsFeb 232014Peter Mullin6329:37
2Law Week 8KMar 222014Peter Mullin6330:27
3Run for the Dream 2012May 192012Peter Mullin6130:35
4USA Masters National 8K ChampionshipJun 12013Peter Mullin6230:37
5Eikenburg Law Week 8KMar 232013Peter Mullin6230:39
6USATF Masters 8K ChampionshipMar 182017Peter Mullin6630:57
7USATF Masters 8K ChampionshipFeb 222015Peter Mullin6431:15
8Law Week 8KMar 222015Peter Mullin6431:53
9Law Week 8KMar 112017Peter Mullin6632:09
10USATF Masters 8KFeb 282016Peter Mullin6532:30
11Law Week 8KMar 122016Peter Mullin6532:33
12Law Week 8KFeb 172018Peter Mullin6732:42.6
13Law Week 8KFeb 162019Peter Mullin6833:22.8
PosNameDateYearRunner NameAgeTime
1TXU Energy Houston Turkey TrotNov 282013Peter Mullin6236:24
2Crescent City Classic 10KApr 192014Peter Mullin6337:21
3USA Masters 10K ChampionshipApr 272014Peter Mullin6337:30
4Texas Exe's Lone Star StampedeMay 42013Peter Mullin6237:42.7
5Bayou City Classic Mar 82014Peter Mullin6338:00
6Pamelas RaceMay 102014Peter Mullin6338:08
7Conoco Philips Rodeo RunFeb 252012Peter Mullin6138:17
8Alaina Dixon Trick or Trot 10KOct 232016Peter Mullin6538:23
9TXU Energy Turkey Trot 2012Nov 222012Peter Mullin6138:29
10Bayou City Classic 2012Mar 102012Peter Mullin6138:33
11ConocoPhillips Rodeo Run 2013Feb 232013Peter Mullin6238:36
12Lookin' Good Shamrock StrutMar 162013Peter Mullin6238:46.6
13USATF Masters Outdoor Track & Field ChampionshipsJul 142013Peter Mullin6238:55.67
14Leiden Marathon 10KMay 262013Peter Mullin6238:57
15USATF Masters 10K ChampionshipApr 282013Peter Mullin6239:05
16Crescent City Classic 10KMar 262016Peter Mullin6539:19
17TXU Energy Turkey TrotNov 262015Peter Mullin6439:20
18Bayou CIty Classic 10KMar 192016Peter Mullin6539:31
19USATF Masters Track and Field ChampionshipsJul 162016Peter Mullin6539:32.3
20USATF Masters 10K ChampionshipApr 302017Peter Mullin6639:37
21James Joyce Ramble/USATF 10K Masters ChampsApr 252016Peter Mullin6539:41
22World Masters Games 2017Apr 212017Peter Mullin6639:51
23Bayou City ClassicMar 162019Peter Mullin6840:45.1
24Shamrock Strut 10KMar 32018Peter Mullin6740:51.4
25USATF National Track & FIeld ChampionshipsJul 132019Peter Mullin6840:54.8
PosNameDateYearRunner NameAgeTime
1Double Road Race PleasantonDec 222013Peter Mullin6355:55
2Double Road Race Overland ParkJun 292014Peter Mullin6357:14
3Double Road Race Ft. LauderdaleMay 182014Peter Mullin6357:25
10 Miles
PosNameDateYearRunner NameAgeTime
1Space City 10 MilerOct 92016Peter Mullin6501:02:42.8
2Space City 10 Miler 2012Oct 142012Peter Mullin611:02:45
3Space City 10 MilerOct 132013Peter Mullin621:03:08
4Texas 10 Huntsville 2014Apr 132014Peter Mullin6301:03:36
5Austin 10/20Apr 152012Peter Mullin611:04:41
6Space City 10 MilerFeb 212016Peter Mullin6501:05:41
7Space City 10 MilerOct 42020Peter Mullin6901:09:44
1/2 Marathon
PosNameDateYearRunner NameAgeTime
1Aramco Houston Half MarathonJan 192014Peter Mullin631:21:05
2Galveston Half MarathonFeb 162014Peter Mullin6301:21:40
3USA Masters Half-Marathon ChampionshipFeb 22014Peter Mullin631:21:55
4Jacksonville Bank Half MarathonDec 292013Peter Mullin631:22:20
5Memorial Hermann Sugar Land Half Marathon 2012Mar 252012Peter Mullin611:22:31
6XX World Masters Athletics ChampionshipsOct 272013Peter Mullin621:23:01
7Woodlands Half Marathon 2012Mar 32012Peter Mullin611:23:02
8Melbourne Marathon WeekendFeb 32013Peter Mullin621:23:43
9Houston Half Marathon 2012Oct 282012Peter Mullin611:23:59
10Memorial Hermann Sugarland Half MarathonMar 22014Peter Mullin6301:24:48
11Aramco Half Marathon 2013Jan 132013Peter Mullin621:24:58
12Galveston Mardi Gras Half MarathonFeb 152012Peter Mullin611:25:18
13Galveston Half Marathon 2013Jan 272013Peter Mullin621:25:59
14USATF Masters Half Marathon ChampionshipsJun 52016Peter Mullin6501:26:30
15World Masters Indoor Championships, 2017Mar 242017Peter Mullin6601:26:36
16Houston Half MarathonJan 152017Peter Mullin6601:26:40
17World Masters Athletics ChampionshipsOct 62016Peter Mullin6501:29:25
18USATF Masters Half Marathon ChampionshipsMay 72017Peter Mullin6601:31:15
Double Road Race