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UjENA FIT Club Jean Pommier Best Performances (All Time)

Results for: All Time · Masters: 40-49 · 50-59 · Running Performance Summary

Top 10 reported finish times for selected distances. (Click here for Top 25). Post Your Race Results to be included.
UjENA FIT Club Member Race Results · Jean Pommier Profile · Jean Pommier Race Results · Jean Pommier Top 100 Age-Graded Race Times

PosNameDateYearRunner NameAgeTime
1Running Of The Bulls 5KOct 22005Jean Pommier4116:17
2Big Bunny Fun RunMar 302013Jean Pommier4916:20
3Big Sur Half MarathonNov 162003Jean Pommier3916:28
4Palo Alto Daily News Running Of The Bulls 5KOct 72007Jean Pommier4316:47
5Heroes RunNov 52016Jean Pommier5217:11
65K Run And Walk For Lupus 2007Jun 32007Jean Pommier4317:29
7Cupertino Heroes' Run 5KNov 42017Jean Pommier5317:47
PosNameDateYearRunner NameAgeTime
1Human Race 10K Run 2003Mar 102003Jean Pommier3932:54
2Trailblazer Race 2007Sep 302007Jean Pommier4333:57
3World Masters Athletics - 10KJul 152011Jean Pommier4734:02
4San Jose Mercury News 10K/5KApr 102005Jean Pommier4134:11
5TrailblazerSep 242006Jean Pommier4234:16
6TrailblazerSep 252011Jean Pommier4734:24
7Trailblazer Race 2010Sep 262010Jean Pommier4634:25
8Home Run For Habitat For Humanity 5-K & 10-KOct 162004Jean Pommier4034:31
9Habitat For Humanity Home Run 2005 10KNov 122005Jean Pommier4134:32
10Mercury News Spring RunMar 262006Jean Pommier4234:39
1/2 Marathon
PosNameDateYearRunner NameAgeTime
1Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon San JoseOct 62013Jean Pommier491:14:54
22004 Home Depot Half MarathonFeb 12004Jean Pommier391:15:22
32006 Kaiser Permanente Half MarathonFeb 52006Jean Pommier411:15:29
42005 Kaiser Permanente Half MarathonFeb 62005Jean Pommier401:15:33
5San Jose Rock N Roll Half Marathon 2010Oct 32010Jean Pommier461:15:53
6Santa Cruz Half MarathonApr 232006Jean Pommier421:16:20
7Silicon Valley Marathon, 1/2 Marathon & 5-KOct 312004Jean Pommier401:17:20
8Silicon Valley Marathon & Half Marathon, 5K 2005Oct 302005Jean Pommier411:17:37
9Metro Silicon Valley Marathon 2005Oct 302005Jean Pommier411:17:38
10Sf Home Depot Half-Marathon 2003Jan 262003Jean Pommier381:18:15
PosNameDateYearRunner NameAgeTime
1Lasalle Bank Chicago Marathon 2003Oct 122003Jean Pommier392:37:46
2Boston Marathon 2005Apr 182005Jean Pommier412:43:00
3Boston MarathonApr 172017Jean Pommier5302:44:50
4Boston Marathon 2007Apr 162007Jean Pommier432:45:22
5Napa Valley Marathon 2009Mar 12009Jean Pommier442:46:32
6World Masters Athletics - MarathonJul 172011Jean Pommier472:47:56
7Boston Marathon 2003Apr 212003Jean Pommier392:48:57
8San Francisco MarathonAug 12004Jean Pommier402:50:02
9San Francisco Chronicle Marathon, Half-Marathon & 5KJul 282002Jean Pommier382:51:12
10California International MarathonDec 82002Jean Pommier382:51:15
PosNameDateYearRunner NameAgeTime
1Caumsett 50K US Road NationalsMar 62016Jean Pommier5203:18:05
2Jed Smith Ultra Classic 30K 2012 - Run-50KFeb 42012Jean Pommier473:19:09
3Jed Smith 50KFeb 42017Jean Pommier5203:19:59
4Jed Smith 50KFeb 62016Jean Pommier5103:20:54
5Caumsett 50K Road USATF ChampionshipsMar 12015Jean Pommier5003:21:16
6Jed Smith 50KFeb 72015Jean Pommier5003:21:58
7Ruth AndersonApr 232017Jean Pommier5303:25:19
8Jed SmithFeb 52011Jean Pommier463:28:16
9Caumsett 50K Road NationalsMar 22014Jean Pommier5003:37:12
10Skyline 50kAug 12010Jean Pommier463:43:00
50 Miles
PosNameDateYearRunner NameAgeTime
1Last ChanceNov 122011Jean Pommier475:43:35
2Ruth Anderson Ultra 2012 - Trail Run-50 MilesApr 212012Jean Pommier485:49:59
3Ruth Anderson Ultras 2010Apr 172010Jean Pommier466:07:34
4Ruth Anderson 50-mileApr 162016Jean Pommier5206:08:20
5Ruth Anderson 50-mileApr 192015Jean Pommier5106:14:12
6Helen Klein Ultra Classic 2007Nov 32007Jean Pommier436:22:38
7Ruth Anderson UltrasApr 192014Jean Pommier5006:22:57
8Desert Solstice 24-hour invitationalDec 132014Jean Pommier5006:26:30
9Tussey Mountainback 50-mile Road US National ChampionshipsOct 82017Jean Pommier5306:39:10
10American RiverApr 62013Jean Pommier496:47:39
PosNameDateYearRunner NameAgeTime
1Mad City 100K US NationalsApr 112015Jean Pommier5107:57:05
2Miwok 100K Trail Race 2008May 32008Jean Pommier449:41:02
3MiwokMay 32014Jean Pommier5009:43:00
4Quicksilver 100KMay 92015Jean Pommier5109:45:30
5Miwok 100k 2010May 12010Jean Pommier469:48:45
6Miwok 100KMay 22015Jean Pommier5109:51:00
7Ruth Anderson Ultras 2011Apr 232011Jean Pommier4710:13:30
8Quicksilver 100KMay 142016Jean Pommier5210:14:44
9Miwok 100K 2011May 72011Jean Pommier4710:17:53
10Quicksilver 100K trailMay 132017Jean Pommier5310:25:48
Double Road Race