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UjENA FIT Club GILBERT GATPANDAN Best Performances (All Time)

Results for: All Time · Masters: 40-49 · 50-59 · Running Performance Summary

Top 10 reported finish times for selected distances. (Click here for Top 25). Post Your Race Results to be included.
UjENA FIT Club Member Race Results · GILBERT GATPANDAN Profile · GILBERT GATPANDAN Race Results · GILBERT GATPANDAN Top 100 Age-Graded Race Times

PosNameDateYearRunner NameAgeTime
1Lam Research Heart & Soles KFeb 82014GILBERT GATPANDAN4924:24.2
2Quarry Turkey 5KNov 292014GILBERT GATPANDAN5025:57
3Oakland Running FestivalMar 222015GILBERT GATPANDAN5026:09
4Lam Research Heart & Soles KMar 122016GILBERT GATPANDAN5126:29
5Zoom Running Point Pinole 5KSep 12014GILBERT GATPANDAN4927:56
6Brazen Racing Victory 5KFeb 252017GILBERT GATPANDAN5228:26
7Brazen Racing Bay Breeze 5KFeb 112017GILBERT GATPANDAN5228:28
8Coastal Trail Runs Zoom Quarry Lakes 5KJul 12017GILBERT GATPANDAN5228:46
9Brazen Racing Bad Bass 5KJul 262014GILBERT GATPANDAN4929:11
10Brazen Racing Coyote Hills 5KJan 212017GILBERT GATPANDAN5229:42
PosNameDateYearRunner NameAgeTime
1San Jose 408K Race to the RowMar 22014GILBERT GATPANDAN4946:29.5
PosNameDateYearRunner NameAgeTime
1The East Bay 510KOct 92016GILBERT GATPANDAN5201:05:40
2Brazen Racing New Year's Day 10KJan 12014GILBERT GATPANDAN4901:12:30
3Brazen Racing TrailQuake 10KJun 62015GILBERT GATPANDAN5001:41:14
PosNameDateYearRunner NameAgeTime
1Double Road Race San JoseAug 232014GILBERT GATPANDAN4901:22:07
2Double Road Race San JoseFeb 222014GILBERT GATPANDAN4901:23:24
315K PleasantonDec 202015GILBERT GATPANDAN5101:24:14
4Double Road Race PleasantonDec 222013GILBERT GATPANDAN4901:25:31
5San Jose Double Road RaceFeb 212015GILBERT GATPANDAN5001:31:42
615K PleasantonDec 212014GILBERT GATPANDAN5001:39:59
1/2 Marathon
PosNameDateYearRunner NameAgeTime
1Brazen Racing Bay Breeze Half MarathonFeb 152014GILBERT GATPANDAN4901:55:21
2Brazen Racing Summer Breeze Half MarathonAug 22014GILBERT GATPANDAN4901:56:29
3The Town's Half MarathonAug 162014GILBERT GATPANDAN4901:58:10
4Zoom Quarry Lakes Half MarathonMar 152014GILBERT GATPANDAN4901:59:20
5San Francisco Rock 'N' Roll Half MarathonApr 62014GILBERT GATPANDAN4901:59:30
6Urban Escape Half MarathonApr 132014GILBERT GATPANDAN4902:00:01
7Race to the End of Summer Half MarathonAug 312014GILBERT GATPANDAN4902:01:16.6
8Livermore Half MarathonMar 292014GILBERT GATPANDAN4902:06:32
9Brazen Racking Hellyer Half MarathonMar 12014GILBERT GATPANDAN4902:06:46
10Bank of Marin Half MarathonMay 222016GILBERT GATPANDAN5102:10:20
PosNameDateYearRunner NameAgeTime
1Oakland MarathonMar 232014GILBERT GATPANDAN4904:50:17
2Brazen Racing Western Pacific MarathonMay 32014GILBERT GATPANDAN4905:47:41
3San Francisco MarathonJul 262015GILBERT GATPANDAN5006:39:24
4Brazen Racing Western Pacific MarathonMay 22015GILBERT GATPANDAN5006:51:57
PosNameDateYearRunner NameAgeTime
1Brazen Racing Mount Diablo 50KApr 192014GILBERT GATPANDAN4910:15:35.9
Double Road Race