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UjENA Fit Club Member Race Results 3/2/2014

Distance: 8K
Location: San Jose
Race: San Jose 408k
UjENA Fit Club Member Participants: 31
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Member Name Event Title Location Finish Time Place Division Division Place Date
Run to the Row408kSan Jose, CA31:49345-4913/2/2014
Greg Mandler408k run to the rowsan jose32:023650-5413/2/2014
JR MintzRun 408KSan Jose,CA32:41.846thM45-493rd3/2/2014
Honor Fetherston408K Race to the RowSan Jose, California34:45Female103/2/2014
Rebecca HernandezThe 408K Race to the RowSan Jose, CA36:071463/2/2014
Jon UmeneSan Jose 408KSan Jose37:1316050-5473/2/2014
Jon UmeneSan Jose 408KSan Jose37:1318750-5473/2/2014
Gina Tonegato408k Race to the RowSan Jose, Ca39:5035340-44123/2/2014
Sharon Fitzsimmons408K Race to the RowSan Jose39:51358 F 45-4923/2/2014
Jesus Rios408KSan Jose40:39319M793/2/2014
kelly emoSan Jose 408kSan Jose40:50427w 45-4953/2/2014
Alicia Plancarte408KSan Jose, Ca41:12.0102Female 35-39183/2/2014
Soleil Alameda408K Race to the RowSan Jose41:44.8493W 20-2453/2/2014
Joyce Lee408k Race to the RowSan Jose, CA42:30581F30-34453/2/2014
Ernesto RegaladoSan Jose 408KSan Jose44:49.7836693/2/2014
Michael JohnsonSan Jose 408kSan Jose, CA44:52858Female 40-44413/2/2014
Gary GreenbergSan Jose 408KSan Jose, CA45:13.5898M50-54393/2/2014
Kelly Van Zant MaineSan Jose 408 Race To The RowSan Jose, Ca46:06.9101840-44583/2/2014
GILBERT GATPANDANSan Jose 408K Race to the RowSan Jose, California46:29.51071Male 45-49643/2/2014
Denise Villa408kSan Jose47:183/2/2014
Lucy MilletteSan Jose 408K Race to the RowSan Jose, CA48:1513353/2/2014
Armida Pham408kSan Jose, Ca.52:3810031593/2/2014
John Hanson408 Race to the rowSan Jose, CA56:31.0255945-49 Males1203/2/2014
judi alameda408K Race to the RowSan Jose56:431407F 45-491423/2/2014
Hali Wilson-Hansen408kSan Jose, CA58:26280345-491543/2/2014
Dawn Evangelista408kSan Jose, CA01:00:523/2/2014
Chris Jones408k Race to the RowSan Jose, CA01:01:093061M40-441663/2/2014
Levi Phillips408K Race to the rowSan Jose01:11:24377745-493/2/2014
MARY K CLARK-TILLMAN2014 San Jose 408k Race to the RowSan Jose, CA01:14:052419F3763/2/2014
Nannette Perez408kSan Jose, Ca01:16:242505F2423/2/2014
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