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Brazen Racing Coyote Hills

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Lisa Penzel
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Years Running4
Race NameBrazen Racing Coyote Hills
Race LocationFremont, CA
Race Date1/26/13
Race Distance3.5 Miles
Age Graded80.63% 
Finish Time22:39
Division Place1
Overall Place7
Web Site Linkhttp://www.brazenracing.com/

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UjENA Fit Club members in this race.


run "If you are racing every weekend you're getting enough speed even though it's relative to your event. "
Richard Stiller 1/29/13 7:43 am
run "I started running more races in 2010 but fractured my toe in December so it took me some time to get fit again in 2011. 2012 was a good for me injury wise so I was able to lot. It's really hard to say; I'm not so fast on the road as I primarily train for short, hilly trail races. I guess I need to spend some time at the track if I ever want to improve my 5k times."
Lisa Penzel 1/28/13 10:55 pm
run "So you have been running 50 races per year for how long? What kind of times are you running, regularly?"
Bob Anderson 1/28/13 9:25 pm
run "I try to race every weekend if possible."
Lisa Penzel 1/27/13 11:05 am
run "You race a lot...how many are you thinking of doing in 2013? "
Bob Anderson 1/27/13 9:50 am


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