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UjENA FIT Club Kenley Gaffke Best Performances (All Time)

· Running Performance Summary

Top 10 reported finish times for selected distances. (Click here for Top 25). Post Your Race Results to be included.
UjENA FIT Club Member Race Results · Kenley Gaffke Profile · Kenley Gaffke Race Results · Kenley Gaffke Top 100 Age-Graded Race Times

PosNameDateYearRunner NameAgeTime
1Zippy 5kApr 222012Kenley Gaffke3417:40
2Rainbow Falls 5k 2009Dec 132009Kenley Gaffke3117:43
3Rainbow Falls 5k 2010Jul 112010Kenley Gaffke3217:45
4Rainbow Falls 5kJan 272013Kenley Gaffke3417:46
5Mission Rock 5K 2009Jul 52009Kenley Gaffke3117:53
6St. Patrick's Day 5kMar 142010Kenley Gaffke3117:54
7Marina Green 5K 2010Sep 52010Kenley Gaffke3217:59
8Conservatory 5K 2008Dec 142008Kenley Gaffke3018:08
9Mission Rock 5k 2009Dec 272009Kenley Gaffke3118:09
10Mother's Day Marina Green 5KMay 102009Kenley Gaffke3118:11
PosNameDateYearRunner NameAgeTime
1Golden Gate Park 10K 2009Apr 52009Kenley Gaffke3037:14
2Run Wild For A Child 2011 - Run-10KNov 272011Kenley Gaffke3337:19
3Windmill 10K 2011Jan 92011Kenley Gaffke3237:33
4Golden Gate Park 10kJul 72013Kenley Gaffke3537:38
5Marin Memorial Day Races 2009 - Run-10KMay 252009Kenley Gaffke3137:39
6Windmill 10KJan 252009Kenley Gaffke3037:42
7Marin Memorial Day Races 2010 - Run-10KMay 312010Kenley Gaffke3237:56
8Golden Gate Park 10K 2011Mar 62011Kenley Gaffke3238:36
9Embarcadero 10k 2010Mar 72010Kenley Gaffke3138:39
10Embarcaero 10K 2008Mar 302008Kenley Gaffke2938:46
10 Miles
PosNameDateYearRunner NameAgeTime
1Waterfront 10M/5K 2011 - Run 10MiJan 232011Kenley Gaffke321:02:43
2NorCal John Frank Memorial 10 MileMar 22013Kenley Gaffke341:02:53
344th Annual NorCal John Frank Memorial 10 MilerMar 12014Kenley Gaffke3501:03:31
4Waterfront 10 MilerJan 232012Kenley Gaffke3363:54
5Waterfront 10 MileJan 182009Kenley Gaffke301:04:09
6Presidio 10 Race 2009 - Run-10 MilesMar 292009Kenley Gaffke302:43:12
1/2 Marathon
PosNameDateYearRunner NameAgeTime
1Kaiser Permanente Half Marathon And 5k - Run-Half MarathonFeb 72010Kenley Gaffke311:22:30
2Kaiser Permanente San Francisco Half Marathon Feb 52012Kenley Gaffke331:22:38
3Clarksburg half marathonNov 112012Kenley Gaffke341:23:16
4San Diego Holiday HalfDec 292013Kenley Gaffke351:23:21
5Kaiser Permanente San Francisco Half Marathon & 5K 2009 - Run-Half MarathonFeb 12009Kenley Gaffke301:23:23
6Kaiser Permanente San Francisco Half Marathon and 5KJan 22014Kenley Gaffke351:23:42
7Wipro San Francisco HalfJun 162013Kenley Gaffke351:23:51
8The San Francisco Marathon 2011 - 2nd Half MarathonJul 312011Kenley Gaffke331:23:53
9San Jose Rock N Roll Half Marathon 2010Oct 32010Kenley Gaffke321:24:00
10Kaiser Permanente Half Marathon 2011 - Run Half MarathonFeb 62011Kenley Gaffke321:24:01
PosNameDateYearRunner NameAgeTime
1Ojai 2 Ocean MarathonJun 32012Kenley Gaffke342:55:17
2California International Marathon 2009Dec 62009Kenley Gaffke312:56:48
3New York City MarathonNov 62011Kenley Gaffke332:56:56
4Boston Marathon 2011Apr 182011Kenley Gaffke332:57:41
5Boston MarathonApr 152013Kenley Gaffke3502:58:01
6California International Marathon 2010 - Run-MarathonDec 52010Kenley Gaffke322:58:29
7Mountains 2 Beach MarathonMay 262013Kenley Gaffke352:58:31
8California International MarathonDec 82013Kenley Gaffke352:58:51
9Boston MarathonApr 212014Kenley Gaffke3602:59:21
10Boston Marathon 2015Apr 202015Kenley Gaffke3702:59:22
PosNameDateYearRunner NameAgeTime
1Way Too Cool 2011Mar 122011Kenley Gaffke324:26:58
2Way To Cool 50kMar 92013Kenley Gaffke344:31:31
3Rodeo Beach Trail Run 2009 - Trail Run*50K Dec 192009Kenley Gaffke314:31:54
4Skyline 50kAug 112013Kenley Gaffke354:41:03
50 Miles
PosNameDateYearRunner NameAgeTime
1Dick Collins FiretrailsOct 122013Kenley Gaffke358:53:54
Double Road Race