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GO FOR IT! Race Listing
Race NameSilicon Valley Turkey Trot 2011
Total UjENA FIT Dollars$ 0.00
Race LocationSan Jose, CA
Race Date11/24/11
Race Distance10K

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EventWinner NameAgeTimePlaceFIT Dollars
run "21,000 runners entered the 10k and 5k at this year's San Jose Turkey Trot sponsored by Applied Materials. It was a full day of racing. The day started off with the 10k followed by the 5k. Then there were the women and men 5k elite races. Then over 1000 kids ran in the kids races. All in all it was a fun day of racing."
Bob Anderson 11/27/11 10:33 pm

UjENA FIT Club Photo Gallery · San Jose Turkey Trot 2011 10k/5k

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silicon_valley_turkey_trot f 2877

San Jose Turkey Trot 2011

Lisa and Bob before the start of the 10k.  The Anderson and Wall family make this an annual event on Thanksgiving Day in San Jose, California.  There are also kids races and an elite 5k for men and women.  A morning of fun along with our friends.  Photos by Catherine Cross for UjENA FIT Club

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