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GO FOR IT! Race Listing
Race NameRock The Parkway (#17)
Total UjENA FIT Dollars$ 0.00
Race LocationKansas City, Kansas
Race Date4/14/12
Race Distance1/2 Marathon
Web Site Linkhttp://www.rocktheparkway.com/

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Notes: I was born in Kansas, went to school there but have not raced there since 1969. I am looking forward in running this half marathon...

UjENA FIT Club Photo Gallery · Manhattan Kansas Group Training Run

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rock_the_parkway f 6047

Group Run with Bob in Manhattan, Kansas April 15, 2012

Bob Anderson (KS shirt) attended Kansas State University in the late 1960's. It was in Manahttan where Bob developed Distance Running News, reaching 10,000 subcribers before moving to Moutain View, California on December 28, 1969. Bob changed the name of his magazine to Runner's World at the same time. "On Sunday morning April 15, we ran four miles. I later ran another mile with my brother Barry (grey t-shirt). Michael, Catherine and my sister-in-law Vicki (white shirt) worked on our film "A Long Run." Terry joined us but was not able to run with us. Running with us and the person who put together the group was Frank Dayton (blue) who is still recovering from a 100 mile race, Ted (who has run a 2:29 marathon) and his son James (orange and blue t-shirt), Konner (drank orange shirt), Dale (purple hat) is getting in shape to break 5 minutes for a one mile road race, and Garry Sigle (light orange) runs the only running store in town and has coached a lot of top runners. It was a very enjoyable run. Afterwards Burk from the Manhattan Mercury newspaper spoke with me for an article coming out April 22." Photos by Catherine Cross "A Long Run"

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