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Race NameMorgan Hill Freedom 5k
Total UjENA FIT Dollars$ 0.00
Race LocationMorgan Hill, California
Race Date7/4/08
Race Distance5K

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UjENA FIT Club Photo Gallery · Morgan Hill 2015 Freedom Day 5k and 1 Mile Kids Run

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morgan_hill_freedom_5k f 33984

2015 Morgan Hill July 4th 5k and Kids Mile Races

It was a perfect day for running in Morgan Hill California.  The first race of the day was the Kids Mile for kids 11 and under.  Following is the 5k.  This was a grand prix race this race.  Philip Reid (bib 418) from San Luis Obispo won in 14:42.  Double Racing standout Daius Terry (bib 505) was second in 14:47.  Teresa McWalters (bib 323) was first female finishing in 16:42.   Nine year-old Bethany Chan (bib 912) was first overall in the Kids Mile with a timeof 6:06.  Carl Wall (bib 818) and Bob Anderson's granddaughter was third ten year-old running 8:20.  Bob (bib 12) ran 22:50 placing 3rd in his division 65-69.  photos by Catherine Cross for Ujena Fit Club

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#232 Morgan Hill 2015 Freedom Day 5k and 1 Mile Kids Run

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