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Previous Race: Bob Anderson 15k Challenge
GO FOR IT! Race Listing
Race NameDouble Road Race San Jose
Total UjENA FIT Dollars$ 0.00
Race LocationSan Jose, California
Race Date8/24/13

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EventWinner NameAgeTimePlaceFIT Dollars
run "Good luck Saturday at the San Jose Double. Let's show everyone even us old guys can still compete!!"
Bill Dunn 8/21/13 9:20 pm

UjENA FIT Club Photo Gallery · 2014 San Jose Double Road Race 5k leg

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double_road_race_marin f 18942

2014 San Jose Double Road Race Feb 5k Leg

After halftime everyone was ready to run the 5k leg of the Double Road Race.  Our leaders were given the yellow jersey and we were ready to go.  San Jose Double was held Feb 22.  photos by Catherine Cross for the Ujena Fit Club.

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