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Previous Race: Bob Anderson 15k Challenge
GO FOR IT! Race Listing
Race NameDouble Road Race 15k Challenge
Total UjENA FIT Dollars$ 0.00
Race LocationCabo, Mexico
Race Date10/23/10

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EventWinner NameAgeTimePlaceFIT Dollars

UjENA FIT Club Photo Gallery · Palo Alto Double 8k 2015

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double_road_race_15k_challenge f 34021

Palo Alto Double 8k 2015

The first annual Palo Alto Double 8k and the Bob Anderson's Kids Cup Double 1.5 mile was held July 19 in Palo Alto, California.  The oveall male winner was Sam Tada and Brooke Wells was first female.  Too Legit to Quit was named most fit team having the most finishers.  Pina Runing Team was second and their runners placed very well.  Jose Pina Jr. was the official starter.   Photos by Catherine Cross for Ujena Fit Club and Double Runner magazine

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double_road_race_15k_challenge 34084double_road_race_15k_challenge 34085double_road_race_15k_challenge 34086double_road_race_15k_challenge 34087double_road_race_15k_challenge 34088double_road_race_15k_challenge 34089double_road_race_15k_challenge 34090double_road_race_15k_challenge 34091double_road_race_15k_challenge 34092double_road_race_15k_challenge 34093double_road_race_15k_challenge 34094double_road_race_15k_challenge 34095double_road_race_15k_challenge 34096double_road_race_15k_challenge 34097double_road_race_15k_challenge 34098double_road_race_15k_challenge 34099double_road_race_15k_challenge 34100double_road_race_15k_challenge 34101double_road_race_15k_challenge 34102double_road_race_15k_challenge 34103double_road_race_15k_challenge 34104
double_road_race_15k_challenge 34105double_road_race_15k_challenge 34106double_road_race_15k_challenge 34107double_road_race_15k_challenge 34108double_road_race_15k_challenge 34109double_road_race_15k_challenge 34110double_road_race_15k_challenge 34111double_road_race_15k_challenge 34112double_road_race_15k_challenge 34113double_road_race_15k_challenge 34114double_road_race_15k_challenge 34115double_road_race_15k_challenge 34116double_road_race_15k_challenge 34117double_road_race_15k_challenge 34118double_road_race_15k_challenge 34119double_road_race_15k_challenge 34120double_road_race_15k_challenge 34121double_road_race_15k_challenge 34122double_road_race_15k_challenge 34123double_road_race_15k_challenge 34124double_road_race_15k_challenge 34125
double_road_race_15k_challenge 34126double_road_race_15k_challenge 34127double_road_race_15k_challenge 34128double_road_race_15k_challenge 34129double_road_race_15k_challenge 34130double_road_race_15k_challenge 34131double_road_race_15k_challenge 34132double_road_race_15k_challenge 34133double_road_race_15k_challenge 34134double_road_race_15k_challenge 34135double_road_race_15k_challenge 34136double_road_race_15k_challenge 34137double_road_race_15k_challenge 34138double_road_race_15k_challenge 34139double_road_race_15k_challenge 34140double_road_race_15k_challenge 34141double_road_race_15k_challenge 34142double_road_race_15k_challenge 34143double_road_race_15k_challenge 34144double_road_race_15k_challenge 34145double_road_race_15k_challenge 34146
double_road_race_15k_challenge 34147double_road_race_15k_challenge 34148double_road_race_15k_challenge 34149double_road_race_15k_challenge 34150double_road_race_15k_challenge 34151double_road_race_15k_challenge 34152double_road_race_15k_challenge 34153double_road_race_15k_challenge 34154double_road_race_15k_challenge 34155double_road_race_15k_challenge 34156double_road_race_15k_challenge 34157double_road_race_15k_challenge 34158double_road_race_15k_challenge 34159double_road_race_15k_challenge 34160double_road_race_15k_challenge 34161double_road_race_15k_challenge 34162double_road_race_15k_challenge 34163double_road_race_15k_challenge 34164double_road_race_15k_challenge 34165double_road_race_15k_challenge 34166double_road_race_15k_challenge 34167
double_road_race_15k_challenge 34168double_road_race_15k_challenge 34169double_road_race_15k_challenge 34170double_road_race_15k_challenge 34171double_road_race_15k_challenge 34172double_road_race_15k_challenge 34173double_road_race_15k_challenge 34174double_road_race_15k_challenge 34175double_road_race_15k_challenge 34176double_road_race_15k_challenge 34177double_road_race_15k_challenge 34178double_road_race_15k_challenge 34179double_road_race_15k_challenge 34180double_road_race_15k_challenge 34181double_road_race_15k_challenge 34182double_road_race_15k_challenge 34183double_road_race_15k_challenge 34184
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