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Boston Maraton a GO FOR IT race

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GO FOR IT! Race Listing
Race NameBoston Marathon 2012
Total UjENA FIT Dollars$ 1,500.00
Race LocationBoston, Mass
Race Date4/16/12
Race DistanceMarathon
Web Site Linkhttp://www.baa.org/

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EventWinner NameAgeTimePlaceFIT Dollars
1st American Male Jason Hartmann  31  2:14:31  $50.00
1st American Female Sheri Piers  40  2:41:55  10  $50.00
1st US Male 50-59 Daniel M. Hay  50  2:44:30    $50.00
1st US Female 50-59 Christine Kennedy 63 3:00:42  556  $50.00
1st US Male 60 plus Doug Wood  61  3:10:14    $50.00
1st US Female 60 plus Barbara Broad  61  3:44:04    $50.00
1st Male UjENA Fit Club member Dave Nevitt 58 3:17:28  1582  $50.00
2nd Male UjENA Fit Club member         $50.00
1st Female UjENA Fit Club member Christine Kennedy 63 3:00:42  556  $50.00
2nd Female UjENA Fit Club member Stephanie Deschaine 43 4:25:35  13411  $50.00
Course Record Male None        $500.00
Course Record Female None        $500.00

The Boston Marathon is the oldest annual city marathon in the world, appearing for the first time in 1897. In this first version of the Boston Marathon only 18 runners entered the race, but the number of participants has increased steadily since then. The largest field of runners so far was in 1996, when over 35,000 people finished the 100th Boston Marathon. The 2011 Boston Marathon on April 18, 2011, attracted 26,895 entrants and about 500,000 spectators. The 2012 version is being held on Patriot's Day, Monday, April 16.

Kenya's Carolina Kilel pulls away from American Desiree Davila at the 2011 finish who finished just two seconds back in 2:22:36. 

Kenyan duo Geoffrey Mutai and Moses Mosop finished first and second in the men's race with 2:03:02 and 2:03:06...the fastest marathon time in history. 

The Boston course is considered ineligible for a world records because it has a net 432-foot elevation drop between the start in Hopkinton and the finish. However, it does have the famed "Heartbreak Hill" to contend with.

Notes: UjENA FIT Club photographer Keith McNulty will be on hand and will bring us at least 150 unique images within hours of the finish.

UjENA FIT Club Photo Gallery · Boston Marathon 2012

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boston_marathon_2012 f 5941

2012 Boston Marathon

It was hot in Boston.  Tempatures rose to 86 degrees during the 116th annual Boston Marathon held April 16th.  Ujena Fit Club member Christine Kennedy ran the best race of the day.  At age 57 she ran 3:00:42.  The overall best time of the day was posted by Wesley Korir (2:12:40).  Sharon Cherop was the first female to finish in 2:31:50.  Photos by Keith McNulty Ujena Fit Club

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