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A Long Run - Race Schedule (subject to change without notice but hopefully not)

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Bob Anderson's challenge in 2012 is to run 50 races to celebrate 50 years of running and racing.  His goal is to race at least 350 miles at a pace of under 7 minutes per mile.  The below map shows the 50 races that Bob Anderson has completed or will be running in 2012.

SCORECARD: (as of Dec 29, 2012)

Total miles raced: 350.8 (Avg per race is AVG_PER_RACE miles - need to average 7 miles per race)

Total time for races: TOTAL_TIME 

Pace per mile: 6:59

50 races scheduled, 350.8 total miles.


Date Race Name Location Distance Finish Time Div Plc Age Grade Notes
(#1) New Year's Day Marina Green 5k
San Francisco, California 5K 22:19 1 (60+) 74.46 Going to enter the morning of the race. This is the first of my 50 races I am running in 2012 to celebrate 50 years of running and racing. Hope I am going to be able to run with my bum knee.
(#2) Cal Ten
Stockton, California 10 Miles 69:23 2 (60+) 82.27 Flat (save four underpasses), fast out/back on paved levee road along the Calaveras River. Knee is improving. Staying one night in Stockton.

(#3) Ballpark 5k
San Francisco, California 5K 21:08 1 (60+) 78.63 Have not entered. Will enter the morning of the race. I might do a different race depending on how I recover from the ten mile race the week before.
(#4) Waterfront 5K
San Francisco, California 5K 20:49 1 (60+) 79.85 I really wanted to run the 10 miler but I just could not risk it with my hamstring. Was able to get through the 5k.
(#5) Rotary Mission Ten
San Juan Bautista, California 10 Miles 1:10:09 1 (60+) 81.38 Have not entered yet. Race starts at 10:00am on Saturday. One tough hill. I have run this for many years and I really like the small town feeling here.
(#6) Kaiser Permanente Half Marathon 2012
San Francisco, California 1/2 Marathon 1:30:52 3 (60+) 83.68 I have run this several times and it is a good course. After leaving the park it is a long straight road for three miles and then back on the Great Hwy. Have entered this race.
(#7) Together with Love 10k
Pacific Grove, California 10K 42:22 1 (60+) 81.66 Run this race most ever year. Beautiful rolling course...
(#8) Chinese New Year Run 2012
San Francisco, California 10K 43:46 1 (60+) 79.05 Have already entered and will be spending Saturday night in the city. My time when I crossed the finish line was 42:40 but the official result is 43:46. Something is not right but I have to use the official time.
(#9) All Comers Track Meet
Los Gatos, California 5K 20:57 1 (60+) 79.34 This is the last meet of the winter series and they will be running 5k on the track. The meet starts at 1pm. I have not run here in years.
(#10) Cancun Double 10k
Cancun, Mexico 10K 44:50 1 (60+) 77.17 First race of the Bob Anderson 15k Challenge. 10k race at 7:30am followed by the 5k race at 9:00am.

(#11) Cancun Double 5k
Cancun, Mexico 5K 21:57 1 (60+) 75.70 Second race of the Bob Anderson 15k Challenge. 10k at 7:30am followed by this 5k race at 9:00am.

(#12) Juana Run
Palo Alto, California 8K 33:16 1 (60+) 82.11 I like this race and have run it many times.
(13th) 28th Annual Whale Run
Fort Bragg, California 5K 21:11 2 (60 +) 78.44 Entered race and have booked hotel Country Inn. Leaving Friday...spending night, running race and then heading for Forestville that afternoon. Filming in Forestville Sunday morning...
(14th) Oakland Running Festival
Oakland, California 1/2 Marathon 1:31:53 1 (60 +) 82.7 Have entered this race. Need to figure out if we are going to spend a night in Oakland before the race or drive up in the morning.
(15th) Carlsbad 5000
Carlsbad, California 5K 20:22 4 (60-64) 81.59 Have entered and have booked our hotel.
(#16) Run For Good 5k+10k
Fairfield, CA 5k 20:02 1 60 + 82.95 Sounds like a fast flat course.
(#17) Rock The Parkway
Kansas City, Missouri 1/2 Marathon 1:33:29 1 60+ 81.33 I was born in Kansas, went to school there but have not raced there since 1969. I am looking forward in running this half marathon...
(#18) Zippy 5k Run
San Francisco, California 5K 21:10 9 (60-64) 78.52 Race is in Golden Gate Park. Have already entered. I have not run well on this course.
(#19) The Great Race
Los Gatos, California 4 Miles 27:10 2 (60+) 79.92 I have run this race many times. There are hills but you can run a good time here.
Have not entered as of Jan 23.
(#20) Ave of the Giants Half Marathon
Humboldt Redwoods, Cal 1/2 Marathon 1:32:47 1 (60+) 81.95 This will be my third race in a row. I have already entered but we still need to set up where we are staying.
(#21) DSE Mother's Day 5k
San Francisco, CA 5k 20:53 1 (60+) 79.57 I have run this race one before. It is a flat course with some gravel. It can be windy.
(#22) Bay To Breakers
San Francisco, Ca 12k 52:04 3 (60+) 80.44 I have never raced this race but I have run it a few times.
(#23) Marin Memorial Day Races
Kentfield, California 10K 42:16 7 (60-64) 81.86 Fast course...Have entered....need to book hotel.
(#24) Fontana Day Half Marathon
Fontana, California 1/2 Marathon 1:26:27 1 (60+) 87.95 I ran 1:26:26 when I was 60 and my last mile was over 7 minutes. I want to be better ready this year and get under 1:26 at age 64. There is a 2,125 foot drop but it is 13.1 miles and it would be considered as aided. But I would take the time.

I have already entered.
(#25) Puerto Vallarta Double 10k
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico 10K 45:16 2 60+ 76.44 It is hot and humid and I don't want to loose more than a minute between the two races.
(#26) Puerto Vallarta Double 5k
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico 5K 21:34 2 60+ 77:05 It is hot and humid and I don't want to loose more than a minute between the two races.
(#27) Lucile Packard 10k
Stanford, California 6 Miles 41:22 1 (60+) 80.59 I will enter the morning of the race.
(#28) 4th of July 5k
Morgan Hill, California 5K 20:24 1 60+ 81.45 Run this race every year with the family.
(#29) Napa to Sonoma Half Marathon
Sonoma, California 1/2 Marathon 1:32:12 1 60+ 82.47 Have already entered. Have booked our hotel, this year in Napa.
(#30) Wharf to Wharf
Santa Cruz, CA 6 Miles 40:22 1 60+ 83.27 I have entered. Have heard so many nice things about this race. Can't wait to run it. This is my unofficial time as I am waiting for the official result. Might be 40:20.
(#31) San Francisco Second Half
San Francisco, California 1/2 Marathon 1:32:23 2 60+ 82.3 Have entered and need to make sure we have our hotel booked.
(#32) New Balance Falmouth Road Race
Falmouth, Mass 7 Miles 49:18 2 (60+) 79.5 I have always wanted to run this race. I have heard so many great things about it. They are celebrating 40 years. Past winners include Bill Rodgers, Frank Shorter, Alberto Salazar, Rod Dixon and Craig Virgin. My heros from the past...
(#33) America's Finest City Half Marathon
San Diego, California 1/2 Marathon 1:40:34 2 60+ 75.61 Have entered and have booked this trip. It was the hottest day ever for this race.
(#34) Kauai Half Marathon
Kauai, Hawaii 1/2 Marathon 1:37:30 1 (60-64) 77.99 Jeff is giving me bib number 50 and taking care of lodging. Have booked the flights. Tough but beautiful course.
(#35) Race to the End of Summer
San Jose, California 5k 20:58 1 (60+) 79.25 Looks like a fast course. Have entered this race.
(#36) Oyster Point 5M
San Francisco, CA 5 Miles 34:19 1 (60+) 80.1 DSE Race will enter the morning of the race.
(#37) The 10 Miler
Eugene, Oregon 10 Miles 69:19 1 60-64 82.35 First year event and the course looks fast. Thanks to their race director Ken for taking care of us.
(#38) San Jose Half Marathon
San Jose, California 1/2 Marathon 1:34:43 2 60+ 80.28 Want to get under 1:29 this year!!! Have entered. I wrote this several months ago. I would still like to run that fast but my goal after running 37 races so far is now to get under 1:31.
(#39) Octoberfest 5k
Campbell, California 5k 20:50 2 79.78 Don't know anything about this race but it is close by and these races fits into my racing plans.
(#40) Humboldt Redwoods Half
Weott, Ca 1/2 Marathon 1:32:39 2 60+ 82.07 Same course as the Ave of The Giants...goal is to run under 1:30..have entered...have booked hotel.
Cabo Double 10k Leg (Didn't count)
San Jose del Cabo, Mexico tba tba tba tba I am going to run this race but as a workout and not a "real" race. I will enter and get an official time but it is not going to be part of my challenge. I am going to be taking photos for three days and it is going to be hot. It will be enjoyable but there is no way I will run under 7 minutes/mile.
(#41) Cabo Double 5k Leg
San Jose del Cabo, Mexico 5k 21:56 1 75.76 I am going to run this leg of the Double but not count it as a "real" race as part of my Challenge.
(#42) Clarksburg Country Run Half Marathon
Clarksburg, California 1/2 Marathon 1:33:34 2 (60+) 81.26 Ran my fastest half marathon last year here. Like this race.
(#43) Davis Turkey Trot
Davis, California 10k 42:59 1 50+ 80.50 25th Annual Event...have entered but need to book hotel. Ran this many years ago.
(#44) Applied Materials Turkey Trot
San Jose, California 10k 42:19 1 60+ 81.76 Great way to start off Thanksgiving. Done this for several years. Have entered. Family event.
(#45) Run Wild For A Child 2012
San Francisco, California 5k 21:19 1 60+ 77.95 They are changing the course. Just spoke with Dave the race director and it sounds like a faster course. Will enter at the race.
(#46) Bah Humbug 5k
San Ramon, CA 5k 20:52 1 60+ 79.63 Need to enter this race. Have run it several times. Pretty fast course but it can be windy.
Ferry Building Run (Didn't Run)
San Francisco, California tba tba tba tba DSE race. Will enter the morning of the race.
(#47) Golden Gate Park 10-K
San Francisco, California 10k 42:50 1 (60+) 80.78 A DSE race. Will enter the morning of the race.
(#48) Ted Corbitt Classic (Central Park)
New York City, NY 15k 1:05:48 1 80.47 Have entered. Have flights and hotel.
(#49) Pleasanton Double Road
Pleasanton, California 15k 1:05:03 5 (60-64) 81.4 Double Road Race 10k leg plus 5k leg
(#50) The Moody Two
Pleasanton, California 2 Miles 12:12 2 (60+) 84.3 This is my last race of the 50. I need to make up 22 seconds to bring my average down to under 7 min/mile for the year.