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UjENA Fit Club Member Race Results 2/21/2015

Location: San Jose
Race: 15K San Jose
UjENA Fit Club Member Participants: 101
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Member Name Event Title Location Finish Time Place Division Division Place Date
Jovanny Godinez15K San JoseSan Jose, California45:391M20-2412/21/2015
Darius Terry15K San JoseSan Jose, California48:232M20-2422/21/2015
Alemayehu bedada15K San JoseSan Jose, California48:583M30-3412/21/2015
Ivan Medina15K San JoseSan Jose, California50:314M25-2912/21/2015
Billy Mateker15K San JoseSan Jose, California51:295M25-2922/21/2015
Robert Verhees15K San JoseSan Jose, California51:306M45-4912/21/2015
Osamu Tada15K San JoseSan Jose, California52:397M30-3422/21/2015
Jose Pina15K San JoseSan Jose, California54:338M40-4412/21/2015
Ernesto Aristeo15K San JoseSan Jose, California54:4210M35-3912/21/2015
Roberto Palos15K San JoseSan Jose, California54:5311M50-5412/21/2015
Maggie Yount15K San JoseSan Jose, California56:3812F30-3412/21/2015
Kris Paaso15K San JoseSan Jose, California56:3913F40-4412/21/2015
Sam Yount15K San JoseSan Jose, California56:4014M30-3432/21/2015
Sean Curry15K San JoseSan Jose, California57:3315M45-4922/21/2015
Jose Maldonado15K San JoseSan Jose, California59:0018M30-3442/21/2015
Thomas O'Connor15K San JoseSan Jose, California59:4519M55-5912/21/2015
Ray Avalos15K San JoseSan Jose, California59:5720M30-3452/21/2015
Rosa Gutierrez15K San JoseSan Jose, California01:01:0124F50-5412/21/2015
Marco Pessi15K San JoseSan Jose, California01:01:4126M45-4942/21/2015
Jerry ThomasDouble Road Race San JoseSan Jose, CA01:01:5028thM 60-641st2/21/2015
Pierre Lermant15K San JoseSan Jose, California01:03:0528M50-5422/21/2015
Monica Jo Gilmore15K San JoseSan Jose, California01:03:0629F30-3422/21/2015
David Ellis15K San JoseSan Jose, California01:03:3832M40-4432/21/2015
Brian Davis15K San JoseSan Jose, California01:03:4833M55-5922/21/2015
Steve CryerDouble Road Race San JoseSan Jose01:04:523560-642nd2/21/2015
Riya SuisingDouble Road Race San JoseSan Jose, CA01:05:1135F45-4912/21/2015
Bill DunnDouble Road Race San JoseSan Jose01:07:3237th65-691st2/21/2015
Ben Balagot15K San JoseSan Jose, California01:07:5939M35-3952/21/2015
Linda Sereno15K San JoseSan Jose, CA01:08:2640F55-5912/21/2015
John Hanson15K San JoseSan Jose, California01:08:4842M45-4952/21/2015
Dante Malagrino15K San JoseSan Jose, California01:09:4345M40-4442/21/2015
Will AdamsDouble Road Race San JoseSan Jose01:09:565035-3962/21/2015
Kimly Heng15K San JoseSan Jose, California01:10:1348F25-2912/21/2015
Amy StarrDouble Road Race San JoseSan Jose01:10:475240-442nd2/21/2015
Mathieu Guilmineau15K San JoseSan Jose, California01:11:4853M35-3972/21/2015
Ty Ong15K San JoseSan Jose, California01:11:5054M55-5932/21/2015
Bob AndersonDouble Road Race San JoseSan Jose01:12:2165-6922/21/2015
Double Road Race San JoseSan Jose01:13:0020-2412/21/2015
John HenrySan Jose Double Road RaceSan Jose, CA01:13:3661M60-6432/21/2015
Larry Waters15K San JoseSan Jose, California01:13:4662M40-4452/21/2015
Wendy Wood15K San JoseSan Jose, California01:13:5263F35-3912/21/2015
Reina Gokhale15K San JoseSan Jose, California01:13:5364F25-2922/21/2015
Rebecca Hernandez15K San JoseSan Jose, California01:14:0867F40-4432/21/2015
David Diaz15K San JoseSan Jose, California01:14:1768M45-49112/21/2015
Glenn Kishi15K San JoseSan Jose, California01:14:2570M50-5482/21/2015
James PhillipsSan Jose Double Road RaceSan Jose01:14:2971M50-5492/21/2015
Paul Vieira15K San JoseSan Jose, California01:15:3576M35-3982/21/2015
kelly emoDouble Road Race San JoseSan Jose01:16:1080thwomens 50-543rd2/21/2015
Dan FurtadoDouble Road Race San JoseSan Jose01:16:4081M70-741st2/21/2015
Bertrand Newson15K San JoseSan Jose, California01:17:4584M45-49152/21/2015
Suzi Saunders15K San JoseSan Jose, California01:19:2594F45-4932/21/2015
Ryan Herman Molina15K San JoseSan Jose, California01:19:2695M35-39102/21/2015
Bill Bengiveno15K San JoseSan Jose, California01:19:5097M70-7422/21/2015
Jesus Rios15K San JoseSan Jose, California01:20:0599M35-39112/21/2015
Michele Heater15K San JoseSan Jose, California01:20:05100F35-3942/21/2015
Kat PowellSan Jose Double Road Race 15k ChallengeSan Jose, CA01:21:50110F60-6412/21/2015
Patti DullyDouble Road Race San JoseSan Jose01:22:1511055-5922/21/2015
Tiffany FryerSan Jose DoubleSan Jose, CA01:23:00.252/21/2015
Jennifer Moirao15K San JoseSan Jose, California01:25:20120F25-2952/21/2015
Double Road Race San JoseSan Jose01:26:232/21/2015
Sabrina Madden15K San JoseSan Jose, California01:26:59132F30-3492/21/2015
Vaibhav Singh15K San JoseSan Jose, California01:30:38146M30-34142/21/2015
Katie Sackett15K San JoseSan Jose, California01:30:57148F20-2422/21/2015
GILBERT GATPANDAN15K San JoseSan Jose, California01:31:42151M50-54132/21/2015
GILBERT GATPANDANSan Jose Double Road RaceSan Jose, California01:31:42151/280Male 50-5413/142/21/2015
Noelle reyes15K San JoseSan Jose, California01:32:02152F15-1922/21/2015
Anna ChristensenSan Jose Double Road RaceSan Jose, CA01:32:52156F55-5942/21/2015
Steve Hambalek15K San JoseSan Jose, California01:34:32169M55-5952/21/2015
Amy Carlson15K San JoseSan Jose, California01:35:14174F40-44162/21/2015
Angelo Reyes15K San JoseSan Jose, California01:35:33177M50-54142/21/2015
Shelly Reyes15K San JoseSan Jose, California01:36:12179F45-49132/21/2015
Toni DerionDouble Road Race 15kSan Jose, CA01:36:29F60-6422/21/2015
Monica Donovan15K San JoseSan Jose, California01:36:37183F60-6432/21/2015
Ernesto Regalado15K San JoseSan Jose, California01:37:44189M35-39172/21/2015
JAN BENGIVENO15K San JoseSan Jose, California01:38:28192F65-6912/21/2015
Sharon Ashton15K San JoseSan Jose, California01:39:18197F45-49152/21/2015
Irma StephensDouble 15k San Jose01:40:59.0207F 50-5482/21/2015
Carol TurnerDouble Road Race-San JoseSan Jose, CA01:41:1321365-6922/21/2015
Jennifer FarberSan Jose Double 15KSan Jose, California01:42:18214F45-49182/21/2015
Barney Smith15K San JoseSan Jose, California01:46:58228M40-44172/21/2015
judi alameda15K San JoseSan Jose, California01:48:03232F45-49222/21/2015
Ruth Gavin15K San JoseSan Jose, California01:49:35236F45-49232/21/2015
Allison Espejo15K San JoseSan Jose, California01:49:45237F45-49242/21/2015
Sharon Double Road Race San JoseSan Jose01:57:03170F40-44302/21/2015
peter chan15K San JoseSan Jose, California02:00:22257M55-5962/21/2015
barbara robben15K San JoseSan Jose02:01:2125875+12/21/2015
Jenny Sweeney15K San JoseSan Jose, California02:02:46264F45-49282/21/2015
Levi Phillips15K San JoseSan Jose, California02:10:54273M45-49252/21/2015
Kathleen Hall15K San JoseSan Jose, California02:32:35280F65-6942/21/2015
Carolyn GrewalDouble Road Race San JoseSan Jose2/21/2015
Debbie SolisDouble Road Race San JoseSan Jose2/21/2015
Christopher SullivanDouble Road Race San JoseSan Jose2/21/2015
Jonathon PileDouble Road Race San JoseSan Jose2/21/2015
Flora BergstromDouble Road Race San JoseSan Jose2/21/2015
Jay GriffinDouble Road Race San JoseSan Jose2/21/2015
Laura MillerDouble Road Race San JoseSan Jose2/21/2015
Sharlet GilbertDouble Road Race San JoseSan Jose2/21/2015
Bill DunnSan Jose Double Road RaceSan Jose, Ca.2/21/2015
Jerry ThomasDouble Road Race San JoseSan Jose, CA2/21/2015
Kevin McGinnisDouble Road Race San JoseSan Jose2/21/2015
Alex EsparzaDouble Road Race San JoseSan Jose2/21/2015

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