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UjENA FIT Club Joel Rizzo Best Performances (All Time)

Results for: All Time · Masters: 50-59 · Running Performance Summary

Top 25 reported finish times for selected distances. (Click here for Top 10). Post Your Race Results to be included.
UjENA FIT Club Member Race Results · Joel Rizzo Profile · Joel Rizzo Race Results · Joel Rizzo Top 100 Age-Graded Race Times

PosNameDateYearRunner NameAgeTime
1Mother’s Day Marina Green 5KMay 142017Joel Rizzo5121:43
2Crissy Field Parkrun Feb 232019Joel Rizzo5322:53
3Dse St. Patrick’s day 5kMar 172019Joel Rizzo5322:55
4Crissy Field Parkrun Jan 272018Joel Rizzo5223:01
5Crissy Field Parkrun Jan 122019Joel Rizzo5323:04
6Crissy Field Parkrun Feb 92019Joel Rizzo5323:05
7Crissy Field 5kJan 132019Joel Rizzo5323:06
8Crissy Field Parkrun Mar 222019Joel Rizzo5323:07
9Great Highway 5kApr 92017Joel Rizzo5123:15
10Crissy Field Parkrun Feb 162019Joel Rizzo5323:16
11Crissy Field Parkrun #164Mar 172018Joel Rizzo5223:32
12Crissy Field Parkrun Dec 152018Joel Rizzo5323:35
13St. Patrick’s Day 5kMar 182018Joel Rizzo5223:44
14Crissy Field Parkrun Jan 262019Joel Rizzo5323:49
15Crissy Field Parkrun #186Aug 182018Joel Rizzo5223:54
16Crissy Field Parkrun Jul 12017Joel Rizzo5123:55
17DSE Mother’s Day 5kMay 132018Joel Rizzo5223:59
18Crissy Field Parkrun May 122018Joel Rizzo5224:02
19Marina GreenJan 212018Joel Rizzo5224:05
20Crissy Field Parkrun Dec 82018Joel Rizzo5224:06
21 Crissy Field Parkrun Oct 202018Joel Rizzo5224:08
22Crissy Field Parkrun Jan 192019Joel Rizzo5324:11
23Crissy Field Parkrun Jun 302018Joel Rizzo5224:13
24Crissy Field Parkrun Nov 112017Joel Rizzo5124:17
25Waterfront 5kDec 32017Joel Rizzo5124:20
PosNameDateYearRunner NameAgeTime
1Fort to Fort 10kFeb 172019Joel Rizzo5348:42
2Fort to Fort 10kDec 22018Joel Rizzo5249:39
3Golden Gate Park 10kJul 12018Joel Rizzo5251:10
4Walt Stack 10kJul 152018Joel Rizzo5251:18
5Oyster Point 10kMar 192017Joel Rizzo5151:34
6Windmill 10kMar 52017Joel Rizzo5152:20
7Dutch Windmill 10kJul 222018Joel Rizzo5252:23
8Fort to Fort 10k Feb 122017Joel Rizzo5153:23
9Run like a trainNov 222018Joel Rizzo5257:49
10I Run For BlingJul 22017Joel Rizzo5157:56
11Golden Gate Bridge Vista 10kJul 302017Joel Rizzo5158:37
12Golden Gate Bridge Vista 10kAug 192018Joel Rizzo5259:36
13National Mall 10kSep 302018Joel Rizzo5259:52
14Victory Run 10kSep 22018Joel Rizzo5259:57
15Zombie 10kMay 272018Joel Rizzo5201:00:11
16St. Louis Arch 10kOct 142018Joel Rizzo5201:00:42
17Golden Gate Vista 10kDec 102017Joel Rizzo5201:01:49
18Fog City Run Jan 162019Joel Rizzo5301:07:30
19I have a dream 10kAug 282018Joel Rizzo5201:09:00
20San Pedro Park 10kAug 202017Joel Rizzo5101:18:44
21Fog City RunJan 112017Joel Rizzo5101:27:28
10 Miles
PosNameDateYearRunner NameAgeTime
1Waterfront 10 mileJan 272019Joel Rizzo5301:23:55
2Waterfront 10 mileJan 282018Joel Rizzo5201:28:14
3Rise 10 milerApr 12018Joel Rizzo5201:45:28
1/2 Marathon
PosNameDateYearRunner NameAgeTime
1Holiday Half Marathon Dec 162017Joel Rizzo5201:52:51
2Craft Classic Half Marathon Jun 172018Joel Rizzo5201:54:00
3DSE Lake Merced Half Marathon Aug 142017Joel Rizzo5101:56:37
4Golden Gate Half Marathon Nov 42018Joel Rizzo5201:56:39
5San Francisco Half Marathon Jul 292018Joel Rizzo5201:57:01.0
6Zoom Half Marathon Oct 282018Joel Rizzo5201:57:03
7Armed Forces Half Marathon May 272017Joel Rizzo5101:59:10
8Walnut Creek Half Marathon Dec 92017Joel Rizzo5202:00:14
9Giants Half Marathon Sep 92018Joel Rizzo5202:02:33
10Zoom Turkey TrotNov 232017Joel Rizzo5102:04:07
11Golden Gate Half Marathon Nov 52017Joel Rizzo5102:04:56
12Kaiser Permanete HalfFeb 42018Joel Rizzo5202:07:53
13Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon Mar 262017Joel Rizzo5102:10:12
14Truckee Half Marathon Sep 242017Joel Rizzo5102:13:05
15Victory Half Marathon Feb 252018Joel Rizzo5202:14:12
16Cloverdale Half Marathon Oct 222017Joel Rizzo5102:14:51
17Lake Chabot Half Marathon Jul 162017Joel Rizzo5102:39:28
18Peacock Gap Trial Half Marathon Dec 22017Joel Rizzo5102:46:10
PosNameDateYearRunner NameAgeTime
1Tokyo Marathon Mar 32019Joel Rizzo5304:39:52
2Philadelphia marathon Nov 182018Joel Rizzo5204:53:11
3San Francisco Marathon Jul 232017Joel Rizzo5105:19:14
4Berlin Marathon Sep 162018Joel Rizzo5205:19:36
5Oakland Marathon Mar 252018Joel Rizzo5205:22:20
6Chicago Marathon Oct 82017Joel Rizzo5105:25:22
7Redding Marathon Jan 142018Joel Rizzo5205:26:22
8San Francisco one dayJun 22018Joel Rizzo5205:43:21
9London Marathon Apr 222018Joel Rizzo5205:55:15
10Santa Rosa Marathon Aug 272017Joel Rizzo5105:58:28
Double Road Race