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100 Secret Training Ideas For Runners

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Many of us have discovered training ideas which seem to work for us.  Some are more tested than others.  Best Road Races and The UjENA FIT Club is not endorsing these ideas but just sharing them with you.  Add your Secret Training Ideas here.  Include a photo when you can and be sure to name your idea.  Only do one idea per post and just use enough words to explain the idea.  Use examples of how it worked when possible.  Hal Higdon is offering his Tip of the Day!

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A Word about Strength Training
Posted Friday, October 31st, 2014
Strength training is important for both conditioning and injury prevention. I lifted weights and/or use exercise machines regularly in the... Read Secret Training Idea
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Losing my Edge by RIch Stiller
Posted Tuesday, February 18th, 2014
by Rich StillerI didn’t plan to stop racing. I just meant to take a break. In April of 1995 I... Read Secret Training Idea
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Eating Well for Running
Posted Thursday, March 6th, 2014
By Christine RosenbloomHeading to the gym after work for a quick workout? Out for a morning walk with the dogs?... Read Secret Training Idea
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How many Miles Should I run weekly?
Posted Monday, September 16th, 2013
by Hal HigdonWithin certain limits, the more miles you run the faster you can race. Double your training mileage from... Read Secret Training Idea

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Make a Plan and Set Goals
Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012
Getting ready to run a Half Marathon
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by Bob Anderson  It is important to have a plan and to set goals.  If you want to race a half marathon give yourself at least 10 weeks to get ready.  Run 30-40 miles per week.  If you are tired from the day before, walk a mile before your run or afterwords.  Be sure to run a 13-15 miler twice a month.  Make sure your body and mind is ready for the distance.

Then once you know you can handle the distance, set a goal for yourself.  If it is your first half marathon you might want to get under two hours or under 1:30 depending on where you are at in your training.  Once you have an idea on what you want to do, figure out your pace per mile.  Maybe it is 7:00/minutes per mile which would give you 1:31:42 or 10:00/minutes per mile which would be 2:11.  

If you don't know what pace you want to run, try this out.  Time yourself for three miles, push yourself.  The next day time yourself for five miles, push yourself.  Figure out what pace that is per mile.  Take the average of the two and add 30 seconds.  This would be a good target to reach for.    Put it in your mind and start thinking you can do it.

On race day go out at that pace.  A half marathon (13.1 miles) is a long distance but you are not going to end up with 1:31 if you go out at 8 minutes per mile for the first four and think you are going to make up the time.  You would have to run 6 minute miles for four miles to get back to an average of 7 and still have five miles to go.

Set a goal and GO FOR IT!  If you don't reach it, there is always next time.

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Intake of fluids while racing in a Marathon
Saturday, September 29th, 2012
I used this advice and took 18 minutes off my PR
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by Jesse Crandall  Victory Loves Preparation ! I pride myself on always trying to learn something new about my sport that I love so much ! I came up with new information regarding proper hydration while running/racing in a marathon ! Here is what I learned to be a success. I drank WATER ONLY for the first half of the matrathon....then.....on the back end....13 miles straight to the finish, I incorporated a sport drink, Goo's, Energy bars.....The reason....is that at the start your body is ready ! You have eaten & hydrated yourself so that you can stand at the starting line ! There is no need for SUGAR! Your body is NOT CRAVING the stuff! NOT YET anyway ! Your good until midway....the 13th mile & beyond.

This is when your brain tells you....SUGAR, CARBS....now is when you begin to ingest a sport drink of your choice so that you give the body what it is craving! Any sooner, like at the beginning, risks the effects of a "doughnut high," you'll get that tired feeling....and ...it will affect your performance! I practiced this new theory....I took 18 minutes off my PR.....I ran like a REEBOK..... (what is a REEBOK) Look it up ! A lot of people don't know what it is! It's good for a beer at your favorite watering hole ! guaranteed ! ') BaaaaZiinnng !


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