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UjENA FIT Club Cabo Races

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Previous Race: Bob Anderson 15k Challenge Cabo
GO FOR IT! Race Listing
Race NameUjena 5k Cabo
Total UjENA FIT Dollars$ 600.00
Race LocationSan Jose del Cabo, Mexico
Race Date10/22/11
Race Distance5K
Web Site Linkhttp://www.ujena5k.com

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EventWinner NameAgeTimePlaceFIT Dollars
1st Female Gloria Dennis Martinez Linares 27 24:06  10  $100.00
1st Male $100 Lemmy Barraza Lopez 23 17:27  $100.00
1st 40-49 Female Julia Linares Flores 54 24:14  11  $50.00
1st 40-49 Male Juan Jimenez 49 19:00  $50.00
1st 50+ Female Debra Phipps 65 36:42  29  $50.00
1st 50+ Male Julian Benos 59 22:29  $50.00
1st 20 and under Female Daniela Raldirez 26 27:19  14  $50.00
1st 20 and under Male Lemmy Barraza Lopez 23 17:27  $50.00
1st Ujena Jam Model Jodi Labossiere 48 24:29  12  $50.00
1st Ujena Jam Photographer Bob Anderson 70 22:30  $50.00

The Ujena 5k has been held for nearly 25 years in conjuction with the Ujena Jam, a model and photographer photo tour and talent search.  All models and photographers are required to complete the 5k.  It is a fun race but also serious.  Winning Time at the 2010 race was 17:33.

UjENA FIT Club Photo Gallery · Cabo Double 15k and UjENA 5k Cabo 2010 (First Double Held)

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Pics from UjENA FIT Club 2010 San Jose del Cabo 5k/10k+Bob Anderson 15k Challenge. Our next race will be held October 22, 2011 - sign up today at http://www.ujena5k.com/

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