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UjENA FIT Club Cabo Races

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GO FOR IT! Race Listing
Race NameUjENA 10k Cabo
Total UjENA FIT Dollars$ 600.00
Race LocationSan Jose del Cabo
Race Date10/22/11
Race Distance10K
Web Site Linkhttp://www.ujena5k.com

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EventWinner NameAgeTimePlaceFIT Dollars
1st Female Gloria Dennis Martinez Linares 27 44:16  $100.00
1st Male Lemmy Barraza Lopez 23 35:47  $100.00
1st 40-49 Female Julia Linares Flores 54 46:39  $50.00
1st 40-49 Male Juan Jimenez 49 38:32  $50.00
1st 50+ Female Debra Phipps 65 67:15  32  $50.00
1st 50+ Male Bob Anderson 70 45:08  $50.00
1st 20 and under Female Alejandra Navarro 21 56:20  23  $50.00
1st 20 and under Male Lemmy Barraza Lopez 23 35:47  $50.00
1st Ujena Jam Model Jodi Labossiere 48 48:27  13  $50.00
1st Ujena Jam Photographer Bob Anderson 70 45:08  $50.00

Official UjENA FIT Club produced event.  The Ujena 10k was added to the Ujena program last year.  The course is two laps.  This race is both for serious runners and for people just getting started.  Photo by Keith McNulty.  Jamie Roque (111) won the race in 35:42.  42-year-old Juan Paredes (106) placed second in 35:48.


UjENA model Amy Farris (267) ran both the Ujena 10k and Ujena 5k in Cabo.  UjENA model Jessie Schmitle (not pictured) ran both and finished first.

UjENA FIT Club founder running the Ujena 10k in Cabo.  He was the second 50 plus finisher in 46:59. 

UjENA FIT Club Photo Gallery · Cabo Double UjENA FIT Club 10k San Jose del CABO 2011

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ujena_10k3 f 2522

Ujena 10k San Jose del CABO Oct 22, 2011

It was a good day for racing 10k.  This event is part of the Ujena Jam and several models finished.  It is a rolling course passing the historical section of downtown twice.   Photographic Arts Inc. photo by Addison Fitzgerald for UjENA FIT Club

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