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Previous Race: Bob Anderson 15k Challenge
GO FOR IT! Race Listing
Race NameDouble Road Race San Juan
Total UjENA FIT Dollars$ 0.00
Race LocationSan Juan Bautista, California
Race Date9/28/13

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EventWinner NameAgeTimePlaceFIT Dollars
run "Nice run. Getting faster again."
Richard Stiller 9/28/13 5:44 pm

UjENA FIT Club Photo Gallery · Chicago Double June 14, 2015

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double_road_race105 f 32045

2015 Chicago Double Racing Festival

It was raining during the first leg of the Chicago Double held June 14.  But by the second leg it stopped.  17-year-old Griffin MacKey (bib 531) was the overall winner including age-graded.  Griffin is the youngest Double 15k winner.  His time was 55:21.  Hailey Krzyston (bib 527) was the woman's winner finishing in 1:05:11.  Congrats to all our finishers and to our race producer Neal Gates and family.  photos by Bob Anderson

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